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Released: 1987
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
27 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track00
31 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track12
36 Straight19871988Track10
36 Straight Track19871988Track10
54 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track10
72 Diameter Curved Track Ballast19871988Track10
72 Remote Switch Left Hand19871998Switch58
72 Remote Switch Right Hand19871998Switch915
Atlantic Coast Line 4-4-2 Locomotive 860019871987Locomotive00
Automatic Gateman19872000Gateman165
Automatic Ore Loader19871988Loader42
Bangor & Aroostook Reefer19871987Reefer114
Banjo Signal19872000Signal71
Barrel Loader Building Kit19871999Kits61
Barrel Shed Kit19871999Kits62
Billboards, Set Of 319871999Set102
Black Diamond Set19871987Set21
Blue Comet Diner19871987Diner Car30
Canadian National Express Reefer19871987Reefer10
Carnation Milk Car19871987Milk Car82
Chicago & North Western Reefer19871987Reefer101
Christmas Boxcar 198719871987Boxcar273
Con Rail Flat W/Stakes 8719871987Flatcar60
Conrail 2-Bay ACF Hopper19871987Hopper02
Conrail Boxcar19871987Boxcar31
Conrail Gondola With Coal19871987Gondola41
Conrail Limited Set19871987Set40
Conrail Reefer19871987Reefer10
Conrail SD-40 Diesel 820019871987Diesel01
Conrail Wood-Sided Caboose19871987Caboose32
Control Tower19871987Tower00
Crossing Gate19872017Crossing Gate399
Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Boxcar19871987Boxcar215
Detroit Zoo Giraffe Car19871987Giraffe Car20
Dow Chemical Three Dome Tank Car19871987Tank Car30
East Camden & Highland Boxcar19871987Boxcar188
Engine House Kit19871991Kits22
Erie Magnetic Gantry Crane19871987Crane61
Erie-Lackawanna Coal Dump Car19871987Dump Car10
Freight Flyer Set19871990Freight Set21
Gold Rush Special Steam Freight Train Set19871990Set111
Hawthorne Boxcar19871987Boxcar00
Hawthorne Freight Flyer Set19871988Freight Set10
I Love Virginia Boxcar19871987Boxcar217
Illuminated Bumpers, Set Of 219872015Set15
JC Penney Milwaukee Road GP9 Diesel 8500, Display Case19871987Diesel00
JC Penney Timber Master Set19871987Set00
Kay Bee Toys Rail Blazer Set19871987Set00
Key America Boxcar19871987Boxcar00
Key America Set19871987Set00
Lancaster & Chester Boxcar19871987Boxcar102
Large Scale Curved Track19872010Track00
Lehigh Valley Derrick Car19871987Derrick Car51
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel 880019871987Diesel10
Lehigh Valley Ore Car19871987Ore Car11
Lehigh Valley Searchlight Car19871987Searchlight Car00
Lehigh Valley Sp-Type Caboose19871987Caboose33
Lionel Barrel Ramp Car19871987Ramp Car142
Lionel Lines Quad Hopper With Coal19871987Hopper214
Mcdonald's Nickel Plate Special Set19871987Set00
Milwaukee Road Boxcar19871987Boxcar55
Milwaukee Road Gondola With Cable Reels19871987Gondola103
Milwaukee Road GP9 Diesel 850019871987Diesel104
Milwaukee Road One Dome Tank Car19871987Tank Car11
Milwaukee Road Ore Car19871987Ore Car215
Milwaukee Road Quad Hopper With Coal19871987Hopper41
Milwaukee Road Reefer19871987Reefer236
Mopar Express 4-4-2 Locomotive 198719871988Locomotive10
Mopar Express Boxcar 198719871988Boxcar00
Mopar Express Flatcar With Trailers19871988Flatcar32
Mopar Express Gondola With Canisters19871988Gondola00
Mopar Express Sp-Type Caboose19871988Caboose10
New York Central 4-6-4 Locomotive 78519871987Locomotive163
New York Central Flatcar 819871987Flatcar10
New York Central Log Dump Car19871987Dump Car11
New York Central Transfer Caboose19871987Caboose32
New York Central Wood-Sided Caboose19871987Caboose348
Nonilluminated Bumpers, Set Of 319872017Set52
Northern Pacific Reefer19871987Reefer152
One Dozen Brass Pins19871987Parts50
Operating Coal Dump Car19871987Dump Car10
Operating Fueling Station19871987Station31
Pennsylvania Caboose19871987Caboose82
Pennsylvania Gondola19871987Gondola31
Pennsylvania Railroad 4-4-2 Locomotive 860219871987Locomotive20
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar19871987Boxcar319
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar With Trailers19871987Flatcar84
Pennsylvania Railroad GG1 Electric Locomotive 830019871987Locomotive76
Pennsylvania Railroad N5C Caboose19871987Caboose60
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car19871988Observation Car21
Pennsylvania Railroad Ore Car19871987Ore Car173
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach19871988Passenger Coach41
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach19871988Passenger Coach41
Pennsylvania Railroad Vista Dome Car19871988Vista Dome Car102
Pennsylvania Steam Locomotive19871987Locomotive21
Poultry Dispatch Chicken Car19871987Poultry Car42
Rail Blazer Set19871988Set10
Reading Ice Car19871987Ice Car113
Rock Island 0-4-Ot Locomotive 870019871988Locomotive00
Rock Island 4-8-4 Locomotive 510019871987Locomotive192
Rock Island Bobber Caboose19871988Caboose62
Rock Island Boxcar19871988Boxcar40
Rock Island Flatcar With Fences19871988Flatcar23
Rock Island Gondola With Cable Reels19871988Gondola82
Santa Fe Operating Boxcar19871987Boxcar81
Santa Fe Tool Car19871987Other Cars122
Santa Fe U36B Diesel 880119871987Diesel10
Santa Fe Vulcan Rotary Snowplow 840019871987Snowplow91
Searchlight Tower19871992Tower61
Sears Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Set19871987Passenger Set00
Southern Coal Dump Car 1670719871987Dump Car00
Southern Diner19871987Diner Car00
Southern Freight Runner Set19871987Freight Set31
Southern GP9 Diesel 880219871987Diesel00
Southern N5C Caboose19871987Caboose10
Southern Quad Hopper With Coal19871987Hopper20
Southern Searchlight Car19871987Searchlight Car70
Southern Three Dome Tank Car19871987Tank Car10
Southern Tool Car19871987Other Cars00
Straight Track Ballast19871988Track10
Straight Track Ballast19871988Track00
Tidewater Southern Boxcar19871987Boxcar163
Timber Master Set19871987Set00
Toy Fair Boxcar19871987Boxcar60
Track Maintenance Car19871988Track234
Wabash Operating Hopper19871987Hopper51
Water Tower Kit19871999Water Tower12
Workmen Handcar19871988Hand Car118

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