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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Racing Automobiles19911991Cars61
Racing Fuel One Dome Tank Car 610819891992Tank Car00
Racing Set Inner Radius Track SectionsTrack00
Racing Set Outer Radius Curved TrackTrack00
Radar Car19921992Radar Car86
Radio Flyer Boxcar 1627519961996Boxcar141
Radioactive Plutonium Flatcar20102011Flatcar00
Radioactive Waste Car19801980Other Cars90
Radioactive Waste Car19811982Other Cars21
Rail Blazer Set19871988Set10
Rail Logix Legacy Sd38 #200120202020Diesel00
Rail Logix Legacy Sd38 #200220202020Diesel00
Rail Scope19881988Set73
Rail Yard Accessories20122013Accessory00
Rail Yard Signs, 12 Pieces20082009Accessory60
Rail-Truck Loading Dock19961996Accessory222
Railbox 50' Modern Boxcar #3020020162016Boxcar00
Railbox 50' Modern Boxcar #3025920162016Boxcar00
Railbox 50' Modern Boxcar #3031220162016Boxcar00
Railbox 50' Modern Boxcar #3047320162016Boxcar00
Railbox Box Car19951995Boxcar00
Railbox Box Car With End Of Train Device19911991Boxcar00
Railbox Boxcar19771977HO Boxcar00
Railbox Boxcar19992000Boxcar94
Railbox Boxcar19761977Boxcar349
Railbox Boxcar20042005Boxcar20
Railbox Boxcar 1001120072007Boxcar00
Railbox Boxcar 1515020012001Boxcar20
Railbox Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds19931993Boxcar30
Railbox Hi-Cube Boxcar 1500020042004Boxcar31
Railbox Modern Boxcar 6-Pack, Lionscale20162016Boxcar00
Railbox Standard O 50' Boxcar #1005120202020Boxcar20
Railbox Standard O 50' Boxcar #1018920202020Boxcar00
Railbox Standard O 50' Boxcar #1052420202020Boxcar00
Railbox Standard O 50' Boxcar #1058220202020Boxcar10
Railgon Gondola With Coal19861986Gondola164
Railroad Control Tower20032010Tower13
Railroad Crossing Flasher19952017Accessory187
Railroad Crossing Sign Pack, 6 Pieces20082010Accessory00
Railroad Crossing Signs20132017Accessory70
Railroad Crossing Wall Hook20162016Misc00
Railroad Figure Assortment19961996Figures12
Railroad Museum Of Pennsylvania Boxcar20122012Boxcar12
Railroad Sign Iron Wall Clock20162016Clock00
Railroad Signs, Set Of 1419992017Set283
Railroad Station Figures, 6, With Accessories20082010Station41
Railroad Water Tower20082009Water Tower00
Railroad Yard People Pack20042017Figures80
Railroader Box Car19821982Boxcar174
Railroader Club Covered Hopper19841984Hopper170
Railroader Club Flat Car With Vans19831983Flatcar131
Railroader Club Special Edition Tank Car19851985Tank Car80
Rails, 12 Pieces20082009Accessory61
Railscope Television Monitor19881990Accessory30
Railsounds CommanderAccessory00
Railsounds Sound Activator Button19901995Accessory00
Railsounds Trigger Button19901995Other00
Railsounds Upgrade Kit, Diesel Railsounds19982001Diesel02
Railsounds Upgrade Kit, Steam Railsounds19982001Kits01
Railway Express Agency #1631 60' Baggage Car20192019Baggage Car00
Railway Express Agency #1650 60' Baggage Car20192019Baggage Car10
Railway Express Agency Baggage Car20002000Baggage Car10
Railway Express Agency Boxcar19921992Boxcar122
Railway Express Agency Boxcar20012001Boxcar50
Railway Express Agency Boxcar 6267, Steam Railsounds19991999Boxcar10
Railway Express Agency Boxcar, Steam Railsounds19921992Boxcar25
Railway Express Agency Boxcar, Steam Trainsounds20052005Boxcar00
Railway Express Agency Christmas Boxcar20162016Boxcar10
Railway Express Agency Double-Door Boxcar20122013Boxcar120
Railway Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers20072007Flatcar61
Railway Express Agency Flatcar With Trailers Tlcx220042004Flatcar32
Railway Express Agency General American Milk Car 174120022002Milk Car21
Railway Express Agency General American Milk Car 174220032003Milk Car01
Railway Express Agency General American Milk Car 174320032003Milk Car04
Railway Express Agency Ice Car 122120082008Ice Car20
Railway Express Agency Jumping Hobo Boxcar20062007Boxcar01
Railway Express Agency Operating Boxcar 629920032003Boxcar51
Railway Express Agency Operating Merchandise Car20142015Merchandise Car31
Railway Express Agency PS-4 Flatcar 81003 With Trailers20072008Flatcar00
Railway Express Agency PS-4 Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers #810520072008Flatcar00
Railway Express Agency PS-4 Flatcar With Trailers, 2-Pack20072008Flatcar00
Railway Express Agency Reefer19921992Reefer256
Railway Express Agency Reefer19961996Reefer314
Railway Express Agency Reefer19821983Reefer155
Railway Express Agency Reefer19851985Reefer272
Railway Express Agency Reefer19741976Reefer4120
Railway Express Agency Reefer 672120082009Reefer40
Railway Express Agency Sensorcar Steel Reefer 784420162016Reefer01
Railway Express Agency Tractor Trailer20122012Tractor and Trailer10
Railway Express Agency Waffle-Sided Boxcar20112012Boxcar11
Railway Express Agency/Chesapeake & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar20072008Flatcar10
Railway Express Boxcar20032003Boxcar91
Railway Express Operating Milk Car With Platform20062006Milk Car00
Ralston Purina Covered Quad Hopper19751976Hopper105
Ralston Purina Reefer19781978Reefer56
Raphael Lionel Legends Coach 265219971997Coach Car30
Rath Packing Co. Refrigerated Woodside Reefer20182018Reefer00
Rath Packing Reefer19791979Reefer235
Rath Stock Car19751976HP Stock Car20
Rath Wood-Sided Reefer 62220092009Reefer00
Rawlings Box Car19971997Boxcar00
Ray & Gila Bend Ore Car20052005Ore Car40
RCA Operating Radar Car20132013Radar Car00
Rea Delivery Van20072007SuperStreets10
Rea Delivery Van Superstreets Set20072007Set10
Rea Express Hot Box Refrigerator Reefer W/Smoke20062006Reefer00
Rea Operating Boxcar20072007Boxcar00
REA Reefer19741976HO Reefer30
Rea Vision Baggage Car20202020Baggage Car00
Rea/Santa Fe Centennial Operating Boxcar20002000Boxcar10
Rea/Santa Fe Operating Boxcar19991999Boxcar124
Reading #149320202020Locomotive00
Reading & Northern 4-6-2 Locomotive 42520162017Locomotive00
Reading & Northern Aux Tender #425A20182018Tender00
Reading & Northern Legacy Usra Pacific #42520182018Locomotive10
Reading & Northern N5 Caboose #47751420182018Caboose50
Reading & Northern Ne-Style Caboose 9288420162016Caboose00
Reading & Northern Sd38 #200020152015Diesel00
Reading & Northern Sd38 #200320152015Diesel00
Reading 0-4-0 Locomotive 1152, Traditional20062006Locomotive10
Reading 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher 1251, Traditional20042004Switcher31
Reading 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack 120202020Passenger Car00
Reading 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack 220202020Passenger Car00
Reading 18" Passenger Car 2-Pack 320202020Passenger Car00
Reading 2 Bay Hopper #8925220202020Hopper00
Reading 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive 1914, Railsounds20082008Locomotive00
Reading 2-Bay Hopper 7963620022002Hopper00
Reading 4-4-2 Locomotive19841985Locomotive90
Reading 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 57120012001Locomotive20
Reading 4-6-2 Locomotive 63919951995Locomotive84
Reading 4-6-2 Locomotive 800419891989Locomotive94
Reading 4-8-4 Locomotive 210019891989Locomotive175
Reading 4-Bay Hopper19981998Hopper20
Reading 40' Plug Door Reefer #27220202020Reefer00
Reading 40' Plug Door Reefer #27820202020Reefer00
Reading Aluminium Tank CarTank Car00
Reading Aluminium Tank CarTank Car00
Reading Aluminum Tank Car #9098820072007Tank Car00
Reading Aluminum Tank Car 3-Pack20072007Tank Car00
Reading Atlantic Locomotive 35120112011Locomotive00
Reading Baggage Car19961996Baggage Car51
Reading Bay Window Caboose19841985Caboose124
Reading Bay Window Caboose19791979Caboose52
Reading Birney Trolley20152015Trolley21
Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad "We The People" Legacy T1 #210220202020Diesel00
Reading Blue Mountain and Northern Railroad Legacy T1 #210220202020Diesel00
Reading Bobber Caboose19731976Caboose156
Reading Boxcar20002000Boxcar10
Reading Boxcar19811981Boxcar84
Reading Boxcar 10650220072008Boxcar30
Reading Boxcar 10798420082009Boxcar10
Reading Boxcar 946419991999Boxcar82
Reading CabooseCaboose00
Reading Caboose 3650220042004Caboose10
Reading Caboose 92803, Traditional20052005Caboose11
Reading Center Cupola Caboose19951995Caboose51
Reading Coal Vulcan SwitcherSwitcher00
Reading Combination Car19961996Combination Car11
Reading Cop And Hobo Car19891989Other Cars53
Reading Covered Hopper #7908820202020Hopper00
Reading Covered Quad Hopper19801983Hopper73
Reading Crane Car19791979Crane Car83
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper #8032120072007Hopper00
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper #8032220072007Hopper00
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper #8032320072007Hopper00
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper #8032820072007Hopper00
Reading Die Cast 2-Bay Ribbed Hopper 3-Pack20072007Multi Car Pack00
Reading Early Era Inspection Vehicle20152015Inspection Vehicle00
Reading Extended Vision Caboose 9411920052005Caboose23
Reading FA-2 ALCO AA Diesel Engines19951995Diesel01
Reading Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 86319931993Diesel22
Reading Flatcar With Covered Load20082009Flatcar10
Reading Flatcar With Rail Load20072007Flatcar00
Reading Full Vista Dome Car19961996Vista Dome Car02
Reading Gondola 24876 With Coil Covers19941994Gondola230
Reading Gp30 Diesel 551320022002Diesel02
Reading Gp30 Diesel 551820022002Diesel00
Reading GP35 Diesel 362520132013Diesel00
Reading GP35 Diesel 363020132013Diesel00
Reading GP35 Diesel 3633, Nonpowered20132013Diesel00
Reading GP7 Diesel 61920162017Diesel00
Reading H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 80120142014Diesel00
Reading H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 80420142014Diesel00
Reading Hobo Express Freight Set20012001Freight Set23
Reading Hopper19861990Hopper100
Reading Hopper19731975Hopper163
Reading Hopper 6-Pack20192019Hopper20
Reading Hopper With Coal19911991Hopper132

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