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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
O Gauge "Season's Greetings" Gondola6-16483Gondola0
O Gauge Boxcar (TTOS 2001)200120016-52201Boxcar2
O Gauge Chicago & North Western Car # 108716-10871Passenger Car0
O Gauge Insulation Pin11-11parts12
O Gauge Mickey, Minnie, & Pluto Christmas Boxcar6-36298Boxcar0
O Gauge Track Clips198920176-12743Track15
O Gauge York Rail GP9 Diesel Locomotive6-17854Diesel0
O-27 Gauge Track Clips, 12 Pieces199220176-62901Track16
O/Standard Gauge Lighted Lockon2009201111-99021Accessory0
O27 Diameter Curved Track197919986-5033Track3
O27 Flat Car W/Pipe Load (LRRC 2010)201020106-26601Flatcar2
O27 Gondola W/christmas Trees200620066-26359Gondola0
O27 Manual Switches 3 Pair197819856-5090Switch0
O27 Manual Switches Pair197419846-5027Switch1
O27 Remote Switches 3 Pair197819836-5193Switch0
O27 Remote Switches Pair197119836-5125Switch8
O27 Train Set W Steam Engine 10616-19363Locomotive0
O27 Value Pack Oval Layout Track Expander198919896-12859Track0
O31 Remote Switch Left Hand199519996-23010Switch8
O31 Remote Switch Right Hand199519996-23011Switch7
Oakland Athletics MLB Boxcar201420146-81914Boxcar0
Ocean Spray Reefer (TCA 1998)199819986-52146Banquet Car5
Odyssey System SD70 Diesel200020006-18288Diesel3
Office Building Kit201920196-85312Building1
Ohio Central Legacy SD-40T-2 #4026201720186-84629Diesel0
Ohio Central Legacy SD-40T-2 #4027201720176-84630Diesel0
Ohio State 4-4-2 Stream200820086-38670Locomotive0
Ohio State Boxcar200820086-25076Boxcar1
Ohio State O27 Gondola200820086-26399Gondola0
Ohio State Square Window Caboose200820086-36641Caboose0
Ohio State University Train Set200820086-30105Set0
Oil Creek & Titusville Operating Kids Club Boxcar (TCA 2008)200820086-21612Boxcar0
Oil Drum Loader199419956-12862Loader4
Oil Drum Loader199920006-22997Loader2
Oil Field With Bubble Tubes200320046-24112Accessory4
Oil Pump200420096-34162Accessory4
Oilzum Tanker 2-Car Set (NETCA 2008)200820086-52448Set3
Oklahoma City Reefer (TTOS 1980)198019806-9868Reefer4
Oklahoma State Quarter Die-Cast Hopper Bank200820096-22454Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Olaf's Personal Flurry Tank Car202020222028130Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car6
Old Bay Seasoning Boxcar (TCA 2010)201020106-22609Boxcar0
Old Dutch Cleanser Billboard Reefer197719806-9870Reefer22
Old Glory Reefers, Set Of 3198919916-19599Reefer8
Old Grand-Dad Billboard Reefer198319846-9836Reefer5
Old Milwaukee Reefer197519766-9856Reefer9
Old Reading Flatcar Foot Bridge With Stone Piers200920106-22587Bridge0
Old St. Nick Operating Billboard201420166-82002Billboard0
Old Style Clock Tower200220226-14147Accessory11
Old West Flatcar With Cannonballs201420146-26465Flatcar1
Old-West Baggage Car201420146-35277Baggage Car0
Old-West Flatcar With Cannons201420146-26466Flatcar0
Olson House (Kit)201920211930400Building2
On Fire Building Kit202120212167070HO Building2
On The Right Track The History Of Lionel TrainsBook26
On-Track Pick-up Truck199519956-18424Truck12
On-Track Pickup, Orange (TCA 1996)199619966-52107Track5
On-Track Step Van199519956-18423Track26
On-Track Van, Blue (LCCA 1996)199619966-52108Track4
One Dome Tank Car (Artrain 1990)199019906-17885Tank Car6
One Dome Tank Car 2-Pack (MLRRC 2000)200020006-52230Multi Car Pack2
One Dome Tank Car Set, 4-Pack199919996-21769Multi Car Pack1
One Dozen Brass Pins198719958-82109Parts5
Ontario Northland Boxcar198119816-9438Boxcar7
Ontario Northland Boxcar 7428200220026-17279Boxcar1
Ontario Northland Bulkhead Flatcar With Pulp Load199219926-16347Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar5
Ontario Northland Covered Quad Hopper198119826-6100Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper14
Ontario Northland Double Door Boxcar With Auto Frame Load Std-O200420066-27223Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar2
Ontario Northland Extended Vision Caboose198219826-6901Caboose15
Ontario Northland Hopper (LCCA 2008)200820086-52493Hopper1
Ontario Northland Log Dump Car199319936-16668Dump Car1
Ontario Northland Ore Car200020008-87214Ore Car1
Ontario Northland Ore Car 6126200020006-17800Ore Car4
Ontario Northland PS-4 Flatcar200320036-17576Flatcar - PS-4 Flatcar0
Ontario Northland PS-4 Flatcar With Covered Load201520156-82702Flatcar0
Ontario Northland Ribbed Hopper With Coal200920096-21637Hopper0
Ontario Northland RS3 Diesel 1308200320036-28543Diesel0
Ontario Northland SD18 Diesel198119816-8162Diesel4
Ontario Northland SD18 Diesel Dummy Unit198119816-8163Diesel4
Ontario Northland Work Caboose 26594200320036-26594Caboose - Work Caboose2
Operating Automatic Flagman 1045199219986-12892Accessory6
Operating Barrel Car6-62-50Barrel Car0
Operating Barrel Car 35621200020006-26757Barrel Car1
Operating Belt Lumber Loader200020006-14001Loader2
Operating Billboard Signmen200220036-14148Billboard6
Operating Bunk Car Yard Office200720076-21253Building1
Operating Circus Animal Car199119916-16638Other Cars6
Operating Circus Clown Car199219926-16651Other Cars15
Operating Circus Elephant Car199019916-16629Boxcar2
Operating Coal Conveyor201220126-37980Accessory0
Operating Coal Dump Car198719876-16707Dump Car0
Operating Coal Dump Car201220136-29325Dump Car0
Operating Coal Loader200020006-14004Loader5
Operating Coal Ramp200020006-14005Accessory7
Operating Coaling Station198319846-2315Station8
Operating Coaling Station201320146-37152Station0
Operating Control Tower6-32298Accessory0
Operating Control Tower198319866-2318Tower11
Operating Drawbridge197519816-2317Bridge9
Operating Egg Nog Car With Platform200520056-29810Platform0
Operating Ferris Wheel, 36526200120046-14110Accessory4
Operating Flagman's Shanty200720086-21277Building0
Operating Flagman's Shanty201020106-22658Building1
Operating Forklift Platform200020006-14000Platform4
Operating Forklift Platform200820096-24270Platform9
Operating Freight Station200020006-14106Station3
Operating Freight Station198419876-2323Station10
Operating Freight Station #356200620076-14236Station1
Operating Freight Station Plug-Expand-Play201820196-82056Station0
Operating Fueling Station198719876-12701Station15
Operating Hand Car198919908-87200Hand Car2
Operating Handcar with Railroad Workers199619966-18429Hand Car5
Operating Harry's Barber Shop200220046-14168Building4
Operating Helium Tank Flatcar 3362199919996-19878Flatcar10
Operating Ice Station With 6700 Ice Car198219836-2306Station7
Operating Industrial Crane2010201011-90068Tinplate - Crane0
Operating Industrial Crane2010201011-90069Crane0
Operating Lift Bridge200220026-14167Bridge5
Operating Lighted Fueling Station199519956-12877Station1
Operating Lighthouse201020106-37910Building0
Operating Loading Platform With Flatcar200720086-21449Flatcar2
Operating Log Dump Car 3351 (LRRC 1999)199919996-19473Dump Car3
Operating Log Dump Car With Tray & Logs200620076-26886Dump Car2
Operating Log Mill Kit197819786-2721Kits0
Operating Lumberjacks200220036-14145Accessory0
Operating Lumberjacks200420066-34192Accessory0
Operating Milk Car #3662201120126-27783Milk Car0
Operating Milk Car With Platform, K-Line200620066-36839Milk Car0
Operating Milk Loading Depot, K-Line200620086-14291Accessory1
Operating Mx Missile Car (Cal-Stewart 2002)200220026-52287Missile Car2
Operating Mx Missile Car (Cal-Stewart 2006)200620066-52431Missile Car1
Operating North Pole Pylon200120016-14079Accessory0
Operating O And O-27 Trains1976Book12
Operating Oil Drum Loader198319876-2300Loader1
Operating Passenger Station200720096-22191Station3
Operating Plutonium Car 2-Pack201020116-37002Multi Car Pack1
Operating Poultry Dispatch Car 3434199919996-19867Poultry Car3
Operating Reading Coal Hopper6-58529Hopper1
Operating Santa Boxcar200020006-26741Boxcar5
Operating Santa Gondola 6462200020006-26737Gondola1
Operating Sawmill198419874-2321Building43
Operating Sawmill6-12673Building0
Operating Sawmill198019846-2301Building7
Operating Sawmill198419876-2321Building0
Operating Sawmill201020106-37919Building0
Operating Sawmill 484199519976-12873Building4
Operating Sawmill with Sound201420176-82023Building0
Operating Searchlight Tower197519846-2314Tower4
Operating Searchlight Tower 496199519986-12899Tower0
Operating Semaphore197819826-2151Semaphore8
Operating Semaphore 159198919996-12727Semaphore14
Operating Swing Bridge200720076-21391Bridge0
Operating Swing Bridge200820086-49840Bridge0
Operating Switch Tower198419876-2324Switch8
Operating Switch Tower 445199619986-12917Accessory2
Operating Switchman198319866-2128Switch14
Operating Track Gang201020116-37935Accessory3
Operating Track Gang201420166-82018Accessory0
Operating Voltmeter Car200720076-21265Voltmeter Car2
Operating Wile E. Coyote And Roadrunner Handcar199219928-87208Handcar1
Operating Wind Turbine201220156-37985Accessory1
Operating Wind Turbine, 3-Pack200920116-16850Accessory0
Operating Windmill 453199519986-12889Building3
Operation Eagle Justice Add-On 2-Pack201020116-11175Multi Car Pack0
Operation Eagle Justice Diesel Freight Set201020116-30144Freight Set0
Operation Eagle Justice Minuteman Car201020116-26431Minuteman Car0
Operation Eagle Justice Missile Firing Car #37028201020116-37028Missile Car0
Operation Eagle Justice Radar Car #37027201020116-37027Radar Car1
Operation Eagle Justice Radioactive Waste O27 Flatcar #37026201020116-37026Flatcar0
Operation Eagle Missile Flatcar201520176-82689Flatcar3
Operation Eagle Missile Launcher Car201520156-81545Missile Car0
Operation Eagle Sound Car201520156-81546Missile Car0
Operation Iraqi Freedom Minuteman Car200320036-36797Minuteman Car4
Operation Lifesaver Boxcar199819986-26201Boxcar21
Operation Lifesaver Boxcar With Flashing Leds200920096-22562Boxcar0
Oppenheimer Reefer (TCA 1981)198119816-5700Reefer21
Orange Crush Boxcar197719786-7810Boxcar8
Orange Fastrack Pack201820206-85384Track0
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Large201620179-51023-GT-Shirt0
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Medium201620179-51023-MEDT-Shirt0
Orange Lightning Youth T-Shirt - Small201620179-51023-SMT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - 3X-Large201720179-51026-3XT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Large201720179-51026-GT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Medium201720179-51026-MEDT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Small201720179-51026-SMT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - X-Large201720179-51026-XT-Shirt0
Orange Performance Polo Shirt - Xx-Large201720179-51026-2XT-Shirt0
Ore Car Naughty With Coal200320036-16471Ore Car0
Ore Car Nice With Presents200320036-16472Ore Car0
Ore Car, Yellow (LRRC 1986)198619866-16800Ore Car25
Ore Load, Set Of 2198919956-12753Accessory2
Oregon State Quarter Boxcar Bank200720076-21104Boxcar1
Oregon Steel Mills Gondola202020202054860HO Gondola0
Orion Constellation Boxcar200020006-26717Boxcar5
Osage Railway Legacy 2-10-0 #10202120222231070Locomotive0
OTC Contactor198419886-2910Other0
Outside Curve Race Car Track Section2009201111-90046Track1
Overland Frt Maxi-Stack200420046-36939Stack Car0
Overland Frt Maxi-Stack6-36940Stack Car0
Overstamped Boxcar 2-Pack199919996-29286Set11
Ozark Division Frisco Piggyback TOFC (TCA 2011)201120116-58510Flatcar0

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