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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Eaglebrook Aluminum Tank Car 19039200820086-22296Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car2
Early Illuminated Station And Terrace, Green Trim200320046-34117Station0
Early Intermodal Work House, Sound201520196-82874Building1
Early Registration Boxcar200020006-39217Boxcar28
Earnhardt Boxcar200620076-25029Boxcar2
Earnhardt Depressed Center O27 Flat Car With Helicopter200620076-26334Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar3
Earnhardt Lighted Caboose200620076-36595Caboose1
Earnhardt Three-Dome Tank Car200620076-36102Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car1
East Assorted Gondola 6-Pack201720176-84458Gondola0
East Broad Top 150th Anniversary Boxcar202420242438150Boxcar0
East Broad Top Lionchief Plus 2.0 Doodlebug #m-1202420242435060Diesel0
East Camden & Highland Boxcar (LCCA 1987)198719876-17870Boxcar13
East Hartford 2438 Combo Car6-52465Combo Car0
East Shore Shopping Center Kit201920211967190HO Building2
East St. Louis Gondola199819986-26913Gondola10
Easter Eggspress Lionchief Plus 2.0 Set201920202022030Set0
Easter Eggspress Side Dump Cars 4 Pack201920202026030Dump Car - 4 Pack0
Easter Gondola 6462 With Candy199919996-19448Gondola3
Easter Operating Boxcar199919996-16789Boxcar2
Easter Vat Car199920006-19481Vat Car1
Eastern Freight Expansion Pack200920176-30112Multi Car Pack2
Eastern States Erdx 40' Steel Reefer 10060201720176-84120Reefer1
Ebay Boxcar200020006-36205Boxcar7
Ebay Boxcar200020006-36305Boxcar0
Edison Cement Ac2 Hopper #1899 (METCA 2018)2018201848-1801011Hopper - 2-Bay Covered Hopper0
Edison Cement AC2 Hopper #1923 (METCA 2018)2018201848-1801012Hopper - 2-Bay Covered Hopper0
Edison Electric Depressed Center Flatcar 6461 With Transformer199719976-19424Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar0
Eerie Vision N6B Caboose #103124202420242426780Caboose - N6B Woodsided Caboose0
Egg Nog Barrel Car200420046-26808Barrel Car0
Egg Nog One Dome Tank Car200320036-26149Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Eggnog Unibody One Dome Tank Car201220126-36182Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car0
eHobbies Boxcar200120016-36226Boxcar4
El 14-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201720173-17080Hopper0
El Derrick Car201220126-37053Derrick Car0
El Paso & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 1997)199719976-52124Ore Car10
El Producto Boxcar197819786-7711Boxcar6
El Tovar MUSA Boxcar (TCA 2020)202020202001150Boxcar0
Electric Coaling Station199920016-32921Station12
Electric Power Generator Car199619966-19825Generator Car20
Electrical Substation199619966-12931Station2
Electro-Motive Division Demonstrator E8 Diesel A Unit 950201720176-84084Diesel0
Electro-Motive Division Demonstrator GP30 Diesel Locomotive 1962201420156-82130Locomotive1
Electro-Motive Division Demonstrator SD70ACe Diesel 2012201220136-38750Diesel0
Electro-Motive Division Legacy SD45 #4351202120222233091Diesel2
Electro-Motive Division Legacy SD45 #4352202120242233092Diesel1
Electro-Motive Division Superbass SD45 #4353202120222233098Diesel Superbass2
Electrocoupler Conversion Kit For Atlantic Locomotive199820016-22959Locomotive4
Electrocoupler Kit For Command Upgradeable GP9s200020006-14018Kits0
Electrocoupler Upgrade Kit (Large)200420046-24141Accessory3
Electrocoupler Upgrade Kit (Small)6-24142Accessory3
Electrocouplers Kit For Dash 9 Diesel199820016-22958Electrocouplers Kit13
Electrocouplers Kit For F3 Diesel199820016-22957Electrocouplers Kit1
Electrocouplers Kit For GP9 Diesel199820006-22919Electrocouplers Kit1
Electrocouplers Kit For J Class And Boston & Albany Tenders199820006-22955Electrocouplers Kit3
Electrocouplers Kit For Nw2 Switcher199819986-22956Electrocouplers Kit0
Elevated Oil Tank201720186-84383Accessory1
Elevated Tank200720076-14262Accessory2
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces198920156-12755Accessory9
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces197019886-2111Set8
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces200720076-21453Accessory0
Elf Chasing Rudolph Gondola 6462199919996-16795Gondola5
Elf Christmas Boxcar201620176-83777Boxcar0
Elf Gang Car201220126-38240Gang Car2
Elf Transport Work Car200520056-29608Work Car1
Elf Tug Of War Accessory, Plug-Expand-Play201920211929130Accessory1
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern #4144 52' Coil Gondola201820191926341Gondola0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern #4156 52' Coil Gondola201820191926342Gondola0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Boxcar198019806-9422Boxcar19
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Heritage Legacy ES44AC #3023202220222233461Diesel1
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Heritage Non-Powered ES44AC #3023202220222233469Diesel0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Legacy Sharknose B202020212133238Diesel Shark0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Legacy Sharks AA Set202020212133230Diesel Shark0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Legacy SW1200 #306202120222233230Switcher0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern PS-1 Box Car201820183-18100Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern SD38 #650201520156-82800Diesel0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Sd38 #654201520156-82801Diesel0
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Superbass Sharknose B202020212133239Diesel Shark0
Elk River Lumber Co. 3-Truck Shay Locomotive 20201720176-84238Locomotive0
Elk River Lumber Conventional 2-Truck Shay Locomotive 2201120126-11296Locomotive0
Elk River Lumber Legacy 2-Truck Shay Locomotive 1201120116-11295Locomotive0
Elk River Lumber Skeleton Log Car201120126-27836Log Car0
Elk River Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack #2200320036-29453Log Car0
Elk River Shay Locomotive200220026-38066Locomotive3
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #200200220026-29446Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #201200220026-29447Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #202200220026-29448Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #203200320036-29454Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #204200320036-29455Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #205200320036-29456Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Lumber Car 3-Pack200220026-29445Multi Car Pack0
Elk River Work Caboose 6201220176-27674Caboose - Work Caboose1
Eller House201920211956150HO Building7
Elvis "He Dared To Rock" Steam Freight Set200420046-31728Freight Set2
Elvis Boxcar200320036-39238Boxcar6
Elvis Flatcar With Tractor And Trailer, Traditional200520056-26091Flatcar2
Elvis Presley 35Th Anniversary Boxcar201220126-29980Boxcar3
Elvis Presley All Shook Up Boxcar200320046-39258Boxcar9
Elvis Presley Berkshire Steam Locomotive Tender200420046-28667Locomotive1
Elvis Presley Caboose200520056-36539Caboose0
Elvis Presley Elvis Has Left The Building Boxcar200420046-39262Boxcar5
Elvis Presley Flatcar With Billboards #26090200420046-26090Flatcar0
Elvis Presley Gold Record Transport Car200420046-29606Transport Car0
Elvis Presley Searchlight Car200420046-26824Searchlight Car0
Elx Halloween #103119 50' Double Door Box Car201820191926480Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar0
ELX Halloween Caboose201820206-84781Caboose0
Elx Midnight Special 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #1201820191927070Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Elx Midnight Special 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #2201820191927080Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Elx Midnight Special 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack #3201820191927090Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Elx Midnight Special Stationsounds Diner Car201820191927100Diner Car0
ELX Trolley202020212035010Trolley2
Ely Thomas #6 2-Truck Shay Steam Locomotive With Legacy201920191931490Locomotive0
Ely Thomas Lumber Logging Caboose #1201920202026040Caboose - Logging Caboose0
Ely Thomas Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack "A"201920191926540Log Car 2-Pack0
Ely Thomas Skeleton Log Car 2-Pack "B"201920191926550Log Car 2-Pack0
EMD Generator Car200420056-29802Generator Car0
EMD Generator Car And Light Pole #3530200520076-29826Generator Car1
EMD Legacy SD70ACe #1201201820186-85051Diesel0
EMD Legacy SD70ACe #1202201820186-85052Diesel0
EMD Legacy SD70M-2 #74201920202033191Diesel0
EMD Legacy SD70M-2 #75201920202033192Diesel0
Emd Legacy SD90MAC #8204202220222233660Diesel3
EMD Non-Powered SD70M-2 #76201920202033193Diesel0
EMDX SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 72201620166-84102Diesel0
EMDX SD70ACe Diesel Locomotive 73201620166-84103Diesel0
Emergency Response Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202220232223040Set16
Empire State Boxcar, Century Club II200020006-39266Boxcar2
Empire State Express Diner, Century Club II200220026-29181Diner Car1
Empire State Express Martin Van Buren Combine201720196-83617Combine Car0
Empire State Express Observation Car201720196-83618Observation Car1
Empire State Express Passenger Car 2-Pack, Century Club II200220026-29178Passenger Car 2-Pack4
Empire State Express Passenger Car 4-Pack, Century Club II200220026-29173Passenger Car 4-Pack1
Employee Christmas Boxcar 1992199219926-19916Boxcar6
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2000200020006-36212Boxcar7
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2002200220026-29905Boxcar3
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2003200320036-29911Boxcar1
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2004200420046-29924Boxcar2
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2005200520056-29926Boxcar2
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2006200620066-29938Boxcar2
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2007200720076-29949Boxcar0
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2008200820086-29956Boxcar4
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2009200920096-29964Boxcar1
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2010201020106-29970Boxcar3
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2011201120116-29971Boxcar5
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2012201220126-29972Boxcar3
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2013201320136-39365Boxcar0
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2014201420146-81020Boxcar2
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2015201520156-82692Boxcar0
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2016201620166-83960Boxcar1
Employee Holiday Boxcar 1999199919996-19976Boxcar5
End Of Line Express Lionchief Set201820206-85253Freight Set2
End Of The Line Express Lionchief 2-4-2 Locomotive #800202420242445020Locomotive0
End Of The Line Passenger Station202020232029040Station7
Engelhard Unibody Tank Car 24586201520166-82859Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car2
Engine House200920146-24296Building0
Engine House198819898-82105Building2
Engine House Building Kit197519775-4553HO Accessory6
Engine House Kit198719916-12710Kits1
Engine House Kit199519986-12897Kits1
Engine House Kit197419776-2785Kits0
Engineer Earl Door Greeter201620179-33101Misc0
Engineer Hat200820087-11096Accessory0
Engineer Nutcracker Decoration201720179-33127Accessory0
Engineer Santa Blown Glass Ornament201720179-21026Ornament1
Engineer Teddy Bear200820087-11091Accessory0
Englehard Tank Car199819986-17914Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car16
Enjoy Budweiser Reefer202020232028230Reefer10
Entenmann's Gondola With Load (METCA 2016)201620166-58243Gondola2
Entenmann's Lionchief 2.0 GP7 (METCA 2021)202120212101230Diesel0
Entenmann's NE-5 Caboose (METCA 2021)202120212101240Caboose - NE-5 Caboose0
Entenmann's Operating Boxcar (RMLI 2010)201020106-52557Boxcar2
Entenmann's Quad Hopper (LITTLE 2014)201420146-58562Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper7
Entenmann's Vat Car (LITTLE 2012)201220126-58520Vat Car4
Enternmann's Tank Car (METCA 2015)201520156-58598Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car10
Eric's Train Appalachian & Western Caboose202320232326800Caboose0
Eric’s Trains/Appalachian & Western ES44AC202220222233991Diesel2
Erie 170th Anniversary Boxcar202120212138050Boxcar4
Erie 2-10-4 Texas Steam Locomotive 3405201120116-11308Locomotive1
Erie 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive 3207201520156-81191Locomotive0
Erie 2-8-2 Mikado Steam Locomotive 3007201220126-11262Locomotive0
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 3315200320036-38051Locomotive1
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 3338, Traditional200520056-28655Locomotive1
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 3321201420146-11453Locomotive0
Erie 2-Bay AAR Hopper #24133202420242442319Hopper - 2-Bay AAR Hopper0
Erie 2-Bay AAR Hopper 3 Pack #1202420242442310Hopper - 2-Bay AAR Hopper0
Erie 2-Bay AAR Hopper 3 Pack #2202420242442315Hopper - 2-Bay AAR Hopper0
Erie 3-Bay Open Hopper201220156-17782Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper0
Erie 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 860200320046-28746Locomotive2
Erie 4-6-2 Locomotive 2934200120016-28067Locomotive5
Erie 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 2939, Railsounds200720086-38639Locomotive0
Erie 40' Flatcar 6361 With Wheels201120116-27889Flatcar - 40' Flatcar0
Erie 6464 Boxcar (TTOS 2009)200920096-52545Boxcar4
Erie ALCO Diesel A Unit197419756-8452Diesel2
Erie ALCO Diesel A Unit 725A199319936-18109Diesel1
Erie ALCO Diesel A Unit 736A199319936-18111Diesel0
Erie ALCO Diesel ABA Set199319936-11734Diesel ABA Set12
Erie ALCO Diesel B Unit197419756-8453Diesel4
Erie ALCO Diesel B Unit 725B199319936-18110Diesel0
Erie ALCO PA1 Diesel 850199819986-18961Diesel6
Erie ALCO PB-1 Diesel 850B200020006-18249Diesel3
Erie Animated Gondola198019846-9307Gondola25
Erie Bay Window Caboose (TCA 1977)197719786-9184Caboose - Bay Window Caboose21

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