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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Track Cleaning Car200220036-18461Track2
Track Clips, Dozen198920166-12743Track15
Track Clips, Dozen197119986-2901Track12
Track Expander Set197119846-5030Track2
Track Gang200320066-24105Track5
Track Gang201520166-82018Track0
Track Laying Crew202120212129050Figures0
Track Laying Crew Figure Pack2057080HO Accessory0
Track Layout Book197019866-2951Track1
Track Maintenance Car198719886-16610Track19
Track Maintenance Car198919916-18406Track20
Track Pack200920097-11157Track1
Track Pack 50th Anniversary Pennsylvania Steam Freight 200820087-11100Track0
Track Pack For Polar Express And Holiday Central200820087-11101Track4
Track Pack G-gauge200920097-11158Track3
Trackside Railroad Details Pack201620166-83688Track5
Tractor (LCCA 1991)199119916-17895Tractor0
Tractor And Trailer (LRRC)199419946-12875Tractor and Trailer13
Traditional Display Case CCII200220026-24143Display Case1
Traditional Mahogany Display Case6-24132Display Case0
Traffic Light With Switch 2-pack202020202056120HO Accessory0
Trailer Set Maxi-Stack Pair 48201320136-29695Set0
Trailer Train / Hennis 50' Flatcar W/ 20' Trailers #475231202020202026641Flatcar0
Trailer Train / Hennis 50' Flatcar W/ 20' Trailers #475293202020202026642Flatcar0
Trailer Train Depressed Center Flatcar With 2 Reels202020202054200HO Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar #48231 W/ 2 Containers202020201954230Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar #80220 W/ 2 Containers202020201954220Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar 6-Pack201720176-84454Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar With 2 Union Pacific Trailers200320036-29438Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar With Chicago & North Western Trailers198019806-9352Flatcar0
Trailer Train Flatcar With Circus Trailers (SDTCA 1980)198019806-9352Flatcar6
Trailer Train Flatcar With Western Maryland Trailers198919896-19404Flatcar15
Trailer Train Husky Stack W/Containers #456253200620066-27524Stack Car1
Trailer Train Lionscale 50' Flatcar 6 Pack201720173-17090Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standand O Centerbeam Flatcar #83729202020202043061Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standand O Centerbeam Flatcar #83741202020202043062Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standand O Centerbeam Flatcar #83754202020202043063Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standand O Centerbeam Flatcar #83773202020202043064Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standard O Bulkhead Flatcar #81023202020202043121Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standard O Bulkhead Flatcar #81094202020202043122Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standard O Bulkhead Flatcar #81118202020202043123Flatcar0
Trailer Train Standard O Bulkhead Flatcar #81145202020202043124Flatcar0
Trailer Train/Southern PS-4 #475227/202601 W/ 40' Trailer201720176-84874Flatcar1
Trailer Train/Southern PS-4 #475274/202899 W/ 40' Trailer201720176-84875Flatcar1
Trailing Truck6-25.9Other0
Train And Accessory Manual197019746-2952Manual3
Train And Accessory Manual197519866-2953Manual1
Train Crew Figures202020201957120Figures0
Train Engine 561 8" Ceramic Coin Bank200820087-11124Accessory0
Train Knuckle Coupler Packs (2 Pairs)8-82103parts6
Train Marquee Light201620169-42043Misc2
Train Master Freight Train Set, Lcc Ii200020006-31731Set4
Train Order Building200420046-52340Building4
Train Orders Building200420056-14166Building2
Train Orders Building200820086-24272Building1
Train Robbery Handcar200220036-18467Hand Car2
Train Station 25Th Anniversary Boxcar200020006-36215Boxcar3
Train Wreck Recovery Set199919996-21775Set4
Trainmaster Boxcar199919996-26295Boxcar5
Trainmaster Command Basic Upgrade Kit199820016-22960Kits0
Trainmaster Command Control 135 Powermaster Power Distribution Center199420046-12867Power Supply8
Trainmaster Command Control 135-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply199420036-12866Power Supply18
Trainmaster Command Control 135/180 Powermaster200420126-24130Controller1
Trainmaster Command Control 3-Wire Command Base Cable200220136-14192Controller12
Trainmaster Command Control Accessory Motor Controller200220136-14183Controller14
Trainmaster Command Control Accessory Switch Controller200220136-14182Switch6
Trainmaster Command Control Accessory Voltage Controller200220136-14186Controller10
Trainmaster Command Control Action Recorder Controller200220136-14181Controller18
Trainmaster Command Control Block Power Controller200220126-14184Controller5
Trainmaster Command Control Cab-1 Remote Controller199420096-12868Controller16
Trainmaster Command Control Command Base199520096-12911Controller17
Trainmaster Command Control Command Base Cable, 20 Feet200220076-14195Controller2
Trainmaster Command Control Command Base Cable, 6 Feet200220136-14191Controller1
Trainmaster Command Control Command Set199720096-12969Set10
Trainmaster Command Control Controller To Controller Cable, 1 Foot200220136-14193Controller16
Trainmaster Command Control Controller To Controller Cable, 20 Feet200220076-14197Controller9
Trainmaster Command Control Controller To Controller Cable, 6 Feet200220136-14196Controller9
Trainmaster Command Control Direct Lockon200220036-14178Lock-On1
Trainmaster Command Control Direct Lockon200420166-34120Lock-On12
Trainmaster Command Control Direct Lockon200920096-34210Lock-On0
Trainmaster Command Control How-To Video200220046-14187Video0
Trainmaster Command Control Operating Track Controller200220136-14185Track7
Trainmaster Command Control Powermaster Power Adapter Cable199420176-12893Controller2
Trainmaster Command Control Sc-2 Switch Controller199920166-22980Switch14
Trainmaster Command Control Tpc Cable Set200220136-14194Set2
Trainmaster Command Control Track Power Controller200220136-14179Track1
Trainmaster Command Control Track Power Controller200220136-14189Track1
Trainmaster Display Case6-34106Display Case0
Trainmaster Tractor And Trailer199419946-52066Tractor and Trailer3
Trainmaster Transformer197219776-4150Transformer32
Trainmaster Transformer197419746-4250Transformer1
Trainmaster Transformer197819796-4651Transformer8
Trains n' Truckin' Boxcar197719776-7803Boxcar44
Trains n' Truckin' Cargo King Set197719786-1761Set1
Trains n' Truckin' Steel Hauler Set197719786-1760Set3
Transcontinental 150 Led 60' Flag Boxcar202020202026380Boxcar0
Transcontinental 150th American 4-4-0 Hybrid Set201920191922150Set0
Transformer 2-Pack201620176-83215Transformer1
Transformer, 25-Watt197219726-4125Transformer8
Transformer, 45-Watt197019716-4044Transformer14
Transparent #6517 Smoking Caboose201020106-29738Caboose0
Transparent Damage Control Boxcar (TTOS 2003)200320036-52384Boxcar8
Transylvania (Halloween) Conv. 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive #31200720106-38623Locomotive0
Transylvania 0-4-0 Shifter Steam Locomotive 13201220126-11382Locomotive0
Transylvania Early Era Inspection Vehicle201220126-38815Inspection Vehicle1
Transylvania Offset Cupola Illuminated Caboose200720106-36615Caboose0
Transylvania Rr 4-4-0 Locomotive 13, Traditional200520056-18730Locomotive3
Transylvania Rr Work Caboose, Traditional200520056-36548Caboose2
Transylvania Trolley200820086-28441Trolley2
Travelers 6-Pack202020201930270Figures0
Traveling Aquarium Car 506200120016-26745Aquarium Car10
Tredegar Iron Works Flatcar With Cannon199919996-36027Flatcar0
Tree Topper Star Transport Car201320146-29698Transport Car8
Trestle Set197519775-4530HO Accessory0
Tribble Transport Car202020202028530Transport Car1
Trick Or Treat Aquarium Car200720076-36830Aquarium Car7
Trick Or Treat Halloween Sounds Box Car201920191928380Boxcar12
Trick Or Treat People200820136-24265Figures7
Trick Or Treaters Figures201920191930070Figures4
Triple Action Magnetic Crane200120016-14134Crane1
Triple Action Magnetic Crane199919996-22998Crane4
Trolley & Trail Car (Pwr #101, Dmy #1100)200720076-13113Trolley1
Trolley Car199619976-18431Trolley4
Trolley House Building201920191930140Building5
Tropicana Billboard Reefer197719775-8742HO Reefer0
Tropicana Reefer197519776-9861Reefer21
Tropicana Reefer 300199519956-17307Reefer14
Tropicana Reefer 301199519956-17308Reefer8
Tropicana Reefer 302199519956-17309Reefer12
Tropicana Reefer 303199519956-17310Reefer6
Troublesome Truck8-87411Truck0
Troublesome Truck #1201320156-25948Hopper0
Troublesome Truck #1200520166-26302Truck3
Troublesome Truck #1199919996-36030Truck2
Troublesome Truck #2201320156-25949Hopper0
Troublesome Truck #2200520166-26303Truck3
Troublesome Truck #2199919996-36031Truck3
Trout Ranch Aquarium Car 3435199619966-16742Aquarium Car45
Truck Loading Dock Kit199519986-12884Kits0
True Value Boxcar198819886-16207Boxcar0
True Value Boxcar198919896-16219Boxcar1
True Value Boxcar198619876-7930Boxcar0
True Value Boxcar197619766-9046Boxcar1
True Value Boxcar197719776-9053Boxcar8
True Value Cannonball Express Set198919896-11762Set0
True Value Cannonball Express Set199019906-11781Set0
True Value Freight Flyer Set198619876-1685Freight Set2
True Value Lawn Chief Boxcar199019906-16224Boxcar0
True Value Rock Island Line Set197619766-1698Set0
True Value Rock Island Line Set197719776-1792Set0
True Value Santa Fe Freight Ready To Run Set200520056-30028Set0
Truss Bridge, Flasher And Piers199020166-12772Bridge20
TT Flatcar 6424 With Pepsi Truck200120016-36090Flatcar10
TTOS Box Car (TTOS 2002)200020006-52202Boxcar3
TTOS O Gauge Boxcar (TTOS 2000)200020006-52200Boxcar5
TTUX Flatcar 6300 With Apple Trailers199819986-26908Flatcar5
TTX #56289 Husky Stack Car201720176-84855Stack Car0
TTX #710866 Auto Rack Car201920191928051Auto Carrier0
TTX #710877 Auto Rack Car201920191928052Auto Carrier3
Ttx Flatcar #48540 W/ 2 Containers202020201954240Flatcar0
TTX Husky Stack #456250200520056-27508Stack Car0
TTX Husky Stack #456251200520056-27509Stack Car0
TTX Husky Stack #56150201720176-84857Stack Car0
TTX Husky Stack #56168201720176-84858Stack Car1
TTX Husky Stack #56174201720176-84859Stack Car1
TTX Husky Stack #56210201720176-84854Stack Car2
TTX Husky Stack #56368201720176-84856Stack Car0
TTX Husky Stack W/ Eot #56180201720176-85067Stack Car0
TTX Husky Stack W/ Eot #56210201720176-85066Stack Car0
TTX Maxi-Stack Well Car201920191928540Well Car3
TTX Trailer Train 2-Pack200620066-21874Multi Car Pack0
TTX Trailer Train Husky Stack #456252200620066-27523Stack Car0
TTX Trailer Train Husky Stack Car 456249200520056-17589Stack Car0
TTX Trailer Train Stack Car 2-Pack200520056-11871Stack Car0
Tucker Automobile Parts Boxcar (LOTS 2015)201520156-58236Boxcar1
Tucson, Cornelia & Gila Bend Ore Car (GPD 1993)199319936-52011Ore Car9
Tucson, Globe & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2008)200820086-52524Ore Car6
Tunder Valley Quarry/Mine Diorama6-30124-DDiorama0
Tune-Up Kit197519753-4580Power Passers1
Tunnel Portals, Pair199520176-12896Tunnel13
Tunnel Portals, Pair198419876-2113Tunnel6
Tupelo Dairy Farms Milk Car201020116-26614Milk Car3
Turbo Missile Launch Flatcar201520156-82494Flatcar3
Turtleback Zoo Giraffe Car198519866-7913Giraffe Car3
TV Car199319946-16670Other Cars63
TV Car199419946-16704Other Cars30
Tweety And Sylvester Boxcar199619966-19286Boxcar31
Twin Buttes Ore Car (GPD 2003)200320036-52307Ore Car8
Twin Lamp Posts, 3 Pieces200820096-22350Accessory1
Twin Searchlight Tower200820106-22326Tower0
Twizzler's Gondola W/ Coil Covers #636697201220136-26697Gondola0
Twizzlers Quad Hopper201020106-19361Hopper3
Two 16-1/2" Sections Straight Track197519753-9520Power Passers0
Two 90 Degree High Speed 'T's197519753-4703Power Passers0
Two Bay Reading Coal Hopper With Etd6-58531Hopper0
Two Tone Blue 263E Tinplate Loco W/Ps22009200911-6002-1Locomotive0
Two-Tone Blue 249E O Steam Pass.Set W/Ps22009200911-6009-1Set0

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