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Released: 1976
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
180 Degree High Bank Curve197619783-9540Power Passers Accessories0
90 Degree Flat Curve Section197619783-9510Power Passers Accessories0
A&W Boxcar197619776-7801Boxcar8
Alaska Boxcar197619776-9758Boxcar13
ALCOA Covered Quad Hopper197619766-9267Hopper - 4-Bay Covered Hopper4
Amtrak ALCO Diesel A Unit197619776-8664Diesel3
Amtrak ALCO Diesel B Unit197619776-8667Diesel0
Amtrak Lake Shore Limited Set197619776-1663Passenger Set5
Amtrak Observation Car197619776-6406Observation Car0
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6404Passenger Coach0
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6405Passenger Coach1
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6410Passenger Coach4
Amtrak Passenger Coach197619776-6411Passenger Coach9
Amtrak Vista Dome Car197619776-6403Vista Dome Car7
Amtrak Vista Dome Car197619776-6412Vista Dome Car8
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Caboose197619765-8603HO Caboose0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 Diesel A Unit197619776-8652Diesel4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197619776-8653Diesel1
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Reefer197619766-9869Reefer25
Baltimore & Ohio "Emerald Brook" Passenger Coach197619766-9525Passenger Coach2
Baltimore & Ohio "Margret Corbin" Passenger Coach197619766-9524Passenger Coach1
Baltimore & Ohio "Mountain Top" Passenger Coach197619766-9516Passenger Coach1
Baltimore & Ohio Eisenhower Campaign Observation Car197619766-9529Observation Car6
Bangor & Aroostook Jeremiah O'Brien GP9 Diesel 1776197619766-8665Diesel12
Bangor & Aroostook N5C Caboose197619766-9176Caboose - N5C Caboose1
Beechnut Boxcar197619776-7703Boxcar35
Bessemer & Lake Erie Boxcar197619776-9769Boxcar44
Bessemer & Lake Erie Cable Car197619765-8620HO Cable Car0
Bicentennial Observation Car197619766-1973Observation Car0
Bicentennial Passenger Car197619766-1974Passenger Car0
Bicentennial Passenger Car197619766-1975Passenger Car0
Black River Freight Set197619786-1662Freight Set7
Boston & Maine Boxcar (TCA 1976)197619776-9768Boxcar18
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel197619776-8654Diesel1
Boston & Maine GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197619776-8655Diesel1
Boston & Maine N5C Caboose197619776-9181Caboose - N5C Caboose2
Burlington Northern Caboose197619765-8601HO Caboose1
Burlington Northern Flatcar With Trailers197619806-9133Flatcar28
Burlington Northern Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9608Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar21
Burlington Northern U36B Diesel197619776-8650Diesel2
Burlington Northern U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197619776-8651Diesel0
Camel Boxcar197619776-7701Boxcar19
Canada Dry Boxcar197619776-7802Boxcar12
Canadian National ALCO Diesel A Unit197619766-8656Diesel0
Canadian National ALCO Diesel A Unit, Dummy197619766-8658Diesel1
Canadian National ALCO Diesel B Unit197619766-8657Diesel0
Canadian Pacific Rail Nw2 Switcher197619776-8660Switcher3
Canadian Toy Fair 1976 Boxcar197619766-7705Boxcar1
Charger Daytona197619783-6510Power Passers3
Charger SE197619783-6511Power Passers0
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Locomotive197619776-8603Locomotive8
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar with Construction Crane Car197619826-9157Flatcar7
Chessie Bobber Caboose197619766-9179Caboose - Bobber Caboose6
Chessie Caboose197619765-8600HO Caboose6
Chessie Switcher197619766-8670Switcher11
Chessie Train Set197619775-2681HO Set0
Coaling Tower197619765-4651HO Building0
Conrail GP9 Diesel197619786-8757Diesel3
Conrail N5C Caboose197619786-9186Caboose - N5C Caboose0
Coors Reefer197619776-9866Reefer13
Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-4-0 Locomotive197619786-8602Locomotive32
Denver & Rio Grande Western Square Window Caboose197619916-9077Caboose - Square Window Caboose44
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car197619776-9763Stock Car11
Diesel Horn Shed197619876-2127Diesel6
Donald Duck Hi-Cube Boxcar197619786-9662Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar26
Extension Bridge, Rock Piers197619876-2122Bridge4
Ferrari Dino197619783-6621Power Passers0
Florida East Coast F3 Diesel Aba, Shells Only197619766-1976Diesel0
Formula 5000197619783-6611Power Passers0
Frisco U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197619766-8572Diesel1
Goofy Hi-Cube Boxcar197619786-9661Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar30
Grain Elevator197619765-4652HO Building0
Grain Elevator Kit197619776-2796Kits3
Grand Trunk Boxcar197619765-8614HO Boxcar3
Grand Trunk Western Double-Door Boxcar197619776-9764Boxcar - Double-Door Boxcar17
Great Northern Boxcar197619766-9772Boxcar4
Half Straight Track Section197619783-9521Power Passers Accessories0
Hershey's Reefer197619776-9867Reefer8
Ice Station197619765-4650HO Building0
Illinois Central Freight Set197619776-1664Freight Set22
Illinois Central Gulf Caboose197619765-8602HO Caboose0
Illinois Central Gulf Sp-Type Caboose197619776-9178Caboose2
Illinois Central Gulf U36B Diesel197619776-8669Diesel8
Jersey Central 2-4-2 Locomotive197619766-8604Locomotive11
Johnny Cash Boxcar197619766-9780Boxcar8
Libby's Pineapple Vat Car197619776-9132Vat Car23
Lionel 1976 HO Catalog19761976Catalog3
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Book197619776-2960Book0
Mickey Mouse Hi-Cube Boxcar197619786-9660Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar19
Mickey Mouse N5C Caboose197619786-9183Caboose - N5C Caboose5
Mickey Mouse U36B Diesel197619786-8773Diesel11
Milwaukee Road EP-5 Electric Locomotive197619776-8558Locomotive10
Milwaukee Road F.D.Roosevelt Campaign Observation Car197619766-9527Observation Car11
Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar197619766-9775Boxcar13
Mobilgas One Dome Tank Car197619776-9156Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car10
Mustang Boss197619783-6540Power Passers0
Mustang Mach I197619783-6541Power Passers0
New Haven Electric Locomotive197619786-8754Locomotive13
New Haven Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9605Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar11
New York Central (P&E) Bay Window Caboose197619766-9174Caboose - Bay Window Caboose1
New York Central 4-6-4 Locomotive197619766-8600Locomotive12
New York Central Empire State Express Set197619766-1665Freight Set2
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar (TCA 1976)197619776-9754Boxcar33
New York Central Stock Car197619766-9773Stock Car6
Norfolk & Western Boxcar (TCA 1977)197619776-9771Boxcar51
Norfolk & Western GP9 Diesel197619786-8763Diesel2
Norfolk & Western Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9604Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar4
Norfolk & Western N5C Caboose197619806-9182Caboose - N5C Caboose4
Northern Pacific Bay Window Caboose197619766-9177Caboose - Bay Window Caboose16
Northern Pacific Boxcar197619776-9770Boxcar13
Northern Pacific GP9 Diesel197619766-8666Diesel4
Northern Pacific GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197619766-8668Diesel1
Northern Pacific Service Station Set197619766-1672Freight Set4
Operating O And O-27 Trains1976Book17
Penn Central Auto Carrier, 3-Tier197619776-9139Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier8
Penn Central Flatcar With Shovel197619806-9158Flatcar3
Penn Central Gondola With Canisters197619926-9033Gondola34
Penn Central GP7 Diesel197619776-8576Diesel3
Penn Central Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9603Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar13
Pennsylvania GG1 Electric Locomotive197619776-8753Locomotive15
Pennsylvania Railroad Truman Campaign Observation Car197619766-9528Observation Car11
Pepsi Boxcar197619776-7800Boxcar6
Philadelphia Boxcar - 9700 (TCA 1976)197619766-9779Boxcar13
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Boxcar197619776-9826Boxcar16
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Cable Car197619765-8621HO Cable Car5
Porsche Enduro197619783-6631Power Passers0
Power Passers Power Pack197619763-4550Power Passers Accessories0
Power Passers Push Button Controller197619783-7690Power Passers Accessories0
Prince Albert Boxcar197619776-7702Boxcar33
Railbox Boxcar 9767197619776-9767Boxcar27
Rico Station Kit197619776-2797Station1
Rock Island 0-4-0 Locomotive197619776-8601Locomotive7
Rock Island Bobber Caboose197619776-9078Caboose11
Rock Island Line Set197619776-1661Freight Set4
Sandy Andy Gravel Loader Kit197619796-2175Kits4
Schaefer Reefer197619776-9825Reefer10
Seaboard Coast Line Flatcar With Trailers (LCCA 1976)197619766-9212Flatcar17
Sears 6-Unit Diesel Freight Set197619766-1695Freight Set0
Sears 7-Unit Steam Freight Set197619766-1697Freight Set0
Sears Steam Freight Set197619766-1696Freight Set0
Season's Greetings Boxcar197619766-7806Boxcar0
Snowbird Observation Car (TTOS 1976)197619766-9526Observation Car3
Southern Big John Covered Quad Hopper197619766-9266Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper0
Southern F3 Diesel B Unit197619766-8661Diesel5
Southern Pacific Caboose197619765-8604HO Caboose0
Southern Pacific Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9607Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar32
Southern Pacific Overnight Boxcar197619766-9776Boxcar12
Sunoco One Dome Tank Car197619766-9159Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car4
TCA Bicentennial Special Set197619766-1976Passenger Set5
Terminal Track Section197619783-9530Power Passers Accessories0
The Burlington 181 Train Set197619775-2682HO Set0
The Chessie Golden Arrow Train Set197619775-2683HO Set0
The Lane Change Challenge197619763-3620Power Passers0
The Lane Change Championship197619763-3630Power Passers0
The Lane Change Duel197619773-3610Power Passers0
The Santa Fe Train Set197619775-2680HO Set0
Toy Fair 1976 Boxcar197619766-7704Boxcar7
Toys R Us Black River Freight Set197619766-1694Freight Set0
Toys R Us Boxcar197619766-9048Boxcar1
Toys R Us Rock Island Line Set197619766-1693Freight Set3
Train And Accessory Manual197619866-2953Manual0
True Value Boxcar197619766-9046Boxcar1
True Value Rock Island Line Set197619766-1698Set3
Union Pacific Hi-Cube Boxcar197619776-9606Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar22
Vega Gasser197619783-6531Power Passers0
Virginian Boxcar197619776-9777Boxcar12
Virginian Covered Quad Hopper197619776-9134Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper19
Virginian Electric Locomotive197619776-8659Locomotive13
Virginian N5C Caboose197619776-9175Caboose - N5C Caboose10
Western & Atlantic Railroad "The General" 4-4-0 Locomotive197619796-8701Locomotive16
Whistling Freight Shed197619876-2126Building9
Yard Boss Set197619766-1660Set1

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