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Released: 2005
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#3530 Emd Generator Car And Light Pole200520056-29826Generator Car0
2005 Holiday Boxcar200520056-36296Boxcar12
2005 Large Scale Holiday Boxcar200520056-87026Boxcar0
3356 Santa Fe Horse Car & Cor200520056-29820Horse Car0
3434 Poultry Dispatch Car200520056-29825Poultry Car1
60 Curved Track200520166-12056Track14
60 Remote Switch, Left Hand200520146-12057Switch2
60 Remote Switch, Right Hand200520146-12058Track2
6437 PA Porthole Caboose200520056-29713Caboose3
84 Curved Track200520166-12061Track7
Alaska 2-Bay Hopper200520056-16487Hopper8
Alaska Boxcar, Diesel Trainsounds200520056-26817Boxcar2
Alaska Caboose200520056-36544Caboose6
Alaska Flatcar With Bulkheads200520056-26086Flatcar2
Alaska GP9 Diesel200520056-28857Diesel0
Alaska One Dome Tank Car200520056-26171Tank Car4
Alaska Searchlight Car200520056-26826Searchlight Car1
Alberta 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #628006200520056-27108Hopper1
Amtrak Coast Limited Pass. Rtr Train Set200520056-30029Set0
Amtrak Rail Bonder200520056-28400Bonder3
Angela Trotta Thomas Christmas Eve Boxcar200520056-36297Boxcar8
Animated Gondola - Pluto & Cats200520056-26742Gondola0
Atlantic States Gas Single Dome Tank Car200520056-26170Tank Car1
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Coach "Cumberland"200520056-25413Coach Car0
Baltimore & Ohio "Columbian" 18" Aluminum Coach "La Paz"200520056-25414Coach Car0
Baltimore & Ohio 4-4-2 Locomotive 28, Traditional200520056-28693Locomotive0
Baltimore & Ohio Center Cupola Caboose C2047, Traditional200520056-36580Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Chessie PS-5 Gondola #368426200520066-17469Gondola2
Baltimore & Ohio Columbian Aluminum Diner, Stationsounds200520056-25415Diner Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Columbian Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200520056-25412Passenger Car0
Baltimore & Ohio Offset Hopper200520056-17043Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio Offset Hopper200520056-17055Hopper1
Baltimore & Ohio Offset Hopper 2-Pack200520056-11857Hopper2
Bethlehem Steel 0-6-0 Dockside Switcher 72, Traditional200520056-28651Switcher4
Bethlehem Steel Hot Metal Car #8200520056-39429Metal Car2
Bethlehem Steel Slag Car #4200520056-39428Slag Car0
Bethlehem Steel Transfer Caboose, Traditional200520056-36547Caboose1
Big Bad Wolf Hi-Cube Boxcar200520066-25006Boxcar0
Block Section200520166-12060Track9
Boston & Albany 0-8-0 Locomotive 53, Rai Isounds200520056-28702Locomotive0
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper200520056-17039Hopper0
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #5534200520056-17047Hopper0
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #5535200520056-17048Hopper1
Boston & Maine PS-2 2-Bay Hopper 2-Pack200520056-11853Hopper1
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose200520056-17671Caboose0
Burlington Northern Husky Stack #63322200520056-27502Stack Car0
Burlington Northern Husky Stack #63323200520056-27503Stack Car0
Burlington Northern Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200520056-11868Stack Car0
Burlington Northern Husky Stack Car 63322200520056-17586Stack Car0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Ore Car, Traditional200520056-16489Ore Car6
Burlington Northern Santa Fe SD70mac Diesel 9433200520056-28223Diesel0
Burlington PS-5 Gondola With Covers200520056-17471Gondola1
Burning Switch Tower200520056-14201Switch3
Camel Race Midway Game200520066-34159Building1
Canadian National 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #382005200520056-27107Hopper1
Canadian National ALCO FPA-4 (Non-Powered) #6767200520056-24550Locomotive8
Canadian National Boxcar, Traditional200520056-36295Boxcar3
Canadian National Cylindrical Hopper200520056-27123Hopper0
Canadian National Cylindrical Hopper200520056-27124Hopper0
Canadian National Cylindrical Hopper 2-Pack200520056-11867Hopper2
Canadian National FPA-4 Diesel AA Set200520056-24548Diesel AA Set0
Canadian National FPB-4 Diesel B Unit 6865200520056-24551Diesel1
Canadian National Reefer Car200520056-26178Reefer6
Canadian National TMCC ALCO FPA-4 (Powered) #6765200520056-24549Locomotive16
Canadian Pacific Diesel Grain Train Set200520056-31736Set2
Canadian Pacific Rail 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #385320200520056-27109Hopper0
Canadian Pacific Rail Bathtub Gondola200520056-17470Gondola1
Canadian Pacific Rail Bay Window Caboose, Smoke200520056-17670Caboose1
Canadian Pacific Rail With W.B. Mason Trailer (NETCA 2005)200520056-52379Flatcar3
Candy Cane Dump Car200520056-29808Dump Car1
Captain Hook Hi-Cube Box Car200520066-25018Boxcar0
Celanese Chemicals One Dome Tank Car200520056-29602Tank Car3
Chesapeake & Ohio 0-4-0 Locomotive 39, Traditional200520056-28662Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 Allegheny Locomotive 1650200520076-38081Locomotive1
Chesapeake & Ohio Caboose200520076-36582Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47380200520056-17057Hopper0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47381200520056-17058Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47382200520056-17059Hopper0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47383200520056-17060Hopper2
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47384200520056-17061Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper #47385200520056-17062Hopper0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper 3-Pack200520056-11873Hopper0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper 3-Pack200520056-21872Hopper1
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper 47386200520056-17083Hopper2
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar 81000 With Trailers200520056-17585Flatcar2
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar W/Piggyback Trailers #81001200520056-27500Flatcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar W/Piggyback Trailers #81002200520056-27501Flatcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-4 Flatcar With Trailers200520056-11861Flatcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio Work Caboose, Traditional200520056-36528Caboose2
Chessie Berkshire Locomotive Tender200520056-28658Locomotive0
Chessie Diesel Freight Set200520066-31735Diesel1
Chessie GP30 Engine200520066-28855Diesel0
Chessie I-12 Caboose200520066-17667Caboose0
Chessie S4 Diesel 9009200520056-28548Diesel0
Chessie Steam Special Baby Madison Observation #18200520056-15197Observation Car0
Chessie Steam Special Madison Car 2-Pack200520056-25103Passenger Car1
Chessie Steam Special Passenger Set200520056-31734Passenger Set0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Baggage #100200520056-25104Baggage Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Coach #3200520056-15195Coach Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Coach #4200520056-15196Coach Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Combination #2200520056-15194Combination Car0
Chessie System "Chessie Steam Special" Baby Madison Diner #25105200520056-25105Diner Car0
Chicago & North Western Boxcar #564200520056-36293Boxcar0
Chicago & North Western Steel-Sided Reefer 3-Pack200520056-11877Reefer1
Chicago & North Western Steel-Sided Refrigerator Car #754200520056-17396Refrigerator Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 0-8-0 Locomotive 543, Railsounds200520056-28700Locomotive1
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Milk Car 364, Tan200520056-52370Milk Car3
Christmas Flatcar W/ Motoized Handcar (2005)200520056-26843Hand Car0
Christmas Music Boxcar 2005200520056-26818Boxcar0
Clinchfield PS-2 Covered Hopper200520056-17038Hopper0
Comet One Dome Tank Car, Traditional200520056-29603Tank Car2
Conrail Boom Car, Crane Sounds200520056-29818Crane0
Conrail Crane Car 50202200520056-29805Crane Car0
Conrail Gunderson DDTX Deep Well Car #795110200520056-21110Well Car1
Conrail Gunderson DTTX Deep Well Car #795111200520056-21113Well Car0
Conrail Gunderson DTTX Deep Well Car #795112200520056-21116Well Car1
Conrail SD70Mac Diesel #4139200520056-21109Diesel0
Conrail Three Dome Tank Car, Traditional200520056-26168Tank Car1
Copper Range 0-6-0St Dockside Switcher #194200520056-28669Switcher2
Copper Range Caboose200520056-36541Caboose2
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16488Ore Car1
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16485Ore Car5
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16486Ore Car6
Copper Range Ore Car200520056-16484Ore Car3
Copper Range Steam Freight Mine Set200520056-31990Set1
CSX Conventional SD60 #3329200520056-28220Diesel0
CSX Flat Car W/ Container200520056-27506Flatcar0
CSX Husky Stack #620352200520056-27507Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack Car 2-Pack200520056-11870Stack Car0
CSX Husky Stack Car 620350200520056-17588Stack Car1
CSX Rail Bonder 92794, Traditional200520056-28406Bonder0
CSX U36B Diesel 1976, Traditional200520056-28852Diesel0
CSX Waffle-Sided Boxcar200520056-15017Boxcar1
CSX Work Caboose, Lighted200520056-36525Caboose0
CW80 Transformer200520116-34181Transformer0
Delaware & Hudson 3-Bay ACF Hopper 3454200520066-27115Hopper0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Double-Door Boxcar 63798200520056-27205Boxcar0
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper #11117200520066-17044Hopper0
Disney Passenger Train200520056-30005Passenger Car2
Disney Villain Hi-Cube Boxcar 3-Pack200520066-21876Boxcar3
Double Floodlight Tower200520096-24103Tower16
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range 3-Bay ACF Hopper 5017200520056-27117Hopper0
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Coal Dump Car200520056-29807Dump Car0
Dump Car With Presents200520056-29809Dump Car3
Elevated Trestle Set200520166-12038Track9
Elf Transport Work Car200520056-29608Work Car3
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #200200520056-29446Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #201200520056-29447Log Car1
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #202200520056-29448Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Lumber Car 3-Pack200520056-29445Multi Car Pack0
Elvis Flatcar With Tractor And Trailer, Traditional200520056-26091Flatcar8
Elvis Presley Caboose200520056-36539Caboose0
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2005200520056-29926Boxcar4
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 3338, Traditional200520056-28655Locomotive0
Erie Caboose C150, Traditional200520056-36531Caboose0
Erie Hudson Locomotive, Whistle200520056-38069Locomotive4
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel ABA Set200520056-24534Diesel ABA Set1
Erie-Lackawanna F3 Diesel B Unit 8042, Powered200520056-24538Diesel0
Erie-Lackawanna F3A Diesel Locomotive Non Powered200520056-24537Diesel1
Erie-Lackawanna Scale TMCC F3 Non-Powered B-Unit #8032200520056-24536Locomotive0
Erie-Lackawanna Scale TMCC F3 Powered A-Unit #8031200520056-24535Locomotive0
Evans Auto Loader #6414200520056-39434Auto Carrier0
Fastrack Lighted Bumper 2-Pack200520176-12035Track11
Firestone 3-Bay ACF Hopper200520056-27119Hopper1
Fisk Tire Boxcar (NETCA)200520056-52383Boxcar1
Frisco Flatcar With 2 Speeders (LCCA 2005)200520056-52396Flatcar2
Frisco Flatcar, Silver (LCCA 2005)200520056-52395Flatcar0
Frisco Speeder, Red, Powered (LCCA 2005)200520056-52394Speeder1
Goofy And Pete Jumping Boxcar200520056-36782Boxcar1
Government Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper200520056-27110Hopper0
Government Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper200520056-27112Hopper1
Govt. Of Canada Cylindrical Hopper 2-Pack200520056-11866Hopper0
Grade Crossing 2-Pack200520166-12036Track22
Grade Crossing With Flashers200520166-12052Track13
Graduated Trestle Set200520166-12037Track8
Grand Trunk Western Double-Door Boxcar 596377200520056-27204Boxcar2
Great Northern Extended Vision Caboose X-106200520056-17672Caboose1
Great Northern Offset Hopper200520056-17041Hopper3
Great Northern Offset Hopper #73531200520056-17051Hopper0
Great Northern Offset Hopper #73532200520056-17052Hopper1
Great Northern Offset Hopper With Coal, 2-Pack200520056-11855Hopper1
Great Northern PS-4 Flatcar W/Piggyback Trailers #60208200520056-17596Flatcar0
Great Northern PS-4 Flatcar W/Piggyback Trailers #60209200520056-17597Flatcar0
Great Northern PS-4 Flatcar With Trailers200520056-11859Flatcar0
Great Northern PS-4 Flatcar With Trailers200520056-17583Flatcar1
Great Northern Reefer (TCA 2005)200520056-52376Reefer4
Great Northern Reefer, Archive Collection200520056-19568Reefer0
Great Northern U33C Diesel 2543200520056-28235Diesel1
Green Bay & Western Offset Hopper200520056-17042Hopper0
Green Bay & Western Offset Hopper #419200520056-17053Hopper0
Green Bay & Western Offset Hopper #420200520056-17054Hopper0

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