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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
2-10-0 Bundesbahn Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail199319936-18031Locomotive0
2-10-0 French Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail199319936-18036Locomotive0
2-10-0 Reichsbahn Br-50 Locomotive, 2-Rail199319936-18035Locomotive0
2-400E Steam Locomotive And Tender199119916-13108Locomotive0
2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive201520156-81180Locomotive0
2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Pilot Locomotive201420146-81179Locomotive0
2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 726199719976-18053Locomotive9
2-8-4 Lionel Lines Berkshire Conventional Classic #7266-38309Locomotive0
2-8-8-4 Em-1 Pilot Steam Locomotive201220126-11336Locomotive0
2-Bay ACF Grain Hopper201320146-26467Hopper2
2-Bay ACF Grain Hopper201320136-26472Hopper4
2-Bay Canadian Pacific Plastic Hopper200720086-26409Hopper1
2-Rail Conversion Kit, 50-Ton Scale Trucks201620176-84462Kits1
2-Rail Conversion Kit, 70-Ton Scale Trucks201620176-84463Kits1
2-way Traffic Light With Switch202020202056130HO Accessory0
20" Radius Curve Magnetrack 4-Pack2018201887-1818010Track0
20' Shipping Containers 4-Pack Set A202020201957280Accessory1
200 Series Box Car199219926-13605Boxcar0
200 Series Caboose199119916-13702Caboose3
200 Series Sunoco Tank Car199219926-13303Tank Car0
2002 Lionel Employee Christmas Box Car200220026-29905Boxcar3
2003 Employee Christmas Box Car200320036-29911Boxcar2
2003 Wellspring Boxcar200320036-39261Boxcar4
2004 Employee Christmas Boxcar200420046-29924Boxcar3
2005 Holiday Boxcar200520056-36296Boxcar14
2005 Large Scale Holiday Boxcar200520056-87026Boxcar1
2006 Employee Christmas Boxcar200620066-29938Boxcar5
2007 Large Scale Holiday Boxcar200720078-87029Boxcar0
201 Trolley Trailer198919896-13901Trolley0
2010 Dealers Appreciation Box Car201020106-39341Boxcar17
2011 Holiday Boxcar Large Scale201120118-87035Boxcar0
2012 Christmas Boxcar (LRRC 2012)201220126-39357Boxcar0
2013 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201320136-81093Boxcar17
2014 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201420146-81496Boxcar8
2014 MLB World Series Champion Boxcar201420146-81942Boxcar6
2015 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar201520156-81497Boxcar11
2015 Locomotive Commemorative Ornament201520159-22038Ornament1
2016 Commemorative Ornament201620169-22066Ornament0
2016 Holiday Memories Catalog201620168-83806Catalog2
2016 Lionel Train Day Boxcar201620176-83498Boxcar11
2017 Annual Pewter Christmas Tree Ornament201720179-22068Ornament0
2017 National Lionel Train Day Boxcar201720176-84621Boxcar6
2018 Halloween Personalized Boxcar201820186-85322Boxcar0
2018 Lionel 16 Month Calendar201720179-31032Misc0
2018 Merry Christmas Personalized Boxcar201820186-85319Boxcar0
2019 Christmas Box Car201920191928490Boxcar20
2019 Merry Christmas Personalized Boxcar202020201938300Boxcar0
2019 Warehouse Boxcar202020201938470Boxcar0
2020 Happy Birthday202020202038120Boxcar0
2020 Merry Christmas202020202038140Boxcar0
2037 Steam Locomotive20132013N/AHallmark2
2037 Steam Locomotive Pink20132013N/AHallmark0
20Th Anniversary Station199619966-7696Station0
21 Passenger Car Figure Pack201620176-83653Passenger Car5
21 Reading & Northern Stationsounds Dome Car #4201820186-85376Station2
2124W GG1 Passenger Set200820086-31777Passenger Set6
2148Ws Deluxe Pullman Set20152015N/AHallmark10
2185W New York Central F3 Diesel Freight Set200920096-38310Freight Set5
221/2-Degree Crossover200420166-12050Track18
2219W Lackawanna Train Master Freight Set200820086-31776Freight Set4
2245C Texas Special "B" Unit20182018N/AHallmark32
2245P Texas Special Locomotive20182018N/AHallmark5
2245P Texas Special Locomotive Gold20182018N/AHallmark0
2276W Baltimore & Ohio RDC Commuter Set200920096-38311Set9
2332 Pennsylvania GG1199919997-93001Century Club Series0
2333 New York Central F3 A-A199919997-93004Century Club Series2
2343 Santa Fe F3 Diesel AA Set200920096-38312Diesel AA Set12
2358 Great Northern Ep-5 Locomotive200620086-18383Locomotive2
2360 Pennsylvania GG-1 Engine200420046-18359Diesel0
2363C F-3 Illinois Central B Unit6-2363CDiesel3
24 Display Case W/Track Section6-10831Track0
2414 Illinois Passenger Car199019906-13423Passenger Car2
2426W Tender20162016N/AHallmark22
2436 "Summit" Observation Car20182018N/AHallmark3
249E 600 Series Passenger Set W/Protosound 2.02009200911-6008-1Set0
2533W Great Northern Freight Set20162016N/AHallmark30
255E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Gray W/Nickel Graynnckl2010201011-6013-0Locomotive0
255E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Lionel Lines Org/Blue2010201011-6014-0Locomotive0
255E O Gauge Steam Engine W/Proto-Sound 2.02010201011-6013-1Locomotive0
255E O Gauge Steam Locomotive & Tender W/Ps22010201011-6014-1Locomotive0
25Th Anniversary Boxcar (LRRC 2001)200120016-19995Boxcar18
25th Anniversary Flatcar with Trailer (TCA 1992)199219926-12000Flatcar9
2600 Series 3-Car Passenger Set2010201011-80007Passenger Set0
2600 Series 3-Car Passenger Set2010201011-80008Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Blue Comet Passenger Set2009200911-80001Passenger Set2
2600 Series 4-Car Blue Comet Passenger Set2012201211-80040Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Chessie Passenger Set2013201311-80049Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set2017201711-80067Passenger Set1
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set, Blue2017201711-80065Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Ll Passenger Set, Blue2017201711-80066Passenger Set1
2600 Series 4-Car Norfolk & Western Passenger Set2017201711-80068Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Southern Passenger Set2013201311-80050Passenger Set0
2600 Series 4-Car Union Pacific Passenger Set2017201711-80069Passenger Set1
260E O Gauge Steam Engine (Tra Black W/Brass Black/Bras2010201011-6012-0Locomotive0
260E Tinplate Loco & Tender W/Ps 2.02010201011-6012-1Locomotive0
260E Tinplate Steam Engine & Tender (Traditional)2012201211-6024-0Locomotive0
2627 Madison Passenger Car20162016N/AHallmark1
262E Steam Engine W/ Tender2012201211-6023-1Locomotive0
262E Traditional Steam Engine (Black W/Brass Trim)2012201211-6022-0Locomotive0
263E Steam Locomotive W/ Tender2014201411-6052-1Locomotive0
263E Tinplate Locomotive & Tender (Traditional) - Tt Blue2013201311-6036-0Locomotive0
263E Tinplate Steam Engine & Tender W/Ps 3.0 - Tt Blue2013201311-6048-1Locomotive0
265W Tender20142014N/AHallmark34
2671W Tender20172017N/AHallmark12
267W O Gauge Flying Yankee Set (Loco #616)200820086-31771Set5
27 Diameter Curved Track197019786-5013Track0
27 Diameter Curved Track197919986-5033Track1
27 Diameter Curved Track199920166-65033Track13
27 Diameter Curved Track Ballast198719886-5046Track0
27 Diameter Curved Track Card Of 4197019966-5012Track23
27 Manual Switch Left Hand197019986-5021Switch31
27 Manual Switch Left Hand199920166-65021Switch25
27 Manual Switch Right Hand197019986-5022Switch11
27 Manual Switch Right Hand199920166-65022Switch26
27 Manual Switches 3 Pair197819846-5090Switch0
27 Manual Switches Pair197419846-5027Switch1
27 Path Remote Switch Left Hand199920146-65121Switch12
27 Path Remote Switch Right Hand199920146-65122Switch17
27 Remote Switch Left Hand197019986-5121Switch60
27 Remote Switch Right Hand197019986-5122Switch59
27 Remote Switches 3 Pair197819836-5193Switch0
27 Remote Switches Pair197119836-5125Switch3
28112 40Th Anniversary A Diesel Loco Cab Shell (TCA 1995)199519956-28112Diesel0

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