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Lionel Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
I Love Alabama Boxcar200320036-29912Boxcar1
I Love Alaska Boxcar200520066-29935Boxcar5
I Love Arizona Boxcar199619966-19943Boxcar19
I Love Arkansas Boxcar200320036-29915Boxcar8
I Love California Boxcar198819886-19905Boxcar34
I Love Colorado Boxcar199519956-19941Boxcar18
I Love Connecticut Boxcar200220026-29906Boxcar6
I Love Delaware Boxcar200220026-29908Boxcar8
I Love Florida Boxcar199619966-19942Boxcar9
I Love Georgia Boxcar199920006-19985Boxcar9
I Love Hawaii Boxcar200520066-29934Boxcar0
I Love Idaho Boxcar200420056-29929Boxcar1
I Love Illinois Boxcar199519956-19933Boxcar18
I Love Indiana Boxcar199819986-19952Boxcar8
I Love Iowa Boxcar200120016-29902Boxcar7
I Love Kansas Boxcar200320036-29923Boxcar5
I Love Kentucky Boxcar200120016-29901Boxcar7
I Love Louisiana Boxcar200320036-29914Boxcar4
I Love Maine Boxcar199919996-19968Boxcar9
I Love Maryland Boxcar200220026-29909Boxcar5
I Love Massachusetts Boxcar199819986-19951Boxcar22
I Love Minnesota Boxcar (TCA 1993)199319936-19919Boxcar13
I Love Mississippi Boxcar200320036-29913Boxcar6
I Love Missouri Boxcar200120016-29903Boxcar8
I Love Montana Boxcar199719976-19950Boxcar13
I Love Nebraska Boxcar200320036-29922Boxcar3
I Love Nevada Boxcar199419946-19926Boxcar30
I Love New Hampshire Boxcar199919996-19970Boxcar8
I Love New Jersey Boxcar199019906-19909Boxcar25
I Love New Mexico Boxcar200520066-29933Boxcar1
I Love New York Boxcar199719976-19949Boxcar22
I Love North Carolina Boxcar199920006-19986Boxcar1
I Love North Dakota Boxcar200320036-29920Boxcar7
I Love NY Boxcar199719976-15005Boxcar0
I Love Ohio Boxcar199119916-19912Boxcar13
I Love Oklahoma Boxcar200520066-29932Boxcar2
I Love Oregon Boxcar200420056-29928Boxcar3
I Love Pennsylvania Boxcar (TCA 1995)198919956-19906Boxcar26
I Love Rhode Island Boxcar199919996-19971Boxcar17
I Love South Carolina Boxcar199920006-19987Boxcar6
I Love South Dakota Boxcar200320036-29921Boxcar2
I Love Tennessee Boxcar199920006-19988Boxcar3
I Love Texas Boxcar199219926-19915Boxcar4
I Love U.S.A. Bay Window Caboose 1985200620066-29727Caboose - Bay Window Caboose2
I Love USA LED 60' Flag Boxcar201920202026330Boxcar - 60' Boxcar2
I Love USA SD60 Diesel 1776, Traditional200620066-28272Diesel5
I Love Utah Boxcar200420056-29930Boxcar2
I Love Vermont Boxcar199919996-19969Boxcar7
I Love Virginia Boxcar198719876-19901Boxcar29
I Love Washington Boxcar200420056-29927Boxcar9
I Love West Virginia Boxcar200220026-29907Boxcar2
I Love Wisconsin Boxcar200120016-29900Boxcar5
I Love Wyoming Boxcar200520066-29936Boxcar2
IBP Cust. Painted Refrigeration Car6-23120Refrigerator Car2
Ice Block Pack (Set of 10)200520236-14240Accessory10
Ice Cream Shop Kit202120242167060HO Building3
Ice Rink200620086-14219Accessory0
Ice Skating Aquarium Car201220126-29321Aquarium Car1
Ice Station197619765-4650HO Building0
Icing Station198819896-12703Station19
Icing Station200120026-14158Station4
Icing Station200420056-24174Station2
Icing Station With Santa199919996-32929Station5
Idaho State Quarter Hopper Bank200820086-22261Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
IETCA Boxcar (IETCA 1979)197919796-1979Boxcar0
IETCA Bunk Car (IETCA 1986)198619866-1986Bunk Car2
IETCA Carson City Mint Car (IETCA 1984)198319846-7518Mint Car30
IETCA Quad Hopper (IETCA 1981)198119816-1981Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
IETCA Reefer (IETCA 1983)198319836-1983Reefer0
IETCA Sp-Type Caboose (IETCA 1980)198019806-1980Caboose0
IETCA Three Dome Tank Car (IETCA 1982)198219826-1982Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car1
Illinois Central "Banana Road" Passenger Car198519876-7223Passenger Car4
Illinois Central "General Beauregard" Dining Car198519876-7224Diner Car6
Illinois Central "King Coal" Passenger Car198519876-7222Passenger Coach5
Illinois Central "Lake Pontchartrain" Combo Car198519876-7221Combination Car7
Illinois Central "Memphis" Observation Car198519876-7225Observation Car1
Illinois Central 2-6-2 Locomotive 8620199119916-18620Locomotive1
Illinois Central 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 8006201720186-84254Locomotive0
Illinois Central 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 7020201220136-11391Locomotive0
Illinois Central 4-4-2 Locomotive 8625199119916-18625Locomotive0
Illinois Central 50' Flatcar With Icx Trailer202320232326390Flatcar - 50' Flatcar5
Illinois Central A-6 Steam Locomotive W/ Legacy201820191931200Locomotive0
Illinois Central Baggage Car199119916-16042Baggage Car1
Illinois Central Baggage Car198519876-7220Baggage Car8
Illinois Central Boxcar198619866-6232Boxcar6
Illinois Central Boxcar197019726-9200Boxcar12
Illinois Central Boxcar (MDTCA 1988)198819886-1988Boxcar0
Illinois Central Bulkhead Flatcar With Pipes201120116-26647Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar1
Illinois Central City Of Miami Passenger Car 2 Pack202420242427330Passenger Car 2-Pack0
Illinois Central City Of Miami Set202420242422090Passenger Set0
Illinois Central City Of Miami Stationsounds Diner202420242427340Diner Car0
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car198819886-16600Dump Car3
Illinois Central Coal Dump Car201120116-37042Dump Car1
Illinois Central Combination Car199119916-16043Combination Car2
Illinois Central Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9264Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Illinois Central Depressed Center Flatcar With 2 Transformers200720076-22180Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar1
Illinois Central Derrick Car198519856-9245Derrick Car0
Illinois Central Diner199219926-16049Diner Car0
Illinois Central E6 Power A #4003201720176-84651Diesel0
Illinois Central E6 Power A #4004201720176-84652Diesel0
Illinois Central Early Era Inspection Vehicle201020116-28476Inspection Vehicle1
Illinois Central Extended Vision Caboose201120116-27663Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose1
Illinois Central Extended Vision Caboose 9405199319936-19716Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose2
Illinois Central F3 Diesel A Dummy Unit198519876-8581Diesel3
Illinois Central F3 Diesel B Dummy Unit198519876-8582Diesel1
Illinois Central F3 Freight Set (PWR A 2363P DMY B 2363C)201220146-38358Freight Set3
Illinois Central F3 Non-Powered A-Unit 2363T201220146-38377Diesel1
Illinois Central F3-A Powered Units198519876-8580F3 Unit3
Illinois Central Flat Car With Stakes198919898-87503Flatcar1
Illinois Central Flatcar With Trailers (SLRRC 2000)200020006-52190Flatcar6
Illinois Central Freight Set197619776-1664Freight Set17
Illinois Central Full Length Vista Dome Passenger Car199519956-16093Full Vista Dome Car2
Illinois Central Full Vista Dome Car 9129199319936-19129Full Vista Dome Car9
Illinois Central Gondola With Canisters197919836-9340Gondola14
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel197019726-8030Diesel20
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197019706-8031Diesel0
Illinois Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197219726-8254Diesel7
Illinois Central Grain-Door PS-1 Boxcar 19000201620176-83572Boxcar - Grain Door PS-1 Boxcar0
Illinois Central Gulf 3-Tier Auto Carrier197719806-9145Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier1
Illinois Central Gulf Caboose197619765-8602HO Caboose0
Illinois Central Gulf Conventional GP30 Diesel 2277201120116-28394Diesel0
Illinois Central Gulf Covered Quad Hopper197819786-9264Hopper - 4-Bay Covered Hopper6
Illinois Central Gulf Crane Car 100408 (LCCA 1985)198519856-6567Crane Car11
Illinois Central Gulf Flatcar With Trailers197719776-9285Flatcar1
Illinois Central Gulf Freightsounds PS-1 #416224202420242426050Boxcar - PS-1 Boxcar0
Illinois Central Gulf Gondola 245998 With Coil Covers199319936-17404Gondola14
Illinois Central Gulf GP30 Diesel 2279, Nonpowered201120116-28395Diesel1
Illinois Central Gulf HI Cube197719775-8711HO HI Cube1
Illinois Central Gulf Hi-Cube Boxcar197519776-9601Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar13
Illinois Central Gulf Legacy GP30 Diesel 2268201120116-28388Diesel1
Illinois Central Gulf Legacy GP30 Diesel 2271201120116-28389Diesel0
Illinois Central Gulf Sp-Type Caboose197619776-9178Caboose1
Illinois Central Gulf Three-Bay Hopper 72867 With Coal199419946-17121Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper5
Illinois Central Gulf TTUX Flatcar Set With Trailers199319936-19416Flatcar - TTUX Flatcar5
Illinois Central Gulf U36B Diesel197619776-8669Diesel5
Illinois Central Heritage Legacy ES44AC #3008202220222233471Diesel1
Illinois Central Hopper198319856-6113Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper1
Illinois Central Industrial Switcher 8924199419956-18924Switcher4
Illinois Central Legacy 4-6-6T #205201920202031060Locomotive1
Illinois Central Legacy City Of Miami E6A Diesel Locomotive #400220242422098Diesel0
Illinois Central Legacy City Of Miami E6B Superbass #4002b20242422099Diesel Superbass0
Illinois Central Legacy E6 AA Diesel Locomotive #4001, 400320242433100Diesel AA Set0
Illinois Central Legacy E6 AA Set #4003-4201720176-84650Diesel AA Set0
Illinois Central Legacy U33C #5052201820186-84290Diesel0
Illinois Central Legacy U33C #5054201820186-84291Diesel0
Illinois Central Mu Car Non-Powered #1204200120016-18349Locomotive0
Illinois Central Mu Car Powered #1204200120016-18348Locomotive0
Illinois Central Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set, Powered200120016-18347Set0
Illinois Central N5C Caboose197119726-9160Caboose - N5C Caboose4
Illinois Central Non-Powered Legacy ES44AC #3008202220222233479Diesel0
Illinois Central Observation Car199119916-16047Observation Car0
Illinois Central Offset Hopper 92142200320046-17027Hopper - 2-Bay Offset Hopper3
Illinois Central One Dome Tank Car200820086-36113Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0

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