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Lionel Listed By Year

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Released: 1977
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
180 Degree Hair Pin Turn197719783-9710Power Passers0
63 Corvette197719773-6720Power Passers0
63 Corvette197719773-6721Power Passers0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Boxcar197719786-9784Boxcar17
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit197719776-8777Diesel2
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Gondola With Canisters197719776-9284Gondola0
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Operating Stock Car197719816-9280Stock Car18
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe U36B Diesel197719786-8755Diesel4
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe U36B Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8756Diesel2
Baltimore & Ohio Budd Car Service Station Set197719776-1766Passenger Set9
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC-1 90 Passenger Dummy Unit197719776-8767Passenger Car7
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC-1 90 Passenger Dummy Unit197719776-8768Passenger Car4
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC-1 Passenger197719776-8764Passenger Car8
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC-4 Baggage197719776-8766Baggage Car8
Baltimore & Ohio Budd RDC-4 Baggage Dummy Unit197719776-8765Baggage Car5
Baltimore & Ohio Time-Saver Boxcar197719786-9783Boxcar36
Barrel Platform Shed Kit197719846-2718Kits9
Bessemer & Lake Erie Covered Quad Hopper197719776-9286Hopper - 4-Bay Hopper5
Budweiser Billboard Reefer197719775-8741HO Reefer5
Burlington Northern HI Cube197719775-8712HO HI Cube2
Camaro197719773-6710Power Passers0
Camaro197719773-6711Power Passers0
Canadian Pacific Rail Flatcar With Trailers197719786-9149Flatcar21
Canadian Pacific Rail Hopper197719775-8755HO Hopper2
Car Transformer197719783-4660Power Passers Accessories2
Carling Black Label Billboard Reefer197719806-9871Reefer16
Chessie Boxcar197719775-8703HO Boxcar2
Chicago & North Western Boxcar (TCA 1979)197719796-9786Boxcar14
Chicago & North Western GP20 Diesel197719786-8776Diesel2
Chicago & North Western GP20 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8779Diesel0
Chicago & North Western N5C Caboose197719806-9289Caboose - N5C Caboose18
Cinderella Hi-Cube Boxcar197719786-9664Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar7
Columbus Baggage Car (TTOS 1977)197719776-9535Baggage Car22
Conrail Boxcar197719775-8701HO Boxcar2
Conrail Boxcar (TCA 1978)197719786-9785Boxcar9
Coors Billboard Reefer197719775-8740HO Reefer0
Coors Wood Reefer197719775-8739HO Reefer0
Datsun Z197719773-6740Power Passers0
Datsun Z197719773-6741Power Passers0
Delaware & Hudson Boxcar197719786-9781Boxcar29
Dr Pepper Boxcar197719786-7811Boxcar3
Du Pont Three Dome Tank Car197719816-9148Tank Car - Three Dome Tank Car16
Dumbo Hi-Cube Boxcar197719786-9663Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar10
Erie Bay Window Caboose (TCA 1977)197719786-9184Caboose - Bay Window Caboose17
Erie-Lackawanna GP9 Diesel197719796-8759Diesel4
Erie-Lackawanna GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197719796-8760Diesel1
Frisco Hi-Cube Boxcar197719776-9610Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar8
Grand Trunk Western Hopper197719776-9079Hopper1
Grand Trunk Western N5C Caboose197719776-9185Caboose - N5C Caboose1
Grand Trunk Western Nw2 Switcher197719786-8761Switcher3
Great Northern Bay Window Caboose197719776-9188Caboose - Bay Window Caboose6
Great Northern Ep-5 Electric Locomotive197719786-8762Locomotive7
Great Northern U36B Diesel197719776-8771Diesel8
Greenberg's Price Guide To Lionel Trains O And O-27 1915-1942, Standard Guage Trains 1906-19401977Price Guide47
Gulf One Dome Tank Car197719776-9189Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car9
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio GP20 Diesel197719776-8772Diesel3
Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Sp-Type Caboose197719776-9187Caboose4
Heartland Express Set197719776-1764Freight Set4
Hoop Of Fire197719773-4700Power Passers0
Houston Stock Car (TCA 1977)197719776-7812Stock Car30
Illinois Central Gulf 3-Tier Auto Carrier197719806-9145Auto Carrier - 3-Tier Auto Carrier4
Illinois Central Gulf Flatcar With Trailers197719776-9285Flatcar2
Illinois Central Gulf HI Cube197719775-8711HO HI Cube1
Indy Car197719773-6730Power Passers0
Indy Car197719773-6731Power Passers0
JC Penney Boxcar197719776-9054Boxcar10
JC Penney Cargo Master Set197719776-1796Freight Set0
Jersey Central Boxcar197719796-9787Boxcar26
Lehigh Valley Boxcar (TCA 1978)197719796-9788Boxcar13
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel197719786-8775Diesel0
Lehigh Valley GP9 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8778Diesel1
Lehigh Valley N5C Caboose197719806-9288Caboose - N5C Caboose10
Lionel 1977 HO Catalog19771977Catalog3
Lionel Kiddie City Steel Hauler Set197719776-1790Freight Set0
Lionel Leisure Hopper197719776-9034Hopper0
Lionel Service Stations 1977-19781977Catalog1
Lionel Trains Trivia Game Book1977Book1
Lola197719773-6750Power Passers0
Lola197719773-6751Power Passers0
Lumber Shed Kit197719876-2720Kits8
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car197719775-8770HO Stock Car3
Mogen David Vat Car197719816-9146Vat Car32
New Haven F-3 A-A197719796-8851Diesel3
Norfolk & Western Caboose197719775-8720HO Caboose0
Norfolk & Western GP-9197719775-5710HO Diesel0
Norfolk & Western Train Set197719775-2780HO Set0
Northern Pacific Bay Window Caboose197719776-9268Caboose - Bay Window Caboose22
Northern Pacific Stock Car197719776-7808Stock Car6
Nw2 Switcher197719786-8770Switcher20
Old Dutch Cleanser Billboard Reefer197719806-9870Reefer36
Orange Crush Boxcar197719786-7810Boxcar5
Pacer X197719773-6760Power Passers0
Pacer X197719773-6761Power Passers0
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer197719796-9872Reefer0
Penn Central GG-1 Electric197719776-8550Electric Locomotive0
Peter Pan Hi-Cube Boxcar197719786-9665Boxcar - Hi-Cube Boxcar25
Pick ENS Boxcar197719776-9789Boxcar13
Railbox Boxcar197719775-8704HO Boxcar0
Republic Steel Switcher197719786-8769Switcher8
Road Signs, 16 Pieces197719986-2180Accessory41
Rock Island Boxcar197719786-9782Boxcar11
Rock Island GP7 Diesel197719786-8750Diesel3
Rock Island GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8751Diesel0
Rock Island N5C Caboose197719786-9180Caboose - N5C Caboose3
Rocky Mountain Special Set197719776-1765Freight Set0
Schlitz Billboard Reefer197719775-8743HO Reefer3
Season's Greetings Boxcar197719776-7813Boxcar1
Short Extension Bridge197719876-2717Bridge15
Sir Walter Raleigh Boxcar197719786-7706Boxcar20
Southern "Andrew Pickens" Combination Car197719786-9531Combination Car3
Southern "Joel Chandler Harris" Baggage Car197719786-9530Baggage Car5
Southern "P.G.T. Beauregard" Passenger Coach197719786-9532Passenger Coach3
Southern "Robert E. Lee" Observation Car197719786-9534Observation Car3
Southern "Stonewall Jackson" Passenger Coach197719786-9533Passenger Coach7
Southern 4-6-4 Locomotive197719786-8702Locomotive20
Southern Bay Window Caboose (LCCA 1977)197719776-9259Caboose - Bay Window Caboose13
Southern Boxcar197719775-8702HO Boxcar0
Southern Caboose197719775-8721HO Caboose0
Southern GP7 Diesel197719786-8774Diesel4
Southern GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197719786-8758Diesel1
Southern N5C Caboose (TCA 1977)197719786-9287Caboose - N5C Caboose16
Southern Train Set197719775-2781HO Set0
Star Wars Duel At Death Star Racing Set197719783-3850Power Passers0
Telephone Pole Set 150197719986-2181Set32
Texaco One Dome Tank Car197719786-9147Tank Car - One Dome Tank Car9
The Blazing Duel Lane Change197719773-3790Power Passers0
The Fire Leap Lane Change197719773-3710Power Passers0
The Flaming Challenge Lane Change197719773-3715Power Passers0
The Flaming Duel Lane Change197719773-3705Power Passers0
The Grand Champion Lane Change197719773-3725Power Passers0
The Great Western Train Set197719775-2783HO Set0
The Rock HI Cube197719775-8710HO HI Cube3
The Triple Whip Lane Change197719773-3720Power Passers0
Toy Fair 1977 Boxcar197719776-7807Boxcar0
Toys R Us Black River Freight Set197719776-1793Freight Set1
Toys R Us Boxcar197719776-9052Boxcar0
Toys R Us Steel Hauler Set197719776-1791Freight Set5
Trains n' Truckin' Boxcar197719776-7803Boxcar35
Trains n' Truckin' Cargo King Set197719786-1761Freight Set0
Trains n' Truckin' Steel Hauler Set197719786-1760Freight Set3
Tropicana Billboard Reefer197719775-8742HO Reefer3
True Value Boxcar197719776-9053Boxcar6
True Value Rock Island Line Set197719776-1792Freight Set1
Union Pacific Caboose 8724197719775-8724HO Caboose0
Union Pacific Gondola With Canisters197719776-9283Gondola8
Union Pacific GP-9197719775-5714HO Diesel0
Union Pacific HI Cube197719775-8612HO HI Cube2
Union Pacific Train Set197719775-2782HO Set1
Vernors' Boxcar197719786-7809Boxcar8
Wabash 2-4-2 Locomotive197719776-8703Locomotive1
Wabash Cannonball Set197719776-1762Freight Set1
Wabash Sp-Type Caboose197719776-9080Caboose1
Watchman's Shanty Kit197719876-2719Kits8
Western & Atlantic Railroad Baggage Car197719806-9551Baggage Car2
Western & Atlantic Railroad Flatcar With Horses197719806-9553Flatcar5
Western & Atlantic Railroad Passenger Coach197719806-9552Passenger Coach2
Western Pacific GS-4197719775-6502HO Locomotive1
White Owl Boxcar197719786-7707Boxcar14
Winston Boxcar197719786-7708Boxcar14

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