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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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ItemYear Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Where The Wild Things Are Boxcar201320156-29793Boxcar7
Whirlpool 4-4-2 201200020006-18694Locomotive1
Whirlpool Boxcar200020006-36203Boxcar1
Whirlpool Flatcar With Trailer200020006-36082Flatcar0
Whirlpool One Dome Tank Car200320036-26141Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Whirlpool Special Train Set200220026-31949Set1
Whirlpool Square Window Caboose200020006-26539Caboose - Square Window Caboose0
Whirlpool Steam Freight Set200020006-21999Freight Set1
Whirlpool Tank Car200120016-26135Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Whiskas Boxcar199719976-16296Boxcar0
Whistle Stop Set197019716-2792Accessory Set2
Whistle Tender20112011N/AHallmark76
Whistle-Stop Special Steamer Train Set200020017-73018Little Lionel Learning System Train Set0
Whistling Freight Shed197119816-2125Building1
Whistling Freight Shed197619876-2126Building8
Whistling Freight Shed 118198819996-12737Building7
White 10 Straight Fastrack 4-Pack201820236-85389Track10
White Bros. Flatcar With Milk Container200720076-39452Flatcar3
White Brothers General American Milk Car 891200320036-17340Milk Car9
White Brothers General American Milk Car 892200320036-17368Milk Car1
White Brothers General American Milk Car 893200320036-17369Milk Car2
White Fastrack Power Lock-On201820206-85391Track0
White Fire Truck202120232230080Vehicles5
White Lionchief Terminal Fastrack201820206-85392Track1
White Milk Cans, 10 Pieces200820106-22325Accessory1
White O36 Curve Fastrack 4-Pack201820236-85390Track8
White Owl Boxcar197719786-7707Boxcar7
White Pass & Yukon Extended Vision Caboose200920106-29733Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose3
White Pass & Yukon Freight Car 3-Pack200920136-31793Freight 3-Pack4
White Pass & Yukon NW-2 Diesel Switcher200920106-28594Diesel3
White Pass Flat Car With Tractor Trailer200920136-39485Flatcar2
White Pass Ice Breaker Car200920096-26422Ice Breaker Car0
White Pass Reefer Car200920136-19579Reefer0
White Pass Tank Car200920136-29632Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
White Rock Products Boxcar (RMLI 2021)202120212101100Boxcar0
Whitehead's Flyer Baggage Car200820086-31564Baggage Car0
Whitehead's Flyer Coach Car200820086-31565Coach Car0
Whitehead's Flyer Custom Train Set200820086-30098Set3
Whitehead's Flyer Observation Car200820086-31566Observation Car0
Wic Canada 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper 2-Pack200620066-21888Hopper - 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper0
Wicked Witch Halloween Boxcar199919996-16794Boxcar4
Wild Cherry Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2008)200820086-52515Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Wild Turkey Billboard Reefer198319846-9837Reefer6
Wild West Handcar201020116-38202Hand Car1
Wild West Train Stage Operating Mat200720086-24246Accessory0
Wilkes-Barre Mining Cylindrical Covered Hopper #104201820186-84924Hopper - Covered Hopper0
Wilkes-Barre Mining Cylindrical Covered Hopper #106201820186-84925Hopper - Covered Hopper0
William Henry Harrison Presidential MUSA Boxcar202020202038060Boxcar9
William Howard Taft Presidential Boxcar201720206-83948Boxcar4
William Mckinley U.S. Presidential Series Boxcar (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938200Boxcar0
William Penn Congressional Coach200020006-39100Coach Car0
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323070Freight Set9
Willy Wonka Tank Car202320232328410Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car4
Willy Wonka Wonka Bar Packaging Facility202320232329280Accessory0
Wimpy's All-Star Burger Stand200820086-24236Building0
Winchester & Western PS-2 Covered Hopper #4006202420242426671Hopper - PS-2 Weathered Covered0
Winchester & Western PS-2 Covered Hopper #4013202420242426670Hopper - PS-2 Covered0
Wind Turbine201520186-82015Accessory0
Winding Spool/Large6-3419-LOther0
Window Shopper Figures202120232130120Figures8
Wings Of Angels - Ariella Boxcar202320232338140Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels - Ashten Goodenough MUSA Boxcar202020202038210Boxcar0
Wings Of Angels - Blonde Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938260Boxcar1
Wings Of Angels - Brunette Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938280Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Jen Boxcar202320232338150Boxcar6
Wings Of Angels - Jessamyne Rose MUSA Boxcar202020202038200Boxcar0
Wings Of Angels - Jessie202120222138190Boxcar1
Wings Of Angels - Jessie Ray Boxcar MUSA Boxcar202020202038220Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels - Kacie202120222138110Boxcar1
Wings Of Angels - Lisa202220232238130Boxcar5
Wings Of Angels - Raquel202220232238140Boxcar9
Wings Of Angels - Redhead Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938270Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Sarah202220232238120Boxcar4
Wings Of Angels - Sarah #2 Boxcar202320232338160Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels - Victoria202120222138120Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels Boxcar - Caitlin202420242438290Boxcar2
Wings Of Angels Boxcar - Nina202420242438280Boxcar3
Wings Of Angels Boxcar - Tala202420242438270Boxcar0
Winnie The Pooh Boxcar201620176-82913Boxcar1
Winnie The Pooh Hi-Cube Boxcar200420056-36278Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar1
Winston Boxcar197719786-7708Boxcar14
Winter Action Figures 6-Pack201920211930200Figures2
Winter Green Lifesavers Tank Car (Cal-Stewart 2011)201120116-52591Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car4
Winter Scenes Figures201920211957140HO Figures2
Winter Wonderland Aquarium Car201520156-82740Aquarium Car3
Winter Wonderland Barrel Shed202020232030160Building1
Winter Wonderland Clear Tank Car With Confetti200020006-26125Tank Car0
Winter Wonderland Diorama200920116-16871Diorama2
Winter Wonderland Illuminated Station Platform201920231929070Station2
Winter Wonderland Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 2-6-2 Prairie202420242445090Locomotive0
Winter Wonderland Lionchief Bluetooth 5.0 Set202320232323100Freight Set9
Winter Wonderland Railroad Christmas Train200320036-31941Set0
Winter Wonderland Scented Smoke Fluid202320232330160Smoke Fluid3
Winter Wonderland Steam Freight Lionchief Set201920221923150Freight Set17
Wintery Mix Tank Car202020212028460Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Wire Harness2011201111-99015Tinplate - Accessory0
Wire Spool Load, 6 Pieces200920096-22600Accessory1
Wisconsin & Southern #4001 SD-40-2 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933151Diesel0
Wisconsin & Southern #4003 SD-40-2 Diesel Engine W/ Legacy201820191933152Diesel0
Wisconsin & Southern #4005 SD-40-2 Non-Powered Diesel Engine201820191933153Diesel0
Wisconsin & Southern God Bless America Boxcar200920096-22315Boxcar0
Wisconsin Central #2252 Legacy Diesel GP30202320232433161Diesel0
Wisconsin Central #2253 Legacy Diesel GP30202320232433162Diesel0
Wisconsin Central Boxcar #215836-25000Boxcar136
Wisconsin Central Boxcar #21585200620066-25039Boxcar0
Wisconsin Central Bulkhead Flatcar199419946-16393Flatcar - Bulkhead Flatcar5
Wisconsin Central Caboose 2014200620066-36606Caboose0
Wisconsin Central Double-Door Boxcar 9200 With Auto Frames199819986-17231Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar8
Wisconsin Central Freight Expansion Pack200520056-30032Multi Car Pack0
Wisconsin Central Gondola W/Canisters200520056-26092Gondola2
Wisconsin Central Gondola With Load200620066-26363Gondola0
Wisconsin Central Heritage Legacy ES44AC #3069202220222233481Diesel1
Wisconsin Central Heritage Non-Powered ES44AC #3069202220222233489Diesel0
Wisconsin Central Highball Freight Expansion Pack200620066-30060Multi Car Pack1
Wisconsin Central Highball Freight Set200620066-30059Set1
Wisconsin Central Highball Freight Set200420046-31986Freight Set8
Wisconsin Central Legacy SD45 #6525201820186-85042Diesel0
Wisconsin Central Legacy SD45 #6580201820186-85043Diesel0
Wisconsin Central Log Dump200520056-26885Dump Car1
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car200920096-36898Dump Car1
Wisconsin Central Log Dump Car #255200420046-36837Dump Car2
Wisconsin Central Ltd Caboose200520056-36540Caboose0
Wisconsin Central Passenger Set200720076-30072Set0
Wisconsin Central Reefer200420046-36107Reefer1
Wisconsin Central Refrigerator Car200520056-25020Refrigerator Car0
Wisconsin Central Single-Dome Tank Car #8275200520056-26186Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Wisconsin Central Tank Car200420046-36106Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Wisk Boxcar199719976-16282Boxcar1
Wisk Tractor And Trailer199419946-12865Tractor and Trailer27
Witches Brew One Dome Tank Car201720186-84330Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Witches Brew Storage Tank201820196-85310Accessory1
Witches Cauldron200620086-14221Accessory3
Witches Operating Brew Car200820086-29882Boxcar1
Witherslack Hall 4-6-0 Passenger Set202020202023090Passenger Set0
Wizard Of Oz 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive And Tender200920126-38680Locomotive0
Wizard Of Oz 85th Anniversary Illuminated Boxcar202420242428050Boxcar0
Wizard Of Oz Anniversary Boxcar201320156-29791Boxcar3
Wizard Of Oz Aquarium Car201320156-37094Aquarium Car2
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #1200920126-25083Boxcar0
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #1200920106-39317Boxcar1
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #2200920126-25084Boxcar0
Wizard Of Oz Boxcar #2200920106-39318Boxcar1
Wizard Of Oz Caboose200920126-36648Caboose0
Wizard Of Oz Steam Freight Set200920126-30122Freight Set0
WLLC Radio Station199919996-32991Station1
Wolfschmidt Vodka Billboard Reefer198619866-9847Reefer28
Wolverine Division Grand Trunk Western Flatcar With Tractor (TTOS 1995)199519956-52040Flatcar16
Wolverine Division Tractor & Trailer (TTOS 1994)199419946-52033Tractor and Trailer9
Wonder Bread 56670 3-Bay Hopper200120016-17157Hopper - 3-Bay Hopper10
Wonder Bread PS-2 Covered Hopper (RMLI 2013)201320136-58521Hopper - 2-Bay Covered Hopper3
Wonder Woman Boxcar201620166-82948Boxcar0
Wonder Woman Boxcar201820186-84616Boxcar1
Wonder Woman/Green Arrow Boxcar 2-Pack201620166-82947Boxcar 2-Pack3
Wonka Bar Golden Ticket Boxcar202320232328490Boxcar4
Wood Stove Scented Smoke Fluid201620236-83279Smoke Fluid3
Wood-Sided Reefer 2-Pack201020106-19590Reefer - Wood-Sided Reefer0
Wooden Train Marquee Light201720179-42055Accessory0
Wooden Vehicle Assortment198919898-82115Vehicles0
Woodrow Wilson Presidential Boxcar201720206-83947Boxcar4
Woodruff Sleeping And Parlor 1860's Coach 2 Pack201920191927690Coach Car - 2 pack0
Woodstock Brewing Boxcar (LOTS 2018)2018201848-1801050Boxcar1
Woody Woodpecker Boxcar199919996-26244Boxcar14
Work Crew Figures201920211957100HO Figures4
Work Crew People Pack200520196-14241Figures11
Work House Illuminated201020186-37914Building0
Work House, Crane Sounds201520196-82035Crane0
Work People Figures201920211957220HO Figures3
Workin' On The Railroad Logging Empire Set197819786-1862Set2
Workin' On The Railroad Timberline Set197819786-1860Set4
Workmen Handcar198719886-18401Hand Car21
World Of Disney General Steam Locomotive & Tender200320036-18725Locomotive2
World Of Disney Reefer200320036-36747Reefer1
World Of Disney Set '06200620066-30054Set1
World Of Disney Square Window Caboose200320036-26584Caboose - Square Window Caboose1
World Of Disney Steam Freight Set200320036-31947Freight Set8
World Of Disney Tinkerbell Vat Car200320036-29440Vat Car0
World Of Little Choo Choo Crossing Gate199419946-21035Accessory0
World Of Little Choo Choo Flatbed Car199419946-21032Flatcar2
World Of Little Choo Choo Passenger Car199419946-21031Passenger Car0
World Of Little Choo Choo Set199419956-21029Set1
World Of Little Choo Choo Town Train Station199419946-21033Station0
World War II Pylon200320036-24108Accessory1
World War Ii Pylon201720176-83435Accessory0
World War II Pylon201720176-83436Accessory0
World War II Seated Soldiers, 9, With Benches200720106-21435Figures1
World War II Troop Train200020006-21951Set8
World's Fair Combination Car 383 (NLOE 2002)200220026-52263Combination Car0
World's Fair Crew Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58227Boxcar4
World's Fair Exhibit Car (RMLI 2014)201420146-58579Aquarium Car7
World's Fair Sleeper/Roomette Car (NLOE 2001)200120016-52209Sleeper Car0
World's Fair Tool Car (RMLI 2015)201520156-58580Other Cars8
World's Fair Vista Dome Car (NLOE 2002)200220026-52235Vista Dome Car0
World's Greatest Cat Personalized Boxcar201820226-84899Boxcar0
Wright Brothers Reefer199019906-19512Reefer15
WWII Africa Campaign MUSA Boxcar202120212138130Boxcar5
WWII Aircraft Carriers Boxcar202220222238110Boxcar1
WWII Fletcher Class Destroyer MUSA Boxcar202120212138140Boxcar2
WWII Generals Boxcar202220232238100Boxcar2
WWII Liberty Ships Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938240Boxcar2
Wwii Sherman Tank Box Car (Made In U.S.A.)201920191938220Boxcar3
WWII Soldiers In Action, 10 Pieces200920106-22520Figures1
Wyandotte Chemicals 8,000 Gallon Tank Car 1325200320036-17929Tank Car - 8,000 Gallon Tank Car0
Wyoming State Quarter Tank Car Bank200820086-22262Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0

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