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Released: 1973
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-4-0 Locomotive197319756-8300Locomotive18
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe ALCO Diesel A Unit197319756-8351Diesel8
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Freight Set197319756-1383Freight Set2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe GP20 Diesel197319756-8352Diesel8
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit197319746-8355Diesel2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Lighted Caboose197319766-9163Caboose15
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar197319746-9712Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar17
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel A Unit197319756-8363Diesel9
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197319756-8364Diesel3
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar197319756-9801Boxcar27
Blue Streak Freight Set197319746-1385Freight Set1
Butterfinger Reefer197319766-9858Reefer26
Canadian National Boxcar197319746-9718Boxcar17
Canadian Pacific N5C Caboose197319736-9165Caboose10
Canadian Pacific Rail Boxcar197319746-9713Boxcar8
Canadian Pacific Set197319736-1350Set2
Cannonball Set197319756-1381Set9
Chesapeake & Ohio Auto Carrier, 3-Tier197319756-9126Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier5
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar197319746-9715Boxcar28
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar197319756-9024Flatcar8
Chessie GP7 Diesel GM 50th Anniversary197319736-8359Diesel5
Dearborn 3-Tier Auto Carrier (TCA 1973)197319746-9123Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier14
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar197319746-9714Boxcar30
Denver & Rio Grande Western Covered Quad Hopper197319776-9112Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper9
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola With Canisters197319776-9131Gondola17
Engine House Kit197319776-2785Kits2
Erie Nw2 Switcher197319756-8354Switcher3
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar197319756-9043Boxcar16
Freight Platform Kit197319776-2786Kits1
Freight Station Kit197319836-2787Station4
Gold Medal Reefer197319766-9860Reefer34
Golden State Arrow Set197319756-1388Set0
Grand Trunk Western GP7 Diesel197319756-8353Diesel6
Grand Trunk Western GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197319756-8356Diesel0
Grand Trunk Western Reefer197319756-9805Reefer15
How To Build A Great Railroad Lionel Accessories Catalog1973Catalog3
JC Penney Set197319736-1395Set0
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive197319746-8303Locomotive2
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive197319746-8308Locomotive1
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose197319766-9069Caboose6
Johnson Wax Boxcar197319756-9803Boxcar39
Lionel 1973 Catalog19731973Catalog48
Long Island GP20 Diesel197319746-8360Diesel1
Long Island GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit197319756-8367Diesel1
Mechanical Crossing Gate197319776-2310Crossing Gate4
Mechanical Semaphore197319776-2312Semaphore6
Miller High Life Reefer197319756-9802Reefer22
Milwaukee Road "City of Aberdeen" Passenger Coach197319766-9501Passenger Car12
Milwaukee Road "City of Seattle" Passenger Coach197319766-9505Passenger Car14
Milwaukee Road "City of Tacoma" Passenger Coach197319766-9504Passenger Car19
Milwaukee Road 4-4-2 Locomotive197319736-8305Locomotive6
Milwaukee Road Observation Car197319736-9502Observation Car2
Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach197319736-9500Passenger Coach5
Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach197319736-9503Passenger Car1
Milwaukee Road Special Set197319736-1387Set4
Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar197319736-9742Boxcar26
Missouri Pacific Boxcar197319746-9724Boxcar15
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Bulkhead Flatcar197319746-9023Flatcar1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Cattle Car197319756-9725Stock Car23
New Haven Double-Door Boxcar197319736-9719Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar6
Nickel Plate Road 2-4-0 Locomotive197319736-8310Locomotive0
Nickel Plate Road Gondola With Canisters197319916-9031Gondola20
Nonilluminated Bumpers, Set Of 3197319846-2280Set7
Norfolk & Western Auto Carrier, 2-Tier197319776-9125Auto Carrier5
Norfolk & Western Quad Hopper197319736-9113Hopper5
Pabst Reefer197319756-9859Reefer11
Penn Central Boxcar197319746-9716Boxcar11
Pennsylvania Railroad GP9 Diesel197319756-8357Diesel3
Pennsylvania Railroad GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197319756-8358Diesel0
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Flatcar With Logs197319796-9124Flatcar5
Reading Bobber Caboose197319766-9068Caboose - Bobber Caboose18
Reading Short Hopper197319756-9015Hopper15
Rock Island 4-4-2 Locomotive197319756-8304Locomotive0
Rock Island Express Set197319746-1386Set2
Rock Island Sp-Type Caboose197319746-9070Caboose4
Sears 6-Unit Diesel Freight Set197319736-1393Freight Set2
Sears 7-Unit Steam Freight Set197319736-1390Freight Set1
Sears 8-Unit Steam Freight Set197319736-1392Freight Set1
Shell One Dome Tank Car197319766-9152Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car8
Southern 0-4-0 Locomotive197319736-8311Locomotive2
Southern 2-4-0 Locomotive197319766-8302Locomotive13
Southern Express Set197319766-1384Set1
Southern Pacific Gondola With Coal197319756-9821Gondola22
Southern Sp-Type Caboose197319766-9066Caboose0
Station Platform (TCA 1975)197319816-2256Station37
Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Boxcar (LCCA 1973)197319736-9727Boxcar2
TRUTRACK Curved Track197319746-5600Track1
TRUTRACK Curved Track Ballast, Card Of 4197319746-5602Track5
TRUTRACK Curved Track, Card Of 4197319746-5601Track3
TRUTRACK Left Switch Ballast, Card Of 2197319746-5640Track0
TRUTRACK Lockon197319746-5655Track0
TRUTRACK Manual Switch, Left Hand197319746-5620Track0
TRUTRACK Manual Switch, Right Hand197319746-5630Track0
TRUTRACK Remote Switch, Left Hand197319746-5625Track0
TRUTRACK Remote Switch, Right Hand197319746-5635Track0
TRUTRACK Right Switch Ballast, Card Of 2197319746-5650Track1
TRUTRACK Straight Track197319746-5605Track0
TRUTRACK Straight Track Ballast, Card Of 4197319746-5607Track2
TRUTRACK Straight Track, Card Of 4197319746-5606Track0
U.S. Mail Operating Boxcar197319846-9301Boxcar20
U.S. Steel Industrial Switcher Set197319756-1380set1
U.S. Steel Switcher197319756-8350Switcher3
Union Pacific Boxcar197319746-9717Boxcar22
Wabash Gondola With Coal197319746-9820Gondola12
Western Pacific ALCO Diesel A Unit197319756-8361Diesel1
Western Pacific ALCO Diesel B Unit197319756-8362Diesel0
Western Pacific Boxcar197319746-9723Boxcar10
Yardmaster Set197319746-1382Set0

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