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Lionel Listed By Name

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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
S.W.A.T. Team Step Van200720086-21552Vehicles0
S2 Electric Scale Tinplate Freight Set201720176-84512Freight Set1
Sabine River & Northern Boxcar198119816-9446Boxcar17
Sacramento Convention Car (TTOS)6-30834Other0
Sacramento Northern Boxcar (TTOS 1984)198419840Boxcar0
Sacramento Northern Boxcar (TTOS 1984)198419846-1984Boxcar0
Sacramento Northern Trolley201720186-84294Trolley1
Sacramento Valley Division Western Pacific Boxcar (TTOS 1993)199319936-52009Boxcar29
Safari Adventure Set199919996-21904Set0
Safari Adventure Set199919997-21904Set8
Safari Bobber Caboose199919996-26516Caboose0
Safari Railroad 0-4-0 9053199919996-18676Locomotive0
Safety First Logging Caboose #3201920202026050Caboose - Logging Caboose0
Safety Kleen Unibody Tank Car 77603200220026-17924Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car2
Safety Transformer197019716-4045Transformer4
Safety Transformer197219796-4050Transformer12
Sager Place Observation Car200920096-27903Observation Car0
Sakatchewan ACF 2 Bay Hopper201320136-26490Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Sal Legacy Scale E8 Non Powered A Unit #3055201420146-81239Diesel0
Sal Legacy Scale E8 Powered A Unit #3051201420146-81238Diesel0
Salem Boxcar197819786-7709Boxcar3
Salem Cider Works Reefer #231031202320232354140HO Reefer0
Salute To First Responders Boxcar (LCCA 2021)202120212101530Boxcar0
Salvage Operations Flatcar With 2 Propellors #26689201220136-26689Flatcar0
Salvation Army Charity Boxcar199919996-26256Boxcar9
Sam Houston Mint Car (HTOS 2000)200020006-8900Mint Car7
Sambuca Romana Billboard Reefer198619866-9844Reefer12
Sample Union Pacific Locomotive #9876-12345Locomotive0
Samuel Adams Boxcar (LOTS 2018)2018201848-1801030Boxcar3
San Angelo Three Dome Tank Car199519956-16144Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car11
San Diego Padres MLB Boxcar201420146-81919Boxcar0
San Diego Zoo Giraffe Car198319846-7904Giraffe Car3
San Francisco City Lights Boxcar200020006-26727Boxcar1
San Francisco Federal Reserve Mint Car200420046-19698Mint Car5
San Francisco Giants MLB Boxcar201420146-81915Boxcar0
San Francisco Mint Car198019806-9349Mint Car36
San Francisco Trolley 8404198819886-18404Trolley7
San Luis & Rio Grande Legacy 2-6-0 #1744202220222331150Locomotive1
San Luis & Rio Grande Legacy SD90MAC #115202220222233681Diesel1
San Luis & Rio Grande Legacy SD90MAC #116202220222233682Diesel1
San Manuel Arizona Railroad Company Ore Car (GPD 1996)199619966-52089Ore Car12
San Pedro & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2013)201320136-58557Ore Car0
San Pedro Boxcar (TTOS 2002)200220026-52253Boxcar6
Sand Tower200620186-14255Tower2
Sanderson Farms Poultry Car 3434199919996-19882Poultry Car3
Sands Of Iowa Covered Quad Hopper (LCCA 1980)198019806-9358Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper16
Sandy Andy Gravel Loader Kit197619796-2175Kits4
Santa And Mrs. Claus Handcar201320136-38853Hand Car0
Santa And Snowman Boxcar200020006-26739Boxcar4
Santa And Snowman Boxcar200720076-36850Boxcar4
Santa And Snowman Hand Car199019908-87203Hand Car7
Santa And Snowman Handcar199419946-18422Hand Car4
Santa And Snowman Handcar199519956-18426Hand Car0
Santa And Snowman Operating Boxcar201720186-84340Boxcar5
Santa Animated Caboose200620066-36803Caboose1
Santa Animated Caboose201120116-37530Caboose0
Santa Claus Automatic Gateman201520176-82744Gateman0
Santa Claus Bobbing Head Boxcar200320036-36743Boxcar1
Santa Claus Bobbing Head Boxcar201420156-81992Boxcar2
Santa Claus Handcar198819886-18403Hand Car16
Santa Claus Handcar198919896-18408Hand Car11
Santa Driving Train Decoration201720179-33133Accessory0
Santa Fe Black Bonnet Atlantic Scale 4-4-2 Steam Engine Rd# 1468202220222231720Locomotive0
Santa Fe Black Bonnet Legacy Dreyfuss J3 Hudson202320232331620Locomotive0
Santa Fe F3 AA Diesel Freight Engines199319936-18117Diesel AA Set9
Santa Fe GP-9199919997-91013Big Rugged Lionel Trains0
Santa Fe NW2 Switcher197019706-634Switcher0
Santa Fe Streamliner Blue Stripe Coach 2414201020136-27775Coach Car2
Santa Finder Operating Searchlight Car201920201928480Searchlight Car1
Santa Flyer 0-8-0 #Sf201120136-18751Locomotive0
Santa Flyer 4-6-0 Locomotive200920096-38671Locomotive1
Santa Flyer Musical Boxcar #37046201120136-37046Boxcar2
Santa Flyer Offset Cupola Caboose #36676201120136-36676Caboose1
Santa Freight Lines "The Claus" Caboose201820196-84791Caboose0
Santa Freight Lines Lionchief Set201820196-84787Freight Set1
Santa In Sleigh Garden Flag201520159-33070Accessory0
Santa In Sleigh Tree Skirt201520159-33075Accessory0
Santa In Sleigh Wall Hanging Welcome Mat201520159-33068Accessory0
Santa Mobile Rest Stop Flat Car With Sleigh201920201928460Flatcar0
Santa On The Roof House202120212130020Building0
Santa Operating Gateman200820086-14289Gateman0
Santa Personalized Boxcar201520156-82738Boxcar0
Santa Tracker Command Tower202020212029210Tower0
Santa With Lionel Train201320137-11288Misc0
Santa's Choice Milk Car With Platform201720186-84378Milk Car3
Santa's Choice Milk Carton Flatcar202320232328260Flatcar0
Santa's Christmas Wish Station200920116-16863Station4
Santa's Cookies Vat Car201620176-83312Vat Car0
Santa's Delivery Garden Flag201620179-33083Accessory0
Santa's Delivery House Flag201620179-33084Building0
Santa's Delivery Stocking201620169-33087Misc0
Santa's Delivery Tree Skirt201620169-33088Misc0
Santa's Delivery Welcome Mat201620169-33085Misc0
Santa's Egg Nog Flatcar With Container200720076-26367Flatcar0
Santa's Elves Houses (3 Pack)202020202030270Building0
Santa's Extension Searchlight Car200420046-26809Searchlight Car2
Santa's Favorites Egg Nog Reefer201620186-83311Reefer1
Santa's Favorites Transparent Gift Car201520166-82711Car0
Santa's Finishing Touch Tree Skirt201520159-33053Misc0
Santa's Flyer Animated Gondola201120116-37047Gondola1
Santa's Flyer Hot Cocoa Three Dome Tank Car201120116-36173Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car1
Santa's Flyer Ready-to-Run Train Set (0-8-0 Steam Loco 1225)201120136-30164Set2
Santa's Flyer Reefer201320136-39398Reefer3
Santa's Helper Crane201520156-82693Crane0
Santa's Helper Steam Freight Set201520176-82545Freight Set2
Santa's List Snow Globe Car201320136-37089Flatcar1
Santa's Little Hopper201020116-19366Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper6
Santa's Operating Boxcar201120126-29312Boxcar1
Santa's Operating Snow Globe Car201120116-37035Globe Car1
Santa's Radar Tracking Car200320036-36767Track1
Santa's Reindeer Station Platform201520156-82743Platform5
Santa's Repair Work House201220146-37984Building2
Santa's Reserve Cocoa Tank Cars201520156-81372Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Santa's Sleigh Aquarium Car201620186-83316Aquarium Car2
Santa's Sleigh Pylon200820086-24223Accessory0
Santa's Sleigh Rocket Fuel Tank Car201520166-81494Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car1
Santa's Speeder200520056-18493Speeder2
Santa's Speeder200620066-28412Speeder1
Santa's Submarine Flatcar201320136-29697Flatcar0
Santa's Wish Transparent Gift Car201020106-19588Boxcar1
Santa's Work Shoppe Log Dump Car201520166-82049Dump Car2
Santa's Work Shoppe Sawmill201520216-82050Building4
Santa's Workshop With Sounds202320232329160Building0
Saratoga Brewery Reefer (LOTS 2006)200620066-52413Reefer2
Saskatchewan Cylindrical Hopper 397015200920096-27425Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper0
Saskatchewan Grain 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper200320036-17189Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper1
Saskatchewan Grain 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper200420056-27111Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper0
Satellite Launching Car #3510200720076-29854Flatcar4
Savage Legacy SD40-2 #8638202220222233551Diesel3
Savage Non-Powered SD40-2 #8638202220222233559Diesel0
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage 3-Bay Open Hopper201320156-17778Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper2
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage Ca-4 Caboose 1065201320156-27696Caboose - Ca-4 Caboose2
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage Non-Powered SD70ACe Diesel 1918201320136-39638Diesel1
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1065201320136-39636Diesel0
Savannah & Atlanta Norfolk Southern Heritage SD70ACe Diesel 1915201320136-39637Diesel0
Savannah State Docks Boxcar199819986-16285Boxcar11
SC-1 Switch And Accessory Controller199519986-12914Switch13
Scale Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flat Car #942856-22340Flatcar0
Scale Couplers, Pair200820096-22369Accessory0
Scale Hudson Replacement Pilot Truck199119916-12800Other Cars0
Scale Skeleton Log Car 4-Pack200820096-22461Log Car0
Scale Telephone Poles201120236-37939Accessory5
Scale Telephone Poles - Standard201220236-37851Accessory7
Scale Telephones Poles - Lighted201220236-37995Accessory7
Scale-Sized Banjo Signal200220056-14149Signal2
Scar Hi-Cube Boxcar201720186-82922Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar3
Scenic Citrus Milk Car #977202020202026800Milk Car2
Scenic Northeast Train Stage Operating Mat200720086-24247Accessory0
Schaefer Reefer197519765-8541HO Reefer6
Schaefer Reefer197619776-9825Reefer10
Schlitz Beer Reefer 92132 (LOTS 2002)200220026-52261Reefer1
Schlitz Billboard Reefer197719775-8743HO Reefer3
Schlitz Reefer197219756-9851Reefer24
Schlitz Wood-Sided Reefer201120116-15079Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer2
School Bus200720076-21292SuperStreets0
School Bus Superstreets Set200720086-21567Superstreets0
School Figures, 7, With Accessories200720106-21373Figures0
School House202020212056040HO Accessory6
School House Kit202020212067020HO Building3
Schuylkill Haven Borough Porthole Caboose199419946-52050Caboose - Porthole Caboose1
Schylling Rail Zeppelin200320036-21060Accessory1
Sclair 3-Bay Ace Hopper198919896-17107Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper9
SCM Unibody Tank Car 78286199319936-17906Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car9
Scmx 30K Gallon Tank Car 3-Pack201920191926780Tank Car 3-Pack0
Scooby Doo & Shaggy Zombie Chasing Gondola201820206-85244Gondola0
Scooby Doo Boxcar201820186-85323Boxcar0
Scooby Doo Sam Witches Cafe Plug-Expand-Play201820206-85269Building0
Scooby Doo Snacks Boxcar201820206-85243Boxcar0
Scooby-Doo Aquarium Car201920211928360Aquarium Car2
Scooter Gang With Scooters200920106-22487Figures0
Scout 0-27 Hopper Lehigh Valley #25000X201320176-26440Hopper0
Scout 0-27 Offset Cupola Caboose #6057X201320176-36669Caboose0
Scout Flat Car W/Trailer201320176-26651Flatcar0
Scout Flatcar 6424 With Stakes199619976-16965Flatcar0
Scout Freight Expansion 3-Pack201020156-30135Multi Car Pack3
Scout Oil Company Three-Dome Tank Car #36153201020126-36153Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car8
Scout Remote Steam Freight Set201320176-30183Freight Set2
Scout Set20102010N/AHallmark36
Scranton Convention Banquet Trolley (LCCA 2021)202120212101280Trolley1
Scranton Registration Trolley (LCCA 2021)202120212101270Trolley1
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car200520056-19649Mint Car8
Scrooge Mcduck Mint Car201720186-82925Mint Car5
SD-40 Diesel And Extended Vision Caboose (LCCA 2000)200020006-52206Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose0
Sea-Monkeys Aquarium Car200420046-36780Aquarium Car4
Seaboard "Silver Meteor" Boxcar200720076-21242Boxcar1
Seaboard "Silver Meteor" Boxcar 6464199719976-19290Boxcar18
Seaboard 4-Bay Die Cast Hopper with Gravel Load201020106-22450Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Seaboard 40' Trailer 2-Pack201720176-84885Trailer 2-Pack0
Seaboard 8000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 27084201220126-27084Tank Car - 8,000 Gallon Tank Car1
Seaboard Air Line #48102 50' Bulkhead Flat Car201920191926421Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar0
Seaboard Air Line #48124 50' Bulkhead Flat Car201920191926422Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar1
Seaboard Air Line ALCO S4 Diesel 1489200220036-28533Diesel0
Seaboard Air Line Legacy 2-10-0 #525202120222231060Locomotive0
Seaboard Air Line Legacy Russian Decapod #544202320232331340Locomotive0
Seaboard ALCO C420 Switcher 136200420046-28219Switcher1
Seaboard ALCO RS-11 Diesel 100201220136-38468Diesel0
Seaboard ALCO RS-11 Diesel 102201220126-38469Diesel1
Seaboard ALCO RS-11 Diesel 104, Nonpowered201220126-38471Diesel0
Seaboard Box Car20152015N/AHallmark20
Seaboard Boxcar200820086-25051Boxcar4
Seaboard Boxcar201020106-25093Boxcar2
Seaboard Boxcar199919996-29285Boxcar13
Seaboard Boxcar 16126, Steam Railsounds200020006-19886Boxcar0
Seaboard Boxcar With E.T.D.199019918-87803Boxcar1
Seaboard Center Cupola Caboose 5658199519956-16559Caboose - Center Cupola Caboose5
Seaboard Coast Line #1202 RS-11 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933061Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line #1210 RS-11 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933062Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line 50' Double-Door Boxcar 10090201620176-84114Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar0
Seaboard Coast Line Baldwin Centipede Single A-Unit 4503201220146-34677Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line Bay Window Caboose198019806-9372Caboose - Bay Window Caboose7
Seaboard Coast Line Boxcar197819786-9403Boxcar20
Seaboard Coast Line C-420 Diesel 127201220136-34757Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line C-420 Diesel 129201220136-34758Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line Flatcar With Trailers (LCCA 1976)197619766-9212Flatcar17
Seaboard Coast Line Gondola With Canisters198019806-9370Gondola17
Seaboard Coast Line Legacy SW8 #19202120212133620Diesel2
Seaboard Coast Line Non-Powered C-420 Diesel 134201220136-34759Diesel0
Seaboard Coast Line Round-Roof Boxcar 19297201420146-25973Boxcar - Round-Roof Boxcar0
Seaboard Covered Quad Hopper198919896-19309Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper10
Seaboard Cupolacam Caboose #5754202120222226180Caboose - Cupolacam Caboose1
Seaboard E7 AA Set #3019. #3020201520176-82834Diesel AA Set2
Seaboard E7 Non Powered #3020201520176-82782Diesel0
Seaboard E7 Powered #3019201520176-82781Diesel0
Seaboard E8 Diesel AA Set201420146-81237Diesel AA Set2
Seaboard Extended Vision Caboose 5700200420046-17660Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose3
Seaboard Flatcar 48109 With Trailer200320036-26043Flatcar5
Seaboard Flatcar With Trailer #32211 (TCA 2020)202020202001581Flatcar0
Seaboard Freight Car Set199919996-21779Set2
Seaboard Freight Set199419956-11746Freight Set8
Seaboard Freight Set199619966-11915Freight Set2

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