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Released: 1974
Year Released Year Retired Part NumberCategory Right Now on eBay
27 Manual Switches Pair197419846-5027Switch2
Alaska Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9117Hopper20
Amtrak F3 Diesel A Unit197419766-8466Diesel2
Amtrak F3 Diesel A Unit, Dummy197419766-8467Diesel0
Amtrak F3 Diesel B Unit197419746-8475Diesel2
Baltimore & Ohio F3 Diesel B Unit197419756-8468Diesel0
Black Diamond Set197419756-1461Set2
Black Unlettered Crane Car197419745-3401HO Crane Car7
Broadway Limited Set197419756-1487Set1
Burlington Northern Hopper197419745-8417HO Hopper3
Canadian Pacific F3 Diesel B Unit197419746-8469Diesel1
Canadian Pacific Rail Boxcar (TCA 1977)197419756-9730Boxcar15
Central Of Georgia Boxcar197419746-9757Boxcar28
Central Vermont Boxcar197419766-9737Boxcar16
Chesapeake & Ohio Coal Dump Car197419786-9304Dump Car17
Chesapeake & Ohio Work Caboose197419745-8404HO Caboose2
Chessie Caboose197419745-8418HO Caboose1
Chessie Gondola197419745-8408HO Gondola0
Chessie GP20 Diesel197419746-8463Diesel10
Chessie N5C Caboose197419766-9167Caboose2
Chessie Train Set197419755-1480HO Set0
Chessie U36B Diesel197419746-8470Diesel3
Chevron One Dome Tank Car197419766-9153Tank Car16
Coca-Cola Nw2 Switcher197419756-8473Switcher7
Coca-Cola Sp-Type Caboose197419756-9073Caboose2
Coca-Cola Special Set197419756-1463Set10
Connecticut Boxcar197419766-7605Boxcar31
Corning Covered Quad Hopper (LCCA 1974)197419746-9118Hopper1
CP Rail Boxcar197419765-8400HO Boxcar10
Delaware Boxcar197419766-7601Boxcar45
Denver & Rio Grande Western Boxcar197419766-9739Boxcar20
Denver & Rio Grande Western Caboose197419745-8730HO Gondola4
Denver & Rio Grande Western F3 Diesel B Unit197419746-8474Diesel0
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola197419745-8407HO Gondola1
Denver & Rio Grande Western Gondola With Canisters197419766-9144Gondola9
Denver & Rio Grande Western GP7 Diesel197419756-8454Diesel5
Denver & Rio Grande Western GP7 Diesel Dummy Unit197419756-8455Diesel3
Denver & Rio Grande Western Set197419746-1450Set6
Denver & Rio Grande Western Sp-Type Caboose197419756-9166Caboose12
Domino Sugar Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9116Hopper9
Erie ALCO Diesel A Unit197419756-8452Diesel2
Erie ALCO Diesel B Unit197419756-8453Diesel0
Fanta Boxcar197419756-9745Boxcar5
Firestone One Dome Tank Car197419786-9051Tank Car6
Frisco Spirit Of '76 N5C Caboose197419766-7600Caboose10
Georgia Boxcar197419766-7604Boxcar8
Grand National Set197419746-1460Set1
Grand Trunk Boxcar197419765-8401HO Boxcar0
Grand Trunk Western Boxcar197419756-9735Boxcar10
Grand Trunk Western Gondola With Coal197419756-9822Gondola9
Great Northern Caboose197419745-8419HO Caboose2
Happy Huff n' Puff197419757-1100Set1
Heinz Vat Car197419766-9128Vat Car13
JC Penney Great Express Set197419746-1499Set1
Jersey Central 2-4-0 Locomotive197419756-8310Locomotive1
Lionel 1974 HO Catalog19741974Catalog10
Lionel 1974 O27 Catalog19741974Catalog43
Lockon And Wire197420006-2905Lock-On2
Maryland Boxcar197419766-7607Boxcar13
Massachusetts Boxcar197419766-7606Boxcar23
Milwaukee Road Boxcar197419756-9731Boxcar11
Milwaukee Road Combination Car197419766-9506Combination Car13
Milwaukee Road Passenger Coach197419746-9511Passenger Coach15
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Cattle Car197419745-8402HO Cattle Car2
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Nw2 Switcher197419756-8460Switcher2
Morton Salt Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9114Hopper6
New Jersey Boxcar197419766-7603Boxcar43
Norfolk & Western Gondola197419745-8409HO Gondola1
Pacific Fruit Express Reefer197419765-8411HO Reefer1
Pennsylvania 4-4-2 Locomotive197419756-8304Locomotive0
Pennsylvania Boxcar197419766-7602Boxcar20
Pennsylvania Nw2 Switcher197419766-8471Switcher2
Pennsylvania Railroad Combination Car197419766-9510Combination Car4
Pennsylvania Railroad Observation Car197419756-9509Observation Car1
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197419756-9507Passenger Coach3
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Coach197419756-9508Passenger Coach1
Planter's Covered Quad Hopper197419766-9115Hopper7
Railway Express Agency Reefer197419766-9863Reefer36
REA Reefer197419765-8412HO Reefer3
Rio Grande F-3 A Diesel197419746-8464Diesel6
Rio Grande F-3 A Diesel Non Powered Dummy Unit197419746-8465Diesel0
Rock Island Boxcar197419756-9806Boxcar13
Santa Fe 2-4-0 Locomotive197419756-8310Locomotive0
Santa Fe Bobber Caboose197419786-9071Caboose4
Santa Fe Caboose197419745-8405HO Caboose0
Santa Fe Double Diesel Set197419766-1489Set1
Seaboard U36B Diesel197419766-1776Diesel21
Sears 7-Unit Steam Freight Set197419746-1492Freight Set1
Sears 7-Unit Steam Freight Set197419746-1493Freight Set0
Seattle Reefer (TCA 1974)197419746-9864Reefer16
Southern Boxcar197419756-9711Boxcar13
Southern Pacific Gondola197419745-8410HO Gondola0
Sprite Boxcar197419756-9743Boxcar1
Stroh's Beer Reefer197419766-9807Reefer6
Summerdale Junction Passenger Car (TTOS 1974)197419746-9512Passenger Car5
Tab Boxcar197419756-9744Boxcar4
Terminal Track With Lockon197419746-5660Track2
The Great Northern Train Set197419755-1482HO Set0
The Santa Fe Train Set197419755-1483HO Set0
The Union Pacific197419755-1481HO Set0
Trainmaster Transformer197419746-4250Transformer6
Union Pacific Caboose197419745-8406HO Caboose3
Union Pacific Log Dump Car197419806-9303Dump Car26

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