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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
3 Fork Lifts W/ Pallets200820086-23307Accessory0
3 Rung Brass Step #9/381 Stan Gauge9-STEPparts0
3" Straight Magnelock Track (4 Pack)202020218768034HO Track4
3' Male Pigtail Power Cable201420226-82039Accessory5
3' Power Cable Extension (3 Pin M/F)201820226-82918Accessory8
3-Bay Unloading Station with 3 Dump Bins200720076-21450Accessory0
3-Car Baltimore & Ohio Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40095Passenger Set0
3-Car Blue Comet Passenger Set (Std), Two Tone Blue with Brass Trim2010201011-40021Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Blue Comet Passenger Set, Two Tone Blue with Nickel Trim2011201111-40040Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Great Northern Presidential Set (Std)2016201611-40111Set0
3-Car Lehigh Valley Presidential Set (Std)2016201611-40113Set0
3-Car Long Island Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40096Passenger Set0
3-Car Milwaukee Road State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40099Passenger Set0
3-Car New Haven State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40115Passenger Set0
3-Car Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40098Passenger Set0
3-Car Pennsylvania Railroad State Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40103Passenger Set0
3-Car Showroom Passenger Set, Two Tone Green2010201011-40017Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Showroom Passenger Set, Zinc Chromate2010201011-40019Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car State Passenger Set2016201611-40107Passenger Set0
3-Car State Passenger Set, Two-Tone Green2010201011-40009Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Std. Gauge 300 Series Passenger Set, Blue & Dark Blue2010201011-40006Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Stephen Girard Passenger Set, Two-Tone Green with Brass Trim2011201111-40043Tinplate - Passenger Set0
3-Car Stephen Girard Set, Two-Tone Green with Nickel Trim2011201111-40046Tinplate - Passenger Set1
3-Car Strasburg Pullman Passenger Set (Std)2016201611-40097Passenger Set0
3-Car Tinplate Green State Passenger Set198919896-13403Passenger Set0
3-M Boxcar199319936-52018Boxcar0
30 Display Case W/Wooden Base6-80050Display Case0
30 Watt Transformer200720146-14275Transformer2
30,000-Gallon Ethanol Tank Car 3-Pack200920096-27411Tank Car - 30,000 Gallon Tank Car0
30,000-Gallon Ethanol Tank Car 3-Pack, Sound200920096-27410Tank Car - 30,000 Gallon Tank Car1
300 Series 3-Car Passenger Set, Blue & Silver2010201011-40007Tinplate - Passenger Set1
309 Series 3-Car Passenger Set, Blue/Dark Blue & Cream2011201111-40035Tinplate - Passenger Set0
309 Series 3-Car Passenger Set, Maroon & Terra Cotta2011201111-40037Tinplate - Passenger Set0
309 Series 3-Car Passenger Set, Two-Tone Girard Green2011201111-40036Tinplate - Passenger Set0
309 Series 3-Car State Passenger Set, Two-Tone Brown2011201111-40027Tinplate - Passenger Set0
30Th Anniversary Boxcar (LRRC 2006)200620066-29939Boxcar22
30Th Anniversary Flatcar With Billboard (Artrain 2001)200120016-52255Flatcar1
31 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5561Track1
31 Remote Switch Left Hand198019946-5133Switch18
31" Diameter Curved Track197019986-5501Track0
31" Diameter Curved Track199020176-65501Track3
31" Path Remote Switch Left Hand200020156-14062Switch28
31" Path Remote Switch Right Hand200020156-14063Switch16
31- Red Stripe Silver 3 Car Passenger Set6-38139Passenger Car0
31725 Rock Island Steam Freight Set200320036-31725Set1
31981 Ace Hardware Glacier Route Set200420046-31981Set0
323 Baggage Car198819886-13400Baggage Car7
324 Pullman Car198819886-13401Pullman Car2
325 Observation Car198819886-13402Observation Car6
332 Series Girl's Baggage Car, Pink2011201111-40026Tinplate - Baggage Car0
3356 Horse Car19991999N/AHallmark13
3356 Santa Fe Horse Car & Corral200520056-29820Horse Car0
3356 Santa Fe Horse Car With Corral200420046-19895Horse Car1
339 Series Girls's Passenger Car, Pink2011201111-40025Tinplate - Passenger Car0
3409 50Th Anniversary Helicopter Car (LRRC 2011)201120116-29313Helicopter Car0
3413 Mercury Capsule Launch Car200920106-27747Launch Car0
3434 Poultry Dispatch Car200520056-29825Poultry Car3
3435 Aquarium Car200920106-27732Aquarium Car1
3444 Erie Animated Gondola200920106-27745Diesel0
3464 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Boxcar200920096-27718Boxcar0
3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car20172017N/AHallmark14
35 Straight Track198820056-5024Track1
35 Years One Dome Tank Car (Artrain 2006)200620066-52411Tank Car5
350 Engine Transfer Table200120016-14113Accessory7
350-50 Engine Transfer Table Extension200120016-14114Accessory8
3512 Fire And Ladder Car200920106-27733Fire And Ladder Car1
3512 Fireman And Ladder Car200620086-29844Fire Car0
352 Icing Station201420176-82028Accessory1
3562-50 Yellow Operating Barrel Car200320036-36762Barrel Car1
36 Watt 1.8 Amp Accessory Transformer199920166-32923Transformer10
36" Black Train Display Case9-41020Display Case0
36" Cherry Train Display Case9-41019Display Case0
36" Oak Train Display Case9-41018Display Case0
36" Power Tap Cable201420226-82046Accessory5
36" Straight198719886-5522Track0
36" Straight Track198719886-5016Track40
36-Watt Power Supply, Lionchief201420156-37191Power Supply2
3854 Pennsylvania Operating Merchandising Car201120126-27788Operating Car0
3D 1954 Catalog Cover Sign201620169-42036Misc0
3D Gold 1900 With Mountain Scene201620179-42035Diorama1

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