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Released: 2003
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
#3620 Lionel Lines Searchlight Car200320036-36763Searchlight Car0
10 Insulated Track200320166-12027Track6
10 Straight Track200320176-12014Track37
10 Straight Track 4-Pack200320176-12032Track26
10 Terminal Track200320166-12016Track53
101 Dalmatians Animated Gondola200320036-36721Gondola3
2003 Wellspring Boxcar200320036-39261Boxcar3
31725 Rock Island Steam Freight Set200320036-31725Set1
3562-50 Yellow Operating Barrel Car200320036-36762Barrel Car1
36 Curved Track200320176-12015Track62
36 Curved Track, Card Of 4200320176-12033Track32
36 Half Curved Track200320166-12022Track15
36 Manual Switch, Left Hand200320176-12017Track13
36 Manual Switch, Right Hand200320176-12018Track11
36 Quarter Curved Track200320166-12023Track9
4 Straight Track200320166-12025Track11
4449 Daylight Steam Locomotive20032003N/AHallmark119
5 Straight Track200320176-12024Track16
5 Uncoupling Track200320176-12020Track28
6357 Caboose200320036-19797Caboose1
6414 Evans Auto Loader200320036-29443Auto Loader1
6467 Lionel Flatcar W/Bulkheads200320036-26060Flatcar2
90-Degree Crossover200320176-12019Track25
Accessory Activator Pack200320176-12029Track20
Ace Hardware Pennsylvania Flyer Ready To Run Set200320036-31954Set0
Acme Single Dome Tank Car200320036-26134Tank Car1
Airco Tank Car200320036-26143Tank Car0
Aladdin Aquarium Car200320036-36720Aquarium Car9
Alaska Coal Dump Car 401200320036-36765Dump Car6
Alaska Extended Vision Caboose 989200320036-17654Caboose2
Alaska F3 Diesel AA Set200320036-24520Diesel AA Set0
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit 1519, Powered200320036-24522Diesel1
Alaska F3 Diesel B Unit, Nonpowered200320036-24521Diesel0
Alaska Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320046-15395Streamliner Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #600200320046-15390Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #601200320046-15391Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #602200320046-15392Coach Car0
Alaska Superliner Coach #603200320046-15393Coach Car0
Alaska Three Dome Tank Car 26150200320036-26150Tank Car3
Alaska TMCC F3 Non-Powered A-Unit #1516 #1518200320036-24524Locomotive0
Alaska TMCC F3 Powered A-Unit #1516200320036-24523Locomotive0
Algoma Central PS-5 Gondola 801200320036-17440Gondola1
Amc/Arc Gantry Crane200320036-24114Crane1
Amtrak RS3 Diesel 106200320036-28845Diesel1
Amtrak Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320046-15394Streamliner Car0
Amtrak Superliner 2-Pack200320036-15314Passenger Set0
Amtrak Superliner Coach "34120"200320046-15388Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner Diner, Stationsounds200320036-15396Diner Car0
Amtrak Superliner Lounge #33025200320036-15351Lounge Car0
Amtrak Superliner Phase Iv" Coach #34056"200320046-15386Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner Phase Iv" Coach #34116"200320046-15387Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner Phase Iv" Coach #34128"200320046-15389Coach Car0
Amtrak Superliner Sleeper 32009""200320036-15350Sleeper Car0
Amusement Park Swing Ride200320046-14170Accessory8
Atlantic Coast Lines Hopper200320046-16468Hopper3
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 1630200320036-28742Locomotive0
Baltimore & Ohio 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 1632, Traditional200320036-28743Locomotive1
Baltimore & Ohio ALCO S2 Switcher 9045200320036-28539Switcher0
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2820200320046-17647Caboose3
Baltimore & Ohio Caboose C-2824200320046-17664Caboose0
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel AA Set200320046-14565Diesel AA Set1
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel B Unit200320036-24519Diesel1
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel B Unit, Nonpowered200320046-14558Diesel1
Baltimore & Ohio Gondola 601272 With Canisters200320036-26042Gondola1
Baltimore & Ohio Museum Fundraiser Boxcar200320036-52330Boxcar0
Baltimore & Ohio TMCC F3 Deisel A Powered #115200320046-14566Locomotive1
Baltimore & Ohio TMCC F3 Non-Powered A Unitl #115A200320046-14567Locomotive0
Bangor & Aroostook Boxcar 5976200320036-17287Boxcar3
Bethlehem Steel Hot Metal Car #5200320036-29405Metal Car1
Bethlehem Steel Hot Metal Car #6200320036-29406Metal Car0
Bethlehem Steel Hot Metal Car #7200320036-29407Metal Car0
Bethlehem Steel Hot Metal Car 3-Pack200320036-29404Metal Car0
Bethlehem Steel Slag Car #1200320036-29401Slag Car0
Bethlehem Steel Slag Car #2200320036-29402Slag Car0
Bethlehem Steel Slag Car #3200320036-29403Slag Car0
Bethlehem Steel Slag Car 3-Pack200320036-29400Slag Car0
Bloomingdale's Express Set200320036-31967Set2
Blue Comet Steam Locomotive Tender Miniature20032003N/AHallmark7
Boston & Maine 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 1455200320056-38019Locomotive0
Boston & Maine 4-6-4 Hudson Locomotive 607200320036-38086Locomotive0
Buick Centennial Boxcar200320036-39259Boxcar4
Burlington 2-Bay ACF Hopper 183925200320036-17022Hopper4
Burlington 24Phyr Sleeper Silver Shore200320036-29151Sleeper Car1
Burlington Conventional Ft Diesel Powered A #113-A200320036-24512Diesel0
Burlington Ft Diesel AA Set, Railsounds200320036-24511Diesel AA Set2
Burlington Ft Non Powered A Unit200320036-24513Diesel1
Burlington GP30 Diesel 945200320036-28840Diesel0
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534430200320036-17452Gondola0
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534431200320036-17453Gondola0
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534432200320036-17454Gondola0
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534433200320036-17455Gondola0
Burlington Northern Bathtub Gondola 534437200320036-17456Gondola0
Burlington Northern Diesel Coal Train Set, Railsounds200320036-31710Set1
Burlington Northern Extended Vision Caboose 10531200320056-17651Caboose0
Burlington Northern PS-2CD 4427 Hopper 450669200320046-17191Hopper4
Burlington Northern Rotary Bathtub Gondola #1200320036-17451Gondola0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Flatcar 922268 With Caterpillar Truck200320036-29458Flatcar0
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rotary Bathtub Gondola 668330200320036-17442Gondola0
Burlington Northern Sd-70200320036-28212Diesel1
Burlington Reefer 6672, Archive Collection200320036-19565Reefer1
Burlington Steel-Sided Reefer 74825200320036-17339Reefer4
California Gold Mint Car (TCA 2003)200320036-52276Mint Car4
Campbell's Kids Centennial Boxcar200320046-39250Boxcar1
Campbell's Soup Vat Car 29429200320036-29429Vat Car4
Canadian National 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotive 86200320056-38017Locomotive0
Canadian National Railroad Speeder200320046-18468Speeder2
Canadian National Steel-Sided Reefer 209712200320036-17337Reefer4
Canadian National Tanktrain Intermediate Car 75571200320036-19646Tank Train1
Canadian Pacific 3-Bay ACF Hopper200320036-17190Hopper0
Canadian Pacific Rail ACF 40-Ton Stock Car 277313200320036-17708Stock Car1
Canadian Pacific Rail Bunk Car200320036-29600Bunk Car1
Canadian Pacific Rail Snow Removal Train200320036-31717Set1
Canadian Pacific Rotary Snow Plow200320056-18488Snowplow1
Canadian Pacific SD9Omac Diesel 9107200320036-28211Diesel0
Cannonaide 4-Bay ACF Centerflow Hopper 96169 (Std 0)200320036-17186Hopper1
Cargill Unibody One Dome Tank Car 5836200320036-17926Tank Car3
Carnival People Pack200320166-24124Figures26
Cass Scenic Heisler Geared Locomotive 6200320036-38061Locomotive1
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #1200320036-29482Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #2200320036-29483Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car #3200320036-29484Log Car0
Cass Scenic Railroad Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack200320036-29481Log Car0
Central Of New Jersey PS-2 2-Bay Covered Hopper 803200320046-17029Hopper0
Charles Bowdish Homestead200320036-24140Building9
Chesapeake & Ohio 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 2755, Traditional200320036-28627Locomotive0
Chesapeake & Ohio Bay Window Caboose200320036-19796Caboose1
Chesapeake & Ohio Diesel Freight Set200320036-31707Freight Set0
Chesapeake & Ohio Flatcar W/Trailer200320036-26055Flatcar2
Chesapeake & Ohio GP9 Diesel, Horn200320046-28842Diesel0
Chesapeake & Ohio Offset Hopper 300027200320046-17025Hopper4
Chesapeake & Ohio PS-1 Boxcar Std. O Limited Edition200320036-17296Boxcar0
Chesapeake & Ohio Square Window Caboose C-1831200320036-26581Caboose0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Baggage200320036-15172Baggage Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Car 4-Pack200320036-15169Streamliner Car1
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Coach #1623200320036-15173Coach Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Observation200320036-15175Observation Car0
Chesapeake & Ohio Streamliner Vista Dome #1648200320036-15174Vista Dome Car0
Chessie Caboose C-2800200320046-17648Caboose1
Chessie Caboose C-2802200320046-17665Caboose0
Chessie Railroad Speeder200320046-18469Speeder0
Chessie SD9 Diesel 1833200320036-28205Diesel0
Chessie Western Maryland PS-2CD 4427 Hopper 4673200320046-17193Hopper6
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Baggage200320036-15505Baggage Car0
Chicago & Alton "Alton Limited" Heavyweight Sleeper200320036-15506Sleeper Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Diner, Stationsounds200320036-15504Diner Car0
Chicago & Alton Limited Heavyweight Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-39099Passenger Car0
Chicago & Alton Scale 4-6-2 Pacific #659200320036-38035Locomotive2
Chicago & North Western Dash 9-44CW Diesel 8669200320036-28228Diesel0
Chicago & North Western Jumping Hobo Car200320036-36732Boxcar2
Chicago & North Western Waffle-Sided Boxcar 161013200320036-15015Boxcar2
Chicago Federal Reserve Mint Car 6445200320046-19686Mint Car2
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy "California Zephyr" Auminum Streamlined "Silver Point"200320036-29150Coach Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-29149Passenger Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200320036-15311Multi Car Pack1
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Baggage Car "Silver Coyote"200320036-15356Baggage Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Observation Car "Silver Lookout"200320036-15359Observation Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Vista Dome "Silver Bridle"200320036-15357Vista Dome Car0
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy California Zephyr Vista Dome "Silver Stirrup"200320036-15358Vista Dome Car0
Christmas Animated Gondola200320036-26772Gondola0
Christmas Boxcar 2003200320036-36253Boxcar20
Christmas Boxcar With Sounds200320036-26771Boxcar3
Christmas Music Boxcar 2003200320036-36733Boxcar6
Christmas Square Window Caboose200320036-26546Caboose3
Christmas Yuletide Trolley200320036-18481Trolley0
CIBRO Tank Train "A" Car200320036-19690Tank Train0
CIBRO Tank Train "B" Car200320036-19692Tank Train0
CIBRO Tank Train Intermediate Car200320036-19691Tank Train0
CIBRO Tanktrain Intermediate Car 3-Pack200320036-19689Tank Train0
City Of Los Angeles Railway Post Office Car (TCA 2003)200320036-52274RPO Car3
Clinchfield #673 Challenger 4-6-6-4200320036-58011HO Locomotive0
Clinchfield Challenger 2-6-6-2 Steam Locomotive W/14-Wheel Tender200320036-58010HO Locomotive1
Conrail Rotary Bathtub Gondola 507673200320036-17441Gondola5
Conrail SD8Omac Diesel200320036-28202Diesel1
Conveyor Lumber Loader200320036-24152Loader0
CSX Big Blue Boxcar 151296200320036-17285Boxcar2
CSX SD8Omac Diesel200320036-28203Diesel0
Dairymen's League General American Milk Car 779200320036-17341Milk Car8
Dairymen's League General American Milk Car 780 (Std 0)200320036-17370Milk Car4
Dairymen's League Milk Car 781200320036-17371Milk Car1
Daylight Observation Car20032003N/AHallmark113
Daylight Oil Tender20032003N/AHallmark165
Delaware & Hudson 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 548200320036-28744Locomotive0
Delaware & Hudson 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 555, Traditional200320036-28745Locomotive0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Passenger Car 2-Pack200320036-29155Passenger Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Passenger Car 4-Pack200320036-15313Passenger Car2
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Baggage200320036-15360Baggage Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Coach200320036-15361Coach Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Coach200320036-15362Coach Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Coach #23200320036-29157Coach Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Observation200320036-15363Observation Car0
Delaware & Hudson Aluminum Streamlined Vista Dome Bluff Point" "200320036-29156Vista Dome Car0
Delaware & Hudson Offset Hopper 7215200320046-17026Hopper3
Delaware & Hudson PA Diesel AA Set200320036-14574Diesel AA Set0
Delaware & Hudson PB Unit200320036-14586Diesel1
Delaware & Hudson TMCC ALCO PA Diesel Non-Powered A #19200320036-14576Diesel0
Delaware & Hudson TMCC ALCO PA Diesel Powered A #18200320036-14575Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western #3801 Challenger 4-6-6-4200320036-58008HO Locomotive2
Denver & Rio Grande Western #3805 Challenger 4-6-6-4200320036-58009HO Locomotive0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Box 6464-750200320046-39244Boxcar2
Denver & Rio Grande Western Cookie Boxcar (TTOS 2003)200320036-52288Boxcar7
Denver & Rio Grande Western One Dome Tank Car (TTOS 2003)200320036-52293Tank Car5
Derrick Platform200320056-24173Platform2
Display Case W/ Wooden Base200320036-34182Display Case0
Do It Best Flat W/Skids200320036-26159Flatcar3
Do It Best One Dome Tank Car200320036-26145Tank Car0
Do It Best One Dome Tank Car200320036-26146Tank Car1
Donald Duck Hi-Cube Boxcar200320036-36255Boxcar2
Duck Shooting Gallery200320036-24139Accessory1
Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Ore Car 28000200320036-19348Ore Car0
Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic Boxcar200320046-39245Boxcar2
Dumbo Pylon200320036-24131Accessory3
E-6 A Non-Powered Santa Fe200320036-24506Diesel0
Early Illuminated Station And Terrace, Green Trim200320036-34117Station0
Egg Nog One Dome Tank Car200320036-26149Tank Car1
Elk River Lumber Skeleton Log Car 3-Pack #2200320036-29453Log Car0
Elk River Shay Locomotive200320036-38066Locomotive3
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #203200320036-29454Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #204200320036-29455Log Car0
Elk River Skeleton Log Car #205200320036-29456Log Car0
Elvis Boxcar200320036-39238Boxcar3
Elvis Presley All Shook Up Boxcar200320046-39258Boxcar10
Employee Christmas Boxcar 2003200320036-29911Boxcar1
Erie 2-8-4 Berkshire Locomotive 3315200320036-38051Locomotive1
Erie 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 860200320036-28746Locomotive1
Erie 4-6-0 Camelback Locomotive 878, Traditional200320036-28747Locomotive0
Erie Chase Gondola200320036-36766Gondola1
Erie Square Window Caboose200320036-26593Caboose8
FasTrack 1 3/4" Straight Track200320166-12026Track10

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