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Released: 1978
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
27 Manual Switches 3 Pair19781984Switch00
27 Remote Switches 3 Pair19781983Switch00
A&P Reefer19781979Reefer32
Alice In Wonderland Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar50
Amtrak Budd Rdc Baggage19781980Baggage Car126
Amtrak Budd Rdc Baggage Dummy Unit19781980Baggage Car62
Amtrak Budd Rdc Passenger Dummy Unit19781980Passenger Car94
Amtrak Budd Rdc Passenger Dummy Unit19781980Passenger Car54
Bambi Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar100
Barrel Loader Kit19781978Kits51
Blue Comet 4-6-4 Locomotive19781980Locomotive77
Blue Comet Baggage Car19781980Baggage Car85
Blue Comet Combination Car19781980Combination Car40
Blue Comet Observation Car19781980Observation Car32
Blue Comet Passenger Coach19781980Passenger Coach33
Blue Comet Passenger Coach19781980Passenger Coach11
Boston Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar404
Canadian Pacific Rail Boxcar19781978Boxcar40
Canadian Pacific Rail GP9 Diesel19781979Diesel21
Canadian Pacific Rail Sp-Type Caboose19781979Caboose23
Chesapeake Flyer Set19781979Set65
Chessie System Hopper19781980Hopper41
Cities Service One Dome Tank Car19781978Tank Car20
Conrail Boxcar19781982Boxcar138
Conrail Boxcar19781980Boxcar62
Conrail Boxcar19781978Boxcar00
Conrail Boxcar, Tuscan Or Blue19781978Boxcar208
Conrail Electric Locomotive19781982Locomotive71
Conrail Searchlight Car19781983Searchlight Car198
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar19781979Boxcar289
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Hopper19781982Hopper64
El Producto Boxcar19781978Boxcar32
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar19781978Boxcar2011
Fantasia Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar54
Great Northern Auto Carrier, 3-Tier19781978Auto Carrier20
Great Northern Boxcar19781978Boxcar225
Great Northern Flatcar With Trailers19781982Flatcar167
Great Plains Express Set19781979Set46
Illinois Central Gulf Covered Quad Hopper19781978Hopper12
JC Penney Logging Empire Set19781978Set22
Lackawanna Phoebe Snow Boxcar19781978Boxcar45
Life Savers One Dome Tank Car19781979Tank Car64
Lionel Lines 4-4-2 Locomotive19781981Locomotive61
Lionel Lines Circus Stock Car19781978Stock Car3511
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose19781983Caboose20
Magnolia Three Dome Tank Car19781979Tank Car3212
Mail Pouch Boxcar19781978Boxcar132
Mickey Mouse 50Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar63
Miller Lite Beer Reefer19781979Reefer32
Milwaukee Road Bay Window Caboose19781978Caboose02
Milwaukee Road Limited Set19781978Set62
Milwaukee Road SD18 Diesel19781978Diesel175
Minneapolis & St. Louis Bay Window Caboose19781979Caboose167
Minneapolis & St. Louis Covered Quad Hopper19781978Hopper252
Minneapolis & St. Louis GP9 Diesel19781978Diesel37
Minneapolis & St. Louis GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit19781978Diesel21
Minneapolis & St. Louis Set19781978Set72
Mobilgas One Dome Tank Car19781982Tank Car172
Mobilgas One Dome Tank Car19781980Tank Car71
New Haven Bay Window Caboose19781980Caboose111
New Haven F-3A-A19781978Diesel123
New Haven F3 Diesel B Unit19781978Diesel62
New Haven F3 Dummy A19781978F3 Unit01
Nickel Plate Road Boxcar19781978Boxcar317
Northern Pacific N5C Caboose19781978Caboose100
Northern Pacific U36B Diesel19781980Diesel74
Northern Pacific U36B Diesel Dummy Unit19781980Diesel40
Operating Log Mill Kit19781978Kits00
Operating Semaphore19781982Semaphore132
Peabody Quad Hopper19781978Hopper100
Penn Central GG1 Electric Locomotive19781979Locomotive12
Pinocchio Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar72
Pluto Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar12
Ralston Purina Reefer19781978Reefer70
Republic Steel Gondola With Canisters19781978Gondola54
Rock Island Nw2 Switcher19781979Switcher12
Salem Boxcar19781978Boxcar03
Santa Fe 0-4-0 Locomotive19781978Locomotive131
Santa Fe ALCO Diesel A Unit19781979Diesel31
Santa Fe ALCO Diesel B Unit19781979Diesel00
Santa Fe Auto Carrier, 3-Tier19781980Auto Carrier40
Santa Fe Bay Window Caboose19781978Caboose111
Santa Fe Double Diesel Set19781979Diesel10
Santa Fe Log Dump Car19781983Dump Car42
Santa Fe SD18 Diesel19781978Diesel43
Santa Fe SD18 Diesel Dummy Unit19781978Diesel00
Seaboard Coast Line Boxcar19781978Boxcar272
Season's Greetings Boxcar19781978Boxcar10
Snow White Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar64
Southern Bay Window Caboose19781978Caboose31
Sunoco Three Dome Tank Car19781978Tank Car105
Super Crash 10019781978Power Passers10
Susquehanna Boxcar19781978Boxcar44
Toy Fair Boxcar19781978Boxcar30
Toys R Us Boxcar19781978Boxcar10
Toys R Us Logging Empire Set19781978Set31
Trainmaster Transformer19781979Transformer82
TTOS Convention Car Hollywood Hi-Cube Boxcar19781978Boxcar294
Union Pacific Coal Dump Car19781982Dump Car33
Union Pacific Stock Car19781978Stock Car154
Union Pacific Stock Car19781978Stock Car204
Vermont Central Reefer19781978Reefer103
Wabash Gondola With Canisters19781982Gondola32
Workin' On The Railroad Logging Empire Set19781978Set10421
Workin' On The Railroad Timberline Set19781978Set40

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