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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
L & N Auto Carrier With Screens19991999Carrier31
L&C Bay Window Caboose19861987Caboose137
L&C Quad Hopper With Coal19891989Hopper153
L.A.S.E.R. Flatcar With Cruise Missile19811982Flatcar11
L.A.S.E.R. Flatcar With Helicopter19811982Flatcar70
L.A.S.E.R. Radar Car19811982Radar Car160
L.A.S.E.R. Security Car19811982Security Car21
L.A.S.E.R. Switcher19811982Switcher53
L.A.S.E.R. Train Set19811982Set30
L.C.C.A Box Car19841984Boxcar80
L.L. Bean Boxcar20012001Boxcar00
L.L. Bean Boxcar19941994Boxcar00
L.L. Bean Freight Set20012001Freight Set00
L/S Obsv W/Hobo Pol Ex/G-Gauge20162016Observation Car10
La Cosa Nostra Railway Operating Ice Car20072007Ice Car00
La County Flatcar 6424 With Motorized Powerboat19961996Flatcar293
Lackawana Flat W/Trailer20042004Flatcar20
Lackawana Fm Train Master Diesel #2321Diesel00
Lackawanna #2820 O Gauge Tinplate Floodlight CarFloodlight Car00
Lackawanna 15 Interurban Car 2-Pack20072007Passenger Car00
Lackawanna 18 Aluminum Passenger Car 4 PackPassenger Car00
Lackawanna 2-8-4 Berkshire Jr. #351020142015Locomotive00
Lackawanna 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive20032003Locomotive00
Lackawanna 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 69020032003Locomotive00
Lackawanna Baggage Car 200019941994Baggage Car61
Lackawanna Combination Car 42519941994Combination Car71
Lackawanna Die Cast Porter #920072007Locomotive00
Lackawanna Diner 46919941994Diner Car51
Lackawanna Double-Door Boxcar With Hobo20032003Boxcar43
Lackawanna Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 85020062006Diesel20
Lackawanna Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 851, Nonpowered20062006Diesel00
Lackawanna Flatcar With New Haven Trailer20012001Flatcar10
Lackawanna Legacy 4-6-6T #42820202020Locomotive00
Lackawanna Legacy S3 #166120172017Locomotive10
Lackawanna Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Dummy Set19921992Set32
Lackawanna Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set19911991Set96
Lackawanna Norfolk Southern Heritage 2-Bay Hopper20132013Hopper30
Lackawanna Observation Car 78919941994Observation Car50
Lackawanna Passenger Cars, Set Of 419941994Passenger Set60
Lackawanna Passenger Coach 21119941994Passenger Coach70
Lackawanna Passenger Coach 26019941994Passenger Coach41
Lackawanna Phoebe Snow Boxcar19781978Boxcar51
Lackawanna Pocono Berkshire Steam Freight Set20142015Set20
Lackawanna PS-4 Flatcar 16540 With Trailers20072007Flatcar10
Lackawanna PS-4 Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers20072007Flatcar00
Lackawanna PS-4 Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers #1654220072007Flatcar00
Lackawanna PS-4 Flatcar With Trailers, 2-Pack20072007Flatcar00
Lackawanna Reserve Mint Car#9332620142015Mint Car11
Lackawanna Searchlight Caboose 242019971997Caboose85
Lackawanna Semi-Scale Reefer 700019921992Reefer54
Lackawanna Standard O Extended Vision Caboose #55506420142015Caboose10
Lackawanna Train Master Diesel 232119991999Diesel40
Lackawanna Wood-Sided Caboose19881988Caboose112
Lackawanna Wood-Sided Reefer #720020142015Reefer20
Lackawanna Wood-Sided Reefer 700020092010Reefer20
Laimbeer Packaging Tractor And Trailer Set19961996Set123
Lamp Posts, 4 Pieces20082009Accessory01
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar19871987Boxcar121
Lancaster & Chester Legacy SD-40T-2 #600220182018Diesel10
Lancaster Lines Tractor19911991Other00
Land O' Lakes Butter Billboard Reefer20082008Reefer00
Land's End O27 Gondola (2005)20052005Gondola00
Land's End Set Wisconsin Central20032003Set10
Lands' End Flyer Train Set20052005Baggage Car00
Lantern Coin Bank20152016Misc00
Lantern Snow Globe20142016Misc10
Large Scale 1999 Christmas Boxcar19991999Boxcar51
Large Scale 2008 Holiday Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Large Scale 2009 Christmas Boxcar20092009Boxcar40
Large Scale 2009 Holiday Boxcar20092009Boxcar10
Large Scale 2010 Holiday Boxcar20102010Boxcar40
Large Scale 2011 Holiday Boxcar20112011Boxcar00
Large Scale Brass Adapter Pin Joiners/Packageparts10
Large Scale Brass Rail Joinersparts90
Large Scale Brass Straight Track20092010Track01
Large Scale Christmas Boxcar20002000Boxcar51
Large Scale Christmas Boxcar20012001Boxcar23
Large Scale Christmas Boxcar 200320032003Boxcar20
Large Scale Christmas Boxcar 200420042004Boxcar00
Large Scale Curved Track19872010Track20
Large Scale HandcarHand Car01
Large Scale Holiday Boxcar20062006Boxcar40
Large Scale Left-Hand Remote Switch20032003Switch23
Large Scale Lh Manual SwitchSwitch00
Large Scale Manual Uncoupler19881988parts120
Large Scale Mickey Mouse And Goofy HandcarHand Car00
Large Scale Remote Switch (Right-Hand)20032003Switch33
Large Scale Rh Manual SwitchSwitch00
Large Scale Wide Radius Curved Track20032010Track20
Large Transformer20092009Transformer00
Large Transformer Load20082008Transformer00
Las Vegas & Tonopah Boxcar20052005Boxcar44
Las Vegas Convention BoxcarBoxcar00
Las Vegas Mint Car20032003Mint Car155
Las Vegas Mint Car, Traditional20052005Mint Car102
Las Vegas Poker Chip Car20062006Other Cars102
Late Illuminated Station And Terrace, Red Trim20032003Station00
Laurel Gap Baby Madison Coach 950019971997Coach Car10
Laurel Summit Baby Madison Coach 950019971997Coach Car00
Lawrence Cowen Lionel Legends Madison Coach 265719992000Coach Car44
Layout Starter Pack19801984Accessory00
LCCA 2007 NY Add-On Cars20072007Multi Car Pack33
LCCA 2009 Crossing Shanty20092009Building00
LCCA 2009 Rr Yard Set20092009Set10
LCCA 2009 Yard Tower20092009Accessory00
Lcca 2014 Registration Trolley20142014Trolley00
LCCA 2014 Wabash Auto Loader20142014Auto Loader11
LCCA 2015 Conway Senic Rr Boxcar Train Ride20152015Boxcar00
LCCA 2018 Chicago & Illinois Midland Unibody Tank Convention Car20182018Tank Car00
LCCA 2018 Chicago Convention Banquet Trolley20182018Trolley01
Lcca 2019 Reno Convention Registration Trolley20192019Trolley10
LCCA 94 Southern Hopper19941994Hopper01
LCCA Christmas Boxcar20172017Boxcar00
LCCA Christmas GondolaGondola00
Lcca Cnw Convention Car Boxcar20182018Boxcar11
LCCA Convention ReeferReefer00
LCCA Dallas 2011 Banquet Car20112011Banquet Car00
LCCA Gunpowder CarOther Car00
LCCA Pittsburg Con. Flatcar W/ Carnegie Science 2002 Submarine20022002Flatcar00
LCCA PS-2 Convention Hopper Ontario Northland20082008Hopper10
LCCA Ps2 Convention Susquehanna Hopper20082008Hopper00
LCCA Santa Fe AA Diesels20102010Diesel71
LCCA Tennessee Valley Rr BoxcarBoxcar00
LCCA Tex Special Bay Window Caboose20132013Caboose50
LCCA Tractor19911991Tractor00
Lcs Accessory Switch Controller #220142016Switch04
Lcs Block Power Controller #220142016Controller30
Lcs Csm2 Dz-2500 Breakout Board20192019Accessory30
Lcs Custom Switch Machine 2 (Csm2)20182018Switch40
Lcs Power Supply With Db9 Cable20132016Power Supply60
Lcs Sensor Track20132016Track106
Lcs Sensor Track 1' Cable20132016Track31
Lcs Sensor Track 10' Cable20132016Track81
Lcs Sensor Track 20' Cable20132016Track90
Lcs Sensor Track 3' Cable20132016Track31
Lcs Sensortrack - Multi System Compatible20162017Track51
Lcs Sensortrack 2 (Irv2)20182018Track10
Lcs Serial Converter #220142016Accessory51
Lcs Switch Throw Monitor (Stm2)20162017Switch70
Lcs Wifi Module20132016Accessory42
Leather Coaster Set20162016Set00
Left Switch Ballast, Card Of 219731974Track00
Legacy 360-Watt Powermaster20162016Transformer60
Legacy Amc-2 Motor Controller20162017Controller30
Legacy Brass Hybrid Santa Fe 3160 Class Mikado #322220172017Locomotive00
Legacy Brass Hybrid Santa Fe 3160 Class Mikado #3222 - Painted Unlettered20172017Locomotive00
Legacy Brass Hybrid Santa Fe 3160 Class Mikado #3222 - Unpainted20172017Locomotive00
Legacy Hotel20102011Building00
Legacy Module Garage20082009Building00
Legacy Powermaster20122016Accessory90
Legacy Writable Utility Mobile20122016Accessory10
Legends Of Lionel Madison Car 2-Pack19981998Multi Car Pack23
Legends Of Lionel Madison Set19971997Set31
Lehigh & Hudson River #21 C-420 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel10
Lehigh & Hudson River #23 C-420 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel10
Lehigh & Hudson River #27 C-420 Non-Powered Diesel Engine20192019Diesel01
Lehigh & Hudson River ALCO C420 Diesel20002000Diesel21
Lehigh & Hudson River Northeastern Caboose20192019Caboose31
Lehigh & New England Ac-2 Covered Hopper20182018Hopper00
Lehigh & New England Covered Hopper20072007Hopper00
Lehigh & New England Covered Hopper #1815020202020Hopper00
Lehigh Valley 2-Bay Hopper 5110220012001Hopper00
Lehigh Valley 2-Bay Hopper 64365720012001Hopper00
Lehigh Valley 2-Bay Hopper 645619991999Hopper00
Lehigh Valley 2-Bay Hopper 6456, Tldx19971997Hopper22
Lehigh Valley 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive20012001Locomotive20
Lehigh Valley 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 159820102010Locomotive00
Lehigh Valley 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 1602, Lionchief20152017Locomotive10
Lehigh Valley 50-Ton Twin Hopper #2501220142015Hopper00
Lehigh Valley ALCO C-420 Diesel20122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO C-420 Diesel 40420122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO C-420 Diesel 414, Nonpowered20122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO C420 Switcher 40720042004Switcher00
Lehigh Valley ALCO C420 Switcher 40919992001Switcher31
Lehigh Valley ALCO C420 Switcher 410, Traditional19992001Switcher00
Lehigh Valley ALCO PA AA Diesel Locomotive Set 601, 60220152015Diesel AA Set00
Lehigh Valley ALCO PB Diesel Locomotive20152015Locomotive00
Lehigh Valley ALCO RS-11 Diesel 764020122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO RS-11 Diesel 764220122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO RS-11 Diesel 7643, Nonpowered20122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley ALCO S2 Switcher 15020022002Switcher00
Lehigh Valley Boxcar19951995Boxcar53
Lehigh Valley Boxcar20102010Boxcar00
Lehigh Valley Boxcar19841984Boxcar63
Lehigh Valley Boxcar19771979Boxcar237
Lehigh Valley Boxcar And Caboose Set20102011Set10
Lehigh Valley Caboose20102010Caboose00
Lehigh Valley Coal Dump Car19921992Dump Car30
Lehigh Valley Covered Hopper #9000620202020Hopper00
Lehigh Valley Depressed Flatcar With Reels20092009Flatcar20
Lehigh Valley Derrick Car19871987Derrick Car20
Lehigh Valley Double-Door Boxcar 850520082008Boxcar11
Lehigh Valley Fa A-A Diesel Engine Set W/ Legacy20192019Diesel01
Lehigh Valley Fb-2 Non-Powered B-Unit Diesel W/ Superbass Rs20192019Diesel10
Lehigh Valley Fb-2 Powered B-Unit Diesel Engine W/ Legacy20192019Diesel10
Lehigh Valley Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 2-Pack20142015Multi Car Pack00
Lehigh Valley Gondola With Canisters19941994Gondola42
Lehigh Valley GP38 Diesel 31020032003Diesel01
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel19771978Diesel62
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel 880019871987Diesel00
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit19771978Diesel21
Lehigh Valley Hopper20102012Hopper10
Lehigh Valley Hopper19701970Hopper1712
Lehigh Valley Hopper With Coal19921993Hopper71
Lehigh Valley Legacy ALCO PA Non Powered A #60220152015Diesel00
Lehigh Valley Legacy ALCO PA Powered A #60120152015Diesel00
Lehigh Valley Legacy Sw7 #22220182018Diesel10
Lehigh Valley Map Boxcar20162016Boxcar00
Lehigh Valley N5C Caboose19771980Caboose82
Lehigh Valley Norfolk Southern Heritage Caboose20122012Caboose30
Lehigh Valley Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel20122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel20122012Diesel00
Lehigh Valley Norfolk Southern Heritage Es44Ac Diesel, Nonpowered20122012Diesel10
Lehigh Valley Northeastern Caboose20192019Caboose10
Lehigh Valley Ore Car19871987Ore Car43
Lehigh Valley Porthole Caboose 64175119992000Caboose41
Lehigh Valley Presidential Diner (Std)20162016Diner Car00
Lehigh Valley PS-1 Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Lehigh Valley PS-2CD 4427 Hopper 5111820032004Hopper10
Lehigh Valley PS-5 Gondola W/Coke Containers #3345520082008Gondola20
Lehigh Valley Quad Hopper With Coal19911991Hopper10
Lehigh Valley Red Hopper Car #6476Hopper00
Lehigh Valley RS3 Diesel 880719901990Diesel02
Lehigh Valley Scale PS-1 Boxcar20122012Boxcar00
Lehigh Valley Searchlight Car19871987Searchlight Car21
Lehigh Valley Sp-Type Caboose19871987Caboose02
Lehigh Valley Sp-Type Caboose19901990Caboose40
Lehigh Valley Steam Locomotive (Std)20162016Locomotive00
Lehigh Valley Tugboat20102010Accessory00
Lehigh Valley Two Dome Tank Car19881988Tank Car61
Lehigh Valley U36B Diesel Freight Lionchief Set W/ Bluetooth20192019Set113
Lenny Dean 60Th Anniversary Boxcar20042004Boxcar156
Lenny Dean Commemorative Boxcar20082008Boxcar121
Lenny Dean Passenger Coach20082008Passenger Coach00
Lenny On A Lionel Train Blown Glass Ornament20172017Ornament00
Lenny The Lion Bobbing Head Car20022002Boxcar30
Lenny The Lion Hi-Cube, Signed By Lenny Dean19981998Boxcar151
Lenoil One Dome Tank Car 601520002000Tank Car40
Lenox Tractor And Trailer19951995Tractor and Trailer143
Leonardo Da Vinci Reefer19891989Reefer245
Leuzure Marble Co. Warehouse20172017Building00
Lex Luthor Box Car20162016Boxcar31
LFD Firecar With Ladder20022002Fire Car00
LFD Flat Car W/Corgi Fire Engine20022002Flatcar00
LFD Rescue CabooseCaboose00
LFD Single Dome Tank CarTank Car00
LFD Tool CarOther Cars00
Lg Everist Aar 3-Bay Hopper20182018Hopper10

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