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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
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Released: 1994
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
40-Watt Control System19942005Transformer32
Alaska Bulkhead Flatcar19941994Flatcar03
Alaska One Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car55
American Refrigerator Transit Co. Reefer19941994Reefer00
Animated Ice Depot19941999Building93
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar19941994Boxcar110
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar 1624719941994Boxcar00
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-2 Locomotive 530019941994Locomotive61
Baltimore & Ohio One Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car21
Big Red Control Button19942000Controller82
Bugs Bunny And Yosemite Sam Outlaw Car19941994Other Cars71
Burlington Coal Dump Car19941994Dump Car80
Burlington Ice Car19941995Ice Car157
Burlington Northern Gondola With Coil Covers19941994Gondola100
Burlington Northern TTUX Flatcar 637500C With Canadian National Trailer19941994Flatcar40
Burlington Northern TTUX Flatcar Set With Conrail Trailers19941994Flatcar32
Canadian National (Grand Trunk) GP38-2 Diesel 580019941994Diesel02
Canadian National Maxi-Stack Flatcar Set With Containers19941994Flatcar101
Canadian National Tractor And Trailer 19799319941994Tractor and Trailer42
Canadian Pacific Bulkhead Flatcar With Pulp Load19941994Flatcar54
Canadian Pacific Flatcar With Rail Load19941994Flatcar115
Caraii Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer00
Carail Boxcar19941994Boxcar60
Carail Boxcar19941994Boxcar00
CCC&STL Hopper19941994Hopper102
Cherry Picker Car19941994Other Cars254
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive 863319941995Locomotive30
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar With Trailer19941994Flatcar61
Chesapeake & Ohio Freight Set19941994Freight Set30
Chesapeake & Ohio Sd28 Diesel 883419941994Diesel11
Chesapeake & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose19941994Caboose10
Chesapeake & Ohio Stock Car19941994Stock Car31
Chessie System 2-4-0 Locomotive 199319941995Locomotive00
Chicago & North Western Covered Quad Hopper19941994Hopper136
Chicago & North Western Nw2 Switcher 101719941994Switcher35
Christmas Boxcar 199419941994Boxcar246
Chrysler Mopar Caboose19941994Caboose13
Chrysler Mopar Gondola With Coil Covers19941996Gondola20
Chrysler Mopar Nw2 Switcher 181819941994Switcher20
Chrysler Mopar Set19941994Set31
Chrysler Mopar Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer14
Classic Street Lamps, Set Of 319942000Set42
Clearly Canadian One Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car62
Clinchfield Quad Hopper 16413 With Coal19941994Hopper00
Clinchfield Quad Hopper With Coal19941994Hopper60
Coil Covers, Pair19941998Accessory260
Columbus & Greenville Boxcar19941995Boxcar74
Conrail Sd-60M Diesel 550019941994Diesel117
Crayola Activity Train Set19941995Set62
Crayola Boxcar19941995Boxcar00
Crayola Gondola With Crayons19941995Gondola00
Crayola Sp-Type Caboose19941995Caboose11
Crayola Switcher19941995Switcher20
CSX Dash 8-40C Diesel 750019941994Diesel43
CSX Dash 8-40C Diesel 764319941994Diesel41
CSX Hopper 295110 With Coal19941994Hopper70
Dairymen's League Milk Car 78819941994Milk Car73
Deep Rock Three Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car134
Denver & Rio Grande Western Switcher 892519941995Switcher10
Die-Cast Intermodal Trailer Frame19942001Accessory13
Disney Ep-5 Electric Locomotive 831119941994Locomotive203
Disney Extended Vision Caboose19941994Caboose134
Fire Car With Ladders19941994Other Cars21
Flatcar With Farm Tractors19941994Flatcar140
Flatcar With Water Tank19941994Flatcar192
Ford 4-4-2 Locomotive 864119941994Locomotive33
Ford Double-Door Boxcar19941994Boxcar41
Ford Flatcar With Trailer19941994Flatcar61
Ford Gondola 402319941994Gondola50
Ford Hopper 145819941994Hopper01
Ford Limited Edition Set19941994Set41
Ford One Dome Tank Car 1219941994Tank Car42
Ford One Dome Tank Car 1219941994Tank Car30
Ford One Dome Tank Car With Kughn Inscription19941994Tank Car40
Ford Sp-Type Caboose19941994Caboose20
Frisco Nw2 Switcher 25419941994Switcher51
Frisco Searchlight Caboose19941994Caboose30
Great Northern 2-Bay ACF Hopper 17387219941994Hopper112
Great Northern Log Dump Car19941994Dump Car40
Grumman Tractor19941994Tractor00
GT Extended Vision Caboose 79052, Smoke19941994Caboose20
Happy Holidays RS3 Diesel 883719941995Diesel10
Heinz Reefer19941994Reefer50
Hooker Chemical Single Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car00
Hormel Reefer 10219941994Reefer73
Hudson's Bay One Dome Tank Car19941994Tank Car92
I Love Nevada Boxcar19941994Boxcar213
Illinois Central Gulf Hopper 72867 With Coal19941994Hopper33
Illinois Central SD-40 Diesel 600719941994Diesel21
Illinois Central Switcher 892419941995Switcher52
Intermodal Containers, Set Of 319941995Set73
James & The Troublesome Trucks Set19941995Set00
JC Penney Missouri-Kansas-Texas Extended Vision Caboose 12519941994Caboose00
JC Penney Missouri-Kansas-Texas GP9 Diesel 91, Display Case19941994Diesel30
Kansas City Southern Gondola With Coil Covers19941995Gondola114
L.L. Bean Boxcar19941994Boxcar00
Lackawanna Baggage Car 200019941994Baggage Car92
Lackawanna Combination Car 42519941994Combination Car71
Lackawanna Diner 46919941994Diner Car51
Lackawanna Observation Car 78919941994Observation Car61
Lackawanna Passenger Cars, Set Of 419941994Passenger Set31
Lackawanna Passenger Coach 21119941994Passenger Coach32
Lackawanna Passenger Coach 26019941994Passenger Coach61
LCCA 94 Southern Hopper19941994Hopper20
Lehigh Valley Gondola With Canisters19941994Gondola50
Lionel Controller With Wall Pack19941995Controller30
Lionel Employee Christmas Boxcar19941994Boxcar50
Lionel Leasing Company Tractor19941994Vehicles93
Lionel Lines Tender, Whistle19941997Tender30
Lionel Lines Vat Car19941994Vat Car5110
Lionel Oil Company Derrick19941994Derrick Car52
Lionel Visitor's Center Boxcar19941994Boxcar240
Lionel Visitor's Center Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer166
Lionelville Electric Trolley 841919941994Trolley51
Lionelville Farms Operating Stock Car19941994Stock Car21
Little Caesars Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer90
Long Island Flatcar19941994Flatcar00
Los Angeles Zoo Elephant Car19941994Other Cars31
Marathon Oil Derrick19941995Derrick Car12
Marathon Oil Tractor And Tanker19941994Tractor and Tanker99
Mickey Mouse 65Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar19941994Boxcar286
Milwaukee Road I-Beam Flatcar With Load19941994Flatcar61
Milwaukee Road RS3 Diesel 248719941994Diesel13
Missouri Pacific Flatcar With Trailer19941994Flatcar116
Nato Flatcar With Royal Navy Submarine19941994Flatcar85
New Haven ALCO Diesel A Unit 892219941994Diesel43
New Haven ALCO Diesel A Unit 8923, Dummy19941994Diesel30
New York Central Combination Car 606619941994Combination Car21
New York Central Double-Door Boxcar19941994Boxcar31
New York Central GP7 Diesel 742019941994Diesel62
New York Central Pacemaker Flatcar Set With Trailers19941994Flatcar181
New York Central Pacemaker TTUX Flat Car W/Trailers #1690519941994Flatcar10
New York Central Pacemaker TTUX Flat Car W/Trailers #1690619941994Flatcar20
New York Central Passenger Coach 606719941994Passenger Coach11
New York Central Passenger/Freight Set19941994Freight Set74
New York Central RS3 Diesel 822319941994Diesel35
Norfolk & Western 2-6-4 Locomotive 63819941994Locomotive10
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car 606119941994Baggage Car21
Norfolk & Western Combination Car 606219941994Combination Car11
Norfolk & Western Observation Car 606519941994Observation Car02
Norfolk & Western Passenger Coach 606319941994Passenger Coach10
Norfolk & Western Passenger Coach 606419941994Passenger Coach10
Norfolk Southern Dash 8-40C Diesel 868819941994Diesel63
Northern Pacific Flatcar With Real Log Load19941994Flatcar42
Oil Drum Loader19941995Loader31
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer19941994Reefer188
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer19941994Reefer209
Pennsylvania Dutch Milk Car 6105219941994Milk Car00
Pennsylvania Railroad Double-Door Boxcar 6015519941994Boxcar211
Pennsylvania Railroad Fairbanks-Morse Train Master Diesel 869919941994Diesel52
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar With Wheel Load19941994Flatcar108
Pennsylvania Railroad General Style 4-4-0 Locomotive Tender19941995Locomotive01
Perils Of Mickey Hi-Cube Boxcar #319941994Boxcar415
Pinkerton Animated Gondola19941994Gondola142
Pinto Valley Mine Ore Car19941994Ore Car104
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set Ii, 3 Cars19941994Multi Car Pack162
Poultry Dispatch Car19941994Dispatch Car21
Quad Hopper With Coal19941994Hopper365
Reading Gondola 24876 With Coil Covers19941994Gondola264
Reading Reefer19941994Reefer202
Reading Switcher 892619941995Switcher30
Rock Island 3-Bay ACF Hopper 80020019941994Hopper40
Rock Island Boxcar 646419941994Boxcar101
Rock Island Searchlight Car19941994Searchlight Car93
Santa And Snowman Handcar19941994Hand Car40
Santa Fe 2-8-2 Locomotive 315819941994Locomotive93
Santa Fe Auto Carrier19941994Auto Carrier01
Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit 200A19941994Diesel95
Santa Fe Reefer19941994Reefer143
Seaboard Freight Set19941995Freight Set20
Southern Hopper 3619941994Hopper42
Southern Pacific Flatcar With Lumber19941994Flatcar31
Southern Pacific GP20 Diesel 406019941994Diesel21
Southern Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer44
Sovex Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer173
Susquehanna Dash 8-40B Diesel 400419941994Diesel60
Sylvester And Tweety Handcar19941994Hand Car85
TCA 40Th Anniversary Bay Window Caboose19941994Caboose90
TCA 40Th Anniversary Boxcar19941994Boxcar10
Texas & Pacific Reefer19941994Reefer94
The Ornament Express Large Scale Train Set19941995Set30
Thomas G Scale 4 Piece Yellow Tie Straight Tracks19941995Track00
Toxic Waste Car19941994Other Cars22
Toy Fair Boxcar19941994Boxcar233
Toy Train Parade Contadina Boxcar 1624519941994Boxcar12
Track 29 Bumper19941994Track00
Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer170
Trainmaster Command Control 135 Powermaster Power Distribution Center19942004Power Supply25
Trainmaster Command Control 135-Watt Powerhouse Power Supply19942003Power Supply57
Trainmaster Command Control Cab-1 Remote Controller19942009Controller74
Trainmaster Command Control Powermaster Power Adapter Cable19942017Controller83
Trainmaster Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer20
TTOS Ford Car Set19941994Set62
TTOS Wolverine Division Tractor & Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer71
TV Car19941994Other Cars216
U.S. Mail Operating Boxcar19941994Boxcar20
U.S. Mail Operating Boxcar19941994Boxcar82
U.S. Navy Boxcar 610688819941995Boxcar10
U.S. Navy Crane Car19941995Crane Car51
U.S. Navy Flatcar 4039 With Submarine19941995Flatcar00
U.S. Navy Gondola 16556 With Canisters19941995Gondola00
U.S. Navy Nw2 Switcher 65-0063719941995Switcher31
U.S. Navy Searchlight Caboose19941995Caboose50
U.S. Navy Set19941995Set67
U.S. Navy Tractor And Tanker19941995Tractor and Tanker00
Union Pacific Baggage Car 606819941994Baggage Car32
Union Pacific Combination Car 606919941994Combination Car10
Union Pacific Diner 607119941994Diner Car11
Union Pacific Fa-2 ALCO AA Diesel Engine Set19941994Diesel AA Set103
Union Pacific Observation Car 607419941994Observation Car03
Union Pacific Passenger Coach 607019941994Passenger Coach11
Union Pacific Passenger Coach 607319941994Passenger Coach22
Union Pacific Vista Dome Car 607219941994Vista Dome Car10
Union Pacific Yellow Lighted Center Cupola Caboose19941995Caboose30
US Navy Boxcar19941994Boxcar10
US Navy Gondola W/ 4 Rocket Fuel Canisters19941994Gondola30
Vermont Central Bulkhead Flatcar19941994Flatcar30
Virginian Ice Car19941994Ice Car53
Wabash Reefer 2626919941994Reefer147
Western Pacific Boxcar 646410019941994Boxcar142
Western Pacific Boxcar 646410019941994Boxcar142
Western Pacific I-Beam Flatcar With Load19941994Flatcar60
Wisconsin Central Bulkhead Flatcar19941994Flatcar22
Wisk Tractor And Trailer19941994Tractor and Trailer250
World Of Little Choo Choo Set19941995Set10
Yorkrail GP9 Diesel 1750, Shell Only19941994Diesel00
Yorkrail GP9 Diesel 175419941994Diesel114

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