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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Railbox Boxcar198419844-9707Boxcar4
Railway Express Agency Baggage Car201920192019430Baggage Car0
Railway Express Agency Flatcar Tlcx2 With Trailers200520056-48539Flatcar3
Railway Express Agency Reefer 8806199419946-48806Reefer6
Railway Express Agency Reefer 893 (NASG 1993)199319936-48481Reefer7
Ralston Purina Boxcar 11492 (TCA 1992)199219926-48477Boxcar8
Rath Packing Reefer 29426199319936-48317Reefer13
Rea Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers201720176-47985Flatcar2
Reading #59955 3-Bay Covered Hopper201920191919201Hopper1
Reading #59966 3-Bay Covered Hopper201920191919202Hopper1
Reading #88030 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44105Hopper3
Reading #88075 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44106Hopper2
Reading #88112 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44107Hopper2
Reading #88174 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44108Hopper1
Reading #88200 2-Bay Hopper201820186-44109Hopper2
Reading 0-6-0 Dockside Steam Switcher 1242201320166-42564Switcher0
Reading 2-Bay Hopper 81001201520166-48876Hopper0
Reading And Northern Legacy Excursion Set202120212117030Passenger Set0
Reading Boxcar #113029201720176-44078Boxcar0
Reading Boxcar #113054201720176-44079Boxcar0
Reading Flatcar 9314 With Wheel Load200820086-48555Flatcar2
Reading Flyerchief GP7 #619201720176-44117Diesel0
Reading Gondola 38708 With Pipes200220026-48526Gondola3
Reading Norfolk Southern Heritage Cylindrical Hopper201320136-48658Hopper0
Reading Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1067201320136-42531Locomotive0
Reading Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel, Nonpowered201320136-42532Locomotive0
Reading Northeast Caboose #92902201720176-44113Caboose0
Reindeer Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers201020106-48563Flatcar2
Renkens Milk Flat Car #1418202020202019181Flatcar1
Renkens Milk Flat Car #1492202020202019182Flatcar0
Replacement Wheel And Axle Packs201320166-49875Accessory0
Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac #572 Legacy Berkshire201820186-44128Locomotive1
Ringling Bros. Bay Window Caboose201120116-48758Caboose0
Ringling Bros. Boxcar201120116-48399Boxcar1
Ringling Bros. Boxcar201120116-48398Boxcar1
Ringling Bros. Combine201120116-49955Combination Car2
Ringling Bros. Conventional GP9 Diesel201120116-48095Diesel1
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Moe And Joe Clowns201120116-49050Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers201120116-48568Flatcar3
Ringling Bros. Flatcar With Wagons201120116-48567Flatcar0
Ringling Bros. GP9 Diesel Circus Train Set201120116-49626Set3
Ringling Bros. Searchlight Car201120116-49060Searchlight Car0
Ringling Bros.-Moe & Joe Flatcar201120116-49059Flatcar0
Rio Grande #5100 GP7 Diesel Engine - Flyerchief201920191921180Diesel0
Rio Grande #65327 Waffle Sided Boxcar201820186-44082Boxcar2
Rio Grande #65349 Waffle Sided Boxcar201820186-44083Boxcar1
Rock Island Bay Window Caboose 17778200220026-48722Caboose5
Rock Island Boxcar198019804-9701Boxcar9
Rock Island GP9 Diesel 1272200220026-48033Diesel1
Rocket Launcher Flatcar '37Th Div'201020106-49052Flatcar0
Rocky Mountain Division Red Speckels Sugar Covered Hopper (TCA 2014)201420146-41020Hopper0
Rolling Stock Tank Car200220026-48411Tank Car3
Route Of The Reindeer Animated Caboose201220146-49062Caboose1
Route Of The Reindeer Hopper201220126-48638Hopper1
Rutland Boxcar #385202020202019101Boxcar3
Rutland Boxcar #412202020202019102Boxcar1
Rutland Boxcar (TCA 2008)200820086-48267Boxcar2
Rutland Boxcar (TCA 2008)200820086-48268Boxcar2

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