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Released: 1982
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
Alaska Bay Window Caboose19821983Caboose2013
Alaska One Dome Tank Car19821983Tank Car104
Algoma Central Boxcar19821982Boxcar1210
Animated Newsstand19821983Building115
Armour Reefer19821983Reefer2814
Arthur Treacher's Reefer19821982Reefer21
Black Cave 0-4-0 Locomotive19821982Locomotive14
Black Cave Boxcar19821982Boxcar00
Black Cave Flyer Set19821982Set21
Black Cave Gondola19821982Gondola00
Black Cave Sp-Type Caboose19821982Caboose01
Bonanza Reefer19821982Reefer91
Burlington Northern Hi-Cube Boxcar19821984Boxcar156
Canadian Pacific Reefer19821983Reefer2113
Canadian Pacific Vulcan Switcher Snowplow19821982Switcher169
Cannonball Freight Set19821982Freight Set42
Carlisle & Finch Boxcar19821982Boxcar50
Cheerios Reefer19821982Reefer124
Commercial Express Reefer19821983Reefer256
Continental Limited Set19821982Set00
Covered Quad Hopper19821982Hopper10
Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-4-2 Locomotive19821991Locomotive118
Denver & Rio Grande Western Operating Cowboy Car19821983Boxcar167
Denver Combination Car19821982Combination Car173
Detroit & Toledo Shore Line Automobile Boxcar19821982Boxcar156
Heavy Iron Set19821983Set01
Illinois Terminal Boxcar19821982Boxcar53
JC Penney Overland Freight Set19821982Freight Set00
Jersey Central Sp-Type Caboose19821982Caboose51
Joshua L. Cowen 4-6-4 Locomotive19821982Locomotive125
Joshua L. Cowen Bay Window Caboose19821982Caboose263
Lighted Billboard19821986Billboard93
Lionel Lines Reefer19821982Reefer182
Lionel Mirror19821982Accessory00
Ll Cop And Hobo Car19821983Stock Car105
Maryland & Pennsylvania Boxcar19821983Boxcar242
Mechanical Crossing Gate19821992Crossing Gate71
Mechanical Semaphore19821992Semaphore31
Michigan Central Boxcar19821982Boxcar00
Milwaukee Road Boxcar19821983Boxcar195
New Hope & Ivyland Boxcar19821983Boxcar41
Nibco Express Boxcar19821982Boxcar22
Nibco Express Nw2 Switcher19821982Switcher30
Nibco Express Set19821982Set20
Nibco Express Sp-Type Caboose19821982Caboose135
Nickel Plate Road 2-8-4 Locomotive 77919821982Locomotive54
Norfolk & Southern Boxcar19821982Boxcar35
Norfolk & Western Covered Quad Hopper19821982Hopper53
Norfolk & Western Diner 49119821982Diner Car20
Norfolk & Western Extended Vision Caboose19821982Caboose192
Norfolk & Western Sd24 Diesel19821982Diesel00
Norfolk & Western Stock Car19821982Stock Car51
Ontario Northland Extended Vision Caboose19821982Caboose232
Operating Ice Station With 6700 Ice Car19821983Station74
Pacific Fruit Express Ice Car19821983Ice Car10
Pennsylvania 2-4-2 Locomotive19821983Locomotive73
Pennsylvania Ep-5 Electric Locomotive19821982Locomotive81
Pepsi Cola Reefer19821982Reefer24
Philadelphia Mint Car19821982Mint Car406
Quicksilver ALCO Diesel A Unit19821983Diesel52
Quicksilver ALCO Diesel A Unit, Dummy19821983Diesel30
Quicksilver Express Set19821983Set31
Quicksilver Observation Car19821983Observation Car10
Quicksilver Passenger Coach19821983Passenger Coach50
Quicksilver Passenger Coach19821983Passenger Coach31
Railroader Box Car19821982Boxcar164
Railway Express Agency Reefer19821983Reefer155
Reading Operating Hopper19821982Hopper102
Reading Transfer Caboose19821983Caboose22
Santa Fe Boxcar19821985Boxcar43
Santa Fe GP7 Diesel19821982Diesel180
Santa Fe Hi-Cube Boxcar19821984Boxcar164
Santa Fe SD-40 Diesel19821982Diesel303
Sears Black Cave Flyer Set19821982Set11
Shell Covered Quad Hopper19821982Hopper150
SOO Line Operating Boxcar19821984Boxcar103
Southern Pacific Baggage Car19821983Baggage Car162
Southern Pacific Combination Car19821983Combination Car62
Southern Pacific Diner19821982Diner Car62
Southern Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit19821982Diesel22
Southern Pacific Observation Car19821983Observation Car62
Southern Pacific Pullman Passenger Coach19821983Passenger Coach40
Southern Pacific Pullman Passenger Coach19821983Passenger Coach93
Taco Bell Reefer19821982Reefer30
Tappan Boxcar19821982Boxcar02
Tappan Special Set19821982Set40
Tennessee World's Fair Boxcar19821982Boxcar32
Three Dome Tank Car19821982Tank Car00
Toy Fair Reefer19821982Reefer31
Toys R Us Giraffe Car19821984Giraffe Car83
Toys R Us Heavy Iron Set19821982Set10
Union Pacific Animated Gondola19821983Gondola72
Union Pacific Crane Car19821982Crane Car30
Union Pacific Hi-Cube Boxcar19821983Boxcar235
Vlasic Pickles Reefer19821982Reefer73
Wanamaker Boxcar19821982Boxcar121
Western Maryland Gondola With Coal19821982Gondola51
Western Pacific Boxcar19821983Boxcar237

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