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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
W. E. Disney Girder Bridge201620176-82717Bridge1
Wabash #25549 50' Flat Car W/ Wabz Trailer201720176-84879Flatcar0
Wabash #55023 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926061Boxcar0
Wabash #55055 4-Door High Cube Box Car201920191926062Boxcar0
Wabash 0-8-0 Locomotive 1526201620166-83208Locomotive0
Wabash 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack201420146-81872Diner Car0
Wabash 18 Aluminum Combinationnista Dome Car 2-Pack201420146-81843Dome Car0
Wabash 18 Aluminum Dome-Observation/Coach Car 2-Pack201420146-81842Coach Car0
Wabash 18 Heavyweight Coach 2-Pack #1201820186-84217Coach Car0
Wabash 18 Heavyweight Coach 2-Pack #2201820186-84220Coach Car0
Wabash 2-4-2 Locomotive197719776-8703Locomotive1
Wabash 2-4-2 Locomotive197919816-8904Locomotive0
Wabash 2-6-0 Mogul #8266-36018Locomotive0
Wabash 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 826200320036-38018Locomotive0
Wabash 21 Streamlined Dining Car Stationsounds201520156-82884Station0
Wabash 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 2-Pack201520156-82555Passenger Car0
Wabash 21" Streamlined Passenger Car 4-Pack201520156-82550Passenger Car0
Wabash 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotive 8625, Traditional200320036-28625Locomotive1
Wabash 4-4-2 Locomotive 8604198819916-18604Locomotive1
Wabash 4-4-2 Steam200720076-18698Locomotive0
Wabash 4-6-2 672198619876-8610Locomotive2
Wabash 4-6-4 Locomotive 700199619966-18046Locomotive4
Wabash ALCO PA AA Diesel Locomotive Set 1020, 1020A201520156-82241Diesel AA Set0
Wabash ALCO PB Diesel Locomotive201520156-82258Locomotive0
Wabash Auto Loader (LCCA 2014)201420146-58585Auto Loader0
Wabash Baggage Car198619876-7228Baggage Car2
Wabash Blue Bird Passenger Set201120126-30159Passenger Set0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Coach #1425201520156-82553Coach Car0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Combo Car #650201520156-82551Combination Car0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Vista Dome #200201520156-82552Vista Dome Car0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Vista Dome #201201520156-82556Vista Dome Car0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Vista Dome #202201520156-82557Vista Dome Car0
Wabash Bluebird 21" Streamlined Passenger Vista Dome Observation #160201520156-82554Observation Car0
Wabash Bluebird Coach Car201120126-35222Coach Car0
Wabash Boxcar198819916-16201Boxcar0
Wabash Boxcar #7609200020006-27200Boxcar0
Wabash Boxcar 6439201020116-25087Boxcar2
Wabash Brakeman Car 3424200120016-26770Brakeman Car10
Wabash Bunk Car, Smoke199119926-19657Bunk Car3
Wabash Cannonball Set197019726-1081Set4
Wabash Cannonball Set197719776-1762Set2
Wabash Cannonball Set197919796-1962Set1
Wabash Cannonball Set6-22798Set0
Wabash City Of Columbia Coach 2361199719976-19062Coach Car3
Wabash City Of Danville Coach 2362199719976-19063Coach Car2
Wabash Coal Dump Car199019906-16619Dump Car4
Wabash Combination Car198619876-7229Combination Car2
Wabash Conventional Ft Diesel A-Unit Powered #1189201120126-38229Diesel1
Wabash Covered Quad Hopper199119916-19316Hopper1
Wabash Cylindrical Hopper 33007200320036-27104Hopper2
Wabash Die-Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper 37751200820096-22447Hopper0
Wabash Diner198619876-7227Diner Car2
Wabash Double-Door Boxcar199519956-16255Boxcar1
Wabash Dummy GP7 #4546-18873Locomotive0
Wabash E8 Diesel AA Set201420146-81240Diesel AA Set0
Wabash F-3 A Powered #2367P201220146-38385Locomotive0
Wabash F-3 Non-Powered B-Unit201220146-38387Locomotive0
Wabash F-7 Non-Powered A #1107-A201220136-38714Locomotive0
Wabash F-7 Powered A #1102-A201220136-38713Locomotive0
Wabash F3 Diesel A Unit, Nonpowered200320036-14584Diesel1
Wabash F3 Non-Powered B Unit #2240C200320036-14583Locomotive1
Wabash F33 Powered A Unit 2240P200320036-14582F3 Unit1
Wabash F7 AA Diesel Set1102A-1102C201220136-38712Diesel AA Set0
Wabash F7 B Unit201220136-38716Diesel0
Wabash F7 B Unit 1102B201220136-38715Diesel0
Wabash F7 Powered B-Unit201220126-38175Diesel0
Wabash Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 550198319836-8378Diesel2
Wabash Flatcar 25536 With Trailer200020006-36065Flatcar3
Wabash Flatcar With Railway Express Agency Tractor And Trailer (SLRRC 1997)199719976-52117Flatcar11
Wabash Flatcar With Trailers198919896-16314Flatcar12
Wabash Flyerchief GP7 #475202220222221040Diesel0
Wabash Gondola With Canisters198819916-16309Gondola3
Wabash Gondola With Canisters199319946-16392Gondola7
Wabash Gondola With Canisters197819826-9017Gondola3
Wabash Gondola With Coal197319746-9820Gondola17
Wabash GP7 Diesel Set, 453, 454, 455199919996-18872Diesel3
Wabash GP9 Diesel 484201320136-38895Diesel0
Wabash GP9 Diesel 484198519856-8587Diesel9
Wabash GP9 Diesel 488201320136-38896Diesel1
Wabash GP9 Diesel 491, Nonpowered201320136-38897Diesel0
Wabash Lake Railway 2-Tier Auto Carrier 9519199819986-52115Auto Carrier0
Wabash Legacy ALCO PA Non Powered A #1020A201520156-82243Diesel0
Wabash Legacy ALCO PA Powered A #1020201520156-82242Diesel0
Wabash Legacy E7 AA Diesel Set #1000/#1001202120212133670Diesel AA Set0
Wabash Legacy Scale E8 Non Powered A Unit #1011201420146-81242Diesel0
Wabash Legacy Scale E8 Powered A Unit #1007201420146-81241Diesel0
Wabash Legacy USRA Light 2-8-2 #2202202120212131380Locomotive0
Wabash Norfolk Southern Heritage 3-Bay Open Hopper201320156-17784Hopper0
Wabash Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose201320156-27689Caboose0
Wabash Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1070, Cg201320136-39642Diesel1
Wabash Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1877201320136-39643Diesel1
Wabash Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1880, Nonpowered201320136-39644Diesel0
Wabash Northeastern Caboose 2222200920106-27628Caboose0
Wabash Observation Car198619876-7232Observation Car3
Wabash Observation Car #5224201120126-35224Observation Car2
Wabash Operating Hopper198719876-19804Hopper7
Wabash Passenger Coach198619876-7230Passenger Coach0
Wabash Passenger Coach198619876-7231Passenger Coach0
Wabash Passenger Set199719976-19061Passenger Set3
Wabash PS-2 Hopper 30425201220136-27085Hopper1
Wabash PS-4 #25535 W/ 40' Trailer201720176-84878Flatcar1
Wabash PS-4 Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers200920106-27820Flatcar0
Wabash PS-4 Flatcar With Stakes200820096-27594Flatcar0
Wabash Quad Hopper With Coal199519956-16417Hopper7
Wabash Railway Express Agency Baggage Car 2360199719976-19064Baggage Car0
Wabash Reefer 21596 (TCA 1992)199219926-17898Reefer11
Wabash Reefer 26269199419946-17304Reefer15
Wabash Sp-Type Caboose198819916-16505Caboose2
Wabash Sp-Type Caboose197719776-9080Caboose1
Wabash Sp-Type Caboose197919796-9346Caboose3
Wabash Square Window Caboose 2805200320036-26580Caboose0
Wabash Steel-Sided Caboose, Smoke199119916-17610Caboose2
Wabash Streamliner Vista Dome #5223201120126-35223Vista Dome Car0
Wabash TMCC GP7 #4536-11862Locomotive0
Wabash TMCC Powered GP7 #4556-18874Locomotive0
Wabash Torpedo Legacy GP9 #484201820186-84280Diesel0
Wabash Torpedo Legacy GP9 #486201820186-84281Diesel0
Wabash Train Master Diesel 550200920106-28307Diesel3
Wabash Usra Double-Sheathed Boxcar201620166-83351Boxcar1
Wabash Windy City Observation Car 2363199719976-19065Observation Car2
Waddell Coal 2 Bay Hopper #102202020201954060Hopper0
Waddell Coal 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack202020202026730Hopper3
Waddell Coal Hopper (Std)2016201611-30230Hopper0
Walking Brakeman Car (LCCA 2015)201520156-58224Brakeman Car1
Walking Figures202020202030200Figures0
Walking Figures, 8 Pieces200820106-21369Figures2
Walking Zombie Brakeman Car201220126-29324Brakeman Car1
Walkout Cantilever Signal199820036-22934Signal8
Walmart 0-8-0 (Low End) W/ Air Whistle200920097-11178Locomotive0
Walmart Gondola200920097-11180Gondola0
Walmart O Gauge Boxcar200920097-11179Boxcar1
Walmart Square Window Caboose (Non-Illuminated)200920097-11181Caboose0
Walt Disney Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse Boxcar200620066-36822Boxcar0
Walter E. Disney Limited Conv. 4-4-0 General Type Steam Locomotive200620066-18740Locomotive0
Walter E. Disney Work Caboose200620066-36599Caboose0
Wanamaker Boxcar198219826-9466Boxcar10
Ward Kimball Boxcar (Cal-Stewart 2005)200520056-52385Boxcar0
Warehouse Building Kit201620166-85311Building1
Warehouse Kit20212021685311Kits0
Warning Sign Pack, 12 Pieces200820106-21721Accessory1
Warren G. Harding Funeral Train Set W/ Legacy201920191922030Set0
Warren G. Harding Presidential Boxcar201420166-81489Boxcar4
Washer - Plated Lti11-24Lparts0
Washer For 41-54 Rivet Id=.09311-24Xparts0
Washington Nationals Boxcar201420146-81939Boxcar0
Washington Senators Cooperstown Boxcar201520156-82686Boxcar3
Washington State Quarter Tank Car Bank200820086-21542Tank Car1
Watchman Shanty201220146-37102Building1
Watchman Shanty198819888-82106Building0
Watchman Shanty Kit198819996-12733Kits2
Watchman's Shanty Kit197719876-2719Kits10
Water Barrel Car 1878, Archive Collection200320036-29459Barrel Car0
Water Supply Flatcar With Tank199819986-19442Flatcar1
Water Tower199619976-12916Water Tower21
Water Tower200020006-14086Water Tower3
Water Tower200120026-14154Water Tower5
Water Tower200520056-14202Water Tower1
Water Tower201420146-81635Water Tower0
Water Tower198819888-82104Building0
Water Tower & Sanding Station Building Kit197519775-4552HO Building2
Water Tower (LRRC)200720076-14274Water Tower1
Water Tower Kit202020201967200Building0
Water Tower Kit198719996-12711Water Tower1
Water Tower Kit197519806-2789Water Tower2
Water Tower With Light200820096-22194Water Tower0
Waterpoxy Three Dome Tank Car197019716-9250Tank Car12
Wawa Boxcar (TCA 2017)201720176-84594Boxcar0
Wawa Hoagiefest Boxcar (TCA 2017)201720176-83868Boxcar0
We The People 4th Of July SD70ACe (METCA 2021)202120212133830Diesel0
We The People Sp-Type Caboose197519756-9076Caboose1
Weathered 50,000-Gallon Water Tank201120126-37944Accessory0
Weathered Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Usra Y-3 2-8-8-2 Locomotive 1797201420146-82487Locomotive0
Weathered Baltimore & Ohio Rf-16 Sharknose AA Diesels 855-857201320136-81597Diesel0
Weathered Chesapeake & Ohio H-7 #1578201520156-82994Locomotive0
Weathered Hot Metal Car 2-Pack (Std 0). 16201620166-83487Metal Car0
Weathered Norfolk & Western Usra Y-3 2-8-8-2 Locomotive 2029201420146-82488Locomotive0
Weathered Norfolk & Western Y6B 2-8-8-2 Locomotive 2186201620166-84063Locomotive0
Weathered Pennsylvania Legacy H-10 #3529201820186-84952Locomotive0
Weathered Pennsylvania Railroad Rf-16 Sharknose AA Diesels 2020A-2021A201320136-81600Diesel0
Weathered Pennsylvania Y-3 #376201520156-82996Locomotive0
Weathered Slag Car 3-Pack201620166-83474Slag Car1
Weathered Union Pacific 4-12-2 Locomotive 9000201320136-81596Locomotive0
Weathered Union Pacific H-7 #3595201520156-82993Locomotive0
Weathered Union Pacific Y-3 #3671201520156-82995Locomotive0
Weathered Virginian Usra Y-3 2-8-8-2 Locomotive 737201420146-82486Locomotive0
Wegmans 2012 3-Dome Tank Car6-36183Tank Car1
Wegmans 2012 Box Car201220126-36184Boxcar1
Wegmans 2012 Caboose201220126-36695Caboose1
Wegmans Box Car201320136-25975Boxcar0
Wegmans Flat Car With Trailer201320136-25974Flatcar2
Wegmans Steam Freight Train Set201120116-30176Set0
Welcome Home Accessories201220136-37142Accessory0
Welcome Home Troops Townhouse202220222229140Building0
Welcome Mat Tray201420149-33032Misc0
Welcome Mat Tray201620169-33038Misc0
Welcome To The Show Circus Sp-Type Caboose198919896-16520Caboose0
Well Car Doublestack Set199719976-16975Set1
Well Stock Shelves Welcome Mat Insert201520169-42031Misc0
Well Stocked Shelves Garden Flag201520169-42028Accessory0
Well Stocked Shelves House Flag201520169-42029Building0
Well-Stocked Shelves Wall Hanging201520169-42030Misc2
Wellspring Capital Management Happy Holidays Vat Car200320036-29423Vat Car1
Wellspring Capital Management Lighted Boxcar200220026-36761Boxcar6
Wellspring Capital Management Mint Car199919996-19673Mint Car0
Wellspring Capital Management Tank Car With Confetti200020006-26127Tank Car2
Wellspring Capital Management Trolley200620066-28430Trolley2
Wellspring Flat W/Tractor Tra200520056-39442Flatcar10
Wellspring Gold Bullion Car199919996-19667Mint Car9
Wellspring Illum Caboose200720076-36629Caboose6
Wellspring Radar Car200420046-26833Radar Car1
Wendy's N5C Caboose198119826-6449Caboose1
West Assorted Gondola 6-Pack201720176-84460Gondola0
West India Fruit & Steamship Co. PS-1 Boxcar 321201520156-82623Boxcar0
West Point Mint Car199119916-19406Mint Car6
West Side Lumber 2-Truck Shay Steam Locomotive201120116-11235Locomotive0
West Side Lumber 2-Truck Shay Steam Locomotive201120116-11236Locomotive0
West Side Lumber Co. 3-Truck Shay Locomotive 3201720176-84240Locomotive0
West Side Lumber Log Dump Car 36764200320036-36764Dump Car0
West Side Lumber Operating Sawmill201220136-37124Building0
West Side Lumber Scale Work Caboose 8201220126-27671Caboose0
West Side Lumber Shay Locomotive 800199919996-28022Locomotive2
West Side Lumber Shay Log Car 3-Pack #2200120016-17564Log Car1
West Side Lumber Skeleton Log Car201120116-27825Log Car0
West Side Lumber Skeleton Log Car #19500200220026-29420Log Car0
West Side Lumber Skeleton Log Car #19501200220026-29421Log Car0
West Side Lumber Skeleton Log Car 19502200220026-29422Log Car0
West Side Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack #2200220026-29419Log Car0
West Side Lumber Std O Log Car200120016-17565Log Car0
West Side Lumber Std O Log Car200120016-17566Log Car1
West Side Lumber Std O Log Car200120016-17567Log Car0
West Virginia State Quarter Die Cast Gondola Bank200720076-21105Gondola11
Western & Atlantic 0-4-0 Locomotive 1897201020116-38687Locomotive1
Western & Atlantic Baggage Car200920096-35184Baggage Car0
Western & Atlantic Baggage Car (LCCA 2004)200420046-52303Baggage Car0
Western & Atlantic Caboose201020116-36657Caboose0
Western & Atlantic Cannon Flatcar200920096-39480Flatcar0
Western & Atlantic Cannonball Flatcar201020106-39490Flatcar0
Western & Atlantic Coach Car #1855200820086-31570Coach Car0
Western & Atlantic Coach Car #1858200820086-31571Coach Car0
Western & Atlantic Flatcar With Horses (LCCA 2004)200420046-52304Flatcar0
Western & Atlantic General7-92004Locomotive0
Western & Atlantic General Engine & Tender (LCCA 2004)200420046-52301Locomotive0
Western & Atlantic Horse Car And Corral201720176-83752Horse Car0
Western & Atlantic Lionchief General202120212132080Locomotive0
Western & Atlantic Passenger Car (LCCA 2004)200420046-52302Coach Car0

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