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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1 -D Tank Car198519856-782Tank Car0
1-328 Freight Express Set199019916-13001Set1
1-400E Blue Comet Locomotive20012001N/AHallmark0
1-4391 Academy Passenger Car199219926-13426Passenger Car0
1-4392 Army-Navy Observation Car199219926-13427Observation Car0
1/2 Straight Track - 5.56-66505Track0
10 Girder Bridge Track201420176-81248Track7
10 Insulated Track200320166-12027Track8
10 Straight Track200320176-12014Track58
10 Straight Track197119986-5500Track9
10 Straight Track199920166-65500Track13
10 Straight Track 4-Pack200320176-12032Track21
10 Terminal Track200320166-12016Track79
10" Fastrack Terminal Section With Black Rail6-12016BTrack0
100Th Anniversary Die-Cast Gold Caboose200020006-17635Caboose6
100Th Anniversary Gold 700E Hudson200020006-28062Locomotive8
100Th Anniversary Moon Pie Boxcar201720176-83796Boxcar7
101 Dalmatians Animated Gondola200320036-36721Gondola3
1086 The Mountaineer197019706-1086Set0
10Th Anniversary Milwaukee Road Box Car199919996-52156Boxcar0
1130T Tender20132013N/AHallmark25
115Th 3D Wall Art201520159-42034Misc1
115Th Anniversary Blue T-Shirt201520159-51019T-Shirt0
115Th Anniversary Boxcar201620166-82992Boxcar4
115Th Anniversary Framed Mirror201520159-42033Misc3
115Th Anniversary Legacy Berkshire201520156-82959Locomotive2
115Th Anniversary Neon Pub Clock201520159-42032Accessory1
115Th Anniversary Orange Mug201520159-41054Accessory0
115Th Anniversary Tumbler201520159-41053Misc1
115th Boxcar Design Winning Boxcar201520156-83636Boxcar3
1193 Sear/ JC Penny Set197119716-1193Set0
12 Covered Bridge201020176-16882Bridge1
13/8 Track Section No Roadbed200720166-12074Track10
1389 Sear Set / JC Penny Set6-1389Set0
1414 Illinois Pass Car198919896-13407Passenger Car2
1416 New York Observation Car198919896-13406Observation Car4
1420 "Faye" Passenger Car199019906-13409Passenger Car0
1421 "Westphal" Passenger Car199019906-13410Passenger Car0
1422 'Temple' Observation199019906-13411Observation Car0
1484Ws Steam Passenger Set200820086-31778Passenger Set5
1494 Sears Set6-1494Set0
1512 Gondola198919896-13300Gondola3
1513 Cattle Car198919896-13600Cattle Car1
1517 Caboose198919896-13700Caboose0
1520 Searchlight Car198919896-13200Searchlight Car1
1531R Controller200020176-14111Controller5
1562 Burlington GP Passenger Set200820086-31775Passenger Set6
15Th Anniversary Long Island Railroad Boxcar (RMLI 2006)200620066-52416Boxcar4
1695 Series 3-Car Passenger Set2011201111-80027Passenger Set0
18 Reading & Northern 2 Pack A (Baggage #1250201820186-85370Baggage Car3
18 Reading & Northern 2 Pack B (Pullman #2201820186-85373Pullman Car3
180 Degree Hair Pin Turn197719773-9710Power Passers0
180-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply199920166-22983Accessory5
180W Powerhouse201920196-85226Transformer4
18117 Santa Fe F3 AA Diesel Freight Engines199319936-18117F3 Unit5
18167 Pennsylvania Railroad GP96-18167Other0
1875 Passenger Car201720176-82446Coach Car0
1876 Mail-Baggage Car201720176-82445Baggage Car0
1877 Flatcar With Horses201720176-82444Flatcar0
18901 Pennsylvania PRRr Double A Alcos198819886-18901Diesel6
190-Watt Power Accessory System199819986-22916Power Supply1
1924 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark11
1926 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Canvas Print201420159-31016Misc6
1926 Catalog Cover Large Classic Lionel Canvas Print201420159-31013Misc1
1926 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark13
1927 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Canvas Print201420159-31018Print6
1927 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Mouse Pad201320139-31021Mouse Pad2
1929 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark24
1935 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark10
1936 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Mouse Pad201320139-31022Mouse Pad2
1936 Catalog Cover Large Classic Lionel Canvas Print201420159-31015Misc0
1939 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Mouse Pad201320139-31023Mouse Pad0
1939 Hiawatha Steam Locomotive20042004N/AHallmark8
1943 Spirit Of Union Pacific Led Flag Boxcar201820186-85408Boxcar8
1947 Lionel Art Boxcar200620066-29945Boxcar21
1947 South Wind Expansion 2-pack202120212127260Passenger Set0
1948 Lionel Art Boxcar200820086-29950Boxcar15
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19971997N/AHallmark50
1950 Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive19991999N/AHallmark0
1952 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Mouse Pad201320139-31024Misc0
1952 Lionel Art Boxcar200920096-29959Boxcar1
1952 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark16
1953 Lionel Catalog Art Reefer201320136-15095Reefer5
1954 Lionel Art Boxcar200820086-29951Boxcar12
1954 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998N/AHallmark10
1955 Maintenance Of Way Truck (LRRC 2013)201320136-58632Vehicles0
1955 Truck Alaska201520156-81127Vehicles0
1955 Truck Central Of New Jersey201520156-81130Vehicles0
1955 Truck Milwaukee Road201520156-81129Vehicles0
1955 Truck N&W201520156-81132Vehicles0
1955 Truck Western Pacific201520156-81126Vehicles0
1957 Coat Rack201620169-42040Misc1
1957 Lionel Art Boxcar200620066-29944Boxcar9
1959 Ford Billboard Set200920096-22521Set2
1960 Lionel Art Boxcar201020106-39322Boxcar0
1989 Christmas Car198919898-87006Boxcar8
1989 Christmas Car (Std)198919896-13601Boxcar9
1990 Christmas Car199019906-13602Boxcar5
1990 Season's Greetings Car199019908-87007Boxcar4
1991 Book 2/Catalog199119916-21991Book0
1991 Video Catalog199119916-16901Video0
1991 Xmas Car Standard Gauge199119916-13604Boxcar0
1993 Book 2 Catalog199319936-21993Book0
1997 Christmas Box Car199219926-16772Boxcar0
1998 Heritage Cat199819986-98HEROther0
1998 Holiday Trolley Set199819986-11981Set11

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