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Released: 1975
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
5-Unit Diesel Freedom Train Set197519765-2587HO Set0
7-Unit Diesel Freedom Train Set197519765-2586HO Set1
75Th Anniversary Special Set197519776-1585Set5
Alaska Boxcar197519776-9758Boxcar4
American Flyer Caboose197519765-8503HO Caboose0
American Freedom Train Diesel Locomotive197519765-5504HO Diesel0
AMF Boxcar197519765-8512HO Boxcar0
Amtrak Alco A Diesel197519765-5507HO Diesel0
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive197519756-8304Locomotive22
Baltimore & Ohio Baggage Car197519766-9523Baggage Car3
Baltimore & Ohio Combination Car197519756-9519Combination Car2
Baltimore & Ohio Observation Car197519756-9518Observation Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Passenger Coach197519756-9517Passenger Coach0
Bangor & Aroostock Boxcar197519765-8510HO Boxcar5
BMW 3.0 Csl197519753-6641Power Passers0
BMW Ralley197519753-6640Power Passers0
Borden One Dome Tank Car197519766-9154Tank Car15
Canadian Pacific Rail Boxcar197519766-9748Boxcar18
Capitol Limited Set197519756-1587Set1
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive197519776-8304Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio Boxcar197519765-8516HO Boxcar0
Chesapeake Flyer Set197519776-1586Set0
Chessie Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9265Hopper6
Chessie Double-Door Boxcar197519766-9747Boxcar13
Chessie Hi-Cube Boxcar197519776-9600Boxcar8
Chessie Hopper -27197519896-9016Hopper0
Chessie Nw2 Switcher197519766-8556Switcher0
Chessie U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197519756-8560Diesel1
Clark Reefer197519766-9809Reefer8
Coal Station Kit197519776-2788Station4
Corvette Gasser197519753-6520Power Passers0
Corvette Gt197519753-6521Power Passers0
Denver & Rio Grande Stock Car197519765-8570HO Stock Car2
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar197519766-9044Boxcar3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Stock Car #78573197519755-8573HO Stock Car3
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Boxcar197519766-9750Boxcar10
Engine House Building Kit197519775-4553HO Accessory0
Ferrari Dino197519753-6621Power Passers0
Ferrari Grand Prix197519753-6620Power Passers0
Floodlight Tower197519866-2313Tower6
Formula 5000197519753-6611Power Passers0
Frisco Boxcar197519766-9751Boxcar16
Frisco GP-9 Diesel197519765-5515HO Diesel0
Frisco Reefer197519765-8543HO Reefer4
Frisco U36B Diesel197519766-8571Diesel2
Frisco U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197519766-8572Diesel1
Gantry Crane197519755-4502HO Crane Car0
George Washington Boxcar197519756-9761Boxcar4
Girder Bridge197519775-4531HO Accessory0
Gold Metal Reefer197519765-8540HO Reefer4
Grand Trunk GP-9 Diesel197519765-5511HO Diesel2
Gravel Gus197519757-1200Set0
Gravel Gus Junior197519757-1300Set0
Hamm's Reefer197519766-9862Reefer6
Happy Huff n' Puff Junior197519757-1400Set0
Heinz Reefer197519765-8542HO Reefer2
Illinois Central Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9264Hopper0
Illinois Central Gulf Hi-Cube Boxcar197519776-9601Boxcar1
Illuminated Bumpers, Pair197519866-2290Bumpers1
Illuminated Watchtower197519806-2319Tower5
Jersey Central GP9 Diesel197519766-8550Diesel5
Jersey Central GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197519766-8561Diesel1
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose197519776-9173Caboose6
Libby's Vat Car197519776-9132Vat Car21
Liberty Bell Boxcar197519756-9760Boxcar1
Liberty Special ALCO Diesel A Unit197519756-8570Diesel0
Liberty Special Set197519756-1577Set1
Lionel 1975 '0' 75th Anniversary Catalog19751975Catalog63
Lionel 1975 Accessories19751975Catalog23
Lionel 1975 HO Catalog19751975Catalog19
Lionel 1975 Train And Accessory Manual19751975Manual0
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Book197519766-2960Book0
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Boxcar197519776-7501Boxcar8
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Boxcar197519776-7505Boxcar5
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Boxcar197519776-7506Boxcar6
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Covered Quad Hopper197519776-7504Hopper6
Lionel 75Th Anniversary N5C Caboose197519776-7508Caboose6
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7502Reefer9
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7503Reefer4
Lionel 75Th Anniversary Reefer197519776-7507Reefer6
Lionel 75Th Anniversary U36B Diesel197519776-7500Diesel4
Louisville & Nashville Boxcar197519766-9752Boxcar10
Maine Central Boxcar197519766-9753Boxcar26
Milwaukee Road Baggage Car197519766-9522Baggage Car3
Milwaukee Road Boxcar197519765-8513HO Boxcar1
Milwaukee Road F-3 Dummy A197519756-8557Diesel2
Milwaukee Road F3 Diesel A Unit197519756-8555Diesel5
Milwaukee Road F3 Diesel B Unit197519756-8575Diesel2
Milwaukee Road Illuminated Caboose197519756-9169Caboose3
Milwaukee Road Set197519756-1579Set3
Missouri Pacific GP20 Diesel197519766-8562Diesel6
Missouri Pacific GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit197519766-8565Diesel1
Missouri Pacific Sp-Type Caboose197519776-9171Caboose0
Monaco Formula197519753-6610Power Passers0
Monsanto One Dome Tank Car (LCCA 1975)197519756-9155Tank Car3
New Hampshire Boxcar197519766-7609Boxcar8
New York Boxcar197519766-7611Boxcar5
New York Central Gondola With Coal197519766-9824Gondola12
New York Central Stock Car197519765-8575HO Stock Car2
Norfolk & Western Auto Carrier, 3-Tier197519766-9129Auto Carrier5
Norfolk & Western GP9 Diesel 1776197519756-8559Diesel2
Norfolk & Western N5C Caboose 1776197519756-9170Caboose1
Norfolk & Western Spirit Of America Set197519756-1584Set0
North American Express Set197519756-1560Set0
North Carolina Boxcar197519766-7612Boxcar1
Old Milwaukee Reefer197519766-9856Reefer7
Operating Drawbridge197519816-2317Bridge3
Operating Searchlight Tower197519846-2314Tower1
Passenger Station Building Kit197519775-4554HO Accessory2
Paul Revere Boxcar197519756-9759Boxcar3
Penn Central Boxcar197519766-9749Boxcar14
Penn Central GP7 Diesel197519776-8576Diesel0
Penn Central Sp-Type Caboose197519776-9172Caboose5
Pennsylvania 2-4-0 Locomotive197519766-8500Locomotive3
Pennsylvania Ep-5 Electric Locomotive197519766-8551Locomotive5
Pennsylvania Railroad 0-4-0 Locomotive197519776-8506Locomotive5
Pennsylvania Railroad Baggage Car197519766-9521Baggage Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9263Hopper5
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197519766-9513Passenger Coach3
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197519766-9514Passenger Coach5
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197519766-9515Passenger Coach4
Phoenix Combination Car (TTOS 1975)197519756-9520Combination Car4
Pickle Factory Building Kit197519775-4551HO Building3
Porsche Carrera197519753-6630Power Passers0
Porsche Enduro197519753-6631Power Passers0
Power Passers Pack197519753-4761Power Passers0
Preamble Express F3 Diesel A Unit197519756-8568Diesel11
Ralston Purina Covered Quad Hopper197519766-9262Hopper3
Rath Stock Car197519765-8571HO Stock Car1
Republic Steel Flatcar197519826-9026Flatcar9
Reynolds Aluminum Covered Quad Hopper197519776-9260Hopper13
Rhode Island Boxcar197519766-7613Boxcar5
Rock Island Alco A Diesel197519765-5505HO Diesel1
Rock Island ALCO Diesel A Unit197519766-8563Diesel1
Rock Island Sp-Type Caboose197519766-9075Caboose0
Rotary Beacon197519775-4501HO Accessory2
Santa Fe 2-4-0 Locomotive197519756-8502Locomotive1
Santa Fe 2-4-0 Locomotive197519756-8507Locomotive1
Santa Fe Flatcar With Crates197519766-9823Flatcar14
Santa Fe Hi-Cube Boxcar197519776-9602Boxcar12
Schaefer Reefer197519765-8541HO Reefer3
Sears 6-Unit Diesel Freight Set197519756-1595Freight Set1
Sears Set197519756-1593Set0
Season's Greetings Boxcar197519756-9778Boxcar0
SOO Line Nw2 Switcher197519776-8569Switcher3
SOO Line Work Caboose197519766-9027Caboose0
South Carolina Boxcar197519766-7608Boxcar7
Southern Belle Boxcar (TCA 1975)197519756-9774Boxcar8
Southern F3 Diesel A Unit197519776-8566Diesel4
Southern F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197519776-8567Diesel0
Southern GP-9 Diesel197519765-5514HO Diesel2
Southern Pacific Alco A Diesel197519765-5509HO Diesel0
Southern Pacific ALCO A-B-A Triple Diesel197519766-8552Diesel2
Southern Pacific Gondola With Canisters197519786-9032Gondola13
Spalding Boxcar197519765-8511HO Boxcar1
Station Platform (TCA 1975)197519816-2256Station28
Tender, 76 6014-900 Frisco Boxcar197519756-1130Boxcar0
Thunderball Freight Set197519766-1581Freight Set2
Toy Fair 1975 Boxcar197519756-9762Boxcar0
Toys R Us Boxcar197519756-9045Boxcar1
Train And Accessory Manual197519866-2953Manual0
Trestle Set197519775-4530HO Accessory0
Tropicana Reefer197519776-9861Reefer6
Tune-Up Kit197519753-4580Power Passers1
Two 16-1/2" Sections Straight Track197519753-9520Power Passers0
Two 90 Degree High Speed 'T's197519753-4703Power Passers0
Uncle Sam Boxcar197519756-7700Boxcar9
Union Pacific Alco197519765-5506HO Diesel0
Union Pacific Boxcar197519766-9755Boxcar13
Union Pacific Boxcar197519766-9808Boxcar14
Union Pacific Boxcar197519765-8514HO Boxcar2
Union Pacific Crane Car197519765-8422HO Crane Car1
Union Pacific N5C Caboose197519776-9168Caboose17
Union Pacific U36B Diesel197519756-8564Diesel4
Union Pacific U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197519756-8573Diesel3
Vega Funny Car197519753-6530Power Passers0
Vega Gasser197519753-6531Power Passers0
Virginia Boxcar197519766-7610Boxcar4
Water Tower & Sanding Station Building Kit197519775-4552HO Building2
Water Tower Kit197519806-2789Water Tower2
We The People Sp-Type Caboose197519756-9076Caboose1
Western Pacific Boxcar197519765-8515HO Boxcar1
Yard Chief Set197519766-1582Set0

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