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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
M.A.D.D. Boxcar199919996-26239Boxcar17
M.O.W. #99402 Kitchen Car W/ Sound201820191926240Kitchen Car0
M.O.W. #99500 Tool Car201820191926300Tool Car0
M.O.W. #998832 Bunk Car201820191926181Bunk Car1
M.O.W. #998835 Bunk Car201820191926182Bunk Car3
M.O.W. #998837 Bunk Car201820191926183Bunk Car2
Macgregor Box Car #9700199719976-16281Boxcar0
Macy's 2018 Thanksgiving Parade Boxcar201820181801090Boxcar0
Macy's Boxcar198919896-16221Boxcar0
Macy's Boxcar201520156-83644Boxcar0
Macy's Freight Flyer Set198919896-11772Freight Set0
Macy's Parade Boxcar200620076-25043Boxcar4
Macy's Parade Boxcar200720076-39297Boxcar3
Macy's Parade Boxcar200820086-39309Boxcar8
Macy's Parade Boxcar200920096-39325Boxcar3
Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Boxcar201620166-83959Boxcar1
Maddox Retirement Boxcar (LCCA 2002)200220026464-2002Boxcar0
Made In The USA Boxcar (TCA 2016)201620166-58258Boxcar0
Madision Hardware Flatcar (METCA 2015)201520156-58504Flatcar3
Madison Hardware Boxcar201820186-58035Boxcar2
Madison Hardware Flatcar With 2 Trailers199919996-52187Flatcar10
Madison Hardware Operating Boxcar 190991199119916-19816Boxcar10
Madison Hardware Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1993)199319936-52025Tractor and Trailer17
Madison Hobby Shop200120016-14133Building4
Madison House201920211956140HO Building1
Maersk Double Stack 2-Car Set #250133 & #250134200020006-36919Stack Car0
Maersk Double Stack With Etd200020006-36920Stack Car0
Maersk Flatcar 250129 With Die-Cast Tractors200020006-36091Flatcar1
Maersk Flatcar 250130 With Die-Cast Frames200020006-36092Flatcar1
Maersk Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200920096-27702Stack Car0
Maersk Intermodal Containers (2)199219926-11731Multi Car Pack1
Maersk Maxi-Stack Car 2-Pack, 250131-32200020006-36935Stack Car0
Maersk Safmarine Husky Stack200920096-27804Stack Car0
Maersk Safmarine Husky Stack200920096-27803Stack Car0
Maersk SD70 Diesel200020006-18280Diesel0
Maersk SD70 Diesel Maxi-Stack Set200020006-21950Set0
Maersk/Sealand Legacy Non-powdered SD40-2 #3329202220222233549Diesel0
Maersk/Sealand Legacy SD40-2 #3329202220222233541Diesel0
Magma Ore Car (GPD 1989)198919896-17878Ore Car6
Magnetic Conversion Coupler197019716-2980Accessory3
Magnolia Three Dome Tank Car197819796-9279Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car25
Magor Car Corp 2-Bay Covered Hopper200820086-21716Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Maiden Rescue200320046-24154Accessory2
Maiden Rescue200820086-24230Accessory4
Mail Crane200820106-22438Accessory3
Mail Pickup Set198819956-12729Accessory12
Mail Pouch Boxcar197819786-7710Boxcar9
Main Street Ice Cream Parlor200820086-24299Building1
Maine Central Legacy GP7 #565202020212133172Diesel0
Maine Central 2-8-2 Light Mikado Locomotive 624201720176-84467Locomotive0
Maine Central 2-Bay Hopper 1005201420166-81005Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Maine Central 6464-475 Style Boxcar200520056-39268Boxcar0
Maine Central Boxcar198019806-9421Boxcar17
Maine Central Boxcar197519766-9753Boxcar24
Maine Central Boxcar 6464-597199719976-29203Boxcar37
Maine Central Boxcar 8661199919996-29265Boxcar10
Maine Central Flatcar With Trailers (LCCA 2015)201520156-58251Flatcar0
Maine Central Legacy 2-6-6-2 #1205201820186-85181Locomotive0
Maine Central Legacy 2-8-0 #519202120222231110Locomotive0
Maine Central Legacy GP7 #562202020212133171Diesel0
Maine Central Legacy Sw7 #331201820186-85023Diesel2
Maine Central Log Dump Car199319936-16665Dump Car4
Maine Central Northeast Caboose #662202220222326200Caboose - Northeastern Caboose0
Maine Central Offset Hopper #3786200620066-17084Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Maine Central Offset Hopper #3787200620066-17086Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Maine Central Offset Hopper #3787200620066-17085Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper0
Maine Central Offset Hopper 3-Pack200620066-11884Hopper 3-Pack0
Maine Central Offset Hopper 3785200620066-17069Hopper - 2-Bay Hopper1
Maine Central PS-5 Gondola 1116200120026-17426Gondola - PS-5 Gondola0
Mainline Auto Crossing Gates200120226-14098Crossing Gate8
Mainline Automatic Crossing Gate And Signal199819996-22946Crossing Gate0
Mainline Automatic Operating Semaphore199820086-22944Semaphore8
Mainline Block Target Signal199820006-22945Signal4
Mainline Block Target Signal200120086-14099Signal1
Mainline Cantilever Signal199820066-22931Signal14
Mainline Classic Lionel Billboard Set, Set Of 3199820006-22952Billboard3
Mainline Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 3199820026-22950Accessory4
Mainline Color Position Signal200320086-24101Signal2
Mainline Die-cast Auto Crossing Gate199820006-22947Crossing Gate4
Mainline Dwarf Signal199820006-22951Signal3
Mainline Dwarf Signal200220086-14151Signal5
Mainline Gooseneck Lamps, Pair200820096-24250Accessory2
Mainline Gooseneck Lamps, Set Of 2199820006-22948Accessory2
Mainline Gooseneck Lamps, Set Of 2200120076-14119Accessory1
Mainline Highway Lights, Set Of 4199819996-22949Set0
Mainline Mast Signal199820006-22940Signal9
Mainline Walkout Cantilever Signal199820046-22934Signal11
Maintenance Car200420056-28404Maintenance Car0
Maintenance Kit197019986-2927Kits5
Maintenance Of Way Disconnect Work Car 4-Packs201820186-85377Work Car1
Maintenance Of Way Flat Car With Water Tanks201920201954420HO Flatcar0
Maintenance of Way Gang Car201220136-38241Gang Car0
Maintenance Of Way Speeder201220146-37066Speeder0
Maintenance Shed Kit199519986-12906Kits0
Maintenance-Of-Way Ballast Tamper 325200420046-18491Tamper2
Maintenance-Of-Way Boom Car X-816, Crane Sounds200520056-29816Boom Car2
Maintenance-Of-Way Command Control Scale Crane Car201420166-81885Crane Car1
Maintenance-Of-Way Command Control Tie-Jector201420166-81445Tie-Jector0
Maintenance-Of-Way Crane Car200420046-29800Crane Car2
Maintenance-Of-Way Early Era Inspection Vehicle201020106-28452Inspection Vehicle0
Maintenance-Of-Way Flatcar With Snowplow201620166-83356Flatcar0
Maintenance-Of-Way Gantry Crane200820086-24206Crane2
Maintenance-Of-Way Jet Snow Blower MWX-16200720076-29870Snowplow1
Maintenance-Of-Way Rail Bonder 58200420046-18492Bonder2
Maintenance-Of-Way RailSounds Scale Boom Car201420166-81889Boom Car1
Maintenance-Of-Way Remote Control Searchlight Car200420046-36787Searchlight Car1
Maintenance-Of-Way Searchlight Car201220126-37071Searchlight Car1
Maintenance-Of-Way Tie Work Car 77201420166-82092Work Car0
Maintenance-Of-Way Track Cleaning Car200520056-26835Track0
Maintenance-Of-Way Trackmobile201220126-38803Track0
Maintenance-Of-Way Trackside Crane201620196-82033Crane0
Maintenance-Of-Way Welding Car200720086-36831Welding Car0
Maintenance-Of-Way Welding Car201520166-82265Welding Car0
Maintenance-Of-Way Work Structure, Sound201620196-83172Accessory1
Maintenance-Of-Way Workers Figure Pack201620226-83171Figures3
Major League Baseball American League Boxcar198019806-9625Boxcar9
Major League Baseball Boxcar197919806-9362Boxcar9
Major League Baseball National League Boxcar198019806-9624Boxcar11
Maleficent Hi-Cube Boxcar200520066-25007Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar0
Mama's Baked Beans Vat Car199919996-19447Vat Car10
Man Of Steel Boxcar201620176-83780Boxcar7
Man On The Moon Old Glory "That's aone small step for man..." Reefer198919916-19518Reefer1
Man With Flashing Jackhammer Lighted Figure201920211930360Figures0
Man With Flashlight Lighted Figure201920211930350Figures0
Man's Best Friend Personalized Boxcar201820226-84898Boxcar0
Manhattan - Ps-2 Covered Hopper (Custom TrainWorld)201820181801085Hopper0
Manhattan Project Trinity Site Mint Car (TCA 2019)201920196-58067Mint Car1
Manual Crossing Gate200820226-24248Crossing Gate8
Manual Switch Left Hand197019986-5021Switch34
Manual Switch Left Hand199020176-65021Switch31
Manual Switch Left Hand6-10217Track0
Manual Switch Right Hand197019986-5022Switch31
Manual Switch Right Hand199020176-65022Switch20
Manufacturers Railway Boxcar198519866-9483Boxcar24
Manufacturers Railway Boxcar (METCA 2019)201920191901240Boxcar1
Manufacturers Railway Set201920202022040Freight Set1
Manufacturers Ry Beer Car #2520202020202026591Beer Car0
Manufacturers Ry Beer Car #2540202020202026592Beer Car2
Manumatic Uncoupler197119726-5025Accessory5
Maple Leaf Freight Add-On 2-Pack201020116-11174Multi Car Pack0
Maple Leaf Limited Set198119816-1158Set4
Marathon Oil Derrick199419956-12902Derrick Car5
Marathon Oil Tractor And Tanker199419946-12869Tractor and Tanker8
Marathon Oil Unibody Tank Car199519956-17908Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car4
Marine Science Deep Sea Exhibition Aquarium Car201020116-29310Aquarium Car4
Marines Corp Lionchief 44 Tonner # 234120202220222234120Diesel0
Marines Rocket Launcher Car202220222228280Launcher Car0
Maritime Exploration GP7 Diesel Engine201220136-38237Diesel0
Maritime Exploration Titanic Centennial Set RTR (Conv. GP9 8237)201220136-30187Set0
Maritime Porthole Caboose201220126-36688Caboose1
Market Workers Figure Pack202020202057200HO Figures0
Marquette Extended Vision Caboose #3186201420156-81664Caboose0
Marquette GP38 Diesel Freight Set201420156-81028Freight Set1
Martha Clara Vineyards Vat Car (NLOE 2009)200920096-52555Vat Car4
Martian Manhunter Boxcar201620166-82952Boxcar5
Martin Guitar Lumber Boxcar 9823199919996-26232Boxcar0
Martin Van Buren U.S. Presidential Series Boxcar (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938180Boxcar5
Marvin Martian Earth Stomper Flatcar201820186-84799Flatcar0
Marvin The Martian Boxcar199719976-16274Boxcar6
Marvin The Martian Missile Launching Flatcar 6655199719976-16752Flatcar4
Mary's Moo Moos You're On The Right Track19996-71088Ornament0
Maryland & Pennslyvania Lionchief Plus 2.0 Doodlebug202220222235070Diesel0
Maryland & Pennsylvania Bobber Caboose #2003202220222226710Caboose - Bobber Caboose0
Maryland & Pennsylvania Boxcar198219836-9453Boxcar12
Maryland & Pennsylvania Vision Boxcar #5624202120212126380Boxcar1
Maryland State Car, Two-Tone Green2010201011-40012Tinplate - Passenger Car0
Mascot & Western Ore Car (GPD 2007)200720076-52473Ore Car1
Mason Candies Dots And Crows Boxcar (RMLI 2018)201820186-58054Boxcar0
Massachusetts Central Maxi-Stack Flatcar 5100-01199819986-52142Flatcar3
McCartney's Wings202020212129160Building0
McDaniel House Built Up202020202056090HO Building0
Mcdonald's Nickel Plate Special Set198719876-11750Set0
Mcneil's Rangers Operating Stock Car 2199919996-18190Stock Car0
MCP Unibody Black Tankcar200820096-27408Tank Car - Uni-body Tank Car2
Meadow Brook Molasses One Dome Tank Car, Traditional200520056-29604Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Meadow River 40' Flatcar With Lumber201520176-82852Flatcar - 40' Flatcar0
Meadow River Lumber 2-Truck Shay Steam Locomotive 1201220136-11364Locomotive0
Meadow River Lumber Heisler Geared Locomotive 6200320036-38027Locomotive1
Meadow River Lumber Heislers #6201520156-82811Locomotive0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18801200320036-29425Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18802200320036-29426Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18803200320036-29427Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18804200320036-29431Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18805200320036-29432Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car #18806200320036-29433Log Car0
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack200320036-29424Log Car1
Meadow River Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack #2200320036-29430Log Car0
Mechanical Crossing Gate198219926-2309Crossing Gate8
Mechanical Crossing Gate197319776-2310Crossing Gate4
Mechanical Semaphore198219926-2311Semaphore11
Mechanical Semaphore197319776-2312Semaphore7
Medal Of Honor Train Set201320146-30225Set2
Mediterranean Ave. Boxcar201320156-39381Boxcar1
Meenan Oil One Dome Tank Car (NLOE 1997)199719976-52122Tank Car6
Meet Me In St. Louis Flatcar With Trailer199219926-52003Flatcar0
Meet The Beatles Boxcar 2-Pack200920146-29961Multi Car Pack0
Mega Tracks Clamp PackNANA7-20022Mega Track0
Mega Tracks Connector PackNANA7-20024Mega Track0
Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Green201720177-20003Mega Track6
Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Red201720177-20004Mega Track1
Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Starter Set - Green Car6-20003Set0
Mega Tracks Extra Track PackNANA7-20021Mega Track0
Mega Tracks Loop De Loop PackNANA7-20020Mega Track0
Mega Tracks Rail Racers Shell Expansion Pack201720177-20008Accessory4
Mega Tracks Rod Support PackNANA7-20023Mega Track0
Mega Tracks Stealth Speeders Vehicle Shell Expansion Pack201720177-20007Accessory5
Mega Tracks Twisted Tower Stunt Expansion Pack201720177-20006Accessory2
Memorial Day Made In USA Boxcar201820206-84672Boxcar2
Menard's Boxcar #18456201220126-36186Boxcar0
Menard's Chicago & North Western 0-8-0 #1009201220126-18783Locomotive0
Menard's Chicago & North Western Center Cupola Caboose #13454201220126-36697Caboose0
Menard's Flatcar W/ Tractor Load #12902201220126-36188Flatcar0

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