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Released: 1998
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
190-Watt Power Accessory System19981998Power Supply00
1924 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark50
1926 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark82
1929 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark186
1935 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark91
1952 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark101
1954 Lionel Catalog Cover Tin Sign19981998Hallmark30
1998 Heritage Cat19981998Other00
1998 Holiday Trolley Set19981998Set02
4-Bay Covered Hoppers 2-Pack19981998Hopper82
6-8-6Pennsylvania Railroad S2 Steam Turbine Locomotive 67119981998Locomotive212
6414 Auto Set, 4-Pack19981998Set62
6464-Style Overstamped Boxcars 2-Pack19981998Boxcar275
726 Berkshire Steam Locomotive 20Th Century Series19981998Hallmark41
Accessories Box19982001Accessory84
Ace Hardware Boxcar19981998Boxcar00
AGFA Film Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set00
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper 710019981999Hopper00
Alaska Boxcar19981999Boxcar41
Alaska Boxcar 1080619981999Boxcar00
Alaska GP7 Diesel 180219981999Diesel01
Alaska GP7 Diesel Set19981999Set61
Alaska One Dome Tank Car 617119981999Tank Car00
Alaska Square Window Caboose 108119981998Caboose01
ALCO Diesel A Unit, Nonpowered19981998Diesel21
Ambassador Caboose, Gold19981998Caboose22
Ambassador Caboose, Silver19981998Caboose13
Amtrak Baggage Boxcar 719981998Boxcar02
Animated Cola Car And Platform19981998Platform90
Animated Giraffe Car 3376C19981998Giraffe Car53
Aquarium Car 343519981998Aquarium Car176
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flatcar 6411 With Beechcraft Bonanza19981998Flatcar70
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Grand Canyon Route 6464 Boxcar 646419981998Boxcar237
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer 2273919981998Reefer100
Atomic Energy Commission Glow-In-The-Dark Boxcar19981998Boxcar32
Atomic Energy Commission Switcher 5719981998Switcher35
Atomic Energy Commission Tank Car 6515 With Reactor Fluid19981998Tank Car167
Automatic Crossing Gate And Signal19981999Crossing Gate00
Automatic Operating Semaphore19982008Semaphore11
Baltimore & Ohio Die-Cast 4 Bay Hopper19981998Hopper00
Bascule Bridge19981999Bridge73
Ben Franklin And Liberty Bell Reefer19981998Reefer00
Bethlehem Steel Gondola 6462 With Canisters19981998Gondola02
Biohazard Tank Car With Lights19981998Tank Car51
Block Target Signal19982000Signal62
Bonnano Lionel Legends Coach 265319981998Coach Car10
Boston & Maine Boxcar 6464-47519981998Boxcar80
Boston & Maine Boxcar 946419981998Boxcar107
Boston & Maine Dummy GP7 #238119981998Locomotive00
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel ABA Set19981998Diesel ABA Set42
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #238019981998Locomotive00
Boston & Maine TMCC Powered GP7 #238919981998Locomotive31
Bureau Of Land Management Log Car 335119981998Log Car101
Bureau Of Land Management Ore Car 347919981998Ore Car91
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 3-Bay Covered Hopper 2-Pack19981998Hopper40
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 3-Bay Covered Hopper 40369819982001Hopper02
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper 4019981998Hopper21
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Covered Hopper With End-Of-Train Device19981998Hopper22
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 Diesel 2-Pack, 739, 74019981998Diesel00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 Diesel 73919981998Diesel73
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 Diesel 74019981999Diesel10
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 9 Diesel 74519981998Diesel31
Caboose 635719981998Caboose52
Canadian National 4-6-2 Locomotive 2044, Tender19981998Locomotive30
Canadian Pacific 6464 Boxcar 646419981998Boxcar298
Canadian Pacific Rail Red Boxcar #5676719981998Boxcar30
Cantilever Signal Bridge19982006Bridge74
Celebrate The Century Stamp Boxcar19981998Boxcar3514
Central Of New Jersey Die Cast Hopper19981998Hopper30
Cheerios Boxcar19981998Boxcar00
Cheerios Boxcar19981998Boxcar12
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar With Chessie Kitten19981998Boxcar151
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola19981999Gondola00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy GP9 Diesel 238019981998Diesel54
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Hiawatha Double-Door Automobile Boxcar19981998Boxcar11
Christmas Aquarium Car19981998Aquarium Car152
Christmas Boxcar 199819981998Boxcar377
Christmas Gondola19981998Gondola70
City Of Providence Passenger Car19981998Passenger Car194
Classic Billboards, Set Of 319982000Set22
Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 319982002Set42
Coaling Tower, 3 Pieces19981998Tower11
Commodore Vanderbilt Heavyweight Sleeper Car 2-Pack19981998Sleeper Car72
Commodore Vanderbilt Highland Falls Sleeper19981998Sleeper Car30
Commodore Vanderbilt Niagara Falls Sleeper19981998Sleeper Car54
Conrail Dash 8-40B Diesel 5065 Command Control19981998Diesel30
Conrail Erie Overstamped Boxcar 646419981998Boxcar130
Conrail Flatcar With Blum Coal Shovel19981998Flatcar32
Conrail Penn Central Overstamped Boxcar 646419981998Boxcar113
Conrail Unit Trailer Train19981998Set01
Cotton Belt 4-Bay Hopper 64661 With Coal19981998Hopper00
Cotton Belt 4-Bay Hopper 64662 With Coal19981998Hopper00
Cotton Belt 4-Bay Hopper 64663 With Coal19981998Hopper810
Cotton Belt 4-Bay Hopper 64664 With Coal19981998Hopper10
Culvert Gondola 634219981999Gondola94
Culvert Loader19982001Loader51
Culvert Loader, Conventional19982000Loader01
Custom Series I GP9 Diesel19981998Diesel61
Delaware & Hudson 4-4-2 Steam Freight Set19981998Freight Set00
Delaware & Hudson Boxcar 182919981998Boxcar00
Delaware & Hudson Caboose #3570719981998Caboose10
Delaware & Hudson Columbia 4-4-2 Locomotive 140019981998Locomotive00
Delaware & Hudson Flatcar With Stakes19981998Flatcar00
Delaware & Hudson Semi-Scale Hopper 964219981998Hopper00
Delaware & Hudson Square Window Caboose 3570719981998Caboose00
Deluxe Complete Track Pack19982016Track12
Deluxe GP9 Diesel B Unit Upgrade Kit, Black Trucks19982001Diesel60
Deluxe Santa Fe Ft Diesel AA Set19982000Diesel AA Set50
Diamond-T Flatcar With Corgi Die-Cast Mack Trucks Std. O19981998Flatcar76
Die-Cast Girder Bridge19982001Bridge61
Die-Cast Hopper 4-Pack19981998Hopper50
Die-Cast Tank Car 4-Pack19981998Tank Car70
Dixie Division 10Th Anniversary Southern 3-Bay Hopper19981998Hopper01
Double Loop Add-On Track Pack19982016Track22
Double Loop Track Pack19982003Track01
Dwarf Signal19982000Signal21
East St. Louis Gondola19981998Gondola163
Electrocoupler Conversion Kit For Atlantic Locomotive19982001Locomotive30
Electrocouplers Kit For Dash 9 Diesel19982001Kits90
Electrocouplers Kit For F3 Diesel19982001Diesel11
Electrocouplers Kit For GP9 Diesel19982000Kits23
Electrocouplers Kit For J Class And Boston & Albany Tenders19982000Kits40
Electrocouplers Kit For Nw2 Switcher19981998Switcher00
Englehard Tank Car19981998Tank Car112
Erie ALCO PA1 Diesel 85019981998Diesel93
Erie Bay Window Caboose C301, Caboose Talk19981998Caboose85
Figure-8 Add-On Track Pack19982016Track43
Fire Car With Ladders19981998Fire Car10
Firefighting Instruction Generator Car19981998Generator Car00
Flat W/ Dodge Vipers19981998Flatcar161
Flat W/ Plymouth Prowler 9819981998Flatcar161
Flat W/Stakes/Pipes19981999Flatcar20
Flatcar With Fedex Trailer19981998Flatcar42
Flatcar With Propellers19981998Flatcar42
Flatcar With Safes19981998Flatcar91
Flatcar With VW Bug19981998Flatcar297
Freight Accessory Pack19981998Accessory51
Frisco 4-Bay Covered Hopper 8753819981998Hopper20
Frisco Campbell Tofc Flatcar19981998Flatcar51
Frisco Campbell Tofc Flatcar19981998Flatcar00
Frisco Special Tractor And Trailer19981998Tractor and Trailer00
Galveston Wharves Boxcar19981998Boxcar111
Gatorade One Dome Tank Car 631519981998Tank Car00
Getty Die-Cast One Dome Tank Car 400319981998Tank Car10
Getty Die-Cast One Dome Tank Car 400419981998Tank Car10
Getty Die-Cast One Dome Tank Car 400519981998Tank Car00
Getty Die-Cast Tank Car19981998Tank Car20
Getty Die-Cast Tank Car 3-Pack19981998Tank Car70
GG1 Boxcar19981998Boxcar356
Gondola, Blue, Online Store19981998Gondola131
Gooseneck Street Lamps, Set Of 219982000Set40
Govt. Of Canada ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper 700019981998Hopper44
Govt. Of Canada ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper 700119981998Hopper41
GP9 Diesel B-Unit Deluxe Upgrade Kit, Silver Trucks19982001Diesel10
Grand Rapids Station Platform19981998Station50
Great Northern Boxcar 6464-45019981998Boxcar90
Great Northern Empire Builder Prairie View Full Vista Dome Car19981998Dome Car12
Great Northern Empire Builder River View Full Vista Dome Car19981998Dome Car11
Great Northern Empire Builder Vista Dome Car 2-Pack19981998Vista Dome Car11
Gulf Die-Cast Tank Car19981998Tank Car50
Gulf Oil One Dome Tank Car 631519981998Tank Car02
Gulf Oil Three Dome Tank Car 642519981998Tank Car71
Halloween Animated Boxcar19981998Boxcar103
Harold The Helicopter Flatcar19981998Flatcar02
Highway Lights, Set Of 419981999Set00
Holiday Boxcar, Railsounds19981998Boxcar102
Holiday Music Bay Window Caboose19981998Caboose21
Holly Brothers Three Dome Tank Car19981998Tank Car161
I Love Indiana Boxcar19981998Boxcar176
I Love Massachusetts Boxcar19981998Boxcar163
Intermodal Containers, Set Of 319981998Set12
Intermodal Crane19981998Crane51
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar20
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar10
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar01
J.B. Hunt Flatcar With Trailer19981998Flatcar01
J.M. Huber Tank Car19981998Tank Car93
JC Penney Illinois Central 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 209919981998Locomotive22
Knoebel's Boxcar #319981998Boxcar10
Legends Of Lionel Madison Car 2-Pack19981998Multi Car Pack23
Lenny The Lion Hi-Cube, Signed By Lenny Dean19981998Boxcar151
Linex Gas Tractor-Tanker19981998Tractor and Tanker30
Linex Gasoline Tall Oil Tank19981999Accessory24

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