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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 2014
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Jeff Gordon #24 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
10 Girder Bridge Track20142017Track85
1926 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Canvas Print20142015Misc40
1926 Catalog Cover Large Classic Lionel Canvas Print20142015Misc10
1927 Catalog Cover Classic Lionel Canvas Print20142015Print70
1936 Catalog Cover Large Classic Lionel Canvas Print20142015Misc00
2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Pilot Locomotive20142014Locomotive01
2014 Dealer Appreciation Boxcar20142014Boxcar64
2014 MLB World Series Champion Boxcar20142014Boxcar50
263E Steam Locomotive W/ Tender20142014Locomotive00
265W Tender20142014Hallmark253
36-Watt Power Supply, Lionchief20142014Power Supply20
45Th Anniversary Auto Rack Loader20142014Loader40
4Th Of July Parade Boxcar20142016Boxcar83
601 Observation Car20142014Hallmark71
Alaska 4-6-2 Locomotive 652, Lionchief20142017Locomotive10
Alaska Sd7Cmac Diesel 400220142014Diesel00
Alaska Sd7Cmac Diesel 400520142014Diesel00
Alaska Steel-Sided Reefer 1080620142014Reefer40
Albert Hall Coach Car #120142015Coach Car00
Albert Hall Coach Car #220142015Coach Car00
Albert Hall Diner Car20142015Diner Car00
Albert Hall European Steam Passenger Set, Lionchief20142015Set00
Albert Hall LionChief 4-6-020142015Locomotive10
Alien Ooze One Dome Tank Car20142015Tank Car00
Amtrak Add-On Baggage Car20142016Baggage Car00
Amtrak FT A Unit #13620142015Diesel10
Amtrak Ft Diesel Passenger Set, Lionchief20142015Set20
Amtrak Streamliner Observation20142015Observation Car00
Amtrak Stremliner Coach20142015Coach Car00
Amtrak Stremliner Coach20142015Coach Car00
Amtrak Tie Work Car 6720142016Work Car50
Amtrak Tie-Jector20142016Tie-Jector40
Amtrak Water Tower20142017Water Tower10
Andrew Jackson Presidential Boxcar20142016Boxcar90
Angela Trotta Thomas 'Imagination' Puzzle (500 Pcs)20142015Puzzle00
Angela Trotta Thomas 2014 Annual Ornament20142014Ornament00
Angela Trotta Thomas 2014 Collectable Ornament20142014Ornament00
Angela Trotta Thomas Blanket20142014Misc00
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Billboard Pack20142014Billboard11
Angela Trotta Thomas Garden Flag20142014Accessory12
Angela Trotta Thomas House Flag20142014Building30
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa Fe '56 Puzzle (1000 Pcs)20142015Puzzle00
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Letter Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Angela Trotta Thomas Santa's Letter Puzzle (1000 Pcs)20142014Puzzle00
Angela Trotta Thomas Texas Special Puzzle '54 (500 Pcs)20142015Puzzle00
Angela Trotta Thomas Wall Tapestry20142014Misc00
Angela Trotta Thomas Welcome Mat20142014Misc00
Angels Baseball Boxcar20142014Boxcar10
Ann Arbor Fa-2 Diesel AA Set 53/53A20142014Diesel AA Set00
Ann Arbor Fa-2 Non Powered A #53A20142014Diesel00
Ann Arbor Fa-2 Powered A #5320142014Diesel00
Ann Arbor Fb2 Diesel 53B20142014Diesel00
Ann Arbor Fb2 Diesel, Nonpowered20142014Diesel00
Anthracite Blue Quad Hopper #745620142015Hopper10
Arizona Diamondbacks Boxcar20142014Boxcar10
Arizona Eastern Ore Car20142014Ore Car42
AT&SF "Chief" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #13975920142014Boxcar00
AT&SF "Scout" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #14851920142014Boxcar00
AT&SF "Super Chief" Scale PS-1 Boxcar #14280320142014Boxcar00
AT&SF 2-8-2 Locomotive 3158, Lionchief20142016Locomotive00
AT&SF GP7 Diesel 2656, Lionchief20142015Diesel11
AT&SF Tie Work Car 8209320142016Work Car43
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flatcar With Piggyback Trailers #9257020142015Flatcar11
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #3470120142017Reefer10
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #760720142017Reefer20
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Wood-Sided Reefer #782220142017Reefer30
Atlanta Braves Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Baltimore & Ohio 18 Aluminum Baggage/Sleeper Car 2-Pack20142014Baggage Car00
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Locomotive 5307, Lionchief20142017Locomotive10
Baltimore & Ohio Depressed-Center Flatcar With Transformer20142015Flatcar20
Baltimore & Ohio Fa-2 Diesel AA Set 817/82720142015Diesel AA Set00
Baltimore & Ohio Fa-2 Non Powered A #82720142015Diesel00
Baltimore & Ohio Fa-2 Powered A #81720142015Diesel00
Baltimore & Ohio Fb2 Diesel 817B20142015Diesel20
Baltimore & Ohio Fb2 Diesel, Nonpowered20142015Diesel10
Baltimore Orioles Boxcar20142014Boxcar20
Bangor & Aroostook Animated Aquarium Car #700020142015Aquarium Car00
Barrel Loading Building20142017Building40
Barrel Shed20142016Building80
Bass Pro Shop 2-4-2 LionChief Scout20142014Locomotive20
Bass Pro Shops North Pole Central Lines Set20142014Set00
Batman Add-On M7 Subway Car 2-Pack20142015Multi Car Pack00
Berwind Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack20142015Hopper00
Bethlehem Steel 52' Gondola 303022 With 3-Piece Covers20142014Gondola40
Bethlehem Steel Boom Car, Railsounds20142014Boom Car02
Bethlehem Steel Crane Car20142014Crane Car11
Bethlehem Steel PS-1 Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Boston & Maine 6464 Boxcar #7618920142015Boxcar10
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel #234620142015Diesel00
Boston & Maine Paul Revere GP9 Diesel Freight Set20142015Freight Set22
Boston & Maine Porthole Caboose20142015Caboose00
Boston & Maine Quad Hopper W/Coal20142015Hopper10
Boston & Maine Reefer 187820142016Reefer30
Boston Red Sox Boxcar20142014Boxcar10
Burlington Northern 8,000-Gallon One Dome Tank Car 97710020142014Tank Car11
Burlington Northern Maxi-Stack Pair20142016Stack Car01
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 52' Gondola 523300 With 3-Piece Covers20142014Gondola20
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70mac Diesel 985820142014Diesel11
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70mac Diesel 986020142014Diesel00
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Waffle-Sided Boxcar 49646420142015Boxcar22
Burlington Northern SD70mac Diesel 942420142014Diesel00
Burlington Northern SD70mac Diesel 943120142014Diesel00
Canadian National 4-6-4 Locomotive 5702, Lionchief20142017Locomotive00
Canadian National Es44Ac Diesel 281220142014Diesel00
Canadian National Es44Ac Diesel 281820142014Diesel00
Canadian National Hi-Cube Boxcar 79934620142014Boxcar23
Canadian Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 2469, Lionchief20142017Locomotive10
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Coach #130320142016Coach Car10
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Coach #146820142016Coach Car10
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Combine #273520142016Combine Car10
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Observation #661220142016Observation Car00
Canadian Pacific Baby Madison Passenger Car 3-Pack20142016Passenger Car22
Canadian Pacific Bilevel Auto Carrier20142016Auto Carrier00
Canadian Pacific Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack20142016Baggage Car20
Canadian Pacific Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car00
Canadian Pacific H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 890020142014Diesel00
Canadian Pacific H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 890320142014Diesel00
Canadian Pacific PS-5 Flatcar 301000 With Piggyback Trailers20142014Flatcar00
Canadian Pacific Tractor And Piggyback Trailer20142017Tractor and Trailer01
Central Of Georgia Boxcar 581820142017Boxcar50
Central Of New Jersey 0-4-0 Steam Switcher #30820142015Switcher11
Central Of New Jersey 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive 84520142014Locomotive00
Central Of New Jersey Crane Car #4867320142015Crane Car00
Central Of New Jersey Diesel Passenger Set, Lionchief20142016Set20
Central Of New Jersey Double-Sheathed Boxcar 1401420142015Boxcar33
Central Of New Jersey Flatcar With Wheel Load #8104520142015Flatcar00
Central Of New Jersey H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 240120142014Diesel00
Central Of New Jersey H-24-66 Train Master Diesel 240620142014Diesel00
Central Of New Jersey Montclair Add-On Passenger Car20142016Passenger Car11
Central of New Jersey RS-3 #154020142016Diesel10
Central Of New Jersey Scale 50' Double Door Boxcar20142014Boxcar31
Central Of New Jersey Square Window Caboose #9153920142015Caboose01
Central Of New Jersey Water Tower20142017Water Tower11
Chesapeake & Ohio 18 Aluminum Baggage/Diner Car 2-Pack20142014Diner Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio 18 Aluminum Combinationnista Dome Car 2-Pack20142014Dome Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio 18 Aluminum Observation/Coach Car 2-Pack20142014Coach Car00
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 268720142014Locomotive00
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Locomotive 308, Lionchief20142017Locomotive30
Chesapeake & Ohio 50-Ton Twin Hopper #6168020142016Hopper10
Chesapeake & Ohio 50-Ton Twin Hopper #6169120142016Hopper10
Chesapeake & Ohio 50-Ton Twin Hopper #6169920142016Hopper20
Chesapeake & Ohio E8 Diesel AA Set20142014Diesel AA Set00
Chesapeake & Ohio Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack20142016Hopper00
Chesapeake & Ohio Legacy Scale E8 Non Powered A Unit #402720142014Diesel00
Chesapeake & Ohio Legacy Scale E8 Powered A Unit #402420142014Diesel00
Chessie System 2-8-2 Locomotive 2103, Lionchief20142015Locomotive00
Chessie System Baby Madison Passenger Car 3-Pack20142016Passenger Car20
Chessie System Coach/Baggage Car 2-Pack20142016Baggage Car30
Chessie System Coach/Diner 2-Pack20142016Diner Car00
Chicago & Illinois Midland 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive 55120142014Locomotive00
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose20142015Caboose00
Chicago & North Western Evans Auto Loader #6414X20142015Loader10
Chicago & North Western GP38 Diesel #189920142015Diesel00
Chicago & North Western RS3 Diesel 1621, Lionchief20142016Diesel10
Chicago & North Western Standard O Uni-Body Tank Car #346520142015Tank Car00
Chicago & North Western Windy City GP38 Diesel Freight Set20142015Freight Set20
Chicago Cubs Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Chicago White Sox Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Gl-A 2-Bay Hopper 3-Pack20142016Hopper50
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy GP7 Diesel 1596, Lionchief20142015Diesel00
Christmas Blinking Water Tower20142014Water Tower30
Christmas Boxcar 201420142014Boxcar10
Christmas Classic Street Lamps20142017Accessory90
Christmas Girder Bridge Track20142017Track12
Christmas Gondola With Reindeer Feed Vats20142014Gondola50
Christmas Hopper Shed20142017Hopper00
Christmas Toys Stock Car20142014Stock Car20
Christmas Wish One Dome Tank Car20142014Tank Car10
Christmas Wreath Clock Tower20142017Tower01
Cincinnati Reds Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Classic Automatic Gateman20142017Gateman130
Classic Lionel Catalogs Billboard Pack20142015Billboard00
Cleveland Indians Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Coaling Station20142017Station41
Coca-Cola Polar Bear Boxcar20142014Boxcar125
Colorado Rockies Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Conrad The Conductor Bear By Gund20142014Misc00
Conrail 86' Boxcar #23796020142016Boxcar00
Conrail 86' Boxcar #23797220142015Boxcar00
Conrail 86' Boxcar #23797720142014Boxcar00
Conrail 86' Boxcar #23823420142014Boxcar10
Conrail Big Blue High-Cube Boxcar Diesel Freight Set20142014Freight Set30
Conrail Hi-Cube Boxcar 2-Pack20142016Multi Car Pack10
Conrail N5B Caboose 2288220142015Caboose21
Conrail SD70mac Diesel 413820142014Diesel10
Construction Zone Signs #220142017Accessory30
Conventional Classics Union Pacific F-3A Non-Powered #2362T20142014Locomotive00
Conventional Classics Union Pacific F-3A Powered #2362P20142014Locomotive00
CSX 52' Gondola 709190 With 3-Piece Covers20142014Gondola10
CSX Boom Car, Railsounds20142016Boom Car10
CSX Crane Car20142016Crane Car20
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 93720142014Diesel10
CSX Es44Ac Diesel 94420142014Diesel00
CSX SD70mac Diesel 77820142014Diesel10
CSX SD70mac Diesel 78120142014Diesel00
Dale Earnhardt #3 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 Nascar Train Set20142014Freight Set00
DC Comics Batman M7 Subway Set, Lionchief20142015Set00
Denver & Rio Grande Western Bi-Level Stock Car #6379520142015Stock Car10
Denver & Rio Grande Western Ore Car 3110120142015Ore Car40
Denver & Rio Grande Western RS3 Diesel 5202, Lionchief20142016Diesel10
Detroit Tigers Boxcar20142014Boxcar00
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Boom Car, Railsounds20142016Boom Car01
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Crane Car20142016Crane Car30
Dinosaur Diesel Freight Set, Lionchief20142016Freight Set116
Dinosaur One Dome Tank Car20142016Tank Car00
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Boxcar20142016Boxcar21
Entenmann's Quad Hopper20142014Hopper42
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 332120142014Locomotive10
Erie Double-Sheathed Boxcar 7110720142015Boxcar24
Erie E8 Diesel AA Set20142014Diesel AA Set00
Erie Fa-2 Diesel AA Set 736A/736D20142015Diesel AA Set10
Erie Fa-2 Non Powered A #73620142015Diesel00
Erie Fa-2 Powered A #73620142015Diesel00
Erie Fb2 Diesel 736B20142015Diesel00
Erie Fb2 Diesel, Nonpowered20142015Diesel00
Erie Legacy Scale E8 Non Powered A Unit #82720142014Diesel00
Erie Legacy Scale E8 Powered A Unit #82220142014Diesel00
Erie-Lackawanna Mint Car20142014Mint Car20
Fastrack 0-31 Curved Track 4-Pack20142016Track00
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track73
Fastrack 0-31 Manual Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track81
Fastrack 0-31 Quarter Curved Track20142016Track31
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track71
Fastrack 0-31 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track815
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track85
Fastrack 0-36 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track116
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track70
Fastrack 0-48 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track71
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track52
Fastrack 0-60 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track60
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Left-Hand20142016Track41
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Right-Hand20142016Track41
Fastrack 0-72 Remote Switch, Wye20142016Track72
Fastrack 0-96 Curve20142014Track141
Fastrack Figure-8 Track And Power Pack20142017Track01
Fastrack Oval Track And Power Pack20142017Track00
Fastrack Terminal, Lionchief20142016Track180
Ferromex Es44Ac Diesel 461720142014Diesel00
Ferromex Es44Ac Diesel 462620142014Diesel00
Florida East Coast Gondola 6121 With Reels20142016Gondola00
Frisco 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Locomotive 412620142014Locomotive00

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