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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
H. J. Heinz Double-Sheathed Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
H.J. Heinz Reefer 30119931993Reefer60
H.O.R.D.E. Boxcar19971997Boxcar417
Hafner Boxcar19811981Boxcar101
Half Curved Track19701998Track10
Half Curved Track19831998Track40
Half Curved Track19992016Track71
Half Curved Track19992016Track104
Half Curved Track19992003Track00
Half Straight Track19701998Track10
Half Straight Track19831998Track10
Half Straight Track19992016Track62
Half Straight Track19992016Track72
Hallmark 2015 Lionchief Christmas Set20152015Set01
Hallow's Eve 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive20112012Locomotive00
Hallow's Eve Coach / Sleepy Hollow20112011Coach Car00
Hallow's Eve Combo Car / Vampire Shadows20112011Combo Car10
Hallow's Eve Express Passenger Car 2-Pack20112011Passenger Car10
Hallow's Eve Express Passenger Car 2-Pack #220122012Passenger Car00
Halloween "Undead" Operating Chase Gondola20192019Gondola110
Halloween #13 RS-11 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel00
Halloween (Elx) Northeastern Caboose20192019Caboose30
Halloween 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher X-131, Traditional20062007Switcher21
Halloween 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 103120162017Locomotive10
Halloween Animated Billboard20082009Billboard61
Halloween Animated Boxcar19981998Boxcar103
Halloween Animated Gondola20062006Gondola61
Halloween Bats Aquarium Car20012001Aquarium Car13
Halloween Boxcar20092011Boxcar00
Halloween Boxcar, Spookysounds20052005Boxcar20
Halloween Boxcar, Spookysounds20172017Boxcar42
Halloween Elx #1031 2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive W/ Lc+2.020192019Locomotive00
Halloween ELX 3-Bay Hopper - Lionscale20182018Hopper20
Halloween Freight Station20202020Station00
Halloween Gateman20092009Gateman00
Halloween General Add-On Cars20062006Multi Car Pack42
Halloween General Cannon20082008Accessory00
Halloween General Sheriff And Outlaw Car20042004Stock Car30
Halloween General Train20042004Set10
Halloween Girder Bridge20092011Bridge20
Halloween Handcar20072007Hand Car10
Halloween Haunted House, Plug-Expand-Play20192019Building41
Halloween Haunted Passenger Station20122015Passenger Car11
Halloween House - Plug-Expand-Play20192019Building50
Halloween Lawn Figures20192019Figures30
Halloween Legacy Usra Pacific #103120182018Locomotive00
Halloween Operating Billboard20152017Billboard70
Halloween Operating Globe Car20112011Globe Car01
Halloween Orange 10" Plug-Expand-Play Power Lock-On Track20182018Track00
Halloween Pacific Fright Express Caboose20142014Caboose00
Halloween People20082012Figures00
Halloween Pumpkinheads Handcar20142016Hand Car40
Halloween Searchlight Car20122013Searchlight Car00
Halloween Signs 5-Pack20202020Accessory00
Halloween Smoking 57' Mechanical Reefer20202020Reefer00
Halloween Spooky Grave Gondola20092009Gondola10
Halloween Spookysmoke Boxcar20072007Boxcar21
Halloween Station Platform20112013Station10
Halloween Steam Freight Set20072010Freight Set11
Halloween Transfer Caboose, Traditional20062007Caboose31
Halloween Witch Pylon20072008Accessory30
Halloween/Erie Railroad Animated Gondola20072010Gondola00
Halloween/Spooky Sounds Boxcar20072010Boxcar00
Hamm's Beer Woodside Reefer20192019Reefer20
Hamm's Heritage Beer Wood-Sided Reefer20162017Reefer22
Hamm's Reefer19751976Reefer104
Hammacher Schlemmer Music Box CarBoxcar10
Hammacher Schlemmer Music Boxcar20032003Boxcar21
Hammacher Schlemmer Music Boxcar20042004Boxcar00
Handrail Set/FmSet00
Happy Anniversary20202020Boxcar00
Happy Anniversary Personalized Boxcar20182018Boxcar00
Happy Birthday Boxcar20162016Boxcar00
Happy Birthday Boxcar20172017Boxcar00
Happy Birthday Personalized Boxcar20202020Boxcar00
Happy Birthday Personalized Boxcar20182018Boxcar00
Happy Birthday Scooby Doo Sound Box Car20192019Boxcar50
Happy Hanukkah Boxcar20172017Boxcar41
Happy Holidays 4.5" Locomotive Ornament20162016Ornament00
Happy Holidays Boxcar Ornament20152016Ornament00
Happy Holidays Caboose Ornament20152016Ornament00
Happy Holidays Gondola20012001Gondola51
Happy Holidays Locomotive Ornament20152015Locomotive00
Happy Holidays Music Reefer 570019991999Reefer81
Happy Holidays RS3 Diesel 882719931993Diesel83
Happy Holidays RS3 Diesel 883719941995Diesel21
Happy Holidays Single Dome Tank CarTank Car00
Happy Holidays Sp-Type Caboose19931995Caboose192
Happy Huff n' Puff19741975Set40
Happy Huff n' Puff Junior19751975Set00
Happy Thanksgiving Boxcar20172017Boxcar21
Hard Rock Cafe20062006Building01
Hard Rock Cafe Boxcar20062006Boxcar44
Hard Rock Cafe Flatcar With Billboards20062006Flatcar60
Harmony Dairy Milk Car20042004Milk Car50
Harold The Helicopter Flatcar19981998Flatcar02
Harry Potter Figure Pack20082008Figures00
Harry Potter Figures20082008Figures00
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express G-Gauge Passenger Set (Loco #5972)20152015Passenger Car133
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express G-Gauge SetSet00
Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Steam Passenger Set20082013Passenger Car123
Harry Potter Hogwarts Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief20172017Passenger Set167
Harry Potter Train Set - No Track No TransformerSet00
Harry S. Truman Boxcar20132016Boxcar101
Harvey House Boxcar20172017Boxcar00
Harwell House (Blt Up)20202020Building10
Haunted House20202020Building10
Haunted House20012001Building60
Hawaii State Quarter Die-Cast Hopper Bank20092009Hopper00
Hawthorne Boxcar19871987Boxcar00
Hawthorne Boxcar19881988Boxcar21
Hawthorne Freight Flyer Set19871988Freight Set20
Headlight Cast For Standard Gauge Gold ReproAccessory30
Headlight, Gold Cast MTH Small Tail On Bottom RearAccessory00
Headlight, Nickel Painted Cast MTHAccessory00
Heartland Express Set19771977Set11
Heavies And Little Friends Boxcar20172017Boxcar40
Heavy Artillery Flatcar With Cannon19991999Flatcar00
Heavy IronSet00
Heavy Iron Set19821983Set01
Heavyweight Baggage Car New York Central #795720072007Baggage Car00
Heavyweight Diner-New York Central #38320072007Diner Car00
Heavyweight Observation-New York Central "Elkhart Valley"20072007Observation Car00
Heavyweight Passenger Coach 6-Wheel Scale Trucks, Pair20082009Passenger Coach00
Heavyweight Pullman-New York Central "Apthorpe House"20072007Pullman Car00
Heavyweight Pullman-New York Central "Centstar"20072007Pullman Car00
Heavyweight Pullman-New York Central "Willow Trail"20072007Pullman Car00
Heinz Baked Beans Vat Car20122012Vat Car20
Heinz Reefer19751976HO Reefer00
Heinz Reefer19941994Reefer61
Heinz Tomato Soup Boxcar20052005Boxcar00
Heinz Vat Car19741976Vat Car1510
Heisler Log Train Set20162016Set00
Helicopter 2-Pack20132017Helicopter Car121
Helicopter Flat Car #341920022003Flatcar11
Helicopter Pylon20062009Accessory02
Hellgate Bridge19991999Bridge21
Hellgate Bridge19992000Bridge70
Hellgate Bridge Boxcar #2 1900-200020002000Boxcar314
Hellgate Bridge Boxcar 1900-200019991999Boxcar261
Henry The Hobo Dog Stuffed Animal20162016Misc00
Herbert Hoover Presidential Boxcar20162016Boxcar50
Hercules 3-Bay ACF Hopper20072007Hopper21
Hercules 4-Bay Hopper 5050320042004Hopper01
Hercules Powder 8K Gallon Tank Car #1067320202020Tank Car00
Heritage Village Boxcar19961996Boxcar315
Hershey's 0-8-0 W/Air Whistle #189420122013Locomotive10
Hershey's Boxcar19701976Boxcar212
Hershey's Chistmas Bells Boxcar20132013Boxcar91
Hershey's Chocolate Wood-Sided Reefer20102010Reefer12
Hershey's Cocoa Vat Car20122013Vat Car03
Hershey's Freight G-Gauge Set20142014Set82
Hershey's Ice Breakers Hopper20132013Hopper110
Hershey's Kisses Christmas Boxcar20122012Boxcar00
Hershey's Kisses Porthole Caboose #3669220122013Caboose10
Hershey's Kisses Wood-Sided Reefer20112015Reefer92
Hershey's Krackel Piggyback Flatcar With Trailer20122013Flatcar174
Hershey's Lionel Little Lines Train Playset20112011Set00
Hershey's Little Lines Train Set20122012Set40
Hershey's Mint Car20142014Mint Car61
Hershey's Reefer19761977Reefer103
Hershey's Special Dark Flatcar With Trailer20112011Flatcar31
Hershey's Steam Freight Train Set20122013Set10
Hershey's Syrup One Dome Tank Car20112011Tank Car00
Hershey's Water Tower20132013Water Tower00
Hersheys Freight G-Gauge SetSet00
Hi-Cube Boxcar20132013Boxcar00
Hi-Cube Boxcar20132013Boxcar20
Hiawatha Distance Control Freight Set20102010Freight Set00
Hiawatha Distance Control Streamliner Set20102010Set00
Hiawatha O Gauge Reproduction Steam Passenger SetSet10
Hiawatha O Gauge Steam Pass. S Lionel Archives Wht/Blu/Or20102010Set00
Hiawatha Observation Car20042004Hallmark20
Hiawatha Passenger Train Set20102010Passenger Car00
Hiawatha Set19881988Set34
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Beaver Tail Observation20012001Observation Car00
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Coach Car20012001Coach Car00
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Diner Car20012001Diner Car00
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Passenger Set (Loco #101)20012002Passenger Car12
Hiawatha Standard Gauge Tip-Top-Tap Express Car20012001Express Car00
Hiawatha Std. Gauge Passenger Cars20012002Passenger Car01

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