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Released: 1989
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
'1413' Colorado Passenger Car198919896-13405Passenger Car3
(200/201) Trolley & Trailer198919896-13900Trolley3
(381-E) Locomotive198919896-13102Locomotive4
1414 Illinois Passenger Car198919896-13407Passenger Car1
1416 New York Observation Car198919896-13406Observation Car2
1512 Gondola198919896-13300Gondola6
1513 Cattle Car198919896-13600Cattle Car3
1517 Caboose198919896-13700Caboose2
1520 Searchlight Car198919896-13200Searchlight Car2
1989 Christmas Car198919898-87006Boxcar4
1989 Christmas Car (Std)198919896-13601Boxcar4
201 Trolley Trailer198919896-13901Trolley1
3-Car Tinplate Green State Passenger Set198919896-13403Passenger Set0
4400N Signal Bridge198919896-51900Bridge0
Ace Hardware Boxcar198919896-16220Boxcar1
Ace Hardware Cannonball Express Set198919896-11774Set0
Adolphus Iii 4-4-2 Locomotive198919926-18617Locomotive0
Alaska Road Tank Car198919898-87600Tank Car2
Alexander Graham Bell Reefer198919896-19509Reefer10
Amtrak Baggage Car 9100198919896-19100Baggage Car2
Amtrak Bunk Car198919896-19654Bunk Car14
Amtrak Combination Car 9101198919896-19101Combination Car2
Amtrak Diner 9104198919896-19104Diner Car2
Amtrak Full Vista Dome Car 9105198919896-19105Vista Dome Car6
Amtrak GG1 Electric Locomotive 8303198919896-18303Locomotive6
Amtrak Observation Car 9106198919896-19106Observation Car3
Amtrak Passenger Coach198919896-16023Passenger Coach5
Amtrak Passenger Coach 9102198919896-19102Passenger Coach3
Amtrak Vista Dome Car 9103198919896-19103Vista Dome Car1
Anheuser-Busch Set198919926-11775Set3
Anheuser-Busch Sp-Type Caboose198919926-16524Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio Bobber Caboose198919898-87707Caboose2
Baltimore & Ohio Diner198919896-19010Diner Car3
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola198919898-87405Gondola0
Baltimore & Ohio Ore Car198919898-87202Ore Car1
Barrel Pack, Set Of 6198920176-12745Set6
Bessemer & Lake Erie Ore Car With Load198919896-19307Ore Car18
Budweiser Reefer198919926-16223Reefer0
California Passenger Car #1412198919896-13404Passenger Car5
Canada Southern Operating Hopper (LCAC 1989)198919896-8912Hopper1
Canadian Pacific 0-6-0T Steam Locomotive198919898-85109Locomotive0
Canadian Pacific Bobber Caboose198919898-87708Caboose3
Canadian Pacific Boxcar198919896-17200Boxcar16
Canadian Pacific Flat Car/Log198919896-17500Flatcar7
Canadian Pacific Rail Extended Vision Caboose, Smoke198919896-19705Caboose5
Canadian Pacific Rail Freight Set198919896-11710Freight Set11
Canadian Pacific Rail Gondola With Coal198919896-17400Gondola4
Canadian Pacific Rail SD-40 Diesel 8203198919896-18203Diesel2
Canadian Pacific Reefer198919896-17300Reefer15
Chesapeake & Ohio Reefer198919898-87102Reefer1
Chessie Caboose198919898-87706Caboose1
Chicago & North Western 4-4-2 Locomotive 8612198919896-18612Locomotive0
Chicago & North Western Boxcar With End-Of-Train Device198919896-16617Boxcar22
Christmas Boxcar 1989198919896-19908Boxcar17
Circus Animals Operating Stock Car 1989198919896-16110Stock Car1
Circus Set198919896-95280Set1
Circus Train 4-4-2 Locomotive 1989198919896-18614Locomotive0
Civil War Reefer198919916-19517Reefer4
Classics #44 Freight Special Set198919896-51001Set2
Classics 1-384-E 2-4-0 Steam Locomotive And Tender, Std. Gauge198919896-13101Locomotive5
Columbia, Newberry & Laurens Boxcar (LCCA 1989)198919896-17876Boxcar10
Crane Kit198919916-12750Crane4
Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-6-4 Locomotive 8608198919896-18608Locomotive1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar198919896-16206Boxcar2
Denver & Rio Grande Western Searchlight Car198919896-16616Searchlight Car2
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sp-Type Caboose198919896-16509Caboose1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Three Dome Tank Car198919896-16105Tank Car2
Desert King Set198919896-11758Set5
Elevated Trestle Set, 10 Pieces198920156-12755Set3
Erie-Lackawanna SD-40 Diesel Unit 8459, Dummy198919896-18202Diesel2
Freight Platform Kit198919898-82111Platform0
George Washington Reefer198919916-19516Reefer8
Gooseneck Lamps, Set Of 2198920006-12742Set10
Graduated Trestle Set, 22 Pieces198920156-12754Set6
Great Northern 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive And Tender198919898-85107Locomotive1
Great Northern Boxcar198919898-87003Boxcar0
Great Northern Caboose198919898-87705Caboose0
Great Northern Ore Car With Load198919896-19308Ore Car16
Greenberg's Lionel Catalogues Volume II 1923-19321989Book3
Greenberg's Lionel Catalogues Volume III 1933-19421989Book5
Greenberg's Model Railroading With Lionel Trains1989Book13
Greenberg's Pocket Price Guide And Inventory Checklist To Lionel Trains 1901-1942 & 1945-19891989Price Guide6
History Of Lionel Trains Video198919946-12752Video0
Illinois Central Flat Car With Stakes198919898-87503Flatcar0
Illuminated Extension Bridge, Rock Piers198919896-12721Bridge2
Illuminated Freight Station198919896-12728Station2
Illuminated Passenger Platform198919996-12748Passenger Car8
JC Penney Midnight Shift Set198919896-11769Set0
JC Penney Susquehanna RS3 Diesel 8809, Display Case198919896-18551Diesel2
Lancaster & Chester Quad Hopper With Coal198919896-19310Hopper14
Leonardo Da Vinci Reefer198919896-19508Reefer36
Lionel 1989 Large Scale Toy Fair Edition Catalog19891989Catalog8
Lionel 1989 Pre-Toy Fair Edition Catalog19891989Catalog17
Lionel 1989 Toy Fair Edition Catalog19891989Catalog29
Lionel All Aboard Cookbook1989Book2
Lionel Gas Company Tractor And Tanker198919896-12739Tractor and Tanker23
Lionel Lines 2-4-0 Locomotive198919896-18704Locomotive1
Lionel Lines Depressed Center Flatcar With Cable Reels198919896-16318Flatcar19
Lionel Lines Extension Searchlight Car198919896-16615Searchlight Car14
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose 6508198919896-16508Caboose0
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose, Railscope198919896-16515Caboose7
Long Island Boxcar198919896-8389Boxcar0
Macy's Boxcar198919896-16221Boxcar0
Macy's Freight Flyer Set198919896-11772Freight Set0
Magma Ore Car (GPD 1989)198919896-17878Ore Car4
Man On The Moon Reefer198919916-19518Reefer2
Micro Racers Express Set198919896-11771Set3
Microracers Exhibition Ramp Car198919896-16325Ramp Car5
Milwaukee Road Ore Car198919898-87201Ore Car1
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Coal Dump Car198919896-16613Dump Car6
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Gondola198919898-87407Gondola0
Missouri-Kansas-Texas One Dome Tank Car 3739469 (TTOS 1989)198919896-17877Tank Car3
New Haven Bay Window Caboose198919896-16510Caboose5
New Haven SD18 Diesel 8806198919896-18806Diesel1
New York Central 2-6-4 Locomotive 8606198919896-18606Locomotive1
New York Central 4-4-2 Locomotive 8613198919896-18613Locomotive0
New York Central Baggage Car198919896-16016Baggage Car6
New York Central Box Car198919898-87000Boxcar2
New York Central Combination Car198919896-16017Combination Car3
New York Central Extended Searchlight Car198919898-87800Searchlight Car2
New York Central Observation Car198919896-16021Observation Car6
New York Central Passenger Coach198919896-16018Passenger Coach2
New York Central Passenger Coach198919896-16020Passenger Coach4
New York Central Vista Dome Car198919896-16019Vista Dome Car1
North American Single Dome Tank Car198919896-19601Tank Car19
North Pole Railroad Set198919908-81004Set2
Northern Pacific Ice Car198919896-19813Ice Car6
O27 Value Pack Oval Layout Track Expander198919896-12859Track0
Old Glory Reefers, Set Of 3198919916-19599Reefer9
Operating Hand Car198919898-87200Hand Car1
Operating Semaphore198919996-12727Semaphore13
Operating/Uncoupling Track198920166-12746Track7
Ore Load, Set Of 2198919956-12753Set0
Pace Iron Horse Freight Set198919896-11776Freight Set0
Passenger Cars Set (#7)198919896-13412Passenger Car3
Passenger/Freight Station198919996-12734Passenger Car9
Pennsylvania Baggage Car198919896-16022Baggage Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad 0-6-0 Locomotive 8977198919916-18000Locomotive18
Pennsylvania Railroad Auto Carrier, 3-Tier198919896-16208Auto Carrier5
Pennsylvania Railroad Barrel Ramp Car198919896-16317Ramp Car5
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar198919896-19212Boxcar23
Pennsylvania Railroad Stock Car198919896-19510Stock Car12
Pennsylvania Railroad Switcher198919896-18900Switcher0
Pennsylvania Railroad Work Caboose, Smoke198919916-19709Caboose8
Port Huron & Detroit Boxcar (LOTS 1989)198919896-17875Boxcar4
Racing Fuel One Dome Tank Car 6108198919926-16108Tank Car0
Railroad Figure Assortment198919898-82112Figures0
Reading 4-6-2 Locomotive 8004198919896-18004Locomotive5
Reading 4-8-4 Locomotive 2100198919896-18006Locomotive4
Reading Cop And Hobo Car198919896-16614Other Cars2
Reading Wood-Sided Caboose198919896-17605Caboose16
Rock Piers, Set Of 2198920156-12744Set14
Rotary Radar Antenna198919956-12749Accessory3
Santa Claus Handcar198919896-18408Hand Car0
Santa Fe Burro Crane198919896-18405Crane7
Santa Fe Tank Car198919898-87601Tank Car0
Santa Fe Track Maintenance Car198919896-16618Track9
Santa Fe Two Dome Tank Car198919896-16104Tank Car4
Sclair 3-Bay Ace Hopper198919896-17107Hopper5
Seaboard Covered Quad Hopper198919896-19309Hopper9
Seaboard Reefer198919898-87105Reefer4
Sears Circus Set198919896-11770Set0
Sears New York Central Passenger Set198919896-11773Passenger Set1
Shovel Kit198919916-12751Kits5
SOO Line Boxcar198919896-19210Boxcar13
SOO Line Log Dump Car198919896-16612Dump Car2
Southern Gondola198919898-87406Gondola0
Spokane, Portland & Seattle Double-Door Boxcar198919896-19213Boxcar15
Susquehanna RS3 Diesel 8809198919896-18809Diesel9
The "126" Lionelville Station198919896-13801Station1
The Big Top Circus Gondola With Canisters198919896-16327Gondola0
TM Lionel Price And Rarity Guide 1970-19891989Price Guide6
Tool Car (LRRC 1989)198919896-16802Other Cars39
Toy Fair 1989 Boxcar198919896-19907Boxcar3
Track Clips, Dozen198920166-12743Track8
Track Maintenance Car198919916-18406Track8
Trailer Train Flatcar With Western Maryland Trailers198919896-19404Flatcar11
True Value Boxcar198919896-16219Boxcar1
True Value Cannonball Express Set198919896-11762Set0
Union Pacific 2-6-4 Locomotive 8607198919896-18607Locomotive5
Union Pacific Dash 8-40C Diesel 9100198919896-18205Diesel9
Union Pacific Extended Vision Caboose 9706, Smoke198919896-19706Caboose3
Union Pacific Flatcar With Stakes198919898-87504Flatcar2
Union Pacific Intermodal Crane198919896-12741Crane4
Union Pacific RS3 Diesel 8805198919896-18805Diesel2
Union Pacific RS3 Diesel 8805 (LOTS 1989)198919896-18890Diesel1
Union Pacific Sp-Type Caboose198919896-16513Caboose5
Valley Forge Dining Car (TCA 1989)198919896-17879Diner Car6
Vermont Railway Boxcar198919896-19211Boxcar0
Wabash Flatcar With Trailers198919896-16314Flatcar14
Welcome To The Show Circus Sp-Type Caboose198919896-16520Caboose0
Western Maryland Boxcar198919896-19214Boxcar8
Western Maryland Extended Vision Caboose, Smoke198919896-19704Caboose6
Western Maryland Gondola With Coal198919896-19403Gondola8
Western Maryland Nw2 Switcher 8501198919896-18501Switcher11
Western Maryland Reefer198919896-19511Reefer21

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