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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2008
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
#2442 Lionel Streamlined Clifton Vista Dome20082008Vista Dome Car00
#2444 Streamlined Newark Passenger Car20082008Passenger Car00
#2446 Streamlined Summit Observation Car20082008Observation Car00
#3494-625 SOO Line Operating Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
1484Ws Steam Passenger Set20082008Passenger Set60
1562 Burlington GP Passenger Set20082008Passenger Set52
1948 Lionel Art Boxcar20082008Boxcar181
1954 Lionel Art Boxcar20082008Boxcar101
2124W GG1 Passenger Set20082008Passenger Set75
2219W Lackawanna Train Master Freight Set20082008Freight Set23
267W O Gauge Flying Yankee Set (Loco #616)20082008Set42
3 Fork Lifts W/ Pallets20082008Accessory00
4-4-2 Lionel Lines Steam Engine & Tender #874320082008Locomotive10
Acrobats And Clowns Figures, 10 Pieces20082010Figures00
Alaska Madison 4Pk20082008Passenger Set00
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1150320082009Reefer20
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1150520082009Reefer10
Alaska Mechanical Reefer #1151120082009Reefer00
Alaska Mikado 2-8-2 Locomotive 70120082009Locomotive00
Alaska Operating Coal Dump Car With Vehicle20082008Dump Car00
Alaska Reefer20082008Reefer30
Alaska Reefer 3-Pack20082009Reefer30
Alaska Searchlight Car With Vehicle20082008Searchlight Car10
Alaska Trainsounds Baggage Car20082008Baggage Car00
Alien Security Car20082008Security Car51
Alien Spaceship Recovery Freight Set20082009Freight Set22
Allis-Chalmers Car 5236920082009Condenser Car40
Alton Limited Madison Passenger Car 4-Pack20082010Passenger Car13
Alton Limited Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 659, Traditional20082008Locomotive00
Alton Limited Trainsounds Baggage Car20082008Baggage Car00
Aluminum Passenger Coach 4-Wheel Scale Trucks, Pair20082009Passenger Coach00
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Memories Boxcar20082008Boxcar80
Angelo's Pizza Delivery Van20082008Vehicles00
Animated Billboard20082008Billboard103
Area 51 0-8-0 Steam20082009Locomotive00
Area 51 O27 Flat Car W/Alien Spacecrafts20082009Flatcar00
Area 51 Tank Car W/ Green Fluid20082009Tank Car00
Area 51 Transfer Caboose (Illuminated)20082009Caboose20
Area 51 Wood Sided Reefer20082009Reefer00
Arizona State Quarter Tank Car Bank20082009Tank Car00
Art Wood-Sided Reefer20082008Reefer60
Assured Comfort Hvac Van20082009Vehicles00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 2-8-2 Mikado Locomotive 315620082008Locomotive10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe ALCO Diesel AA Set, Horn20082008Diesel AA Set00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar 13746020082008Boxcar00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Culvert Gondola20082008Gondola20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Dash 8-40Bw Diesel 56220082008Diesel10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Dash 8-40CW Diesel 563, Nonpowered20082008Diesel10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Baggage Car 210320082008Baggage Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe El Capitan Vista Dome Car 315320082008Vista Dome Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit20082008Diesel01
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flatcar20082008Flatcar20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Girder Bridge20082009Bridge00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief 2-Bay Hopper 16227720082008Hopper00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Boxcar 62159320082008Boxcar00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Caboose20082008Caboose00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Flatcar 94468 With Trailer20082008Flatcar00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Streamliner Car 2-Pack20082008Streamliner Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Midnight Chief Streamliner Car 4-Pack20082008Streamliner Car00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Offset Hopper #7828920082009Hopper01
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Offset Hopper #7829320082009Hopper00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Offset Hopper #7839720082009Hopper10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Offset Hopper 3-Pack20082009Multi Car Pack10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Boxcar 2265820082009Boxcar00
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ps 60' Boxcar 3728720082008Boxcar03
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Steam Freight Set20082009Freight Set30
Auburn University Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Baldwin Locomotive Works Tankcar20082008Tank Car00
Baldwin Locomotives Works One Dome Tank Car 680920082008Tank Car00
Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-0 Consolidation Locomotive 2784, Railsounds20082008Locomotive00
Baltimore & Ohio Covered Hopper 60432120082008Hopper00
Baltimore & Ohio Double-Door Boxcar 49528920082008Boxcar00
Baltimore & Ohio Operating Boxcar20082008Boxcar10
Baltimore & Ohio Operating Hopper With Coal20082008Hopper10
Barn And Chicken Coop20082010Accessory10
Beaver Creek Logging Die-Cast Porter Locomotive20082009Locomotive00
Ben & Jerry's Reefer20082008Reefer44
Best Friend Of Charleston Coach20082008Coach Car00
Bethlehem Steel 0-4-0 Locomotive, Traditional20082009Locomotive30
Bethlehem Steel 16-Wheel Flatcar20082008Flatcar10
Bethlehem Steel Searchlight Car20082008Searchlight Car10
Bettendorf Scale Sprung Trucks, Pair20082009Trucks00
Bloomington Diner Car20082010Diner Car00
Bobbing Ghost Boxcar20082008Boxcar30
Bobbing Santa Boxcar20082008Boxcar30
Borden's Milk Car 2-Pack20082008Milk Car00
Bordens General American Milk Car #50420082008Milk Car00
Bordens General American Milk Car #50620082008Milk Car00
Boston & Albany Operating Log Dump Car20082009Dump Car01
Boston & Maine 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 3713, Railsounds20082008Locomotive01
Boston & Maine 40' Flatcar 33773 With Stakes20082009Flatcar10
Boston & Maine Caboose20082008Caboose00
Boston & Maine RS3 Diesel 153820082009Diesel00
Boxcar #1 Sam's Pennsylvania Railroad20082008Boxcar00
Boxcar #2 Sams Pennsylvania Railroad20082008Boxcar00
Boxcar Target Pennsy 50 Set20082008Set00
Boy Flying Kite20082008Kits00
Boyd Bros. And Ford Barn And Chicken Coop20082008Building00
Boyd Bros. Ford Classic Truck20082008Vehicles01
British Columbia Hi-Cube Boxcar20082008Boxcar20
British Great Western Shakespeare Express Passenger Train20082008Set10
Burlington Conventional Classic GP7 #232820082008Locomotive00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 3-Bay Aluminum Covered Hopper 3-Pack20082008Hopper00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Aluminum Hopper #48160620082008Hopper00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Aluminum Hopper #48161220082008Hopper00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Aluminum Hopper #48163320082008Hopper31
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Flatcar 585011 With Trailer20082008Flatcar00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola #67057020082008Gondola10
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola #67058320082008Gondola00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola #67059120082008Gondola10
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack20082008Gondola11
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Diesel 938020082008Diesel31
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70ACe Non-Powered Diesel Engine20082008Diesel00
Burning Switch Tower20082008Switch21
Canada Wheat 4-Bay Aluminum Hopper 60641820082008Hopper00
Canadian National Express Boxcar 1106120082009Boxcar21
Canadian National GP9 Diesel 4573, Traditional20082008Diesel00
Canadian Pacific Operating Hopper 962820082009Hopper10
Canadian Pacific Rail 6565 Boxcar 5870020082010Boxcar30
Canadian Pacific Rail Girder Bridge20082009Bridge10
Candy Vending Machine20082008Accessory00
Cargill Foods Unibody Tank Car 3-Pack20082009Tank Car11
Cargill Unibody Tank Car #476820082009Tank Car00
Case Closed Display Case20082008Display Case10
Case Closed Mint Car With Shredded Documents20082008Mint Car283
CB&CI Stock Car 5273120082008Stock Car10
Celanese Chemicals One Dome Tank Car 1273020082008Tank Car00
Central Of New Jersey Boxcab Diesel 1000, Horn20082008Diesel00
Central Of New Jersey Reefer 143820082009Reefer10
Central Of New Jersey Twin Dump Car20082008Dump Car00
CGW 40-Ton Stock Car 83820082008Stock Car10
Chatham Police Van20082009Vehicles00
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 30920082008Locomotive10
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose C-183820082009Caboose00
Chesapeake & Ohio Double Searchlight Car With Vehicle20082009Searchlight Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio E-7 AA Diesel Engine Set W/ TMCC Ii20082008Diesel AA Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar 80951 With Freight Kit20082008Flatcar00
Chesapeake & Ohio Operating Billboard20082008Billboard00
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-1 Boxcar 1871920082008Boxcar10
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer 778320082009Reefer10
Chessie System 4-Bay Hopper 6057320082008Hopper00
Chessie System Hopper 4780620082008Hopper11
Chessie System PS-2 Hopper 3-Pack20082009Hopper00
Chessise System PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #60012020082009Hopper10
Chessise System PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #60012520082009Hopper00
Chessise System PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #60013720082009Hopper00
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Baby Madison Coach "Webster Grove"20082010Coach Car00
Chicago & North Western Cop And Robber Chase Gondola20082009Gondola10
Chicago & North Western Mp15 Diesel With Ringling Bros. Banner20082009Diesel00
Chicago & North Western Passenger Set20082008Passenger Set00
Chicago & North Western PS-2CD 4427 Hopper #17087020082008Hopper00
Chicago & North Western PS-2CD 4427 Hopper #17087920082008Hopper00
Chicago & North Western PS-2CD 4427 Hopper #17089920082008Hopper00
Chicago & North Western PS-2CD Covered Hopper 3-Pack20082008Hopper00
Chicago & North Western S2 Diesel Switcher 103120082008Diesel10
Chicago & North Western Stock Car 1430320082008Stock Car10
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF 2-Bay Covered Hopper 18392520082009Hopper21
Christmas 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive, Traditional20082008Locomotive10
Christmas Animated Gondola20082008Gondola00
Christmas Boxcar 200820082008Boxcar20
Christmas Dump Car #200820082008Dump Car22
Christmas Egg Nog Barrel Car20082008Barrel Car10
Christmas Flatcar With Reindeer Trailers20082008Flatcar40
Christmas Girder Bridge20082008Bridge10
Christmas Locomotive #261E20082008Locomotive00
Christmas Music Boxcar 200820082008Boxcar40
Christmas Observation Car20082008Observation Car00
Christmas Operating Billboard20082008Billboard20
Christmas Snowplow20082010Snowplow90
Christmas Tank Car #65420082008Tank Car00
Christmas Tender #261T20082008Tender00
Christmas Tinplate Freight Set20082008Freight Set00
Christmas Toy Store20082008Building20
Christmas Tractor Trailer With Trees20082008Tractor and Trailer10
Christmas Water Tower20082010Water Tower00
Church Figures, 5, With Accessories20082010Figures00
City Figures, 7, With Scooter20082010Figures00
City Traction Speeder Add-On20082008Speeder00
City Traction Trolley Add-On20082008Trolley00
City Traction Trolley Barn20082009Trolley30
City Traction Trolley With Ringling Bros. Banner20082009Trolley11
Classic Billboard Set20082010Set10
Coal Tipple Coal Pack, 6020082017Accessory81
Coastal King Seafood Wood-Sided Reefer20082008Reefer00
Coffee Vending Machine20082008Accessory10
Cola Illuminated Vending Machine20082009Accessory00
Cold Drinks Vending Machine20082008Accessory40
Colonial House20082010Building11
Commemorative 4-Bay Hopper20082008Hopper93
Commuter People20082017Figures41
Conrail Auto Carrier 786414, 2-Tier20082008Auto Carrier00
Conrail Extended Vision Caboose20082009Caboose40
Conrail Flatcar 705910 With Norfolk Southern Container20082008Flatcar00
Conrail Lionmaster Diesel Freight Set20082009Freight Set00
Conrail Lionmaster Sd-80 Diesel Locomotive20082009Locomotive00
Conrail Lionmaster SD8Omac Diesel, Nonpowered20082008Diesel10
Conrail SD80 Mac Legacy Engine & Smoking Caboose20082009Caboose00
Conventional Classic Pennsylvania GG1 Green 5-Stripe #233220082008Locomotive00
Cornell RPO Car20082009RPO Car00
Cotton Belt Offset Cupola Wood-Sided Caboose 223020082008Caboose01
Cotton Belt SD-40T-2 Diesel Engine W/ TMCC Ii20082008Diesel00
Country L-Shaped Ranch House20082010Building00
Crown Express Stocking Hanger20082008Hallmark31
CSX Ac6000 Diesel20082008Diesel01
CSX Ac6000 Diesel 609, Nonpowered20082008Diesel10
CSX Ac6000 Diesel 610, Nonpowered, Railsounds20082008Diesel00
CSX Water Tower20082008Water Tower00
Dairymen's League Operating Milk Car, Green, With Platform20082008Milk Car00
Dealer Boxcar20082008Boxcar110
Deep Rock Three Dome Tank Car 215220082008Tank Car20
Delaware & Hudson Bay Window Caboose 3572520082008Caboose10
Delaware & Hudson Boxcar20082008Boxcar30
Delaware & Hudson GP38-2 Diesel 730720082008Diesel20
Delaware & Hudson GP38-2 Non-Powered Diesel Engine20082008Diesel00
Denver & Rio Grande Western #5102 GP7 Non-Powered Diesel Engine20082008Diesel00
Denver & Rio Grande Western #5103 GP7 Diesel Engine W/ TMCC Ii20082008Diesel00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bunk Car, Smoke20082008Bunk Car01
Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 Diesel B Unit20082008Diesel33
Denver & Rio Grande Western Fast Freight Set20082009Freight Set00
Denver & Rio Grande Western GP7 Diesel 510120082008Diesel00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Ps 60' Boxcar 6383520082008Boxcar20
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Coil Car 135220082008Coil Car10
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Flatcar 90059 With Ford Trailer20082009Flatcar00
Diner20082010Diner Car00
Dirty Dogz Van Superstreets Set20082008Set00
Disney Holiday Boxcar20082008Boxcar00
Disney Single Dome Tank Car20082008Tank Car00
Division Of Prisons Bus Superstreets Set20082009Set00
Dogbone Expander Pack20082010Track10
Double Signal Bridge, 3652620082008Bridge00
Double Tunnel Portals, 2 Pieces20082010Tunnel00
Dow Chemical Tank Car20082008Tank Car00
Dual Track Signal Bridge20082010Track00
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 2999120082008Ore Car00
Dump Bin20082010Accessory00
Eaglebrook Aluminum Tank Car 1903920082008Tank Car01
Elephants And Giraffes, 2 Pair20082010Figures42

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