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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
I Love Alabama Boxcar20032003Boxcar41
I Love Alaska Boxcar20062006Boxcar10
I Love Arizona Boxcar19961996Boxcar191
I Love Arkansas Boxcar20032003Boxcar50
I Love California Boxcar19881988Boxcar305
I Love Colorado Boxcar19951995Boxcar151
I Love Connecticut Boxcar20022002Boxcar70
I Love Delaware Boxcar20022002Boxcar70
I Love Florida Boxcar19961996Boxcar171
I Love Georgia Boxcar19992000Boxcar112
I Love Hawaii Boxcar20062006Boxcar00
I Love Idaho Boxcar20052005Boxcar11
I Love Illinois Boxcar19951995Boxcar212
I Love Indiana Boxcar19981998Boxcar123
I Love Iowa Boxcar20012001Boxcar51
I Love Kansas Boxcar20032003Boxcar51
I Love Kentucky Boxcar20012001Boxcar33
I Love Louisiana Boxcar20032003Boxcar51
I Love Maine Boxcar19991999Boxcar40
I Love Maryland Boxcar20022002Boxcar23
I Love Massachusetts Boxcar19981998Boxcar202
I Love Minnesota Boxcar19931993Boxcar174
I Love Mississippi Boxcar20032003Boxcar40
I Love Missouri Boxcar20012001Boxcar40
I Love Montana Boxcar19971997Boxcar152
I Love Nebraska Boxcar20032003Boxcar20
I Love Nevada Boxcar19941994Boxcar253
I Love New Hampshire Boxcar19991999Boxcar91
I Love New Jersey Boxcar19901990Boxcar296
I Love New Mexico Boxcar20062006Boxcar21
I Love North Carolina Boxcar19992000Boxcar41
I Love North Dakota Boxcar20032003Boxcar40
I Love NY Boxcar19971997Boxcar00
I Love NY Boxcar19971997Boxcar180
I Love Ohio Boxcar19911991Boxcar102
I Love Oklahoma Boxcar20062006Boxcar41
I Love Oregon Boxcar20052005Boxcar21
I Love Pennsylvania Boxcar19891989Boxcar237
I Love Rhode Island Boxcar19991999Boxcar160
I Love South Carolina Boxcar19992000Boxcar91
I Love South Dakota Boxcar20032003Boxcar41
I Love Tennessee Boxcar19992000Boxcar61
I Love Texas Boxcar19921992Boxcar31
I Love U.S.A. Bay Window Caboose 198520062006Caboose51
I Love Usa Led 60' Flag Boxcar20202020Boxcar00
I Love Usa SD60 Diesel 1776, Traditional20062006Diesel21
I Love Utah Boxcar20052005Boxcar11
I Love Vermont Boxcar19991999Boxcar63
I Love Virginia Boxcar19871987Boxcar227
I Love Washington Boxcar20052005Boxcar31
I Love West Virginia Boxcar20022002Boxcar20
I Love Wisconsin Boxcar20012001Boxcar62
I Love Wyoming Boxcar20062006Boxcar21
I.C. Streamlined Stationsounds Full Vista Dome Car20192019Vista Dome Car20
IBP Cust. Painted Refrigeration CarRefrigeration Car00
Ice Block Pack20062017Accessory40
Ice Rink20062008Accessory43
Ice Skating Aquarium Car20122012Aquarium Car40
Ice Station19761976HO Building00
Icing Station19881989Station73
Icing Station20012002Station63
Icing Station20042006Station30
Icing Station With Santa19991999Station21
Idaho State Quarter Hopper Bank20082008Hopper00
Illinois Central 2-6-2 Locomotive 862019911991Locomotive51
Illinois Central 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 800620172017Locomotive00
Illinois Central 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 702020122013Locomotive00
Illinois Central 4-4-2 Locomotive 862519911991Locomotive00
Illinois Central A-6 Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy20192019Locomotive00
Illinois Central Baggage Car19911991Baggage Car11
Illinois Central Baggage Car19851987Baggage Car31
Illinois Central Boxcar19861986Boxcar137
Illinois Central Boxcar19701971Boxcar516
Illinois Central Bulkhead Flatcar With Pipes20112011Flatcar00
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car19881988Dump Car10
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car20112011Dump Car00
Illinois Central Combination Car19911991Combination Car20
Illinois Central Covered Quad Hopper19751977Hopper00
Illinois Central Depressed Center Flatcar With 2 Transformers20072007Flatcar00
Illinois Central Diner19921992Diner Car21
Illinois Central E6 Power A #400320172017Diesel00
Illinois Central E6 Power A #400420172017Diesel00
Illinois Central Early Era Inspection Vehicle20112011Inspection Vehicle00
Illinois Central Extended Vision Caboose20112011Caboose10
Illinois Central Extended Vision Caboose 9405, Smoke19931993Caboose32
Illinois Central F3 Diesel B Unit19851987Diesel33
Illinois Central F3-A Powered And Dummy Units19851987F3 Unit54
Illinois Central Flatcar With Illinois Central Piggyback Trailers20122012Flatcar00
Illinois Central Flatcar With Trailers20002000Flatcar20
Illinois Central Freight Set19761977Freight Set5429
Illinois Central Full Vista Dome Car19951995Vista Dome Car32
Illinois Central Full Vista Dome Car 912919931993Vista Dome Car53
Illinois Central General Beauregard Dining Car19851987Diner Car12
Illinois Central Gondola With Canisters19791983Gondola24
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel19701972Diesel5726
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit19701970Diesel00
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit19721972Diesel22
Illinois Central Grain-Door PS-1 Boxcar 1900020162017Boxcar12
Illinois Central Gulf #2268 Gp30 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20112011Diesel00
Illinois Central Gulf #2271 Gp30 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20112011Diesel00
Illinois Central Gulf Auto Carrier, 3-Tier19771980Auto Carrier42
Illinois Central Gulf Caboose19761976HO Caboose00
Illinois Central Gulf Covered Quad Hopper19781978Hopper14
Illinois Central Gulf Crane Car 10040819851985Crane Car63
Illinois Central Gulf Flatcar With Trailers19771977Flatcar73
Illinois Central Gulf Gondola 245998 With Coil Covers19931993Gondola102
Illinois Central Gulf Gp30 Diesel 226820112011Diesel10
Illinois Central Gulf Gp30 Diesel 227120112011Diesel10
Illinois Central Gulf Gp30 Diesel 227720112011Diesel10
Illinois Central Gulf Gp30 Diesel 2279, Nonpowered20112011Diesel10
Illinois Central Gulf HI Cube19771977HO HI Cube10
Illinois Central Gulf Hi-Cube Boxcar19751977Boxcar99
Illinois Central Gulf Hopper 72867 With Coal19941994Hopper55
Illinois Central Gulf Sp-Type Caboose19761977Caboose02
Illinois Central Gulf TTUX Flatcar Set With Trailers19931993Flatcar64
Illinois Central Gulf U36B Diesel19761977Diesel55
Illinois Central Hopper19831985Hopper22
Illinois Central King Coal Passenger Car19851987Passenger Coach51
Illinois Central Legacy 4-6-6T #20520202020Locomotive00
Illinois Central Legacy E6 AA Set #4003-420172017Diesel AA Set00
Illinois Central Legacy U33C #505220182018Diesel21
Illinois Central Legacy U33C #505420182018Diesel00
Illinois Central Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set, Powered20012001Set10
Illinois Central N5C Caboose19701972Caboose1313
Illinois Central Observation Car19911991Observation Car00
Illinois Central Observation Car19851987Observation Car22
Illinois Central Offset Hopper 9214220032004Hopper20
Illinois Central One Dome Tank Car20082008Tank Car00
Illinois Central Passenger Coach19911991Passenger Coach40
Illinois Central Passenger Coach19911991Passenger Coach20
Illinois Central Passenger Coach19851987Passenger Coach13
Illinois Central Pontchartrain Combo Car19851987Combination Car11
Illinois Central Ps 60' Boxcar 4429520082008Boxcar10
Illinois Central PS-1 Boxcar 40066620042004Boxcar30
Illinois Central PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper 5703120022002Hopper20
Illinois Central Scale Steel-Sided Reefer 16644,20112011Reefer20
Illinois Central SD-40 600619931993Diesel42
Illinois Central SD-40 Diesel 600719941994Diesel32
Illinois Central Set19711971Set00
Illinois Central Switcher 892419941995Switcher52

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