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Released: 1995
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
28112 40Th Anniversary A Diesel Loco Cab Shell (TCA 1995)199519956-28112Diesel0
31 Remote Switch Left Hand199519996-23010Switch9
31 Remote Switch Right Hand199519996-23011Switch7
87207 Disneyland 35Th Anniversary Train Set199519956-87207Set1
Amtrak ALCO Diesel A Unit 8936199519966-18936Diesel1
Amtrak ALCO Diesel Passenger Set199519966-11748Passenger Set0
Amtrak Combination Car199519966-16095Combination Car0
Amtrak Fa2 ALCO Diesel, Nonpowered199519976-18937Diesel5
Amtrak Observation Car199519966-16097Observation Car0
Amtrak Passenger Coach199519976-15100Passenger Coach3
Amtrak Passenger Coach199519976-16098Passenger Coach3
Amtrak Vista Dome Car199519966-16096Vista Dome Car1
Amtrak Vista Dome Car199519976-16099Vista Dome Car2
Animal Transport Service Giraffe Car199519956-16706Giraffe Car7
Animated Aquarium Car199519956-16681Aquarium Car30
Archer Daniels Midland 3-Bay ACF Hopper 50224199519956-17124Hopper7
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Ore Car199519958-87210Ore Car1
Atlantic & East Carolina Boxcar 649306199519956-21243Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar 646 (TCA 1995)199519956-52051Boxcar25
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 2184199519956-17218Boxcar7
BC Rail Gondola With Cable Reels199519956-16929Gondola3
Boston & Albany 4-6-4 Locomotive 618199519956-18042Locomotive3
Boston & Maine Flatcar 9 (NETCA 1995)199519956-52080Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Trailer199519956-16911Flatcar1
Boston & Maine Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit199519956-18929Switcher0
Burlington Operating Ice Car 50240 (LOTS 1995)199519956-52067Ice Car5
Canadian National F3 Diesel B Unit 9517 (LCAC 1995)199519956-52005Diesel1
Cargill Covered Grain Hopper 844304199519956-17123Hopper10
Central California Division Santa Fe Boxcar (TTOS 1995)199519956-52058Boxcar11
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Locomotive 490199519956-18043Locomotive3
Chesapeake & Ohio Cop And Hobo Car199519956-16705Boxcar10
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar With Trailer199519956-16922Flatcar6
Chessie Reefer (Artrain 1995)199519956-52097Reefer2
Chicago & North Western Boxcar 6464-555 (CLRC 1995)199519956-52081Boxcar3
Chicago & North Western Dash 8-40C Diesel 8501199519956-18219Diesel5
Chicago & North Western Dash 8-40C Diesel 8502199519956-18220Diesel1
Chicago & North Western Hopper With Coal199519956-16418Hopper1
Chicago & North Western Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit199519956-18928Switcher2
Chicago & North Western Track Maintenance Car199519956-16708Track6
Christmas Boxcar 1995199519956-19938Boxcar37
Christmas Boxcar 1995 Large Scale199519958-87013Boxcar1
Coaling Station Kit199519986-12904Station5
Control Tower199519956-12878Tower1
Copper Basin Railway Ore Car (GPD 1995)199519956-52071Ore Car10
Crane Kit199519986-12900Crane4
Crayola Boxcar199519956-16266Boxcar4
Dairy Despatch Reefer199519956-16146Reefer17
Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-Bay ACF Hopper 10009199519956-17008Hopper6
Denver & Rio Grande Western Covered Quad Hopper199519956-16416Hopper2
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sd50 Diesel 5512199519956-18221Diesel7
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sd50 Diesel 5517199519956-18222Diesel3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Steel-Sided Caboose199519956-17617Caboose8
Denver & Rio Grande Western Waffle-Sided Boxcar199519956-15000Boxcar22
Denver And Rio Grande Caboose199519958-87724Caboose2
Die-Cast Tender, Railsounds Ii199519966-19820Tender1
Diesel Horn Shed199519986-12903Diesel0
Domino Sugar One Dome Tank Car199519956-16140Tank Car6
Donald Duck 60Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar199519956-19270Boxcar25
Double-Track Signal Bridge199520006-12895Track4
Dwarf Signal199520176-12883Signal20
Erie Extension Searchlight Car199519956-16685Searchlight Car8
Erie Flatcar With Rail Load199519956-16932Flatcar4
Erie Stock Car199519956-16141Stock Car0
Exploding Target Car199519956-36748Taget Car0
Factory Kit199519986-12905Kits2
Factory Selection Special Set199519956-11906Set1
Flat car with cable spools199519956-31950Flatcar2
Flat car with Transformer 199519956-31438Flatcar0
Floodlight Tower199519986-12886Tower5
Frisco Flatcar With Trailers199519956-16926Flatcar2
Frisco Wood-Sided Caboose199519956-17618Caboose1
Georgia Power Atlanta '96 Boxcar199519956-16265Boxcar0
Georgia Power Caboose199519956-52789Caboose2
Georgia Power Depressed Center Flatcar 31950 With Cable Reels199519956-16945Flatcar0
Georgia Power Nw2 Switcher 1960199519956-18943Switcher0
Georgia Power Quad Hopper 82947 With Coal199519956-16430Hopper0
Georgia Power Set199519956-11819Set4
Georgia Power Sp-Type Caboose 52789199519956-16571Caboose0
GM Parts Tractor And Trailer199519956-12933Tractor and Trailer3
GM/AC Delco Boxcar199519956-16268Boxcar0
GM/AC Delco Flatcar With Trailer199519956-16961Flatcar1
GM/AC Delco, Sp-Type Caboose199519956-16579Caboose0
Goodyear One Dome Tank Car199519956-16138Tank Car3
Goofy And Pluto Handcar199519956-18425Hand Car5
Great Northern Hi-Cube Boxcar (TCA 1995)199519956-52077Boxcar0
Greenberg's Guide To Lionel Trains 1901-1942 Volume IV Prewar Sets1995Book0
Greenberg's Guides Lionel Trains Pocket Price Guide 1901-19951995Price Guide6
Hirsch Brothers Vat Car199519956-19421Vat Car23
I Love Colorado Boxcar199519956-19941Boxcar15
I Love Illinois Boxcar199519956-19933Boxcar16
Illinois Central Full Vista Dome Car199519956-16093Vista Dome Car2
Illuminated Station Platform199519956-12921Station4
Intermodal Containers, Set Of 3199519956-12907Set4
Intermodal Service Flatcar With Wheel Chocks199519956-16923Flatcar9
Iowa Beef Packers Reefer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52074Reefer26
Iowa Interstate Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52092Tractor and Trailer5
JC Penney Bessemer & Lake Erie Sd38 Diesel 868199519956-18842Diesel1
Knoebel's Boxcar #1199519956-52070Boxcar0
Lehigh Valley Boxcar199519956-16258Boxcar9
Lenox Tractor And Trailer (LCCA 1995)199519956-52091Tractor and Trailer7
Lionel 1995 Electric Trains And Accessories Catalog19951995Catalog40
Lionel 1995 Stocking Stuffers/1996 Spring Releases Catalog19951996Catalog15
Lionel Employee Christmas Boxcar199519956-19939Boxcar5
Lionel Lines 4-6-2 Locomotive199519956-18642Locomotive0
Lionel Lines Flatcar With Autos199519956-16933Flatcar15
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose199519956-16563Caboose2
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose199519956-16578Caboose2
Lionel Lines Steam Set199519956-11747Set4
Lionel Refrigerator Lines Tractor And Trailer199519956-12891Refrigerator Car14
Lionel Visitor's Center Boxcar199519956-19934Boxcar12
Lionel Visitor's Center Lighted Billboard199519956-12882Billboard4
Lionelville Oil Company Derrick199519966-12930Derrick Car3
Long Island Stern's Pickle Products Vat Car199519956-52061Vat Car0
Maintenance Shed Kit199519986-12906Kits1
Marathon Oil Unibody Tank Car199519956-17908Tank Car3
Mickey Mouse Animated Boxcar199519956-16686Boxcar14
Milwaukee Road Bay Window Caboose199519956-16565Caboose0
Milwaukee Road SD-40 Diesel 154199519956-18223Diesel1
Milwaukee Road SD-40 Diesel 155199519956-18224Diesel1
Minnie Mouse Hi-Cube Boxcar199519956-19271Boxcar17
Missouri Pacific Baggage Car 6620199519956-16075Baggage Car2
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 6464150199519956-19268Boxcar5
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 6464150 (TCA 1995)199519956-52064Boxcar3
Missouri Pacific Combination Car 6630199519956-16076Combination Car1
Missouri Pacific GP7 Diesel 4124199519956-18514Diesel5
Missouri Pacific Observation Car 6609199519956-16079Observation Car3
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 6616199519956-16077Passenger Coach0
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 7805199519956-16078Passenger Coach1
New Haven Baggage Car 6080199519956-16080Baggage Car1
New Haven Combination Car 6081199519956-16081Combination Car0

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