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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
6 Pack Of Coal Loads6-16823Accessory0
6' Mini-to-Mini Cable2009201150-1009Cable0
6-8-6 Pennsylvania Railroad S2 Steam Turbine Locomotive 671199619986-18057Locomotive10
6-Pack Lionel Shatterproof Ornament Set, Orange & Blue201520179-22041Ornament0
600 Series 3-Car Red Comet Passenger Set2012201211-80039Passenger Set0
6005 Niagara Locomotive20202020N/AHallmark42
601 Observation Car20142014N/AHallmark39
6017 Caboose200920106-27736Caboose0
6017 Caboose20132013N/AHallmark67
6050-25 Christmas Savings Boxcar201320146-27946Boxcar3
6059 Minneapolis & St. Louis Illuminated Caboose200920106-27751Caboose0
6062 Gondola With Reels200920106-27735Gondola0
6076 Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-Bay Hopper6-6076 ATSF 2-Bay HopperHopper0
6119 Work Caboose20202020N/AHallmark8
63 Corvette197719773-6720Power Passers0
63 Corvette197719773-6721Power Passers0
6342 New York Central Culvert Gondola (Red)201120126-27784Gondola0
6357 Caboose200320036-19797Caboose2
6357 New Haven Sp-Type Caboose200920106-27746Caboose0
6361 Lionel Lines Flatcar With Logs200520056-39432Flatcar0
6413 50Th Anniversary Mercury Capsule Car (LRRC 2012)201220126-29657Capsule Car1
6413 Capsule Carrying Car200920106-27749Capsule Car0
6414 Auto Set, 4-Pack (LCCA 1998)199819986-52153Set3
6414 Evans Auto Loader201220146-27924Auto Carrier0
6414 Evans Auto Loader200320036-29443Auto Loader0
6414 Evans Auto Loader With 4 Red Automobiles201120126-27782Auto Carrier0
6415 Sunoco Three-Dome Tank Car201120126-27781Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car0
6416 Boat Loader (LRRC 2013)201320136-27943Loader0
6424 New Haven Flatcar With 2 Autos (Red And White)200920106-27744Flatcar0
6427-500 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose201020106-27766Caboose0
6428-10 Post Office Boxcar (LRRC 2010)201020106-15034Mail Car2
6436-110 Lehigh Valley Quad Hopper200420046-19351Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper1
6436-500 Lehigh Valley Quad Hopper201020106-27765Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
6437 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose200420046-29706Caboose0
6437 Pennsylvania Railroad Illuminated Cupola Caboose201120126-27785Caboose0
6437 Pennsylvania Railroad Porthole Caboose200520056-29713Caboose2
6445 50Th Anniversary Fort Knox Mint Car (LRRC 2012)201220126-39352Mint Car3
6456 Lehigh Valley 2-Bay Hopper200920096-27719Hopper0
6457 Lionel Sp Type Caboose200920096-27720Caboose0
6460-60 Lehigh Valley Covered Quad Hopper (LRRC 2013)201320136-27945Hopper0
6462 New York Central Gondola With Barrels200920096-27716Gondola0
6462-500 Gondola201020106-27764Gondola0
6464 Boxcar (LRRC 1997)199719976-19953Boxcar28
6464 Series Boxcar Set II, 3 Cars199419946-19257Multi Car Pack17
6464 Series Boxcar Set III, 3 Cars199519956-19266Boxcar19
6464-125 Pacemaker Boxcar201220146-27923Boxcar0
6464-25 Great Northern Christmas Boxcar201320136-27948Boxcar0
6464-375 Central Of Georgia201020116-27778Boxcar0
6464-425 New Haven Boxcar200920106-27742Boxcar0
6464-510 New York Central Boxcar201020106-27762Boxcar0
6464-735 New Haven Single Door Boxcar201120126-27780Boxcar - Single-Door Boxcar0
6464-Style Overstamped Boxcars 2-Pack199819986-21756Boxcar 2-Pack12
6465 50Th Anniversary Cities Service Two Dome Car (LRRC 2012)201220126-29658Tank Car0
6465 Sunoco Two-Dome Tank Car200920096-27721Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car0
6467 Lionel Flatcar With Bulkheads200320036-26060Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar2
6468 New Haven Double Door Boxcar200920106-27743Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar0
6469 Liquified Gas Tank Car (LRRC 2013)201320136-27940Tank Car1
6473-25 Reindeer Transport Car201320136-27947Transport Car0
6475 50Th Anniversary Vat Car (LRRC 2010)201020106-39496Vat Car2
6512 Cherry Picker Car200920106-27748Cherry Picker Car0
6517 Lionel Lines Bay Window Caboose201220146-27925Caboose - Bay Window Caboose0
6530 Fire Fighting Car200020006-39210Fire Fighting Car7
6560 Crane Car20202020N/AHallmark2
6640 50Th Anniversary United States Marine Corps Missile Launching Car (LRRC 2010)201020106-26637Missile Launch Car1
6660 Boom Car6-27729Boom Car0
6672 Santa Fe Reefer201220146-27922Reefer0
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive20172017N/AHallmark81
671 S-2 Turbine Steam Locomotive Gold20172017N/AHallmark2
671 Turbine Steam Locomotive 20Th Century Series19981998N/AHallmark1
6800 Flatcar with Airplane200020006-19487Flatcar2
6812 Track Maintenance Car200620086-29845Maintenance Car0
6814 Stretcher Caboose200220036-19788Caboose0
6827 Flatcar With Harnischfeger Shovel200420046-29485Flatcar2
6827 Flatcar With P&H Power Shovel200420086-39439Flatcar0
6828 Flatcar With Harnischfeger Construction200420046-29486Flatcar2
6828 Flatcar With P&H Truck Crane200420086-39440Flatcar0
6830 50Th Anniversary Flatcar With Submarine (LRRC 2010)201020106-26636Flatcar2

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