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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
U.S. Army Flatcar With Rockets201520166-48878Flatcar0
U.S. Army Flatcars With 2 Tanks199519956-48507/08Flatcar0
U.S. Army Missile Launch Flatcar201520166-48877Flatcar0
U.S. Army Unloading Boxcar201520166-48867Boxcar0
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Jeeps201420156-48580Flatcar0
U.S. Navy Flatcar With Military Jeeps #24557201020106-48562Flatcar0
U.S.R.A. Legacy Pacific #494202120212121100Locomotive0
Union 76 One Dome Tank Car198019804-9101Tank Car11
Union Pacific #1943 "Spirit Of The U.P." SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Leg201920191921130Diesel2
Union Pacific #21328 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919381Hopper2
Union Pacific #21349 Cylindrical Hopper201920191919382Hopper2
Union Pacific #609119 Bunk Car201820186-44037Bunk Car1
Union Pacific #8321 SD70ACe Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201920191921140Diesel0
Union Pacific #906115 Bunk Car201820186-44036Bunk Car1
Union Pacific #906205 Kitchen Car201820186-44038Kitchen Car0
Union Pacific 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive 3672201220136-48181Locomotive0
Union Pacific 2-Bay Hopper 82173200920106-48633Hopper1
Union Pacific 3 Bay Hopper #90310202020202019131Hopper2
Union Pacific 3 Bay Hopper #90324202020202019132Hopper1
Union Pacific 3 Bay Hopper #90326202020202019133Hopper1
Union Pacific 3 Bay Hopper #90338202020202019134Hopper0
Union Pacific 3 Bay Hopper #90341202020202019135Hopper1
Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 800, Railsounds200620066-48047Locomotive3
Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 808201620166-47951Locomotive0
Union Pacific 4-8-4 Northern Locomotive 809200620066-48054Locomotive0
Union Pacific 4-8-8-4 Big Boy Locomotive 4014200820096-48070Locomotive1
Union Pacific 57' Mechanical Reefer 455995201420146-48859Reefer0
Union Pacific ALCO PA1 Diesel B Unit 8119, Railsounds199219926-48119Diesel1
Union Pacific Auto Carrier #ETTX 715001201720176-42590Carrier0
Union Pacific Auto Carrier #ETTX 715029201720176-47927Carrier1
Union Pacific Auto Carrier #ETTX 715036201720176-47928Carrier1
Union Pacific Auto Carrier #ETTX 715039201720176-47929Carrier1
Union Pacific B-W Caboose 24591201620166-47941Caboose0
Union Pacific Baldwin Diesel Switcher 1206201420176-42598Switcher5
Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose201620166-47971Caboose0
Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose 24554200520056-48727Caboose0
Union Pacific Boom Car200520056-48732Boom Car0
Union Pacific Boxcar 196881201620176-47960Boxcar0
Union Pacific Boxcar with Generator Load (AFSGSLA 2007)200720076-48261Boxcar2
Union Pacific Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds201320166-49065Boxcar0
Union Pacific Building America Scale Cylindrical Hopper201220166-48646Hopper0
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel 8348201220126-42500Diesel2
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel 8348201220146-48166Diesel0
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel 8461201220126-42502Diesel1
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel 8461201220136-48168Diesel0
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel, Nonpowered201220126-42501Diesel1
Union Pacific Building America SD70ACe Diesel, Nonpowered201220136-48167Diesel0
Union Pacific Challenger Steam Locomotive 3985201120116-48082Locomotive0
Union Pacific Coach199019906-48905Coach Car0
Union Pacific Coach 8908199019906-48908Coach Car0
Union Pacific Combination Car199019906-48904Combination Car0
Union Pacific Covered Hopper198719876-48601Hopper8
Union Pacific Crane Car Jpx-251200520056-49021Crane Car5
Union Pacific Dockside Switcher200720096-48063Switcher0
Union Pacific Es44Ac Diesel 7494201420146-42589Diesel1
Union Pacific Es44Ac Diesel 7523201420146-42588Diesel1
Union Pacific Flyerchief GP7 Diesel Locomotive201720176-48032Locomotive0
Union Pacific Gondola With Canisters200720076-48549Gondola1
Union Pacific Greyhound Challenger Locomotive 3977201120116-48084Locomotive0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Coach 405200620066-48980Coach Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Baggage '1735'200620066-48984Baggage Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Coach '417'200620066-48985Coach Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Combination Car 5616200620066-48979Combination Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Diner 3617200620066-48981Diner Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Observation Car 106200620066-48982Observation Car0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200620066-48983Multi Car Pack0
Union Pacific Heavyweight Passenger Car 4-Pack200620066-48978Multi Car Pack1
Union Pacific Hopper200120016-48619Hopper0
Union Pacific Legacy 4-6-6-4 Challlenger #3710 (Black)201020106-48083Locomotive0
Union Pacific Light Mikado Locomotive 2549, Railsounds200520056-48041Locomotive0
Union Pacific Mixed Freight Ready-To-Run Set201720176-47925Set0
Union Pacific Moe & Joe Animated Flatcar 15100200320036-49011Flatcar2
Union Pacific Observation Car199019906-48907Observation Car0
Union Pacific One Dome Tanker (NASG 2003)200320036-48233Tank Car2
Union Pacific PA-1 Diesel Engine 8106199019906-48106Diesel0
Union Pacific PA-1 Diesel Engine 8107199019906-48107Diesel0
Union Pacific Pony Express Set199019906-49600Set2
Union Pacific Reefer198819886-48801Reefer2
Union Pacific SD70ACe Diesel 8444201620166-47944Diesel0
Union Pacific SD9 Diesel200720076-48066Diesel1
Union Pacific Searchlight Car199119916-49003Searchlight Car7
Union Pacific Side Dump Car201920192019470Dump Car1
Union Pacific Square Window Caboose198819886-48703Caboose4
Union Pacific Stockcar200820086-48373Stock Car1
Union Pacific Streamlined Baggage Car 8944200920096-49927Baggage Car0
Union Pacific Streamliner Full Vista Dome Car201020106-49941Dome Car1
Union Pacific Three-Dome Tank Car200620066-48420Tank Car0
Union Pacific Vista Dome Car199019906-48906Dome Car0
Union Pacific Vista Dome Car 8909199019906-48909Dome Car1
Union Pacific Vista Dome Dining Car 8941199519956-48941Dining Car0
Union Refrigerator Bananas Wood-Sided Reefer201720176-49953Reefer1
Union Starch One Dome Tank Car201520166-48443Tank Car0
Union Tank Car (TTOS 2007)200720076-48262Tank Car2
UPS Flatcar With Trailer200520056-48542Flatcar1
UPS S Guage Centennial Boxcar200720076-48370Boxcar0
US Air Force Missile Flat Car #7013202120212117013Flatcar0
US Army Flatcar With Tanks199519956-48507Flatcar7
US Army Freight Pack202120212119300Freight Set0
US Army Hospital Car Pack202120212119310Other Car0
US Army Tank Car199419946-48404Tank Car2
US Army Troop Train Pack202120212119320Other Car0
US Steel Gondola W/ Pipe Load #260031202120212119231Gondola1
US Steel Gondola W/ Pipe Load #260032202120212119232Gondola1
USAF Missile Flatcar #7014202120212119150Flatcar0
USAF Searchlight Car202120212119130Searchlight Car1
Usm Operating Boxcar '37Th Div'201020106-49051Boxcar0

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