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Released: 1991
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
1991 Video Catalog199119916-16901Video0
1991 Xmas Car Standard Gauge199119916-13604Boxcar1
2-400E Steam Locomotive And Tender199119916-13108Locomotive1
200 Series Caboose199119916-13702Caboose1
33094 Railscope Installation Kit199119916-33094Kits0
408E Locomotive (Std Gauge)199119916-13107Locomotive1
437 Classics Tower199119916-13804Tower1
AC to DC Converter Box199119958-82116Accessory4
Alaska SD9 Diesel 8811199119916-18811Diesel0
Alaska Sp-Type Caboose199119916-16523Caboose1
Amtrak Bunk Car199119926-16702Bunk Car6
Amtrak Crane Car199119926-16644Crane Car5
Amtrak Diner199119926-16048Diner Car1
Amtrak Maintenance Train199119926-11723Set1
Amtrak Ore Car With Load199119916-19315Ore Car7
Amtrak RS3 Diesel 1815199119926-18815Diesel0
Amtrak Searchlight Caboose199119916-16645Caboose0
Animated Passenger Station199119916-12791Passenger Car4
Baltimore & Ohio Boxcar, Steam Railsounds199119916-16639Boxcar2
Baltimore & Ohio Semi-Scale Hopper 532000199119916-51501Hopper4
BAOC One Dome Tank Car (LCAC 1991)199119916-17893Tank Car1
Barnard Passenger Car199119916-13425Passenger Car2
Bay Window Caboose (LRRC 1991)199119916-16804Caboose32
Boston & Maine Covered Quad Hopper199119916-16407Hopper2
Boston & Maine Gondola With Coil Covers199119916-16353Gondola2
Boston & Maine One Dome Tank Car199119916-16109Tank Car1
Budweiser Malt Nutrine Reefer 3285199119926-16805Reefer9
Burlington Northern GP-20 Diesel Locomotive #2003199119948-85003Diesel1
Burlington Northern SD-40 Diesel Dummy Unit 8586199119916-18208Diesel2
Cable Reels, Pair199119986-12795Accessory1
Canadian Pacific Rail Bulkhead Flatcar With Lumber199119916-16350Flatcar3
Charlie Brown And Lucy Handcar199119916-18413Hand Car3
Chesapeake & Ohio Steel-Sided Caboose, Smoke199119916-17608Caboose1
Chessie 4-8-4 Locomotive 2101199119916-18011Locomotive6
Chicago & North Western Flatcar Set (16337 16338) With Trailers199119916-16334Flatcar12
Christmas Boxcar 1991199119916-19913Boxcar19
Clinchfield Boxcar 9790199119916-19243Boxcar1
Coastal Freight Set199119916-11719Freight Set3
Conoco Unibody Tank Car199119916-17903Tank Car17
Conrail Boxcar199119936-16243Boxcar3
Conrail Flatcar With Armstrong And Ford Trailers (LCCA 1991)199119916-17892Flatcar0
Conrail Flatcar With Armstrong Tile Trailer (LCCA 1991)199119916-17887Flatcar18
Conrail Flatcar With Ford Trailer (LCCA 1991)199119916-17888Flatcar11
Cotton Belt Boxcar199119916-19228Boxcar21
Cotton Belt Double-Door Boxcar199119916-17203Boxcar14
CSX Auto Carrier 151161 (LOTS 1991)199119916-17890Auto Carrier0
CSX Reefer199119916-19520Reefer8
Cyprus Ore Car (GPD 1991)199119916-17886Ore Car5
Delaware & Hudson Bay Window Caboose199119916-16525Caboose7
Delaware & Hudson Reefer199119916-19524Reefer7
Delaware & Hudson RS3 Diesel 8814199119916-18814Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Log Dump Car199119916-16636Dump Car1
Diamond Shamrock Two Dome Tank Car199119916-16113Tank Car4
Disney Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck Handcar199119958-87207Handcar1
Donald Duck 50Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar199119916-19242Boxcar18
Dr. Robert Goddard Reefer199119916-19523Reefer2
Erie-Lackawanna Auto Carrier199119916-16229Auto Carrier3
Erie-Lackawanna Bay Window Caboose199119916-16535Caboose1
Erie-Lackawanna Freight Set199119916-11726Freight Set0
Erie-Lackawanna RS3 Diesel 8906199119916-18906Diesel0
Frisco Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds199119916-19229Boxcar0
Frisco Bulkhead Flatcar With Lumber199119916-16333Flatcar12
Frisco Double-Door Boxcar199119916-19230Boxcar8
Frisco Extended Vision Caboose, Smoke199119916-19710Caboose0
Frisco Gondola With Coil Covers199119916-19408Gondola10
Frisco GP7 Diesel 504199119916-18504Diesel7
Frisco Stock Car199119916-19519Stock Car10
Girls Train Set199119916-11722Set2
Grand Trunk Western 20Th Anniversary Boxcar (Artrain 1991)199119916-17891Boxcar5
Great Northern F3 Diesel A Unit 351C199119926-18106Diesel0
Great Northern F3 Diesel A Unit 366A199119926-18104Diesel0
Great Northern F3 Diesel B Unit 370B199119926-18105Diesel0
Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide and Inventory Checklist to Lionel Trains 1901-19911991Price Guide4
Greenberg's Wiring Your Lionel Layout: A Primer for Lionel Train Enthusiasts1991Book6
Guglielmo Marconi Reefer199119916-19522Reefer9
Hooker Chemicals One Dome Tank Car199119916-16114Tank Car0
I Love Ohio Boxcar199119916-19912Boxcar11
Illinois Central 2-6-2 Locomotive 8620199119916-18620Locomotive0
Illinois Central 4-4-2 Locomotive 8625199119916-18625Locomotive0
Illinois Central Baggage Car199119916-16042Baggage Car1
Illinois Central Combination Car199119916-16043Combination Car4
Illinois Central Observation Car199119916-16047Observation Car0
Illinois Central Passenger Coach199119916-16044Passenger Coach3
Illinois Central Passenger Coach199119916-16046Passenger Coach3
Illinois Central Vista Dome Car199119916-16045Vista Dome Car1
Intermodal Containers, Set Of 3199119916-12784Set4
Johnson One Dome Tank Car199119916-19602Tank Car15
Jolly Green Giant Reefer199119916-19526Reefer9
Kansas City Southern GP38 Diesel 4000199119916-18812Diesel1
Kansas City Southern Sp-Type Caboose199119916-16526Caboose0
Lackawanna Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car Set199119916-18304Set3
Lancaster Lines Tractor199119916-17896Other0
Lehigh Valley Quad Hopper With Coal199119916-19317Hopper0
Lift Bridge199119926-12782Bridge4
Lionel 1991 Book One Catalog19911991Catalog12
Lionel 1991 Book Two Catalog19911991Catalog13
Lionel 1991 Stocking Stuffers Catalog19911991Catalog4
Lionel Gravel Company Tractor And Trailer199119916-12785Tractor and Trailer8
Lionel Lines 2-6-4 Locomotive 8014199119916-18014Locomotive0
Lionel Lines Depressed Center Flatcar With Transformer199119916-16332Flatcar7
Lionel Lines Observation Car199119916-19018Observation Car1
Lionel Lines Passenger Coach199119916-19015Passenger Coach3
Lionel Lines Passenger Coach199119916-19016Passenger Coach0
Lionel Lines Passenger Coach199119916-19017Passenger Coach0
Lionel Steel Company Tractor And Trailer199119916-12786Tractor and Trailer5
Lionel Tractor199119916-12794Tractor4
Long Island Tool Car199119916-839113Other Cars0
Madison Hardware Operating Boxcar 190991199119916-19816Boxcar9
Mickey Mouse 60Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar199119916-19241Boxcar18
Mickey's World Tour 2-4-0 Locomotive 8707199119926-18707Locomotive0
Mickey's World Tour Gondola With Canisters199119926-16339Gondola2
Mickey's World Tour Goofy Car199119926-16642Baggage Car0
Mickey's World Tour Set199119916-11794Set0
Mickey's World Tour Sp-Type Caboose 16830199119926-16530Caboose0
Mickey's World Tour Train Set199119926-11721Set5
Missouri Pacific Double-Door Boxcar199119916-17204Boxcar17
Missouri-Kansas-Texas 2-Bay ACF Hopper199119916-17004Hopper9
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Boxcar199119916-19235Boxcar0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Double-Door Boxcar With End-Of-Train Device199119916-16623Boxcar6
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Flatcar With Trailers199119916-16330Flatcar5
Monon Tractor And Trailer199119916-12783Tractor and Trailer7
New York Central Boxcar199119916-19234Boxcar1
New York Central Diner199119916-16041Diner Car1
New York Central Gondola With Canisters199119916-19410Gondola0
New York Central Pacemaker Flatcar With Trailer199119916-16335Flatcar2
New York Central Semi-Scale Caboose 19400199119916-51701Caboose1
NJ Zinc Unibody Tank Car199119916-17902Tank Car19
Norfolk & Western 3-Bay ACF Hopper199119916-17109Hopper12
Norfolk & Western Full Vista Dome Car 576199119916-19108Vista Dome Car5
Norfolk & Western Tool Car199119916-19658Other Cars7
O' Gauge Blue Comet Train199119916-51004Set0
Operating Circus Animal Car199119916-16638Other Cars6
Pennsylvania Railroad 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Locomotive 6200199119926-18010Locomotive5
Pennsylvania Railroad N-8 Caboose 478039199119926-51702Caboose3
Pennsylvania Railroad N5C Caboose199119916-19712Caboose0
Pennsylvania Railroad Semi-Scale Boxcar 100800199119916-51401Boxcar6
Racing Automobiles199119916-13803Cars2
Railbox Box Car With End Of Train Device199119916-16646Boxcar0
Reading Hopper With Coal199119916-17111Hopper11
Rock Island Double-Door Boxcar199119916-19232Boxcar11
Rutland Boxcar, Diesel Railsounds199119916-16640Boxcar2
Santa Fe 2-4-0 Locomotive 8706199119916-18706Locomotive0
Santa Fe Baggage Car 3400199119916-19109Baggage Car8
Santa Fe Boxcar199119916-16227Boxcar1
Santa Fe Combination Car 3500199119916-19110Combination Car4
Santa Fe Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reels199119916-16326Flatcar3
Santa Fe Diner 601199119916-19111Diner Car2
Santa Fe F3 Diesel A Unit 8100199119916-18100Diesel0
Santa Fe F3 Diesel A Unit 8102199119916-18102Diesel0
Santa Fe F3 Diesel ABA Set199119916-11711Diesel ABA Set3
Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit 8101199119916-18101Diesel0
Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit 8103, Dummy199119916-18103Diesel7
Santa Fe Passenger Coach199119916-19112Passenger Coach1
Santa Fe Set199119916-11793Set0
Santa Fe Sp-Type Caboose 16829199119916-16529Caboose1
Santa Fe Special Set199119916-11720Set6
Santa Fe Vista Dome Car199119916-19113Vista Dome Car1
Scale Hudson Replacement Pilot Truck199119916-12800Other Cars0
Sears Illinois Central Passenger Set199119916-11789Passenger Set0
Sears Union Pacific GP9 Diesel 150, Display Case199119916-18553Diesel0
Shelf Semi-Scale One Dome Tank Car 8124199119916-51300Tank Car4
Shell Tank Car199119918-87604Tank Car0
Southern Crane Car199119916-19405Crane Car0
Southern Flatcar With Stakes199119916-19409Flatcar6
Southern Pacific 4-8-4 Locomotive 4410199119916-18007Locomotive9
Southern Pacific Boxcar199119916-19233Boxcar16
Southern Pacific Flatcar (TTOS 1991)199119916-17889Flatcar8
Southern Pacific Tractor199119916-17894Other0
Speedy Alka Seltzer Reefer199119916-19525Reefer9
State Set199119916-13420Set0
Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Double-Door Boxcar199119916-19231Boxcar12
The Making Of The Scale Hudson Video199119946-12756Video1
Tinplate #44 Racing Speed Boat199119916-13805Accessory0
Toy Fair 1991 Boxcar199119916-19914Boxcar6
Tractor (LCCA 1991)199119916-17895Tractor0
U.S. Army One Dome Tank Car199119916-16116Tank Car0
Union Pacific Express Set199119916-11796Set0
Union Pacific GP9 Diesel 150199119916-18817Diesel3
Union Pacific Hopper With Coal199119916-17110Hopper10
Wabash Bunk Car, Smoke199119926-19657Bunk Car3
Wabash Covered Quad Hopper199119916-19316Hopper1
Wabash Steel-Sided Caboose, Smoke199119916-17610Caboose2
West Point Mint Car199119916-19406Mint Car6
Western Maryland Coal Dump Car199119916-16634Dump Car5
Western Pacific Boxcar199119918-87009Boxcar0
Western Pacific Extension Searchlight Car199119916-16637Searchlight Car1
ZW-LI Transformer - Prototype?199119916-12790Transformer0

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