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Here is the list of items showing how many current eBay auctions are underway.
The detail will show the current bid price for the item.

Released: 1995
Year Released Year Retired Category Right Now on eBay
1995 Railroader Club Single-Dome Tank Car19951995Tank Car271
28112 TCA 40Th Anniversary A Diesel Loco Cab Shell19951995Diesel04
31 Remote Switch Left Hand19951999Switch54
31 Remote Switch Right Hand19951999Switch07
87207 Disneyland 35Th Anniversary Train Set19951995Set11
Amtrak ALCO Diesel A Unit 893619951996Diesel01
Amtrak ALCO Diesel Passenger Set19951996Passenger Set24
Amtrak Combination Car19951996Combination Car23
Amtrak Fa2 ALCO Diesel, Nonpowered19951997Diesel21
Amtrak Observation Car19951996Observation Car01
Amtrak Passenger Coach19951997Passenger Coach34
Amtrak Passenger Coach19951997Passenger Coach32
Amtrak Vista Dome Car19951996Vista Dome Car12
Amtrak Vista Dome Car19951997Vista Dome Car25
Animal Transport Service Giraffe Car19951995Giraffe Car63
Aquarium Car19951995Aquarium Car293
Archer Daniels Midland 3-Bay ACF Hopper 5022419951995Hopper63
Atlantic & East Carolina Boxcar 64930619951995Boxcar00
Baltimore & Ohio Sentinel Boxcar 64619951995Boxcar231
Bangor & Aroostook State Of Maine Boxcar 218419951995Boxcar104
Boston & Albany 4-6-4 Locomotive 61819951995Locomotive71
Boston & Maine Flatcar 919951995Flatcar20
Boston & Maine Flatcar With Trailer19951995Flatcar93
Boston & Maine Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit19951995Switcher93
British ColumbiaRail Gondola With Cable Reels19951995Gondola50
Burlington Operating Ice Car 5024019951995Ice Car51
Cargill Covered Grain Hopper 84430419951995Hopper111
Central California Division Santa Fe Boxcar19951995Boxcar111
Chesapeake & Ohio 4-6-4 Locomotive 49019951995Locomotive64
Chesapeake & Ohio Cop And Hobo Car19951995Boxcar125
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar With Trailer19951995Flatcar123
Chessie System Reefer19951995Reefer30
Chicago & North Western Dash 8-40C Diesel 850119951995Diesel54
Chicago & North Western Dash 8-40C Diesel 850219951995Diesel72
Chicago & North Western Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper31
Chicago & North Western Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit19951995Switcher40
Chicago & North Western Track Maintenance Car19951995Track51
Christmas Boxcar 199519951995Boxcar524
Coaling Station Kit19951998Station12
Control Tower19951995Tower14
Copper Basin Railway Ore Car19951995Ore Car83
Crane Kit19951998Crane02
Crayola Boxcar19951995Boxcar00
Dairy Despatch Reefer19951995Reefer216
Denver & Rio Grande Western 2-Bay ACF Hopper 1000919951995Hopper64
Denver & Rio Grande Western Covered Quad Hopper19951995Hopper31
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sd50 Diesel 551219951995Diesel90
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sd50 Diesel 551719951995Diesel64
Denver & Rio Grande Western Steel-Sided Caboose19951995Caboose24
Denver & Rio Grande Western Waffle-Sided Boxcar19951995Boxcar248
Die-Cast Tender, Railsounds Ii19951996Tender01
Diesel Horn Shed19951998Diesel31
Domino Sugar One Dome Tank Car19951995Tank Car106
Donald Duck 60Th Anniversary Hi-Cube Boxcar19951995Boxcar262
Double-Track Signal Bridge19952000Track20
Dwarf Signal19952017Signal202
Erie Extension Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car70
Erie Flatcar With Rail Load19951995Flatcar52
Erie Stock Car19951995Stock Car30
Factory Kit19951998Kits01
Factory Selection Special Set19951995Set10
Flat car with cable spools19951995Flatcar13
Flat car with Transformer 19951995Flatcar00
Floodlight Tower19951998Tower53
Frisco Flatcar With Trailers19951995Flatcar94
Frisco Wood-Sided Caboose19951995Caboose10
Georgia Power Atlanta '96 Boxcar19951995Boxcar10
Georgia Power Caboose19951995Caboose10
Georgia Power Depressed Center Flatcar 31950 With Cable Reels19951995Flatcar00
Georgia Power Nw2 Switcher 196019951995Switcher00
Georgia Power Quad Hopper 82947 With Coal19951995Hopper00
Georgia Power Set19951995Set30
Georgia Power Sp-Type Caboose 5278919951995Caboose01
GM Parts Tractor And Trailer19951995Tractor and Trailer00
GM/AC Delco Boxcar19951995Boxcar10
GM/AC Delco Flatcar With Trailer19951995Flatcar00
GM/AC Delco, Sp-Type Caboose19951995Caboose00
Goodyear One Dome Tank Car19951995Tank Car32
Goofy And Pluto Handcar19951995Hand Car91
Great Northern Hi-Cube Boxcar19951995Boxcar20
Hirsch Brothers Vat Car19951995Vat Car260
I Love Colorado Boxcar19951995Boxcar141
I Love Illinois Boxcar19951995Boxcar192
Illinois Central Full Vista Dome Car19951995Vista Dome Car31
Illuminated Station Platform19951995Station20
Intermodal Containers, Set Of 319951995Set72
Intermodal Service Flatcar With Wheel Chocks19951995Flatcar62
Iowa Beef Packers Reefer 1919951995Reefer241
Iowa Interstate Tractor And Trailer19951995Tractor and Trailer63
JC Penney Bessemer & Lake Erie Sd38 Diesel 86819951995Diesel00
Knoebel's Boxcar #119951995Boxcar10
Lehigh Valley Boxcar19951995Boxcar50
Lenox Tractor And Trailer19951995Tractor and Trailer114
Lighted Billboard19951995Billboard71
Lionel Employee Christmas Boxcar19951995Boxcar111
Lionel Lines 4-6-2 Locomotive19951995Locomotive10
Lionel Lines Flatcar With Autos19951995Flatcar213
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose19951995Caboose42
Lionel Lines Sp-Type Caboose19951995Caboose00
Lionel Lines Steam Set19951995Set21
Lionel Refrigerator Lines Tractor And Trailer19951995Refrigerator Car156
Lionel Visitor's Center Boxcar19951995Boxcar121
Lionelville Oil Company Derrick19951996Derrick Car62
Long Island Stern's Pickle Products Vat Car19951995Vat Car01
Maintenance Shed Kit19951998Kits05
Marathon Oil Unibody Tank Car19951995Tank Car64
Mickey Mouse Animated Boxcar19951995Boxcar144
Milwaukee Road Bay Window Caboose19951995Caboose01
Milwaukee Road SD-40 Diesel 15419951995Diesel11
Milwaukee Road SD-40 Diesel 15519951995Diesel01
Minnie Mouse Hi-Cube Boxcar19951995Boxcar242
Missouri Pacific Baggage Car 662019951995Baggage Car41
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 646415019951995Boxcar96
Missouri Pacific Boxcar 646415019951995Boxcar00
Missouri Pacific Combination Car 663019951995Combination Car30
Missouri Pacific GP7 Diesel 412419951995Diesel93
Missouri Pacific Observation Car 660919951995Observation Car40
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 661619951995Passenger Coach30
Missouri Pacific Passenger Coach 780519951995Passenger Coach20
New Haven Baggage Car 608019951995Baggage Car02
New Haven Combination Car 608119951995Combination Car01
New Haven Full Vista Dome Car 608419951995Vista Dome Car21
New Haven Observation Car 608619951995Observation Car00
New Haven Passenger Coach 608219951995Passenger Coach00
New Haven State Of Maine Boxcar 4500319951995Boxcar156
New Haven Vista Dome Car 608319951995Vista Dome Car11
New York Central Baggage Car 608719951995Baggage Car41
New York Central Bay Window Caboose19951995Caboose81
New York Central Derrick Car19951995Derrick Car132
New York Central Diner 608919951995Diner Car02
New York Central Flatcar With Gondola19951995Flatcar94
New York Central Flatcar With Red Wing Shoes Trailer19951995Flatcar111
New York Central Flatcar With Trailer19951995Flatcar41
New York Central Observation Car 609019951995Observation Car01
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar 646412519951995Boxcar93
New York Central Pacemaker Boxcar 646412519951995Boxcar10
New York Central Passenger Cars, Set Of 419951995Passenger Car30
New York Central Passenger Coach 608819951995Passenger Coach00
New York Central Roomette Car19951995Roomette Car81
Norfolk & Western 4-8-4 Locomotive 61219951995Locomotive151
Norfolk & Western Baggage Car 57719951995Baggage Car160
Norfolk & Western Combination Car 49419951995Combination Car60
Norfolk & Western Diner19951995Diner Car90
Norfolk & Western Observation Car 58219951995Observation Car13
Norfolk & Western Passenger Cars, Set Of 419951995Passenger Car00
Norfolk & Western Passenger Coach 53719951995Passenger Coach21
Norfolk & Western Passenger Coach 53819951995Passenger Coach73
Norfolk Southern Flatcar With Tractors19951995Flatcar172
Oil Pumping Station19951998Station204
On-Track Pickup Truck19951995Track214
On-Track Step Van19951995Track278
Operating Fueling Station19951995Station50
Operating Sawmill19951997Building23
Operating Windmill19951998Building45
Pacific Fruit Express 6464-700 Style Boxcar19951995Boxcar20
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer 45940219951995Reefer76
Pennsylvania Flatcar With Ertl Road Grader19951995Flatcar115
Pennsylvania Full Vista Dome Car19951995Vista Dome Car20
Pennsylvania Railroad Flatcar 21697 With Tanker19951995Flatcar130
Pennsylvania Railroad Gondola 385405 With Coil Covers19951995Gondola103
Pennsylvania Railroad Rsd-4 Diesel 844619951995Diesel61
Pennsylvania Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car65
Pinkerton Animated Gondola19951995Gondola60
Pork Dispatch Car19951995Dispatch Car237
Port Of Lionel City Medical Caboose #613019951995Caboose00
Postwar 6464 Series Boxcar Set Iii, 3 Cars19951995Boxcar212
Railbox Box Car19951995Boxcar00
Railroad Crossing Flasher19952017Accessory172
Reading 4-6-2 Locomotive 63919951995Locomotive63
Reading Center Cupola Caboose19951995Caboose32
Reading FA-2 ALCO AA Diesel Engines19951995Diesel01
Reading Reefer19951995Reefer00
Red Wing Shoes Boxcar19951995Boxcar201
Red Wing Shoes New York Central Flyer Set19951995Set40
Red Wing Shoes Tractor And Trailer19951995Tractor and Trailer23
Rock Island Boxcar 646419951995Boxcar92
San Angelo Three Dome Tank Car19951995Tank Car171
Santa And Snowman Handcar19951995Hand Car20
Santa Fe F3 Diesel B Unit 200B19951995Diesel94
Santa Fe Flatcar With Wheel Load19951995Flatcar30
Santa Fe Ft Diesel A Unit19951995Diesel00
Santa Fe Full Vista Dome Car19951995Vista Dome Car22
Santa Fe One Dome Tank Car19951995Tank Car40
Santa Fe Roomette Car19951995Roomette Car80
Sc-1 Switch And Accessory Controller19951998Switch93
Seaboard Center Cupola Caboose 565819951995Caboose31
Seaboard Rsc-3 Diesel 153819951995Diesel20
Seaboard Waffle-Sided Boxcar19951995Boxcar212
Sealand Maxi-Stack Flatcar Set With Containers19951995Flatcar00
Searchlight Tower19951998Tower62
Sears Freight Set19951996Freight Set11
Sears Zenith Boxcar19951996Boxcar00
Sears Zenith Set19951995Set102
Sears Zenith Sp-Type Caboose19951995Caboose10
Shovel Kit19951998Kits44
Signal Bridge19952001Bridge43
Skytop Observation Car19951995Observation Car153
Snow Village Boxcar 975619951995Boxcar167
SOO Line Flatcar With Dump Bin19951995Flatcar40
Ss/1995 Spring Cat19951995Other00
Steamtown Lackawanna Boxcar19951995Boxcar41
Tazmanian Devil 40Th Birthday Boxcar19951995Boxcar113
Toy Fair Boxcar19951995Boxcar243
Trainmaster Command Control Command Base19952009Controller513
Tropicana Reefer 30019951995Reefer114
Tropicana Reefer 30119951995Reefer82
Tropicana Reefer 30219951995Reefer110
Tropicana Reefer 30319951995Reefer56
Truck Loading Dock Kit19951998Kits41
Tunnel Portals, Pair19952017Tunnel101
U.S. Army GP7 Diesel 182119951995Diesel30
U.S. Army Operating Missile Car19951995Missile Car1210
U.S. Army Sp-Type Caboose 90719951995Caboose22
U.S. Navy Flatcar 4040 With Boat19951995Flatcar213
U.S. Navy Nw2 Switcher Calf Unit19951995Switcher52
Union Pacific 4-6-2 Locomotive 864019951995Locomotive30
Union Pacific Center Cupola Caboose19951995Caboose20
Union Pacific Center Cupola Caboose 2576619951995Caboose70
Union Pacific Depressed Center Flatcar With Ertl Bulldozer19951995Flatcar124
Union Pacific Double-Door Boxcar19951995Boxcar20
Union Pacific Extended Searchlight Car19951995Searchlight Car70
Union Pacific I-Beam Flatcar 16380 With Load19951995Flatcar20
Union Pacific Operating Boxcar19951995Boxcar45
United Auto Workers Boxcar19951995Boxcar22
Vat Car19951995Vat Car274
Village Trolley Set19951997Set41
Wabash Double-Door Boxcar19951995Boxcar90
Wabash Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper60
Western Maryland Center Cupola Caboose19951995Caboose73
Western Maryland Covered Quad Hopper19951995Hopper131
Western Maryland Covered Quad Hopper19951995Hopper60
Western Maryland Covered Quad Hopper19951995Hopper100
Western Maryland Covered Quad Hopper19951995Hopper71
Western Maryland Flatcar W/Logs (Std O)19951995Flatcar40
Western Maryland Flatcar With Logs19951995Flatcar40
Western Maryland Flatcar With Logs19951995Flatcar31
Western Maryland Flats W/Logs (3 Car Set)19951995Set75
Western Maryland GP20 Diesel 2719951995Diesel43
Western Maryland Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper60
Western Maryland Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper30
Western Maryland Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper60
Western Maryland Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper81
Western Maryland Quad Hopper With Coal19951995Hopper20
Western Maryland Set19951995Set92
Western Pacific Boxcar 646419951995Boxcar216
Wolverine Division Grand Trunk Western Flatcar With Tractor19951995Flatcar313
Zenith Express Sp Type Caboose19951996Caboose10
Zenith Flatcar With Trailer19951995Flatcar00

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