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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
O Gauge "Season's Greetings" GondolaGondola00
O Gauge Chicago & North Western Car # 10871Passenger Car00
O Gauge Chicago North Western Boxcar #56420052005Boxcar00
O Gauge Insulation Pinparts00
O Gauge Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto Christmas BoxcarBoxcar00
O Gauge Norfolk And Western Box CarBoxcar20
O Gauge York Rail GP9 Diesel LocomotiveDiesel00
O' Gauge Blue Comet Train19911991Set12
O-72 Remote-Control Switch left hand19992014Switch155
O-72 Remote-Control Switch right hand19992014Switch1910
O27 Train Set W Steam Engine 1061Locomotive00
O27 Value Pack Oval Layout Track Expander19891989Track00
Oakland Athletics Boxcar20142014Boxcar11
Ocean Spray Reefer19981998Reefer30
Odyssey System SD70 Diesel20002000Diesel20
Office Building Kit20162016Building00
Ohio Central Legacy SD-40T-2 #402620182018Diesel30
Ohio Central Legacy SD-40T-2 #402720172017Diesel30
Ohio State 4-4-2 Stream20082008Locomotive00
Ohio State Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Ohio State O27 Gondola20082008Gondola00
Ohio State Square Window Caboose20082008Caboose00
Ohio State University Train Set20082008Set00
Oil Creek & Titusville Operating TCA Kids Club 2008 Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Oil Drum Loader19941995Loader32
Oil Drum Loader19992000Loader33
Oil Field With Bubble Tubes20032003Accessory31
Oil Pump20042009Accessory11
Oil Pump20152017Accessory41
Oil Pumping Station19951998Station246
Oilzum Tanker 2-Car Set20082008Set04
Oklahoma City Reefer19801980Reefer84
Oklahoma State Quarter Die-Cast Hopper Bank20082009Hopper10
Olaf's Personal Flurry Tank Car20202020Tank Car00
Old Bay Seasoning Boxcar20102010Boxcar10
Old Dutch Cleanser Reefer19771980Reefer286
Old Glory Reefers, Set Of 319891991Reefer233
Old Grand-Dad Reefer19831984Reefer42
Old Milwaukee Reefer19751976Reefer95
Old Reading Flatcar Foot Bridge With Stone Piers20092010Flatcar20
Old St. Nick Operating Billboard20142016Billboard20
Old Style Clock Tower20082017Tower143
Old West Flatcar With Cannonballs20142014Flatcar20
Old-West Baggage Car20142014Baggage Car00
Old-West Flatcar With Cannons20142014Flatcar10
Olson House (Kit)20202020Building20
On-Track Pickup Truck19951995Track215
On-Track Pickup, Orange19961996Track102
On-Track Step Van19951995Track2810
On-Track Van, Blue19961996Track53
One Dome Tank Car19901990Tank Car161
One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack20002000Multi Car Pack11
One Dome Tank Car Set, 4-Pack19991999Multi Car Pack82
One Dozen Brass Pins19871987Parts80
Ontario Northland Boxcar19811981Boxcar121
Ontario Northland Boxcar 742820022002Boxcar22
Ontario Northland Bulkhead Flatcar With Pulp Load19921992Flatcar96
Ontario Northland Covered Quad Hopper19811982Hopper135
Ontario Northland Double Door Boxcar With Auto Frame Load Std-O20042006Boxcar21
Ontario Northland Extended Vision Caboose19821982Caboose230
Ontario Northland Log Dump Car19931993Dump Car00
Ontario Northland Ore Car 612620002000Ore Car81
Ontario Northland PS-4 Flatcar 202020032003Flatcar21
Ontario Northland PS-4 Flatcar With Covered Load20152015Flatcar40
Ontario Northland Ribbed Hopper With Coal20092009Hopper00
Ontario Northland RS3 Diesel 130820032003Diesel00
Ontario Northland SD18 Diesel19811981Diesel66
Ontario Northland SD18 Diesel Dummy Unit19811981Diesel44
Ontario Northland Work Caboose 2659420032003Caboose31
Op One Dome Tank Car20072007Tank Car20
Operating Barrel CarBarrel Car00
Operating Barrel Car 3562120002000Barrel Car35
Operating Belt Lumber Loader20002000Loader71
Operating Billboard Signmen20022003Billboard113
Operating Bunk Car Yard Office20072007Bunk Car11
Operating Circus Animal Car19911991Other Cars53
Operating Circus Clown Car19921992Other Cars1810
Operating Circus Elephant Car19901991Other Cars31
Operating Coal Conveyor20122012Accessory00
Operating Coal Dump Car19871987Dump Car00
Operating Coal Dump Car20122013Dump Car10
Operating Coal Loader20002000Loader86
Operating Coal Ramp20002000Accessory810
Operating Coaling Station19831984Station186
Operating Coaling Station20132014Station00
Operating Control TowerAccessory00
Operating Control Tower19831986Tower55
Operating Drawbridge19751981Bridge96
Operating Egg Nog Car With Platform20052005Platform22
Operating Ferris Wheel, 3652620042004Accessory55
Operating Flagman's Shanty20082008Building00
Operating Flagman's Shanty20102010Accessory20
Operating Forklift Platform20002000Platform23
Operating Forklift Platform20082009Platform42
Operating Freight Station20002000Station13
Operating Freight Station20062007Station51
Operating Freight Station19841987Station124
Operating Fueling Station19871987Station62
Operating Fueling Station19931993Station30
Operating Fueling Station19951995Station50
Operating Harry's Barber Shop20022004Building32
Operating Helium Tank Flatcar 336219991999Flatcar111
Operating Ice Station With 6700 Ice Car19821983Station53
Operating Industrial Crane20102010Crane00
Operating Industrial Crane20102010Crane00
Operating Lift Bridge20022002Bridge44
Operating Lighthouse20102010Building01
Operating Loading Platform With Flatcar20072008Flatcar00
Operating Log Dump Car 335119991999Dump Car44
Operating Log Dump Car W/Tray & Logs20062007Dump Car21
Operating Log Mill Kit19781978Kits00
Operating Lumberjacks20022003Accessory13
Operating Lumberjacks20042006Accessory00
Operating Milk Car #366220112012Milk Car00
Operating Milk Car With Platform, K-Line20062006Milk Car03
Operating Milk Loading Depot, K-Line20082008Accessory13
Operating Mx Missile Car20022002Missile Car41
Operating Mx Missile Car20062006Missile Car00
Operating North Pole Pylon20012001Accessory10
Operating Oil Drum Loader19831987Loader173
Operating Passenger Station20082009Passenger Car10
Operating Plutonium Car 2-Pack20102011Multi Car Pack20
Operating Poultry Dispatch Car 343419991999Poultry Car62
Operating Reading Coal HopperHopper00
Operating Santa Boxcar20002000Boxcar83
Operating Santa Gateman20082008Gateman00
Operating Santa Gondola 646220002000Gondola31
Operating Sawmill19841987Building13
Operating SawmillBuilding00
Operating Sawmill19951997Building24
Operating Sawmill19801984Building1510
Operating Sawmill19841987Building24888
Operating Sawmill20102010Building23
Operating Sawmill20152017Building00
Operating Searchlight Tower19751984Tower91
Operating Semaphore19891999Semaphore88
Operating Semaphore19781982Semaphore253
Operating Swing Bridge20072007Bridge00
Operating Swing Bridge20082008Bridge00
Operating Switch Tower19841987Switch139
Operating Switchman19831986Switch112
Operating Track Gang20112011Track11
Operating Track With Half Straight20052017Track218
Operating Voltmeter Car20072007Other Cars00
Operating Wind Turbine20122015Accessory00
Operating Wind Turbine, 3-Pack20092011Accessory00
Operating Windmill19951998Building48
Operating/Uncoupling Track19892016Track79
Operation Eagle Justice Add-On 2-Pack20102011Multi Car Pack00
Operation Eagle Justice Diesel Freight Set20102011Freight Set30
Operation Eagle Justice Missile Firing Car #3702820102011Missile Car20
Operation Eagle Justice Radar Car #3702720102011Radar Car00
Operation Eagle Justice Radioactive Waste O27 Flatcar #3702620102011Flatcar00
Operation Eagle Missile Carrying Car20152017Flatcar41
Operation Eagle Missile Launcher Car20152015Missile Car00
Operation Eagle Sound Car20152015Missile Car00
Operation Iraqi Freedom Minuteman Car20032003Minuteman Car12
Operation Lifesaver Boxcar19981998Boxcar250
Operation Lifesaver Boxcar With Flashing Leds20092009Boxcar00
Oppenheimer Reefer19811981Reefer2713
Orange Crush Boxcar19771978Boxcar94
Orange Fastrack Pack20182018Track30
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Large20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Medium20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Small20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - 3X-Large20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Large20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Medium20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Small20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - X-Large20172017T-Shirt00
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Xx-Large20172017T-Shirt00
Ore Car Naughty W/Coal20032003Ore Car00
Ore Car W/Presents Nice20032003Ore Car00
Ore Car, Yellow19861986Ore Car212
Ore Load, Set Of 219891995Set33
Oregon State Quarter Boxcar Bank20072007Boxcar20
Oriental Avenue Boxcar20102011Boxcar00
Orion Star Boxcar20002000Boxcar00
Orlando Southern Belle Boxcar19751975Boxcar124
OTC Contactor19841988Other01
Outer Passing Loop Track Pack20032016Track158
Outside Curve Race Car Track Section20092009Track00
Overland Frt Maxi-StackStack Car00
Overland Frt Maxi-StackStack Car00
Overstamped Boxcar 2-Pack19991999Set191

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