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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Pabst Beer Reefer20122012Reefer00
Pacific Fruit Express 57' Mechanical Reefer 45845520142014Reefer00
Pacific Fruit Express Flatcar With Trailers20042005Flatcar00
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer (NASG)19971997Reefer00
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 3000020032003Reefer00
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 4776020112011Reefer11
Pacific Fruit Express Woodside Reefer #9102220172017Reefer20
Pacific Fruit Express Woodside Reefer #9105620172017Reefer00
Patapsco & Black Rivers #309 Flyerchief Blw Switcher20182018Switcher10
Penguin Seafood Reefer20132014Reefer01
Penn Central #885122 Cylindrical Hopper20192019Hopper10
Penn Central #885125 Cylindrical Hopper20192019Hopper00
Penn Central Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper 3242820122016Hopper10
Penn Central U33C Diesel 656020122013Diesel10
Penn Central U33C Diesel Locomotive 654120122012Locomotive00
Penn Central U33C Diesel Locomotive 655220122012Locomotive00
Penn Salt Single-Dome Tank Car19921992Tank Car30
Pennsylvania #9221 Flyerchief Blw Switcher20182018Switcher00
Pennsylvania 2-8-2 Mikado 962820062006Locomotive00
Pennsylvania ALCO PA Diesel Passenger Set20052005Passenger Car00
Pennsylvania ALCO PA-1 Non-Powered Unit20052005Diesel00
Pennsylvania ALCO PA-1 Powered Unit20052005Diesel00
Pennsylvania ALCO PB Diesel B Unit, Railsounds20052005Diesel02
Pennsylvania Baggage Car20052005Baggage Car00
Pennsylvania Boxcar19841984Boxcar10
Pennsylvania Boxcar #56742720172017Boxcar60
Pennsylvania Boxcar #56816920172017Boxcar10
Pennsylvania Boxcar 4713320032003Boxcar00
Pennsylvania Coach Car20052005Coach Car00
Pennsylvania Coal Dump Car 49497920052005Dump Car00
Pennsylvania Combination Car #512220052005Combination Car00
Pennsylvania Covered Hopper19841984Hopper11
Pennsylvania Dining Car20052005Dining Car00
Pennsylvania Docksider Freight Set20162016Set00
Pennsylvania Dutch Boxcar 91653 (TCA)19971997Boxcar00
Pennsylvania GP7 Flyerchief Wreck Train Set20192019Set30
Pennsylvania GP9 Diesel 800519891989Diesel00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Baggage20072007Baggage Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Coach 'Andrew Carnegie'19951995Coach Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Combination 'Indian Rock'19951995Combination Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'George Washington'20072007Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Diner 'salmon B Chase'19951995Diner Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Observation 'skyline View'19951995Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack20072007Passenger Car00
Pennsylvania Legacy ALCO PA Diesel A-A Set20172017Diesel00
Pennsylvania Log Dump Car20062006Dump Car10
Pennsylvania Observation Car20052005Observation Car00
Pennsylvania Passenger Car 2-Pack20052005Multi Car Pack00
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 37420122013Locomotive00
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-Bay Covered Hopper20162017Hopper30
Pennsylvania Railroad 2-Bay Hopper With Coal Load (TTOS)20072007Hopper10
Pennsylvania Railroad 3-Bay Hopper w/ Coal Load20162016Hopper00
Pennsylvania Railroad Baldwin Switcher 561820082008Switcher21
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar #428220162016Boxcar00
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar 90019971997Boxcar01
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose #47878320162016Caboose00
Pennsylvania Railroad Caboose 47781020082008Caboose00
Pennsylvania Railroad Cylindrical Hopper 26041120122016Hopper00
Pennsylvania Railroad Depressed Center Searchlight Car20042005Searchlight Car10
Pennsylvania Railroad Dockside Switcher20072009Switcher00
Pennsylvania Railroad Docksider Switcher #124520162016Switcher00
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar 420072007Flatcar11
Pennsylvania Railroad Gas Unloading Car20142017Unloading Car62
Pennsylvania Railroad Gondola With Coil Covers20122013Gondola00
Pennsylvania Railroad Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack20072007Passenger Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper20132013Hopper00
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 1846, Nonpowered20132013Diesel00
Pennsylvania Railroad Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel 810220132016Diesel00
Pennsylvania Railroad Streamlined Vista Dome Car20122015Dome Car20
Pennsylvania Reefer19881988Reefer10
Pennsylvania Square Window Caboose19891989Caboose00
Pennsylvania Stock Car #13425220192019Stock Car00
Pennsylvania Stock Car #13426920192019Stock Car00
Pennsylvania Vista Dome Car20052005Vista Dome Car00
Pennsylvania Walking Brakeman Car20192019Brakeman Car00
Pennsylvania Wreck Train Add-On Car Set20192019Set40
Pennzoil Three Dome Tank Car 390 (NASG)19901990Tank Car01
Pere Marquette #1225 Legacy Berkshire20182018Locomotive00
Pere Marquette 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 122520152016Locomotive10
Pere Marquette Flyerchief Berkshire #122320182018Locomotive00
Pere Marquette Flyerchief Berkshire #122520182018Locomotive10
Pere Marquette Northeast Caboose #A90920172017Caboose00
Philadelpia Quartz Single-Dome Tank Car20072007Tank Car00
Piggyback Unloader W/ Union Pacific Flatcar & Trailers20172017Loader30
Pillsbury Single-Dome Tank Car20052005Tank Car00
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie #142085 Gondola W/ Coil Covers20192019Gondola10
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie #142231 Gondola W/ Coil Covers20192019Gondola10
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Flatcar with Vehicles #1600120172017Flatcar30
Pluto Boxcar20052005Boxcar00
Poland Spring Boxcar (NETCA)20042004Boxcar00
Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car20142016Toy Car30
Polar Express Baggage Car20142016Baggage Car10
Polar Express Elf Handcar20142016Hand Car00
Polar Express Girder Bridge20142016Bridge10
Post Office Boxcar20112011Boxcar00
Presidential Locomotive19921992Baggage Car30
Presidential Passenger Set (Std)20092009Passenger Set00
Protex Three-Dome Tank Car20052005Tank Car00
Pullman Sleeper Dover Harbor20192019Sleeper Car00
Pullman Sleeper Glen Nevis20192019Sleeper Car00
Pullman Sleeper Red Canon20192019Sleeper Car00
Pullman Sleeper Red Lion20192019Sleeper Car00

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