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Released: 1980
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
027 Remote Switch Right Hand198019946-5132Switch44
31 Remote Switch Left Hand198019946-5133Switch23
AC Transformer198019826-4850Transformer0
Allis-Chalmers Condenser Car198019836-9232Condenser Car2
Arm & Hammer Billboard Reefer198019806-9812Reefer17
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 4-4-0 Locomotive198019826-8005Locomotive15
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Baggage Car198019826-9541Baggage Car4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flatcar With Horses198019826-9306Flatcar4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Canisters198019836-9379Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Manual Gantry Crane198019836-2303Crane0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Cowboy Car198019826-9305Stock Car8
Atlantic Coast Line 4-6-4 Locomotive198019806-8006Locomotive2
Atlantic Division Flatcar With Trailers198019806-1980Flatcar0
Atlantic Sugar Covered Quad Hopper198019806-9371Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper15
Bakelite Three Dome Tank Car198019806-9327Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car10
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar198019806-9420Boxcar28
Bay Line Boxcar198019816-9427Boxcar21
Bazooka Bubble Gum Billboard Reefer198019806-9817Reefer3
Brach's Candy Billboard Reefer198019806-9816Reefer10
British Columbia Railway Double-Door Boxcar198019806-9425Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar23
Burlington "Silver Dome" Vista Dome Car198019806-9588Vista Dome Car7
Burlington "Silver Gladiola" Passenger Car198019806-9578Passenger Car9
Burlington "Silver Halter" Passenger Car198019806-9577Passenger Car11
Burlington "Silver Kettle" Vista Dome Car198019806-9579Vista Dome Car12
Burlington "Silver Pouch" Baggage Car198019806-9576Baggage Car10
Burlington "Silver Veranda" Observation Car198019806-9580Observation Car8
Burlington F3 Diesel B Unit198019806-8062Diesel6
Burlington F3A Dual Motor Diesel198019806-8054Set5
Burlington F3A Dual Motor Diesel198019806-8055Diesel1
Burlington NW2 Switcher198019806-8057Switcher4
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar198019806-9426Boxcar11
Chesapeake Flyer Set198019806-1052Freight Set2
Chessie 2-8-4 Locomotive198019806-8003Locomotive10
Chessie 4-4-2 Locomotive198019806-8008Locomotive0
Chessie Bay Window Caboose198019806-9328Caboose - Bay Window Caboose6
Chessie Crane Car198019806-9329Crane Car10
Chessie Sp-Type Caboose198019806-9381Caboose2
Chessie Steam Special Baggage Car198019806-9581Baggage Car9
Chessie Steam Special Combination Car198019806-9582Combination Car6
Chessie Steam Special Observation Car198019806-9585Observation Car2
Chessie Steam Special Passenger Car198019806-9583Passenger Car1
Chessie Steam Special Passenger Car198019806-9584Passenger Car5
Chessie System Royal Limited Set198019806-1070Freight Set7
Chessie U36C Diesel198019806-8061Diesel2
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose (TTOS 1980)198019806-9361Caboose - Bay Window Caboose8
Chicago & North Western Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel198019806-8056Diesel10
Chicago & North Western Flatcar with Vans198019806-9352Flatcar0
Chicago Observation Car (TCA 1980)198019806-9544Observation Car9
Citgo Three Dome Tank Car198019806-9344Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car10
Cross Country Express Set198019816-1072Freight Set4
Crystal Line Three Dome Tank Car198019806-9353Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car12
DC Transformer198019856-4065Transformer0
Delaware & Hudson Bay Window Caboose198019806-9355Caboose - Bay Window Caboose12
Delaware & Hudson U36C Diesel198019806-8050Diesel4
Delaware & Hudson U36C Diesel Dummy Unit198019806-8051Diesel0
Depressed Center Flatcar With Transformer198019806-9233Flatcar - Depressed Center Flatcar7
Derrick Car198019826-9378Derrick Car2
Elgin, Joliet & Eastern Boxcar198019806-9422Boxcar12
Erie Animated Gondola198019846-9307Gondola30
Florida East Coast Bay Window Caboose198019806-9382Caboose - Bay Window Caboose2
Florida East Coast GP9 Diesel198019806-8064Diesel0
Florida East Coast GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit198019806-8065Diesel0
Freight Platform Kit198019906-2784Kits0
Getty One Dome Tank Car198019836-9373Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Gooseneck Street Lamps, Set Of 2198019846-2171Set4
Green Pennsylvania F-3B Diesel Dummy Unit198019806-8059Diesel5
Joshua Lionel Cowen Box Car The Early Years198019806-9429Boxcar23
Joshua Lionel Cowen Box Car The Golden Years198019806-9433Boxcar11
Joshua Lionel Cowen Box Car The Post War Years198019806-9432Boxcar8
Joshua Lionel Cowen Box Car The Pre War Years198019806-9431Boxcar23
Joshua Lionel Cowen Box Car The Standard Gauge Years198019806-9430Boxcar17
Joshua Lionel Cowen The Man Boxcar198019806-9434Boxcar28
Layout Starter Pack198019846-2792Accessory0
Lifesavers Pep-O-Mint One Dome Tank Car198019806-9356Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car0
Lionel 1980 Electric Trains Catalog19801980Catalog55
Maine Central Boxcar198019806-9421Boxcar24
Major League Baseball American League Boxcar198019806-9625Boxcar9
Major League Baseball National League Boxcar198019806-9624Boxcar12
Mid Atlantic Limited Set198019806-1071Freight Set4
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 9300198019806-9377Boxcar0
Museum Boxcar (TCA 1980)198019806-7780Boxcar2
NBA Eastern Boxcar198019806-9623Boxcar23
NBA Western Boxcar198019806-9622Boxcar22
New Englander Set198019816-1050Freight Set0
New York, New Haven & Hartford 2-6-4 Locomotive198019816-8007Locomotive0
New York, New Haven & Hartford Boxcar198019806-9423Boxcar11
New York, New Haven & Hartford Sp-Type Caboose198019816-9380Caboose0
NHL Campbell Boxcar198019806-9621Boxcar8
NHL Wales Boxcar198019806-9620Boxcar15
Nickel Plate Road 2-6-4 Locomotive198019806-8001Locomotive1
Oklahoma City Reefer (TTOS 1980)198019806-9868Reefer8
Operating Sawmill198019846-2301Building6
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer198019806-9811Reefer26
Pennsylvania F3 Diesel B Unit198019806-8060Diesel6
Pennsylvania Railroad 3-Tier Auto Carrier198019806-9351Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier4
Pennzoil One Dome Tank Car198019816-9354Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car8
Perrier Billboard Reefer198019806-9814Reefer26
Power Master Transformer198019936-4060Transformer19
Radioactive Waste Car198019806-9234Other Cars5
Reading Covered Quad Hopper198019836-9374Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper4
Rock Island & Peoria 4-4-0 Locomotive198019826-8004Locomotive10
Rock Island GP20 Diesel (LCCA 1980)198019806-8068Diesel6
Ruffles Potato Chips Billboard Reefer198019806-9813Reefer6
San Francisco Mint Car198019806-9349Mint Car37
Sands Of Iowa Covered Quad Hopper (LCCA 1980)198019806-9358Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper17
Seaboard Coast Line Bay Window Caboose198019806-9372Caboose - Bay Window Caboose5
Seaboard Coast Line Gondola With Canisters198019806-9370Gondola17
Seaboard SD9 Diesel198019806-8063Diesel3
Sinclair One Dome Tank Car198019806-9369Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car1
Sp-Type Caboose (IETCA 1980)198019806-1980Caboose0
Texas & Pacific Alco Fa-2198019806-8067Diesel0
Texas & Pacific Diesel Set198019806-1051Freight Set1
The James Gang Set198019826-1053Freight Set0
Toledo, Peoria & Western Bay Window Caboose198019836-9309Caboose - Bay Window Caboose4
Toledo, Peoria & Western Boxcar198019806-9424Boxcar25
Toledo, Peoria & Western Boxcar198019836-9428Boxcar4
Toledo, Peoria & Western GP20 Diesel198019836-8066Diesel5
Toy Fair 1980 Boxcar198019806-7817Boxcar4
Trailer Train Flatcar With Circus Trailers (SDTCA 1980)198019806-9352Flatcar3
Union Pacific 2-8-4 Locomotive198019806-8002Locomotive17
Union Pacific Bay Window Caboose198019806-9368Caboose - Bay Window Caboose10
Union Pacific Boxcar198019806-9419Boxcar24
Union Pacific Boxcar198019805-8613HO Boxcar8
Union Pacific Covered Quad Hopper198019806-9366Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper16
Union Pacific Flatcar198019806-9375Flatcar0
Union Pacific Manual Gantry Crane198019826-2302Crane6
Union Pacific One Dome Tank Car198019806-9367Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car21
Union Pacific Piggyback Flatcar With Trailers198019806-9383Flatcar17
Virginian SD18 Diesel198019806-8071Diesel9
Virginian SD18 Diesel Dummy Unit198019806-8072Diesel4
Western Maryland Reefer198019806-9818Reefer10

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