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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
J Tower Switch Tower20202020Tower00
J&B Reefer19841984Reefer83
J. P. Holland Submarine Car20122012Submarine Car00
J.B. Hunt Flatcar 64245 With Trailer19991999Flatcar01
J.B. Hunt Flatcar 64246 With Trailer19991999Flatcar10
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar20
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar10
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar01
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar01
J.M. Huber Tank Car19981998Tank Car93
Jack Frost Hopper 327 With Sugar Load20082008Hopper01
Jack Frost One Dome Tank Car 10620032003Tank Car41
Jack O'Lantern Flat Car20202020Flatcar00
Jack-O-Lantern Flatcar20112013Flatcar10
Jacobs Pharmacy20112011Building00
James & The Troublesome Trucks Set19941995Set20
James Buchanan U.S. Presidential Series Boxcar (Made In U.S.A.)20192019Boxcar50
James Gang Set19801982Set2414
James Garfield20202020Boxcar00
James K. Polk Made In The Usa Boxcar20182018Boxcar50
James Madison Presidential Boxcar20162016Boxcar20
James Monroe Presidential Boxcar20162016Boxcar60
James Remote Control Set20132015Set00
James The Tank Engine 520062012Locomotive12
James, Remote System20132016Locomotive00
JC Penney 4-6-2 Locomotive 205519961996Locomotive70
JC Penney Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive20072007Locomotive00
JC Penney Bessemer & Lake Erie Sd38 Diesel 86819951995Diesel10
JC Penney Boxcar19971997Boxcar00
JC Penney Boxcar19771977Boxcar56
JC Penney Cargo Master Set19771977Set00
JC Penney Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range SD18 Diesel 8813, Display Case19901990Diesel00
JC Penney Flatcar20012001Flatcar12
JC Penney Flyer Train SetSet12
JC Penney Flyer Train Set20022002Set20
JC Penney Great Express Set19741974Set10
JC Penney Gulf, Mobile & Ohio RS3 721, Display Case19921993Display Case126
JC Penney Illinois Central 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 209919981998Locomotive22
JC Penney Iron Horse Freight Set19881988Freight Set00
JC Penney Logging Empire Set19781978Set23
JC Penney Midland Freight Set19851985Freight Set14
JC Penney Midnight Shift Set19891989Set00
JC Penney Milwaukee Road GP9 Diesel 8500, Display Case19871987Diesel00
JC Penney Missouri-Kansas-Texas Extended Vision Caboose 12519941994Caboose12
JC Penney Missouri-Kansas-Texas GP9 Diesel 91, Display Case19941994Diesel52
JC Penney New York Central Flyer Set20002000Set00
JC Penney New York Central Freight Flyer Steam Set20002000Set30
JC Penney New York Central Set19971997Set01
JC Penney New York Central Special SetSet20
JC Penney Overland Freight Set19821982Freight Set00
JC Penney Santa Fe BoxcarBoxcar00
JC Penney Santa Fe GondolaGondola00
JC Penney Santa Fe GP38 Diesel20042004Diesel20
JC Penney Santa Fe GP9 Diesel 237019971997Diesel31
JC Penney Set19731973Set21
JC Penney Silver Spike Set19881988Set00
JC Penney Southern Pacific Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car, Display Case20022002Display Case31
JC Penney Special Set19711971Set00
JC Penney Susquehanna RS3 Diesel 8809, Display Case19891989Diesel10
JC Penney Texas & Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 2000, Traditional19992000Locomotive30
JC Penney Thunderball Freight Set19811981Freight Set10
JC Penney Timber Master Set19871987Set00
JC Penney Wabash Cannonball Deluxe Express Set19791979Set00
Jeff Gordon #24 Made In The Usa Boxcar20152015Boxcar01
Jeff Gordon Expansion Pack20062007Multi Car Pack42
Jeff Gordon Flatcar W/Trailer20082008Flatcar40
Jeff Gordon Flatcar With Stock CarFlatcar32
Jeff Gordon Vat Car20062006Vat Car110
Jefferson House20202020Building10
Jefferson Lake Three Dome Tank Car19931993Tank Car101
Jenny Manufacturing Tank Car20022002Tank Car00
Jersey Central 2-4-0 Locomotive19741975Locomotive222
Jersey Central 2-4-0 Locomotive 200019931993Locomotive00
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive19731974Locomotive73
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive19731974Locomotive40
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive19761976Locomotive33
Jersey Central 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive20102010Locomotive00
Jersey Central 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 77220032003Locomotive01
Jersey Central 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 773, Traditional20032003Locomotive00
Jersey Central ALCO Fa Diesel A-Unit Non-Powered #6420112011Diesel00
Jersey Central Blue Comet 4-4-2 Steam Passenger Lionchief Set20192019Set71
Jersey Central Blue Comet Madison Coach Car20192019Coach Car50
Jersey Central Boxcar20002000Boxcar20
Jersey Central Boxcar20162016Boxcar12
Jersey Central Boxcar19841986Boxcar223
Jersey Central Boxcar19771979Boxcar2510
Jersey Central Boxcar And Caboose Set20102011Set00
Jersey Central Bunk Car19881988Bunk Car311
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car20142015Dump Car00
Jersey Central Coal Dump Car 9292620042004Dump Car02
Jersey Central Conventional ALCO Fa Diesel A-Unit Powered #6520112011Diesel11
Jersey Central Crane Car19961996Crane Car61
Jersey Central Extended Vision Caboose19861986Caboose146
Jersey Central F-3 ABA Diesel Engine Set W/ TMCC Ii20082008Diesel ABA Set00
Jersey Central F-3 Non-Powered A #5720132014Locomotive00
Jersey Central F-3 Powered A #5620132014Locomotive00
Jersey Central Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 Diesel 151620012001Diesel12
Jersey Central Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel19861986Diesel94
Jersey Central Fm Loco20082009Locomotive00
Jersey Central Gondola20022002Gondola10
Jersey Central Gondola19961996Gondola73
Jersey Central GP9 Diesel19751976Diesel65
Jersey Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit19751976Diesel20
Jersey Central Heavyweight 4Pk20082008Passenger Set00
Jersey Central Heavyweight Stationsounds Diner20082008Station00
Jersey Central Lines Single Dome Tank Car20132013Tank Car31
Jersey Central Mint Car20132013Mint Car21
Jersey Central Northeastern Caboose 9153320072007Caboose01
Jersey Central Northeastern Caboose With Operating Smoke20102010Caboose00
Jersey Central Nw2 Switcher 893219961996Switcher00
Jersey Central Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit 893319961996Switcher20
Jersey Central Offset Hopper #6126220062006Hopper01
Jersey Central Offset Hopper #6126320062006Hopper00
Jersey Central Offset Hopper #6126420062006Hopper00
Jersey Central Railroad Madison Hardware Box Car20152015Boxcar00
Jersey Central Reefer19851986Reefer141
Jersey Central RS-3 Diesel LocomotiveLocomotive00
Jersey Central SD-40-2 Diesel 306720042004Diesel00
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose19821982Caboose51
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose19731976Caboose81
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose19751977Caboose116
Jersey Central Tool Car19881988Other Cars253
Jersey Central Yard Boss 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set20142015Set91
Jet Fuel Three-Dome Tank Car #4190720112012Tank Car11
Jim Beam Reefer19831984Reefer30
Jimmie Johnson 2006 Champion Boxcar20072007Boxcar32
Jimmie Johnson Expansion Pack20062007Multi Car Pack55
Jimmie Johnson Flat W/LoadFlatcar20
Jimmie Johnson Flatcar20062006Flatcar101
Jimmie Johnson Flatcar With Stock Car20042004Flatcar45
Jimmy Carter Presidential Boxcar20172017Boxcar40
Jimmy Johnson #48 Nascar Train SetSet00
Jimmy Johnson #48 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
JLC Award Tank Car20002000Tank Car00
Joe's Bait &Tackle Shop20152016Building20
John Adams Boxcar20132016Boxcar90
John Bull Add-On Coach20082008Coach Car33
John Bull Passenger Train20082008Passenger Car11
John Deere 8000 Gallon Tank Car #23620172017Tank Car00
John Deere Billboard Set20152015Accessory40
John Deere Boxcar20172017Boxcar30
John Deere Covered Bridge20172017Bridge20
John Deere Flat Car W/ Piggyback Trailers20192019Flatcar80
John Deere Flatcar With Spreaders20162017Flatcar80
John Deere Flatcar With Tractor Load20182018Flatcar30
John Deere Flatcar With Tractors20202020Flatcar00
John Deere General Store20172017Building71
John Deere Gondola With Hay Bales20172017Gondola01
John Deere Grain Vat Car20172017Vat Car12
John Deere Harvest Dump Car20182018Dump Car10
John Deere Mower Stock Car20192019Stock Car123
John Deere One Dome Tank Car20152015Tank Car10
John Deere Plastic Girder Bridge20162017Bridge120
John Deere Ready-To-Play Train Set20162016Set70
John Deere RS-3 Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20142016Freight Set43
John Deere Steam Freight Set20162017Freight Set271
John Deere Water Tower20152015Water Tower00
John F. Kennedy Presidential Boxcar20162016Boxcar01
John Quincy Adams Made In The Usa Boxcar20182018Boxcar60
Johnnie Walker Red Label Reefer19841984Reefer50
Johnny Cash Boxcar19761976Boxcar73
Johnny Lightning Auto Carrier 343519961996Auto Carrier83
Johnson One Dome Tank Car19911991Tank Car151
Johnson Wax Boxcar19731975Boxcar508
Johnstown Birney Trolley20162016Trolley11
Joker/Lex Luthor Boxcar 2-Pack20162016Multi Car Pack40
Jolly Green Giant Reefer19911991Reefer102
Jolly Rancher One Dome Tank Car20112011Tank Car00
Jones & Laughlin Hot Metal Car20052005Metal Car00
Jones & Laughlin Hot Metal Car20052005Metal Car00
Jones & Laughlin Hot Metal Car20052005Metal Car00
Jones & Laughlin Hot Metal Car 3-Pack20052005Metal Car00
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Slag Car #9020052005Slag Car00
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Slag Car #9120052005Slag Car00
Jones & Laughlin Steel Co. Slag Car #9220052005Slag Car00
Jones & Laughlin Steel Slag Train20052005Set01
Jones' House Kit20202020Building30
Joshua L. Cowen 4-6-4 Locomotive19821982Locomotive115
Joshua L. Cowen Bay Window Caboose19821982Caboose253
Joshua L. Cowen Reefer19921992Reefer294
Joshua Lionel Cowen The Man Boxcar19801980Boxcar403
Jumping Bart Simpson Boxcar20042004Boxcar50
Jumping Hobo BoxcarBoxcar10
Justice League - 2017 Film Boxcar20172017Boxcar92
Justice League Batman Boxcar20152016Boxcar00
Justice League Flash Boxcar20152016Boxcar60
Justice League Green Lantern Boxcar20152016Boxcar91
Justice League Joker Boxcar20162016Boxcar30
Justice League Superman Boxcar20152016Boxcar60

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