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Released: 2004
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
0 Gauge Transition Piece200420166-12040Track16
1939 Hiawatha Steam Locomotive20042004N/AHallmark120
221/2-Degree Crossover200420166-12050Track16
2360 Pennsylvania GG-1 Engine200420046-18359Diesel0
30 Straight Track200420166-12042Track24
31981 Ace Hardware Glacier Route Set200420046-31981Set1
3356 Santa Fe Horse Car With Corral200420046-19895Horse Car3
36 Remote Switch, Left Hand200420176-12045Track2
36 Remote Switch, Right Hand200420176-12046Track7
40 Watt Transformer200420106-24253Transformer0
45-Degree Crossover200420166-12051Track6
48 Curved Track200420166-12043Track9
50Th Anniversary Convention Banquet Car With Coin (TCA 2004)200420046-52339Banquet Car5
50Th Anniversary Golden Express Freight Set (TCA 2004)200420046-52311Freight Set4
50Th Anniversary Golden Express Freight Set (TCA 2004)200420046-52313Set1
6361 Ll Flatcar W/Logs200420056-39432Flatcar0
6436-110 Lehigh Valley Quad Hopper200420046-19351Hopper0
6437 Pennsylvania Porthole Caboose200420046-29706Caboose0
6464-000 Louisville & Nashville Boxcar200420046-39256Boxcar2
6464-725 D&M Boxcar200420046-39254Boxcar1
6827 Flat W/Harnischfeger Shovel200420046-29485Flatcar0
6827 Flatcar With P&H Power Shovel200420086-39439Flatcar0
6828 Flatcar With Harnischfeger Construction200420046-29486Flatcar0
6828 Flatcar With P&H Truck Crane200420086-39440Flatcar0
72 Curved Track200420166-12041Track13
72 Half Curved Track200420166-12055Track10
72 Remote Switch, Left Hand200420146-12048Track8
72 Remote Switch, Right Hand200420146-12049Track2
72 Wye Remote Switch200420146-12047Track2
Accessory Power Wire200420176-12053Track28
Ace Hardware Flatcar With Trailer200420046-26083Flatcar1
AJO & Southwestern Ore Car (GPD 2004)200420046-52358Ore Car3
Alaska GP 30 Diesel 2000200420046-28839Diesel1
Alaska Ore Car 16474200420046-16474Ore Car4
Alaska Superliner Diner, Stationsounds200420046-29172Diner Car0
Alaska Superliner Lounge #605200420046-29171Lounge Car0
Alaska Superliner Passenger Car 2-Pack200420046-29169Passenger Car0
Alaska Superliner Sleeper #604200420046-29170Sleeper Car0
American Refigerator Transit Ice Car200420046-36798Ice Car1
American Refrigerator Transit Ice Car 23701200420046-36770Refrigerator Car1
Amtrak Acela Business Coach #3403 (2-Door)200420056-15533Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Business Coach #3523 (4-Door)200420056-15532Business Car0
Amtrak Acela Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420056-31714Passenger Set0
Amtrak Acela First Class Coach #3203 (2-Door)200420056-15531Coach Car0
Amtrak Acela Non Powered Unit #2029200420056-18358Locomotive0
Amtrak Dash 8 Diesel 505200420046-28230Diesel1
Amtrak Shelter200420086-34102Building2
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds, Phase Iv200420046-29168Diner Car0
Amtrak Superliner Passenger Car 2-Pack, Phase Iv200420046-29165Passenger Car0
Amtrak Superliner Phase Iv" Lounge #33016"200420046-29167Lounge Car0
Amtrak Superliner Phase Iv" Sleeper #32077"200420046-29166Sleeper Car0
Amtrak TMCC Acela Powered Unit #2026200420056-18357Locomotive0
Angela Trotta Thomas Collector's Club Billboard 2004200420046-52357Accessory2
Angela Trotta Thomas Tis The Season Boxcar200420046-36276Boxcar8
Annie" Coach (O Gauge)"200420076-15198Coach Car0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose 999472200420046-36509Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Flatcar 94283200420046-26075Flatcar0
Balancing Man200420056-24172Figures3
Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Stock Car 26157200420046-26157Stock Car1
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Coach "Youngstown"200420046-29112Coach Car0
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Combination "Silver Spring"200420046-29111Combination Car0
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Observation "Washington"200420046-29114Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Vista Dome "High Dome"200420046-29113Vista Dome Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar200420046-36281Boxcar4
Baltimore & Ohio Columbian Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200420046-29110Passenger Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Flatcar W/Trailer200420046-26072Flatcar0
Baltimore & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar 8651200420046-17577Flatcar1
Baltimore & Ohio Scale Offset Hopper #640513200420056-17056Hopper0
Big Bay Lighthouse200420056-24119Building2
Blinking Light Billboard200420106-24155Billboard6
Blue Chip Line Motorized Animated Gondola200420046-26807Gondola2
Boat-Loader With 4 Boats200420046-29487Loader0
Borden's Steel-Sided Reefer 522200420046-17357Reefer2
Boston & Maine PS-1 Boxcar 76182200420046-17292Boxcar0
Boston & Maine PS-2 Hopper (TCA 2004)200420046-52324Hopper1
Boston & Maine PS-4 Flatcar 34007200420046-17578Flatcar1
Burlington Extended Vision Caboose 13611200420046-17658Caboose0
Burlington Northern I-Beam Car200420046-19371Other0
Burlington Northern PS-5 Gondola200420076-17476Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 2-Bay Hopper 409038200420046-17023Hopper6
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Auto Carrier200420046-26096Carrier0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Icicle Reefer With End-Of-Train Device200420046-52351Reefer4
Burlington Pioneer Zephyr Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420046-51008Diesel0
Campbell's Soup One Dome Tank Car200420046-26158Tank Car1
Campbell's Soup Water Tower200420046-24171Water Tower1
Canadian National Barrel Car 74208200420046-36771Barrel Car5
Canadian National Cylindrical Hopper200420056-27114Hopper2
Canadian National Extended Vision Caboose 79646200420046-17659Caboose1
Canadian Pacific Rail Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack200420046-17465Gondola1
Canadian Pacific Rail PS-5 Gondola 338966200420046-17459Gondola0
Canadian Pacific Rail Rotary Bathtub Gondola #799670200420046-17466Gondola0
Canadian Pacific Rail Rotary Bathtub Gondola #799672200420046-17468Gondola0
Canadian Pacific Rail Rotary Bathtub Gondola #799673200420046-17467Gondola0
Candy Cane Unibody Tank Car200420046-17946Tank Car0
Cascade Range Bunk Car200420046-29616Bunk Car1
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #4200420046-29489Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #5200420046-29490Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #6200420046-29491Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack #2200420046-29488Log Car0
CC11 Fm Display Case200420046-34105Display Case0
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 2699200420046-38076Locomotive1
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-8-2 H7 Locomotive 1580200420046-38058Locomotive4
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 489200420046-38070Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose 8315200420046-29708Caboose2
Chesapeake & Ohio Searchlight Car 216614200420046-36778Searchlight Car1
Chicago & North Western Bay Window Caboose 10871200420046-17661Caboose1
Chicago & North Western Gondola 626073200420046-26073Gondola0
Chicago & North Western PS-2CD 4427 Hopper 450669200420046-27100Hopper0
Chicago & North Western PS-5 Gondola (TCA 2004)200420046-52323Gondola0
Choo Choo Barn Lionelville Zoo200420056-24180Building0
Christmas Boxcar 2004200420046-36275Boxcar5
Christmas Music Boxcar 2004200420046-36790Boxcar1
Christmas Train Set - Silver Bell Express200420048-81024Set0
CIBRO Tanktrain Intermediate Car 26263200420046-17932Tank Train1
City Accessory Pack200420176-24197Accessory5
City Of Los Angeles Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52327Baggage Car2
City Of New Haven Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52328Reefer1
City Of New Orleans Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52363Reefer2
City Of New York Express Car (CLRC 2004)200420046-52364Reefer0
Civil Servants People Pack200420176-24194Figures7
Clarabel" Coach (O Gauge)"200420076-15199Coach Car0
Classic Billboard Set: 3 Stands And 5 Inserts200420086-24187Set9
Clinchfield 4-6-6-4 Challenger Locomotive 672 Command Control200420046-38090Locomotive0
Clinchfield PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #60134200420046-17045Hopper0
Clinchfield PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #60135200420046-17046Hopper0
Clinchfield PS-2 2-Bay Hopper200420046-11852Hopper0
Conrail 4-Bay Hopper 888367200420046-17199Hopper1
Corn Industrial Single Dome Tank Car200420046-26160Tank Car0
CSX Auto Carrier200420046-26095Carrier0
CSX Unibody Tank Car 993369200420046-17930Tank Car1
Denver & Rio Grande Western 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotive 8636, Traditional200420046-28636Locomotive1
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Diesel M Set200420046-24500Set0
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PA Powered Unit200420046-24501Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western ALCO PB Diesel200420046-24503Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Caboose 36501200420046-36501Caboose1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car 39268, Railsounds200420046-36736Stock Car1
Denver & Rio Grande Western TMCC ALCO PA Non-Powered A #601C200420046-24502Locomotive0
Diamond Chemicals 4-Bay Hopper 53286200420046-17197Hopper5
Disney Christmas Steam Train200420056-31946Set2
Disney Operating Boxcar200420056-36783Boxcar1
DM & IR GP38 Diesel 203, Traditional200420046-28847Diesel0
Domino Sugar Unibody Tank Car200420056-17947Tank Car0
Donald And Daisy Duck Handcar200420056-18486Hand Car3
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Work Caboose 26599200420046-26599Caboose0
Earthen Bumper200420186-12059Track15
Egg Nog Barrel Car200420046-26808Barrel Car2
Electrocoupler Upgrade Kit (Large)200420046-24141Accessory0
Elvis He Dared To Rock Steam Freight Set200420046-31728Freight Set2
Elvis Presley Elvis Has Left The Building Boxcar200420046-39262Boxcar6
Elvis Presley Gold Record Transport Car200420046-29606Transport Car0
Elvis Presley Searchlight Car200420046-26824Searchlight Car0
Emd Generator Car200420046-29802Generator Car0
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2004200420046-29924Boxcar0
Erie Double-Door Boxcar 66000200420046-17284Boxcar3
Erie Motorized Animated Gondola200420046-29803Gondola0
Fairfield Farms Steel-Sided Reefer200420046-17358Reefer2
Farm People Pack200420096-24196Figures2
Fastrack Lighted Terminal Section200420076-12071Track0
Finding Nemo Aquarium Car200420046-36781Aquarium Car1
Firestone 4-Bay Hopper 53240200420046-17196Hopper0
Flatcar With Scraper #6817 (LCCA 2004)200420046-26024Flatcar3
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Coach "Boca Raton"200420046-29162Coach Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Coach "Cocoa Rockledge"200420056-25406Coach Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Coach "Pompano"200420046-29163Coach Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Coach "Vero Beach"200420056-25405Coach Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Combination "New Smyrna"200420046-29161Combination Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" 18" Aluminum Observation "Bay Biscayne"200420046-29164Observation Car0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" TMCC E-3A Non-Powered #1003200420046-24515Locomotive0
Florida East Coast "The Champion" TMCC E-3A Powered #1002200420046-24514Diesel0
Florida East Coast Champion Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds200420056-25407Diner Car0
Florida East Coast Champion Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200420056-25404Passenger Car1
Florida East Coast Champion Diesel Passenger Set, Railsounds200420046-31720Passenger Set0
Frisco Auto Carrier, 2-Ter200420046-26082Auto Carrier0
Frisco Single Dome Tank Car200420046-26162Tank Car2
GATX Tank Train Intermediate Car #44584200420046-17934Intermediate Car0
GATX Tank Train Intermediate Car #44585200420046-17935Intermediate Car0
GATX Tank Train Intermediate Car #44586200420046-17936Intermediate Car0
GATX Tanktrain Intermediate Car 3-Pack200420046-17933Tank Train1
Georgia Power Caboose200420046-52435Caboose0
Govt. Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper200420056-27113Hopper1
Great Northern 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 3414, Traditional200420046-28638Locomotive0
Great Northern Boxcar200420046-36269Boxcar2
Great Northern Bulkhead Flatcar 26066200420046-26066Flatcar3
Great Northern Caboose X295200420046-26597Caboose1
Great Northern Flatcar X4168 With Pickup Trucks200420046-17581Flatcar1
Great Northern Log Dump Car200420046-26825Dump Car1
Great Northern Rail Bonder Hr-73200420046-18489Bonder2
Great Northern Stock Car 56385200420046-17710Stock Car2
Greenberg's Guides Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-20042004Price Guide3
Greenberg's Guides Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-20042004Price Guide1

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