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Released: 2002
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
"I Love Toy Trains" Blinking Billboard200220026-52269Billboard1
#3456 Norfolk & Western Hopper200220026-16462Hopper1
#44 Missile Launcher Engine200220036-18462Missile Launch0
2002 Lionel Employee Christmas Box Car200220026-29905Boxcar3
50Th Anniversary Hillside Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds200220026-15405Diner Car0
50Th Anniversary Hudson Passenger Set200220026-31705Passenger Set2
6814 Stretcher Caboose200220036-19788Caboose0
Airex Boat Loader Car 29413200220026-29413Loader5
Alaska Gondola 13801200220026-26019Gondola1
Alaska Klondike Mining Mint Car200220026-19682Mint Car5
Amtrack Superline Coach Car #34126200220026-39125Coach Car0
Amtrack Superline Coach Car #34129200220026-39126Coach Car0
Amtrack Superline Coach Car #34130200220026-39127Coach Car0
Amtrack Superline Coach Car #34134200220026-39128Coach Car0
Amtrak General Electric Dash 8 Diesel 516200220026-28213Diesel1
Amtrak Superliner Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200220026-39124Passenger Car1
Angela Trotta Thomas Home For The Holidays Boxcar200220036-36270Boxcar16
Angela Trotta Thomas Window Wishing Boxcar200220026-36265Boxcar21
Animated Billboard200220046-14159Billboard18
Animated Reindeer Stock Car And Corral200220026-36704Stock Car2
Area 51 Alien Suspension Car200220026-19681Suspension1
Area 51 Fa Diesel Freight Set200220026-31926Freight Set4
Area 51 Groom Lake Railroad ALCO Fa-2 Unit Diesel200220026-18979Diesel0
Area 51 Hovering Ufo Car200220026-36715UFO Car0
Area 51 Radar Car200220026-36716Radar Car0
Area 51 Searchlight Caboose200220026-36717Caboose1
Area 51 Single Dome Tank Car200220026-19643Tank Car2
Atomic Energy Commission Security Caboose200220026-36718Caboose1
Baldwin Locomotive Works Operating Welding Car 36701200220026-36701Locomotive1
Ballyhoo Bros 4-6-4 Hudson200220036-38034Locomotive6
Ballyhoo Bros Elephant Car200220026-36712Elephant Car1
Ballyhoo Brothers Circus Train200220026-31931Set1
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive, Traditional200220026-28615Locomotive0
Baltimore & Ohio ACF 40-Ton Stock Car200220026-17704Stock Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Gp30 Diesel 6935200220026-28815Diesel1
Baltimore & Ohio Gp30 Diesel 6939200220026-28215Diesel1
Baltimore & Ohio Hopper 435351200220026-16469Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Tugboat200220036-14180Accessory1
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Operating Brakeman Boxcar 3424, Archive Collection200220026-36760Boxcar5
Baltimore & Ohio Square Window Caboose 295200220026-26570Caboose0
Beefmaster Unibody Tank Car 1200220026-17925Tank Car11
Bethlehem Steel Coal Dump Car 26798200220026-26798Dump Car0
Bethlehem Steel Gantry Crane200220026-24134Crane2
Bloomingdale's Exclusive Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set200220026-31951Freight Set2
Bloomingdale's Pennsylvania Flyer Steam Freight Set200220026-31961Set0
Blue Comet 400E Steam Locomotive20022002N/AHallmark8
Blue Comet 400T Oil Tender20022002N/AHallmark20
Blue Comet Giacobini Heavyweight Diner, Stationsounds200220026-15406Diner Car0
Blue Comet Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200220026-39082Passenger Car1
Blue Comet Passenger Car20022002N/AHallmark0
Bosco Operating Milk Car With Platform200220026-36702Milk Car0
Boys Set O27 Gondola200220026-26034Gondola1
Boys Set Porthole Caboose200220026-29704Caboose0
Burlington E5 AA Diesel Set200220026-14547Diesel AA Set0
Burlington Northern Ore Car 95887200220026-17807Ore Car0
Burlington Northern Rotary Bathtub Gondola Add-On Unit200220026-17428Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Bathtub Gondola #668327200220036-17434Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Bathtub Gondola #668328200220036-17435Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Bathtub Gondola #668329200220036-17436Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Dash 8-32Bwh Diesel 580200220026-18291Diesel0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe General Electric Dash 8 Diesel 582200220026-28214Diesel3
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack200220036-17433Gondola1
Burlington Northern U33C Diesel 5734200220026-28208Diesel0
Burlington Operating Hopper 189312200220026-26779Hopper1
Burlington TMCC E5 Diesel Dummy A #9915B200220026-14549Diesel0
Burlington TMCC E5 Diesel Powered A #9915A200220026-14548Diesel0
Canadian National Dash-9 #2528200220036-18289Diesel0
Canadian National Flatcar With Trailer200220026-26021Flatcar4
Canadian National Tank Train A" Car #75568"200220026-19630Tank Car0
Canadian National Tank Train B" Car #75584 W/Etd"200220026-19633Tank Car0
Canadian National Tank Train Intermediate Car #75569200220026-19631Intermediate Car0
Canadian National Tank Train Intermediate Car #75570200220026-19632Intermediate Car0
Canadian National Tanktrain Dash 9 Diesel Freight Set200220026-21790Tank Train1
Canadian National Tanktrain Intermediate Car 75571200220026-19638Tank Train1
Canadian Pacific Aluminum Passenger Coach, Stationsounds200220026-39197Passenger Coach3
Canadian Pacific Extended Vision Caboose 434604200220026-17640Caboose1
Canadian Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit 237C200220026-14564Diesel1
Canadian Pacific Rail Cylindrical Hopper 385206200220026-17172Hopper0
Canadian Pacific Rail SD-40-2 Diesel 5420200220036-18299Diesel3
Cargill PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper 2514200220026-17176Hopper1
Carnegie Science Center 10Th Anniversary Boxcar (CSC 2002)200220026-52277Boxcar3
CCII M-10000 Display Case - Contemporary200220026-24133Display Case0
Chessie Extended Vision Caboose 3322200220026-17639Caboose0
Chessie General Electric U30C Diesel 3312200220026-18292Diesel0
Chessie System 2-Bay Hopper 605527200220026-17017Hopper0
Chessie System One Dome Tank Car 2233200220026-26144Tank Car0
Chessie System U30C Diesel 3312200220026-28292Diesel0
Chicago & Alton Limited Steam Passenger Set200220026-31704Passenger Set4
Chicago & North Western 4-6-0 10-Wheel Locomotive 361200220026-38042Locomotive0
Chicago & North Western Cylindrical Hopper (CLRC 2002)200220026-52216Hopper5
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 52886200220026-17705Stock Car0
Christmas Boxcar 2002200220026-36243Boxcar7
Christmas Music Boxcar 2002200220026-26788Boxcar4
Christmas Steam Freight Set200220026-31901Freight Set1
Christmas Train Set200220046-81024Set0
Christmas Work Caboose With Presents200220026-26527Caboose1
City Of Chicago Combination Car (TCA 2002)200220026-52250Combination Car13
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507670200220036-17430Gondola0
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507671200220036-17431Gondola0
Conrail Bathtub Gondola #507672200220036-17432Gondola0
Conrail Bay Window Caboose200220026-17642Caboose0
Conrail Rotary Bathtub Gondola 3-Pack200220036-17429Gondola0
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel 7200200220036-18295Diesel2
Conrail U36B Diesel 2971, Traditional200220026-28831Diesel0
Conrail Well Car 768121200220026-26028Well Car0
Cotton Belt PS-1 Boxcar 75000200220026-17276Boxcar2
CSX Flatcar 600513 With Backhoe200220026-29442Flatcar1
CSX Rotary Bathtub Gondola Add-On Unit200220026-17427Gondola2
CSX SD8Omac Diesel 801200220036-18296Diesel2
Delaware & Hudson U30C Diesel200220026-28200Diesel0
Diamond Chemicals One Dome Tank Car 6315, Archive Collection200220026-26147Tank Car2
Dragoon & Northern Ore Car (GPD 2002)200220026-52279Ore Car12
Empire State Express Diner, Lcc Ii200220026-29181Diner Car2
Empire State Express Passenger Car 2-Pack, Lcc Ii200220026-29178Passenger Car3
Empire State Express Passenger Car 4-Pack, Lcc Ii200220026-29173Passenger Car2
Erie Bay Window Caboose C307,200220026-17644Caboose2
Erie-Lackawanna Boxcar 73113200220026-36242Boxcar1
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel A Unit 7094200220026-14563Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna Pullman Coach Car Tunkhannock200220026-39465Coach Car0
Erie-Lackawanna U33C Diesel 3304200220026-28207Diesel0
Exploding Ammo Dump200220036-14126Accessory1
Exploding Ammunition Dump200220026-24106Accessory6
Fire Rescue Steam Freight Set200220026-31715Freight Set0
Flat Car W/Missiles #6823200220036-29409Flatcar0
Flat W/Missiles200220036-29410Flatcar6
Flatcar 6425 With U.S. Army Boat200220026-26027Flatcar4
Flatcar With Bulldozer #6818200220026-26023Flatcar3
Flatcar With Powerboat200220026-26785Flatcar8
Flatcar With Submarine (LCCA 2002)200220026-52273Flatcar6
Floodlight Tower200220036-14155Tower8
Frisco 4-6-0 10-Wheel Locomotive 719200220026-38043Locomotive0
Frisco Offset Hopper 92092200220026-17020Hopper1
GATX Tank Train A" Car #44587"200220026-19640Tank Car0
GATX Tank Train B" Car #44600"200220026-19642Tank Car0
GATX Tank Train Intermediate Car #44588200220026-19641Intermediate Car0
GATX Tanktrain Intermediate Car 3-Pack200220026-19639Tank Train2
GATX Tanktrain Intermediate Car 44589200220026-19637Tank Train2
General Steam Locomotive & Tender20022002N/AHallmark2
Gondola, Blue (LCCA 2002)200220026-17412Gondola10
Govt. Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper 111031200220026-17173Hopper2
Grand Trunk Archive Collection GP9200220026-28534Diesel0
Great Northern 0-8-0 Locomotive 815200220026-38046Locomotive1
Great Northern 3-Bay Hopper #171250200220026-17174Hopper0
Great Northern ALCO Fa2 AA Diesel Set200220026-38147Diesel AA Set1
Great Northern ALCO Fb2 Diesel200220026-38194Diesel1
Great Northern Fa-2 Dummy A #279A200220026-38149Locomotive0
Great Northern Fa-2 Powered A #278A200220026-38148Locomotive0
Great Northern Log Dump Car 60011200220026-26797Dump Car1
Great Train Robbery Set200220026-31928Set1
Helicopter Flat Car #3419200220036-19891Flatcar2
Hood's General American Milk Car200220026-17331Milk Car5
I Love Connecticut Boxcar200220026-29906Boxcar4
I Love Delaware Boxcar200220026-29908Boxcar6
I Love Maryland Boxcar200220026-29909Boxcar6
I Love West Virginia Boxcar200220026-29907Boxcar0
Illinois Central PS-2CD 4427 Covered Hopper 57031200220026-17175Hopper0
Illuminated Covered Bridge200220166-24117Bridge5
Indiana Rail Road Company Caboose200220026-26591Caboose1
Indiana Rail Road Company Operating Giraffe Car200220026-36759Other Cars4
Indianapolis Power & Light Coal Hopper 10074200220026-17179Hopper3
Industrial Power Station200220036-14163Station1
Industrial Smokestack200220046-14142Accessory0
Industrial Tank200220046-14143Accessory2
JC Penney Flyer Train Set200220026-31935Set0
JC Penney Southern Pacific Multiple Unit (Commuter Cars) Commuter Car, Display Case200220026-18352Display Case3
Jenny Manufacturing Tank Car (NETCA 2002)200220026-52270Tank Car0
Jersey Central Gondola200220026-17943Gondola0
Kiss Kringle Chase Gondola200220026-26789Gondola6
Knoebels Special Edition Locomotive & Tender200220026-52284Locomotive0
Kraft Holiday Union Pacific RS3 Diesel Freight Set200220026-31950Freight Set0
Kraft Holiday Wishes Boxcar200220026-36263Boxcar1
Lehigh Valley ALCO S2 Switcher 150200220026-28532Switcher0
Lenny The Lion Bobbing Head Car200220026-26782Boxcar2
LFD Firecar With Ladder200220026-36753Fire Car0
LFD Flat Car W/Corgi Fire Engine200220026-26050Flatcar1
Lighted Christmas Boxcar200220026-26790Boxcar8
Lion Oil Derrick200220036-14153Derrick Car2
Lion Oil Diesel Fueling Station200220036-14156Diesel3
Lional Circus Caboose200220026-26577Caboose3
Lional Circus Clown Car200220026-36710Boxcar2
Lionel Birthday Boxcar200220026-26736Boxcar15
Lionel Circus Operating Gondola200220026-36711Gondola4
Lionel Gondola, Black (TCA 2002)200220026-52241Gondola1
Lionel Gondola, Blue (TCA 2002)200220026-52242Gondola0
Lionel Gondola, Gold (TCA 2002)200220026-52272Gondola0
Lionel Lighthouse200220036-24135Building1
Lionel Lines 2-6-4 Locomotive And Tender200220026-28621Locomotive0
Lionel Lines 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive 8062200220036-38062Locomotive0
Lionel Lion Bobbing Head Car200220036-36719Boxcar2
Lionel Visitor's Center 4-Bay Hopper200220026-19999Hopper7
Lionelville Bandstand200220026-14164Building0
Lionelville Operating Parade Car200220026-26786Boxcar4
Lions Flatcar With 2 Zamboni Ice Resurfacing Machines200220026-26039Flatcar3
Maddox Retirement Boxcar (LCCA 2002)200220026464-2002Boxcar2
Mainline Dwarf Signal200220086-14151Signal6
Merry Christmas 2002 Boxcar200220028-87023Boxcar2
Milwaukee Road F3 Diesel A Unit 75C200220026-14562Diesel0
Milwaukee Road Zoological Society Aquarium Car 4701, Orange (LRRC 2002)200220026-52265Aquarium Car7
Missile Firing Range Set200220026-24107Set2
Missile Launching Platform200220036-14162Platform14
Missouri Pacific Box Car 3494-150200220026-39234Boxcar0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ALCO Fa2 AA Diesel Set200220026-38182Diesel AA Set1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas ALCO Fb2 Diesel200220026-38161Diesel3
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Fa-2 Dummy A #326200220026-38184Locomotive0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Fa-2 Powered A #326200220026-38183Locomotive0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Stock Car, Girls Set Add-On200220026-19559Stock Car7
Monon Boxcar 6464-550200220026-39224Boxcar1
More Precious Than Gold Mint Car (LOTS 2002)200220026-52280Mint Car3
Museum Work Train Flatcar With Wheel Load (NTTM 2002)200220026-52271Flatcar5
Naughty And Nice Hopper 2-Pack200220026-16467Hopper2
New Haven Fairbanks-Morse H-16-44 Diesel 591200220026-28837Diesel0
New Haven General American Milk Car200220026-17335Milk Car2
New Jersey Central "Blue Comet" Heavyweight Coach "Tuttle"200220026-39084Coach Car0
New Jersey Central "Blue Comet" Heavyweight Combination "Halley"200220026-39083Combination Car0
New Mexico Division Durango & Silverton Operating Hopper (TTOS 2002)200220026-52264Hopper8
New York & Atlantic Boxcar (NLOE 2002)200220026-52256Boxcar1
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Baggage "Chesterfield"200220026-15400Baggage Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Coach "Irvington"200220026-15401Coach Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Coach "Madison"200220026-15402Coach Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Coach "Manhattan"200220026-15403Coach Car0
New York Central "50Th Anniversary" Heavyweight Observation "Sager Place"200220026-15404Observation Car0
New York Central "Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Baggage / Tavern "Hamilton Fish"200220026-29174Baggage Car0
New York Central 20Th Century Limited Aluminum Passenger Car 6-Pack200220026-15326Passenger Car0
New York Central 4-6-4 Hudson Empire State Locomotive, Lcc Ii200220026-38000Locomotive2
New York Central Baggage Car #5017200220026-15327Baggage Car0
New York Central Brooklyn Superliner Passenger Coach200220026-15305Passenger Coach0
New York Central Coach Imperial Court200220026-15329Coach Car0
New York Central Coach Imperial Falls200220026-15330Coach Car1
New York Central Combination Car #5020200220026-15328Combination Car0
New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt Locomotive200220026-13112Locomotive2
New York Central Commodore Vanderbilt" Standard Gauge Passenger Set"200220026-13008Set2
New York Central Double-Door Boxcar 6468200220036-39247Boxcar4
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Coach #2571"200220026-29176Coach Car0
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Observation #55"200220026-29177Observation Car0
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Parlor #84"200220026-29179Parlor Car1
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum Parlor #85"200220026-29175Parlor Car0
New York Central Empire State Express" 18" Aluminum RPO #5021"200220026-29180RPO Car0
New York Central Fairbanks-Morse H-16-44 Diesel 7000200220026-28836Diesel0

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