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Lionel Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
F-Unit Front Coupler Rapido 1 Ea. (2)7-428Accessory0
F-Unit Front Coupler Spring A-Unit 1 Ea. (2)7-427Accessory1
F3 A Power Spirit Of The Century199919996-38154Diesel0
F3 Boxcar 2333199919996-29248Boxcar35
F3 Diesel A-B-A Operating Base199219946-23012Display Case1
F3 Diesel ABA Demonstrator 291200120016-14512Set11
F3A Non-Powered Clear Cab199919996-38152F3 Unit0
F3A Powered Clear Cab199919996-38151F3 Unit7
FA-2 Twin Diesels198819906-33001Set4
Factory Figures, 6, With Accessories200720106-21443Figures1
Factory Kit199519986-12905Kits0
Factory scheme 4850TM Trackmobile200920106-28447Track2
Factory Selection Special Set199519956-11906Set2
Fairbanks Morse Legacy Train Master #TM-3202020202033411Diesel0
Fairbanks Morse Legacy Train Master #TM-4202020202033412Diesel0
Fairbanks-Morse Train Master A-A Demonstrators200420046-18340Set4
Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Boxcar, Century Club II200020006-39265Boxcar8
Fairfield Farms General American Milk Car #100200420046-17358Milk Car6
Fake News Stand202020222029240Building12
Family Lines CSX Heritage AC6000 Diesel 4825201120116-38411Diesel0
Family Lines CSX Heritage AC6000 Diesel 4837201120116-38412Diesel0
Family Lines CSX Heritage Ca-4 Caboose201120116-27653Caboose - Ca-4 Caboose0
Family Lines Intermodal Container199119916-12787Intermodal Container0
Family Lines Legacy Greenbrier #614202220222331120Locomotive1
Famous American Railroad Series Boxcar197919796-9418Boxcar21
Fanta Boxcar197419756-9745Boxcar12
Fantasia Hi-Cube Boxcar197819786-9671Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar6
Farm Animal Sound Barn202420242429120Building0
Farm House Kit201920211967120HO Building3
Farm People Figures201920211957230HO Figures4
Farm People Pack200420096-24196Figures2
Farmall Boxcar200120016-36232Boxcar0
Farmall Flatcar200120016-26008Flatcar0
Farmall Square Window Caboose200120016-26557Caboose - Square Window Caboose0
Farmers Elevator 3-Bay Covered Hopper199919996-17138Hopper - 3-Bay Covered Hopper0
Farmrail Agricultural Set199919996-11983Set2
Farmrail Conventional GP7 #8252199919996-18594Locomotive0
Farmrail Extended Vision Caboose199919996-17623Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose0
Fast Eddie's Used Car Lot With 2 Die-Cast Vehicles200820096-22468Building0
Fast Freight Flyer Set198519856-1562Freight Set1
Fast Fright Halloween Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323050Freight Set12
Fastrack 0-31 Curved Track 4-Pack201420236-81862Track8
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81252Track11
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81251Track11
Fastrack 0-31 Quarter Curved Track201420236-81662Track8
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81254Track12
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81253Track15
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81947Track15
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81946Track18
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81949Track14
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81948Track11
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81951Track18
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81950Track18
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Left-Hand201420236-81953Track10
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Right-Hand201420236-81952Track15
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Wye201420236-81954Track10
Fastrack 0-96 Curve201420236-81250Track13
FasTrack 1 3/4" Straight Track200320236-12026Track24
FasTrack 1 3/8" Track Section200720236-12073Track25
FasTrack 1 3/8" Track Section without Roadbed200720236-12074Track16
Fastrack 10" Straight Terminal Track Section201820186-85413Track8
FasTrack 10" Straight Track200320236-12014Track79
FasTrack 10" Straight Track 4-Pack200320236-12032Track46
FasTrack 22 1/2-Degree Crossover200420236-12050Track26
Fastrack 3" Straight Track202320242325030Track6
FasTrack 30" Straight Track200320236-12042Track46
FasTrack 4 1/2" Straight Track200320236-12025Track41
FasTrack 45-Degree Crossover200420236-12051Track28
FasTrack 5" Straight Track200320236-12024Track42
FasTrack 90-Degree Crossover200320236-12019Track36
FasTrack Accessory Activator Extender200320236-12027Track19
FasTrack Accessory Activator Pack200320236-12029Track32
Fastrack Accessory Activator Track Pack201420236-81317Track22
FasTrack Accessory Power Wire200320236-12053Cable48
FasTrack Block Section200520236-12060Track27
FasTrack Earthen Bumper200420236-12059Track38
FasTrack Elevated Trestle Set200520236-12038Track36
FasTrack Figure 8 Add-On Track Pack200320236-12030Track22
Fastrack Figure-8 Track And Power Pack201420176-81735Track0
FasTrack Grade Crossing200420236-12036Track50
FasTrack Grade Crossing with Flashers200520236-12052Track25
FasTrack Grade Crossing with Gates and Flashers200620236-12062Crossing Gate26
FasTrack Graduated Trestle Set200520236-12037Track44
FasTrack Inner Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack200320236-12028Track12
FasTrack Lighted Bumper200420236-12035Track27
Fastrack Lighted Terminal Section200420076-12071Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout 45 Degree Full Corner Kit201320136-37154Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout 45 Degree Reversible Corner Kit201320136-37153Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout Straight Section Kit201320136-37149Track0
FasTrack Modular Layout Template201320176-37150Track0
FasTrack O31 Curved Track201220236-37103Track26
FasTrack O36 Command Control LH Switch200920156-16824Switch0
FasTrack O36 Command Control Right Hand Switch200920156-16825Switch1
FasTrack O36 Curved Track200320236-12015Track122
FasTrack O36 Curved Track 4-Pack200320236-12033Track63
FasTrack O36 Half Curved Track200320236-12022Track30
FasTrack O36 Manual Switch - Left Hand200320236-12017Switch23
FasTrack O36 Manual Switch - Right Hand200320236-12018Switch24
FasTrack O36 Quarter Curved Track200320236-12023Track38
FasTrack O36 Remote Switch - Left Hand200420176-12045Switch6
FasTrack O36 Remote Switch - Right Hand200420176-12046Switch9
FasTrack O48 1/2 Curve200920236-16834Track18
FasTrack O48 1/4 Curve200920236-16835Track14
FasTrack O48 Command Control Left Hand Switch200920156-16830Switch4
FasTrack O48 Command Control Right Hand Switch200920156-16831Switch4
FasTrack O48 Curved Track200420236-12043Track30
FasTrack O48 Remote Switch - Left Hand200720156-12065Switch8
FasTrack O48 Remote Switch - Right Hand200720156-12066Switch7
FasTrack O60 Command Control LH Switch200920156-16828Switch0
FasTrack O60 Command Control RH Switch200920156-16829Switch6
FasTrack O60 Curved Track200420236-12056Track32
FasTrack O60 Remote Switch - Left Hand200520156-12057Switch3
FasTrack O60 Remote Switch - Right Hand200520156-12058Switch4
FasTrack O72 Command Control Left Hand Switch200920156-16826Switch1
FasTrack O72 Command Control Right Hand Switch200920156-16827Switch1
FasTrack O72 Command Control Wye Switch200920156-16832Switch1
FasTrack O72 Curved Track200420236-12041Track23
FasTrack O72 Half Curved Track200420236-12055Track17
FasTrack O72 Remote Switch - Left Hand200420156-12048Switch9
FasTrack O72 Remote Switch - Right Hand200420156-12049Switch4
FasTrack O72 WYE Remote Switch200420156-12047Switch6
FasTrack O84 Curved Track200520236-12061Track21
FasTrack Operating Track200520236-12054Track37
FasTrack Outer Passing Loop Add-on Track Pack200320236-12031Track11
Fastrack Oval Track And Power Pack201420176-81734Track0
Fastrack Power Block Lockon201420236-81314Track4
Fastrack Power Lockon201420236-81313Track32
FasTrack Railer200420236-12039Track18
FasTrack Remote Uncoupling Track200320236-12020Track47
FasTrack Screws - 100 Pack201920201925001Accessory0
FasTrack Siding Track Add-on Track Pack200420236-12044Track10
FasTrack Terminal Section200320236-12016Track66
Fastrack Terminal, Lionchief201420236-37110Track21
FasTrack Transition Piece200320236-12040Track31
Father's Day Boxcar200020006-36208Boxcar3
Father's Day Personalized Boxcar6-83787Boxcar0
Father's Day Personalized Boxcar202420242438130Boxcar0
Feather River Set199219926-11733Set12
Feather Route Freight Car 3-Pack201020116-31796Freight 3-Pack2
Federal Reserve Bailout Mint Car200920106-29634Mint Car4
Federal Reserve Mint Car201120116-75511Mint Car0
Fedex Animated Boxcar 3464X199719976-19835Boxcar - Animated Boxcar19
FEMA Emergency Power-Disaster Relief Voltmeter Car200820086-22323Voltmeter Car1
Ferdinand Magellan Observation Car201920202027220Observation Car0
Ferrari Dino197619783-6621Power Passers0
Ferrari Grand Prix197519783-6620Power Passers0
Ferromex Autorack202220232328080Auto Carrier2
Ferromex Coil Car #918032 With Graffiti202220222226540Coil Car3
Ferromex Coil Car #918040202220222226481Coil Car1
Ferromex Coil Car #918046202220222226482Coil Car1
Ferromex ES44AC Diesel 4617201420146-81171Diesel0
Ferromex ES44AC Diesel 4626201420146-81172Diesel0
Ferromex Graffiti Auto Rack202420242428390Auto Rack0
Ferromex Husky Stack 3Pk200820086-27575Stack Car0
Ferromex Scale Autorack #705473201820186-84906Auto Carrier0
Ferromex Scale Autorack #953615201820186-84907Auto Carrier0
Ferromex SD70ACe Diesel 4011200820086-28284Diesel0
Ferromex SD70ACe Non-Powered Diesel Engine200820086-28286Diesel0
Fezziwig Railroad Legacy Camelback 4-6-0 #1225202320232331540Locomotive0
FGE 40' Steel Reefer 41475201720176-84122Reefer0
FGE Reefer201220136-15888Reefer3
Fibre Pins (0 Gauge), Dozen199020176-65543Accessory5
Figure 8 Layout Builder Set197219726-5031Set0
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car202020212028090Aquarium Car4
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car200420046-36781Aquarium Car8
Fire Car With Ladders199319946-16660Fire Fighting Car13
Fire Car With Ladders199419946-16688Other Cars2
Fire Car With Ladders199819986-26961Fire Car0
Fire Department Flat Car With Water Tanks201920201954470HO Flatcar0
Fire Department Kit202120242167080HO Building4
Fire Department Training Tank Car 911201920201954160HO Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Fire Fighting Car200920106-36891Fire Car0
Fire Rescue Steam Freight Set200220036-31715Freight Set2
Fire Station202020202056030HO Accessory0
Fire Truck (black)202120232230090Accessory3
Fireball Express Set199019906-13002Set1
Firefighter Figures And Dog202220232230180Figures5
Firefighter Tank Car Accident Training202220232229260Accessory5
Firefighting Figures, 11, With Accessories200720106-21445Figures0
Firefighting Instruction Generator Car199819986-19853Generator Car1
Fireman & Ladder Car200920106-36890Fire Car0
Firemen202020202057010HO Figures0
Firestone 3-Bay ACF Hopper200520056-27119Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper2
Firestone 4-Bay Hopper 53240200420046-17196Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper2

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