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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
A Century Of Legendary Lionel TrainsDVD0
A Century Of Lionel200020006-14075Video0
A Century Of Lionel200020006-14076Video0
A Century Of Lionel Timeless Toy Trains2000Book60
A Christmas Story 30Th Anniversary Boxcar201320146-25963Boxcar0
A Christmas Story Boxcar201920191938420Boxcar0
A Christmas Story G Gauge Battery Operated Set200920097-11177Set5
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Boxcar202020202028440Boxcar0
A Christmas Story Leg Lamp Mint Car201320136-25977Mint Car0
A Christmas Story Steam Freight Set200920126-30118Freight Set4
A Toy Train Story Book11-526Book2
A&W Boxcar197619776-7801Boxcar6
A.C. Gilbert Reefer199219926-19529Reefer15
Abraham Lincoln Boxcar201120126-39338Boxcar1
AC or DC Commander6-ELRR8Accessory0
AC to DC Converter Box199119958-82116Accessory4
AC Transformer, Red Or Black198519966-4851Transformer11
AC/DC Converter197919836-5900Power Supply2
Accessories Box199820016-22942Accessory6
Accessory Activator Pack200320176-12029Track19
Accessory Power Wire200420176-12053Track28
Accessory Transformer199920166-32923Transformer1
Ace Hardware Boxcar198919896-16220Boxcar1
Ace Hardware Boxcar199819986-26219Boxcar0
Ace Hardware Cannonball Express Set198919896-11774Set0
Ace Hardware Flatcar With Trailer200420046-26083Flatcar1
Ace Hardware Pennsylvania Flyer Ready To Run Set200320036-31954Set0
ACF 2 Bay Hopper201320136-26490Hopper0
ACF 2-Bay Hopper201320136-26482Hopper0
ACF 2-Bay Hopper201320136-26483Hopper0
ACF 2-Bay Hopper #27058 (LRRC/LCCA 2009)200920096-27058Hopper3
ACF 2-bay Hopper Car (LCCA 2013)201320136-59003Banquet Car0
ACF Demonstrator 2-Bay Aluminum Hopper 44586200720076-22156Hopper0
ACF Pressureaide 3-Bay Hopper 59267200120016-17156Hopper4
ACFX 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201320136-27996Multi Car Pack0
ACFX 30K Tank Car W/ Eot201820186-85091Tank Car0
ACFX ACF 4-Bay Covered Hopper201720173-17130Hopper0
ACFX ACF 4-Bay Covered Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201720176-17130Hopper0
Acme Explosives Boxcar199919996-26253Boxcar0
Acme Scrap Platform Crane201020106-22667Crane0
Acme Single Dome Tank Car200320036-26134Tank Car0
Acrobats And Clowns Figures, 10 Pieces200820106-21324Figures1
Action Platinum Series 1:24-Scale Collectable Die-Cast Car #7201020106-37950Vehicles0
Adding-On House Kit202020201967130Building1
ADM 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car #29241201320136-27993Tank Car0
ADM 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car #29246201320136-27994Tank Car0
ADM 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car #29249201320136-29337Tank Car0
ADM 30,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 3-Pack201320136-27992Multi Car Pack1
ADM 30K Tank Car W/ Eot201820186-85089Tank Car1
ADM 30K Tank Car W/ Freightsounds #29248201820186-85085Tank Car0
ADM Corn Sweetners Tank Car6-15705Tank Car0
ADM Standard O RBL #7014202120212143051Boxcar0
ADM Standard O RBL #7019202120212143052Boxcar0
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer 2-Pack200720076-21940Reefer0
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer 7019200720076-27349Reefer1
ADM Steel-Sided Reefer Car200720076-27351Reefer1
ADM Steel-Sided Refrigerator Car #7021200720076-27352Refrigerator Car0
ADM Unibody Tank Car #19021200620066-17952Tank Car0
ADM Unibody Tank Car #19022200620066-17953Tank Car0
ADM Unibody Tank Car #19023200620066-17954Tank Car0
ADM Unibody Tank Car 19201620166-82855Tank Car0
ADM Unibody Tank Car 19020200620066-17950Tank Car1
ADM Unibody Tank Car 3-Pack200620066-21863Tank Car0
Adolphus Busch Observation Car199219936-19038Observation Car6
Adolphus Iii 4-4-2 Locomotive198919926-18617Locomotive0
Adult Navy T-Shirt With Since 1900 Lionel Logo9-LNA658T-Shirt0
AE Staley 8000 Gallon Tank Car #704201720176-84804Tank Car0
Aerial Target Launcher201520166-81693Launcher5
AFPX Unibody Tank Car 413303201620166-82857Tank Car1
AGFA Film Steam Freight Set199819986-21909Freight Set0
Air Force One SD70ACE (METCA 2021)202120212101420Diesel0
Air Reduction Products PS-1 Boxcar 100201520156-82625Boxcar2
Airco Boxcar With Tank Car Body (LCCA 1979)197919796-9733Boxcar12
Airco Industrial Gases Tank (LCCA 1979)197919796-97330Tank Car0
Airco Tank Car200320036-26143Tank Car0
Aircraft Boxcar199919996-26236Boxcar5
Airex Boat Loader Car 29413200220026-29413Loader1
Airex Sports Channel TV Car 3545199719976-16751TV Car12
Airplane Hangar Kit199719986-12951Kits2
Airport Revolving Searchlight201020106-22492Searchlight Car0
AJO & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2004)200420046-52358Ore Car3
Akron, Canton & Youngstown Boxcar199219926-16234Boxcar0
Akron, Canton and Youngstown H16-44 Diesel 201201620166-83395Diesel0
Akron, Canton and Youngstown H16-44 Diesel 202201620166-83396Diesel0
Aladdin Aquarium Car200320036-36720Aquarium Car8
Alamo Junction Set197019716-2793Set3
Alamo Mint Car (LCCA 2011)201120116-72511Mint Car2
Alaska 0-4-0 Locomotive, Railsounds201220136-11425Locomotive0
Alaska 0-6-0 Docksider Locomotive W/ Whistle #71200720096-38622Locomotive0
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper200520056-16487Hopper6
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper 7100199819996-16440Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14733201620163-16101Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14751201620163-16102Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14783201620163-16103Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14800201620163-16104Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14805201620163-16105Hopper0
Alaska 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper #14809201620163-16106Hopper0
Alaska 4-4-2 Locomotive 64200120016-18699Locomotive2
Alaska 4-6-2 Locomotive 652, Lionchief201420176-81311Locomotive0
Alaska 43112 Caboose 1001200620066-17695Caboose2
Alaska 6464-825 Yellow Roof/Ends (METCA 2021)202120212101381Boxcar1
Alaska ALCO AA Diesel Set201120116-38224Diesel AA Set1
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34754Diesel1
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34755Diesel1
Alaska ALCO C-420 Diesel201220126-34756Diesel1
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3602201220126-38464Diesel0
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3604201220126-38465Diesel0
Alaska ALCO RS-11 Diesel 3607, Nonpowered201220126-38467Diesel0
Alaska Bay Window Caboose198219836-6441Caboose3
Alaska Boxcar199819996-10806Boxcar1
Alaska Boxcar197519776-9758Boxcar4
Alaska Boxcar 10806199819996-26204Boxcar0
Alaska Boxcar 6464-825200120016-39205Boxcar2
Alaska Boxcar, Diesel Trainsounds200520056-26817Boxcar1
Alaska Budd RDC Coach 712, Nonpowered201120116-35499Coach Car0
Alaska Budd RDC Combination Car 702, Nonpowered201120116-35490Combination Car0
Alaska Budd Roc Coach201120116-38428Coach Car3
Alaska Bulkhead Flatcar199419946-16396Flatcar2
Alaska Bunk Car200720076-29623Bunk Car2
Alaska Caboose200520056-36544Caboose6
Alaska Caboose 1080200720076-36612Caboose3
Alaska Coal Dump Car 401200320036-36765Dump Car5
Alaska Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9117Hopper16
Alaska Crane Car W/ 2-Axle Trucks200720096-36840Crane Car0
Alaska Cylindrical Covered Hopper #14500202220222226090Hopper0
Alaska Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reels200620066-26309Flatcar0
Alaska Extended Vision Caboose 989200320036-17654Caboose2
Alaska Extension Searchlight Car200120016-26793Searchlight Car0
Alaska F3 Diesel AA Set200320036-24520Diesel AA Set0
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit 1519, Powered200320036-24522Diesel1
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit, Nonpowered200320036-24521Diesel0
Alaska Flat W/Handcar200720076-26371Hand Car0
Alaska Flatcar 6424 With Airplane199919996-36021Flatcar0
Alaska Flatcar With Bulkheads200520056-26086Flatcar1
Alaska Freight Lionchief Set202020202023150Set6
Alaska Gold Mine 0-4-0 Steam Freight Set, Lionchief201720176-83701Freight Set1
Alaska Gold Mint Car201720176-83633Mint Car0
Alaska Gondola 13801200220026-26019Gondola3
Alaska Gondola W/Canisters200620066-26370Gondola0
Alaska Gondola With Canisters198119816-9385Gondola2
Alaska GP 30 Diesel 2000200420046-28839Diesel1
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2501201320136-38978Diesel0
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2502, Nonpowered201320136-38980Diesel0
Alaska GP35 Diesel 2503201320136-38979Diesel0
Alaska GP38-2 Diesel 2001200620066-28555Diesel0
Alaska GP38-2 Diesel 2002, Nonpowered200620066-28556Diesel0
Alaska GP7 Diesel 1802199819996-11865Diesel0
Alaska GP7 Diesel 1803199919996-18878Diesel1
Alaska GP7 Diesel Set199819996-11972Set1
Alaska GP9 Diesel200520056-28857Diesel0
Alaska Husky Transport Car201020116-19586Transport Car0
Alaska Illuminated Work Caboose200720096-36608Caboose0
Alaska Jet Snow Blower200720076-29868Snowplow1
Alaska Klondike Mining Mint Car200220026-19682Mint Car4
Alaska Legacy DD35 #5000202220222233141Diesel0
Alaska Legacy DD35 #5001202220222233142Diesel0
Alaska Legacy Veranda Turbine #4501202120212133510Diesel0
Alaska Log Dump Car202220222219010Dump Car0
Alaska Log Dump Car199019906-16621Dump Car4
Alaska Log Dump Car200120016-26749Dump Car3
Alaska Madison 4Pk200820086-35136Passenger Set0
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #11503200820096-27385Reefer0
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #11505200820096-27384Reefer0
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #11511200820096-27386Reefer0
Alaska Mikado 2-8-2 Locomotive 701200820096-38643Locomotive0
Alaska Mp15 Diesel 1552, Horn200720076-22137Diesel0
Alaska Nw2 Switcher198119826-8154Switcher7
Alaska O27 Flat Car W/Wheel & Crate Load200720096-26369Flatcar4
Alaska Oil Barrel Ramp Car201120116-39499Ramp Car0
Alaska Oil Two Dome Tank Car201120116-29646Tank Car1
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199019916-16111Tank Car9
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199419946-16128Tank Car8
Alaska One Dome Tank Car199319956-16129Tank Car8
Alaska One Dome Tank Car200520056-26171Tank Car4
Alaska One Dome Tank Car198219836-6308Tank Car5
Alaska One Dome Tank Car 6171199819996-16171Tank Car0
Alaska Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle200820086-22144Dump Car2
Alaska Operating Log Dump Car With Vehicle200920096-21665Dump Car2
Alaska Ore Car 16474200420046-16474Ore Car4
Alaska Ore Car With Gold 3703201720176-83703Ore Car0
Alaska Quad Hopper 20756201220126-19369Hopper1
Alaska Railroad ALCO Fa Diesel A-Unit Non-Powered #1202201120116-38226Diesel0
Alaska Railroad Conventonal ALCO Fa Diesel A-Powered #1200201120116-38225Diesel0
Alaska Railroad Cupolacam Extended Vision Caboose201920191926890Caboose1
Alaska Railroad Vistavision Camera Dome Car #501202020202027160Vista Dome Car0
Alaska Reefer200820086-19576Reefer1
Alaska Reefer 3-Pack200820096-27374Reefer1
Alaska Road Tank Car198919898-87600Tank Car2
Alaska Rotary Snowplow200620076-28423Snowplow4
Alaska RR 21" Passenger Car 2-Pack202020202027130Passenger Car2
Alaska RR 21" Passenger Car 4-Pack202020202027120Passenger Car0
Alaska RR 21" Stationsounds Diner #400202020202027140Diner Car2
Alaska RR 3-Bay 9-Panel Hopper 6-Pack, Lionscale201620163-16100Hopper0
Alaska RR F7 Aa Set202020202033240Diesel AA Set0
Alaska RR F7B #1503202020202033248Diesel1
Alaska RR Gondola With Canisters201720176-84312Gondola1
Alaska RR Superbass F7B #1517202020202033249Diesel0
Alaska RS3 Diesel200720076-28882Diesel1
Alaska Scale Round-Roof Boxcar 27781201120116-17740Boxcar0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel #4002200620062-11555Diesel0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel #4002200620062-11553Diesel0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel 4005200120026-18294Diesel0
Alaska SD70MAC Diesel Locomotive200620062-11554Diesel0
Alaska Sd7Cmac Diesel 4002201420146-81151Diesel0
Alaska Sd7Cmac Diesel 4005201420146-81152Diesel0
Alaska SD9 Diesel 8811199119916-18811Diesel0
Alaska Searchlight Car200520056-26826Searchlight Car2
Alaska Searchlight Car With Vehicle200820086-22151Searchlight Car0
Alaska Sp-Type Caboose199119916-16523Caboose1
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1081199819986-26508Caboose0
Alaska Square Window Caboose 1084200120016-26544Caboose4
Alaska State Quarter Boxcar Bank200920096-22457Boxcar0
Alaska Steam Work Train200720096-30045Set4
Alaska Steel-Sided Reefer 10806201420146-81081Reefer0
Alaska Streamliner Baggage Car 6310199920006-29042Baggage Car0
Alaska Streamliner Car 2-Pack200120016-39053Streamliner Car0
Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320046-15395Streamliner Car0
Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack199920006-29041Streamliner Car0
Alaska Streamliner Coach #5403200120016-39054Coach Car0
Alaska Streamliner Coach 5408199920006-29043Coach Car0
Alaska Streamliner Diner #4806200120016-39055Diner Car0
Alaska Streamliner Observation #5420199920006-29045Observation Car1
Alaska Streamliner Vista Dome Car 7014199920006-29044Vista Dome Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #600200320046-15390Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #601200320046-15391Coach Car0

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