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Released: 1984
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
Atlantic Coast Line Boxcar198419846-9471Boxcar10
Block Target Signal198419876-2117Signal4
Canadian National Woodside Reefer198419846-5719Woodside Reefer16
Canadian Wheat Board Covered Quad Hopper (LCAC 1984)198419846-840006Hopper2
Chesapeake & Ohio Gondola With Canisters198419856-6211Gondola0
Chesapeake & Ohio Two Dome Tank Car198419856-6312Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car1
Chessie 4-4-2 Locomotive198419856-8403Locomotive5
Chessie Boxcar198419856-7910Boxcar1
Chessie Set198419856-1402Set0
Chessie Stock Car198419856-7401Stock Car5
Chessie System Caboose198419856-6485Caboose5
Chicago & North Western Reefer198419846-1287Reefer2
Chicago Beltline Boxcar198419846-9470Boxcar14
Churchill Downs Operating Horse Car198419866-9224Horse Car10
Conrail Operating Barrel Car198419846-9225Barrel Car10
Covered Quad Hopper198419846-784Hopper0
Cutty Sark Billboard Reefer198419846-9827Reefer11
Delaware & Hudson Covered Quad Hopper198419846-6124Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper7
Delaware & Hudson Flatcar With Trailers198419856-9226Flatcar6
Delaware & Hudson I Love NY Boxcar198419846-9475Boxcar19
Denver & Rio Grande Western Vulcan Rotary Snowplow198419846-8459Snowplow12
Detroit & Mackinac Boxcar198419846-9472Boxcar3
Dewar's White Label Billboard Reefer198419846-9829Reefer6
Die-Cast Illuminated Bumpers 260198419996-2283Bumpers24
Dwarf Signal198419876-2115Signal16
Erie Covered Hopper198419846-6188Hopper1
Erie Operating Hopper198419846-6117Hopper12
Erie-Lackawanna 6-Wheel Crane Car198419846-6524Crane Car5
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar198419846-9474Boxcar2
Erie-Lackawanna Covered Quad Hopper198419846-6118Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper3
Erie-Lackawanna Extended Vision Caboose198419846-6906Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose3
Erie-Lackawanna Gondola With Canisters198419846-6210Gondola6
Erie-Lackawanna Limited Set198419846-1451Set6
Erie-Lackawanna SD-40 Diesel198419846-8458Diesel2
Erie-Lackawanna Stock Car198419846-7303Stock Car6
Freight Station Kit198419846-2783Station1
Great Northern Woodside Reefer198419846-5720Woodside Reefer4
Gulf Two Dome Tank Car198419856-6317Tank Car - Two Dome Tank Car2
J&B Billboard Reefer198419846-9828Reefer8
Johnnie Walker Red Label Billboard Reefer198419846-9830Reefer6
Lehigh Valley Boxcar198419846-9473Boxcar8
Lionel 1984 Collector Series Catalog19841984Catalog18
Lionel 1984 Spring Collector Series Consumer Catalog/Highballs Into 1984!19841984Catalog3
Lionel 1984 Traditional Series Catalog19841984Catalog12
Lionel Lines Gondola With Canisters198419846-6214Gondola8
Lionel Lines One Dome Tank Car198419846-6313Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car5
Louisville New Albany & Corydon Boxcar (LCCA 1984)198419846-7403Boxcar5
Miller Lite Vat Carrier198419856-9106Vat Car2
New Orleans Mint Car198419846-7522Mint Car0
New York Central Early Bird Reefer198419856-9815Reefer14
New York Central Extended Vision Caboose198419846-6910Caboose - Extended Vision Caboose17
New York Central Flatcar With Stakes198419856-6521Flatcar12
New York Central Gondola With Coal198419856-6209Gondola15
New York Central GP9 Diesel198419846-8477Diesel4
New York Central Hudson 4-6-4 Locomotive 783198419846-8406Locomotive7
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar198419856-9469Boxcar12
Nickel Plate Road N5C Caboose198419846-6490Caboose0
Nickel Plate Road Reefer198419846-5722Reefer11
Northern Pacific Log Dump Car198419846-9238Dump Car1
Operating Freight Station198419876-2323Station10
Operating Sawmill198419876-2321Building0
Operating Sawmill198419874-2321Building43
Operating Switch Tower198419876-2324Switch8
OTC Contactor198419886-2910Other0
Penn Central Iron Ore Car198419846-6122Ore Car9
Pennsylvania Hi-Cube Boxcar (LOTS 1984)198419846-121315Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar4
Pennsylvania Railroad 6-8-6 Steam Turbine and Tender 6200198419856-8404Locomotive11
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar198419856-9476Boxcar11
Pennsylvania Railroad Bunk Car198419846-5724Bunk Car16
Pennsylvania Railroad Covered Quad Hopper198419856-6123Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper12
Pennsylvania Railroad Double-Door Boxcar198419856-9456Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar14
Pennsylvania Railroad N5C Caboose198419856-6908Caboose - N5C Caboose10
Pennsylvania Railroad One Dome Tank Car198419856-6307Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car12
Pittsburgh Passenger Car (TCA 1984)198419846-7212Passenger Car4
Railroader Club Covered Hopper (LRRC 1984)198419846-0784Hopper21
Reading 4-4-2 Steam Engine & Tender198419856-8402Locomotive3
Reading Bay Window Caboose198419856-6439Caboose - Bay Window Caboose10
Reading Operating Boxcar198419846-9223Boxcar7
Reading Searchlight Car198419856-9345Searchlight Car7
Redwood Valley Express 4-4-0 Locomotive198419856-8410Locomotive5
Redwood Valley Express Crane Car198419856-6574Crane Car0
Redwood Valley Express Flatcar With Fences198419856-6575Flatcar2
Redwood Valley Express Log Dump Car198419856-6573Dump Car1
Redwood Valley Express Set198419856-1403Set2
Redwood Valley Express Sp-Type Caboose198419856-6912Caboose4
Sacramento Northern Boxcar198419846-1984Boxcar0
Searchlight Car198419856-6526Searchlight Car4
SOO Line Iron Ore Car198419846-6116Ore Car4
SOO Line Woodside Reefer198419846-5721Woodside Reefer7
Southern Bunk Car198419846-5726Bunk Car10
Toy Fair 1984 Reefer198419846-7523Reefer4
Tunnel Portals, Pair198419876-2113Tunnel6
Union Pacific F-3 Power A198419856-8480Diesel2
Union Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit198419846-8481Diesel2
Union Pacific Smooth Side "Ocean Sunset" Passenger Car198419846-9549Passenger Car0
Union Pacific Smooth Side "Placid Bay" Passenger Car198419846-9548Passenger Car0
Union Pacific Smooth Side Baggage Car198419846-9545Baggage Car0
Union Pacific Smooth Side Combination Car198419846-9546Combination Car1
Union Pacific Smooth Side Dinning Car198419846-7210Diner Car46
Union Pacific Smooth Side Observation Car198419846-9547Observation Car1
United Parcel Service Operating Boxcar198419846-9237Boxcar0
United States Marine Corps Bunk Car198419856-5727Bunk Car5
United States Marine Corps SW-1 Switcher198419856-8485Switcher4
Vitraco Three Dome Tank Car198419846-7684Tank Car0
Voltamp Boxcar (TCA 1984)198419846-7784Boxcar4

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